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Chapter 426

“I don’t know what Mr. Cox is looking for?”

Wang Meiqi cast a wink.

“Are you dealing with Levi Sarah recently?”

Cox Zhaolong asked.

“Yes, yes, yes. Is it possible that Mr. Cox has something to do with Levi?”

Wang Meiqi looked at Cox Zhaolong carefully and vigilantly.

Cox Zhaolong shook his head: “No, he is my enemy. My brother was interrupted by him! If it weren’t for the Erick Group behind him, I would have killed him!”

“Now, you are doing very well. You can force Levi’s family like this! As long as he is forced to leave Case York, I can kill him immediately! Erick Group can’t control it either!”

Wang Meiqi is very smart and immediately said, “Shao Shao, should I step up a little bit more?”

“Well, you are very on the road, you can get through at one point!”

Cox Zhaolong waved, and the assistant brought a suitcase. After opening it, it was full of money.

“Take five million first! I’ll give you five million afterwards!”

Cox Zhaolong said.

Seeing the money, Wang Meiqi’s eyes flew out.

Five million!!!

Didn’t expect to solve personal grievances by yourself, and there will be someone to give money?

10 million before and after?

You are lucky enough to explode, right?

This is the Four Happiness, right?

“Sao Shao, just wait, I’ll put more fire! I promise that Levi will leave the city tomorrow!”

Wang Meiqi put away the money, her eyes turned crescent.

“Well, very good. In the future, the Cox family will develop in Case York, and your benefits are indispensable!”

Cox Zhaolong said.

Wang Meiqi smiled charmingly: “I am willing to work for the Cox family, everything belongs to the Cox family!”

Wang Meiqi was so happy to die.

Now I got acquainted with the young Cox family again, and recognized the Cox family as a backer.

Can’t predict her future?

At this time, Levi and Sarah were standing in front of the big flat floor of the Oriental Garden.

He looked calm, but Sarah was extremely angry.

“Too bullying! This is going to kill people!”

Sarah sobbed softly.

The door of Daping floor was splashed with paint of various winks, giving off a pungent paint smell.

The wall next to it was even more splashed with fecal water, emitting a stench of skyrocketing.

Levi didn’t doubt that these people would pour dung water into the room in the next step.

“Parents, have you encountered this situation too?”

Sarah became even more angry after receiving the call.

Despite Levi’s calm face, he was actually extremely angry.

A little reporter like Wang Meiqi, he didn’t pay attention to it at all.

Because I can’t do anything to him.

But he found out that he was wrong, but this person can influence you in life.

Just like now!

“Should we move in King’s Landing? It’s no way to go on like this! I feel that they will get worse in the future!”

Sarah is scared.

Seriously affects life.

Dale and Edith can only hide in the room every day.

Don’t dare to come out at all.

The rice noodles at home last for up to two days.

She has to worry about the safety of her parents’ lives.

“We will secretly pick up our parents at night, if something goes wrong, we will be in trouble!”

Sarah said.

“Don’t move!!!”

Levi took out his cell phone and broadcasted a call to Wang Meiqi.

“Hey, Levi? Hahaha, you can’t hold it any longer, so you called me?”

Wang Meiqi on the other end of the phone smiled arrogantly.

“You did all this?”

Levi asked.

“Of course, what can you do to me? Bite me?”

Wang Meiqi sneered.

Levi lowered his voice: “I’ll give you another chance to explain your previous interview!”

Chapter 427

“Levi, don’t you understand the current situation? You asked me, why did you give me a chance?”

“Are you an idiot? Hahaha…”

“Well, the opportunity was given to you, you don’t cherish it yourself!”

Levi said coldly.

Wang Meiqi was angry and said coldly: “Then I also tell you, even if you kneel down and lick my shoes and drink my footwashing water, I won’t give you a chance!”

“You wait!”

After hanging up, Levi’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

“Wife, give me another day, I will definitely solve it!”

Levi approached.

“Ah? What can you do to solve it?”

Sarah is hard to believe.

“Wait anyway, it should be almost tomorrow afternoon.”

In the evening, there was another heavy news from the TV station. Six years ago, the King’s Land Group suddenly emerged, disrupted the market, went slant, and made countless people unemployed.

Many industrial workers have been replaced by machines. That year, it was believed that there were at least 30,000 people who were unemployed because of the Garrison Group.

The culprit of everything is Levi!!!

After the news came out.

They are going crazy with Sarah.

Things are still expanding?

The key is to take it out of context!

This is the normal development of the industry, how can it be attributed to Levi?

The technology of Garrison Group is advanced, and the amount of revenue it generates is far from comparable to those of backward technology.

But after such news was reported, those who were unemployed thought that Levi killed them!

Levi is the biggest sinner in Case York!

Many people formed an alliance to fight against Levi and drive him out of Case York.

It can even be predicted that Levi’s life is in danger.

As a result of the Investment Promotion Conference, there has been a higher degree of attention to hot news recently.

Then, Levi’s people were under even greater pressure.

“Husband, or let’s leave the city and hide for a while, it’s no way to continue like this!”

Sarah was scared.

Levi had a calm expression on his face: “Don’t worry, my wife, it’s okay! It will be resolved by tomorrow afternoon!”

At the moment, in a five-star hotel.

Cox Zhaolong and Wang Meiqi slept on the big bed and they were following the news.

“Hahaha, baby did a great job! Tomorrow Levi has to leave Case York!”

Cox Zhaolong was very satisfied.

“Yes, using these laid-off workers to force Levi to leave, even if the government can’t intervene!”

Wang Meiqi, lying in Cox Zhaolong’s arms, smiled.

Cox Zhaolong dialed out a call: “Please pay attention to Levi’s whereabouts, as long as he leaves the city, he will immediately cut off his limbs for me!”

“Gluck… Shao Cox will also take me to see when the time comes, I want to see Levi’s embarrassed look with my own eyes!”

Wang Meiqi smiled and rushed into the bed.


Cox Zhaolong had lingering fears, so he didn’t dare to stop.

This girl is really amazing.

He is not an opponent!

The next day.

The Case York Convention and Exhibition Center is very lively.

Thousands of companies have come one after another.

It is known as the largest investment promotion meeting in Case York.

Wang Meiqi and her colleagues came to the Convention and Exhibition Center early.

“Majesty, you have a heavy burden today. You have to be responsible for the content of the meeting and interview Leader Garrison!”

The leader of the station also paid special attention to it.

“Haha, don’t worry, you must complete the task!”

Wang Meiqi began to put on makeup, and brought out her fullest mental state.

The others looked at her enviously.

After all, this is the only person who can interview Leader Garrison!

Chapter 428

“Sister Meiqi really envy you! She was able to interview Leader Garrison!”

“Yes, luck is great! But there is one thing to say, Majestic Sister’s ability is definitely the strongest in the city!”

“Isn’t it, professionalism, beauty, temperament, isn’t Miki the best?”

My colleagues specially congratulate Wang Meiqi.

Wang Meiqi felt that the whole person was going to float.

What an exciting day!

Leader Garrison will be interviewed soon, and then he will be able to get another five million!

She can’t wait for time to go faster!

Exhibition Center.

Representatives of major companies came one after another.

The big family businesses in the provincial capitals also showed up.

For example, Cox Zhaolong and his party.

In fact, the Logan family, the provincial capital, also sent people.

But it was negotiated in the name of Doug.

Soon the investment promotion conference began, and after the Case York government issued a speech, it officially started.

The exhibition center is divided into many areas, covering every area of ​​business.

Among them, the merchants in front of the Xiao Group and Erick Group are the most.

Everyone knows that these two companies have prospects, and they want to cooperate.

However, those big companies have set their sights on other places, as much as possible to negotiate more cooperation and cannibalize more markets in Case York.

But at present, as long as the cooperation signed under this kind of occasion is formal, it is beneficial to the development of Case York.

In the background, Levi watched every move of the Convention and Exhibition Center.

Behind him is Nie Xiaoyun, a full-time secretary arranged by Dean.

“Leader Garrison, it is true that the policy has been introduced from the above, and the investment promotion will be much more formal. Otherwise, the business families have flowed into Case York unruly a few days ago, causing bad competition and other bad influences!”

Nie Xiaoyun smiled.

Levi nodded: “I have to say, Lao Porter’s vision is really not overshadowed!”

Nie Xiaoyun smiled bitterly.

This is the only person who dares to call Dean like that, right?

“By the way, Leader Garrison, it’s time for the TV station to interview you. Look?”

Nie Xiaoyun glanced at the time and couldn’t help saying.

Levi said: “Okay, let them come!”

Afterwards, Levi and several other leaders waited in a conference room.

Outside the meeting room.

“Thank you Secretary Nie, I have a chance to invite you to dinner!”

Wang Meiqi said with a smile.

Nie Xiaoyun smiled professionally: “Miss Wang, please!”

Under the leadership of Nie Xiaoyun, everyone came to the meeting room.

Despite this kind of interview, Wang Meiqi has done it before.

But today I don’t know why, I am a little nervous.

Because there is too little information about Leader Garrison.

In the conference room, there are a dozen leaders sitting.

Wang Meiqi was a little panicked when she saw it.


Only the next moment, she was stunned.

Because she and her companions saw an acquaintance-Levi!

In order to see clearly, Wang Meiqi took a few steps forward.


He actually sat with these leaders, still sitting in the middle position.

Wang Meiqi is very puzzled, why is Levi here?

His companions are also very puzzled.

No wonder Mr. Cox said earlier that he could not find where Levi was, because he was here!

She subconsciously said: “Levi, why are you running here? Is this the place you should come?”

As soon as this sentence came out, the court immediately became quiet and silent.

Feeling everyone’s weird gaze, Wang Meiqi was stunned.

“Miss Wang, what are you talking about? This is the leader!”

Nie Xiaoyun said in doubt.

Chapter 429

“Ah? The leader? Can’t it? Isn’t this Levi? The rat in Case York these days!”

“Yeah! Levi should be driven out of Case York forever!”

Wang Meiqi and her companions couldn’t help saying.


“The name of the leader is also something you can call insults directly?”

At this time, the director of the Bureau for Industry and Commerce was angry.

“Yes! Where are you reporters from, dare to insult the leader like this? What do you mean?”

“Right from the Case York TV station? Let Yu Chengguang, the director of the station, come here!”

Several other leaders also voiced one after another.

The remarks of Wang Meiqi and her companions completely angered them.

I heard roars after another.

Wang Meiqi and her companions gradually understood.

It seems that something big has happened!!!

“Miss Wang, what do you mean? The person sitting in front of you is Mr. Levi, my deputy mayor of Case York! In addition, he also has the identity, General God of War, the only five-star general in Velador!!!”

Nie Xiaoyun told the facts.


As if a bolt from the blue sky fell, Wang Meiqi and her companions became petrified in an instant.

Deputy Mayor of the city?

General God of War?

Levi? ? ?

All this seems to be a dream.


Wang Meiqi and other members of the TV station stood there stupidly, their brains blank and completely unconscious.


At this time the door of the meeting room opened.

A fat middle-aged man ran in panting.

He is Yu Chengguang, the director of Case York TV Station.

Panting heavily, while looking at the leaders present.

When looking at Levi, he felt a little familiar.

Isn’t it the kid that Wang Meiqi wants to deal with?

Why is he sitting here?

“What’s the matter with the leaders?”

Yu Chengguang looked at everyone and asked curiously.

“What’s going on??? Are you not clear in your heart??”

It was Xia Longfei, the mayor of Xiacheng District.


He slammed the table.


Yu Chengguang was more puzzled, his body trembling.

“Do you know? When the reporters in your station saw Leader Garrison, they insulted for no reason!”

The other leaders angered.

At this time, a municipal secretary brought a few tablets and handed them to Xia Longfei and other leaders.

The content above is the content of Wang Meiqi’s frame of Levi.

After everyone watched it, they were almost furious.

“Yu Chengguang, a good thing you did! Your good days are over!”

Xia Long quickly threw the tablet to Yu Chengguang.

“You still don’t know if you’re afraid? Then I’ll tell you, your TV station slandered and framed Levi, the deputy mayor of Case York! At the same time, he is also General God of War. You want to go yourself!”


After hearing this fact, Yu Chengguang fell to the ground with a puff of fright.

His face was covered with cold sweat, and his whole body was like a blown hair.

Oh my god!

How much trouble did you get into?

The person in front of me turned out to be General God of War!

Levi smiled and said, “The director of the TV station? Is that how the content is reviewed? I dare to send out an edited content? What’s the matter?”

Facing Levi’s questioning, Yu Chengguang was scared to pee.

“It’s not… Lead me… I don’t know anything… It was from Wang Meiqi herself…”

“Wang Meiqi, you hurt me?”


Yu Chengguang slapped Wang Meiqi’s face fiercely.

Chapter 430

After being slapped, Wang Meiqi finally recovered.


She also fell soft and fell to the ground.

She didn’t expect that Levi would have such an identity?

Otherwise, where would she dare?

“Wang Meiqi still remember the call I called you?”

Levi laughed suddenly.


If Wang Meiqi was struck by lightning, her brain would explode.

How can you not remember?

Levi also called and gave her a chance.

It’s a pity that she is a fool, and she doesn’t know how to cherish it.

“Woo… I was wrong… Leading me wrong… I beg you to forgive me once…”

Wang Meiqi immediately knelt on the ground, kowtow begging for mercy.



Yu Chengguang punched and kicked Wang Meiqi.

“Just like you want to forgive me???”

Yu Chengguang wanted to kill Wang Meiqi.

“Wang Meiqi, you are really vicious? Use your power to kill people alive. If I am not in this position? Do you think I will stand here?

Levi asked with a smile.

But everyone around felt a bit of coldness.

Levi is angry!

“Yu Chengguang, what are you doing in a daze? Quickly expose Wang Meiqi’s face and wash away the wrongs of the leader?”

Several leaders shouted.

Yu Chengguang reacted: “Okay, I will make arrangements right away!”

Soon, Case York TV station released urgent news: revealing the fact that Wang Meiqi edited the video and deliberately framed Levi!

After a series of evidence was presented, Wang Meiqi was ruined.

The previous bad remarks about Levi and his family slowly dissipated.

“Yu Chengguang, you are very responsible for this matter, let’s remove it!”

Xia Longfei said.

Yu Chengguang nodded immediately: “I understand!”

“There are also all personnel involved in this matter to be punished, and those who have transactions with Wang Meiqi are caught and punished!”

Several leaders ordered together.

Wang Meiqi, who was lying on the ground, only felt that the sky was freezing cold, as if her body was no longer his.

Levi looked at Wang Meiqi and smiled: “The fake is the fake! How did you get to this point, you know in your heart. Sooner or later, there will be a day of exposure!”

Wang Meiqi regrets it!

I regret to die!

If she didn’t provoke Levi, there would be no such day.

Wang Meiqi didn’t know how she left the exhibition center.

“It’s this little b!tch who lied to us to blame the good guys!!!”

“Yeah, if it weren’t for the quick discovery, we would have killed innocent people!”

A lot of people gathered outside the convention and exhibition center.

As soon as I saw Wang Meiqi coming out.

Buckets of foul-smelling dung water poured all over her.


Wang Meiqi vomited immediately.

But the dung water is getting more and more, washing her over and over again…

This is the end of the bad guys!

After the matter is resolved.

Sarah called immediately: “Husband, you are too good? How did you do it?”

Levi smiled and said, “Justice is in the hearts of the people!”

After Cox Zhaolong got the news, he found Wang Meiqi as soon as possible.

It’s just that Wang Meiqi, who was polluted by manure and water, had a stench to the sky.

Cox Zhaolong clutched his nose and was one meter away from her.

“what happened?”

Wang Meiqi looked at him with a miserable smile: “I persuade the Cox family to stop, then leave the city and stay in the provincial capital obediently!”


Cox Zhaolong looked puzzled.

“Because there are people in the city that you can’t afford! If you insist on going your own way, the Cox family will be destroyed!”

Wang Meiqi said.

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