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Chapter 431

“Hahaha…It’s ridiculous! There are people who are afraid of my Cox family? Just wait and see, there will surely be a large area of ​​my Cox family in Case York in the future!”

Cox Zhaolong would naturally not take Wang Meiqi’s words to heart.

The one-week investment promotion meeting ended successfully.

Many foreign companies invested heavily to develop Case York together.

This is what Levi would like to see.

But he heard that several big families in the provincial capital had forcibly acquired small and medium-sized enterprises in Case York, and many of them had been annexed in a few days.

“What should Mr. Garrison do? Do you want to do it right away?”

The Xiao family asked.

Levi shook his head: “For the time being, wait and see, when they get bigger, it won’t be too late to start! Coming to Case York, you must contribute to the development of Case York.”

Everyone knew what Levi meant when he saw the smile on the corner of his mouth.

Levi planned to raise them first, and when their meat was fat enough, he would eat them with a knife.

The provincial capital of Lijia.

Logan Erye looked vicissitudes of life.

During this time, he has grown a lot.

Not revenge is not his style!

“How? Did you agree?”

Logan Erye asked.

“Second Lord, he agreed, but you have to ask him to come out!”

Mountain monasticism.

“Okay! I will definitely go!”

“Second Lord, I really didn’t expect that you would invite this out of the mountain!”

Gao Shanxiu’s eyes were full of fear.

Logan Erye snorted coldly, “Isn’t I being pressed? Otherwise, can I ask this person out of the mountain?”

“That’s good! If he makes a move, no matter how capable the boss behind Erick Group is, there will only be a dead end!”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Logan Erye’s eyes: “Yes! This Lord is the person I fear most in my life, there is no one! If he doesn’t retreat, the provincial capital has my voice? He is the real number one person in Jiangnan Province!”

“Well, this Erick Group is deceiving too much, and this must be suppressed!”

These days, the Cox family frantically annexed companies and enterprises in Case York, and they already have a very large scale.

“No! I still can’t let go of my third brother’s injury! And the Dongtian Group must belong to my Cox family!”

Cox Zhaolong’s eyes flickered with cold light.

That afternoon.

Cox Zhaolong brought a group of people to Dongtian Group aggressively.

Sarah was forced to have no choice but to meet them.

“Sarah, right? The purpose of my coming today is very simple. I want to acquire Dongtian Group!”

Cox Zhaolong immediately made clear his attitude.

Sarah also directly refused: “Impossible, I just took over this company not long ago, the company has developed well, why should I sell it?”

“Yes! Mr. Cox, did you hear the wrong news? Dongtian Group doesn’t sell it at all. Why did you buy it?”

Other senior executives looked at Cox Zhaolong in doubt.

Cox Zhaolong smiled: “The reason is very simple, because my Cox family wants to buy, you have to sell!”

“How can there be such a reason? Aren’t you trying to buy and sell?”

“What kind of society is there, and this kind of hegemonism?”

The executives of Dongtian Group did not agree.

“Yes, it is hegemony! My Cox family is so domineering! I will give you one day, and tomorrow I will send someone to buy it! If you refuse, Dongtian Group will wait for destruction!”

Cox Zhaolong said coldly.





One of his subordinates flung out four throwing knives and inserted them accurately on the four words Dongtian Group on the plaque on the wall.

Chapter 432


Naked threat!

This is to warn the owners of Dongtian Group that if they do not agree to the acquisition, the consequences will be disastrous.

“Remember, don’t play any tricks, fight against the Cox family, you are not qualified!”

Cox Zhaolong left.

Leave a group of dumbfounded seniors.

Dongtian Group has just entered the right track, when it wants to vigorously develop, it will be forcibly acquired by the Cox family?

“Mr. Logan, I still advise you to give up resistance and let them buy it?”

“Yes, the Cox family has acquired too many companies recently! Some wanted to resist, but they were forced to death!”

“The Cox Family, the provincial capital, is so powerful that it is definitely not something we can offend! If it’s bad, there are still life concerns!”

The executives of Dongtian Group gave up collectively.

Sarah never spoke.

But she was also desperate inside.

It happened to be in the Cox family.

Sarah lost his fighting spirit.

Judging from the recent incidents, the Cox family used everything.

In order to force the company to sell, all means are used.

Sarah is afraid of hurting his parents and husband.

Levi is very satisfied with the development of Case York recently.

Although there are a few mouse shit, the overall situation is moving forward steadily.

When I returned home at night, I saw Sarah unhappy.

“What’s wrong with my wife? Who offended you?”

Levi asked.

Sarah shook his head: “It’s okay just for the company’s development!”

The next day.

When Sarah arrived at the company with his front foot, Cox Zhaolong came with a large group of people on his back foot.

Everyone shuddered when they saw the superb person who used the flying knife.

“How’s Miss Logan thinking about?”

Cox Zhaolong asked with a smile.

“If you sell, you have to show sincerity?”

Sarah asked.

Cox Zhaolong was taken aback for a moment, and then he said: “The price is one billion!”


As soon as Cox Zhaolong said this, everyone took a breath.

The Cox family is really domineering!

A company with a market value of 6 billion, want to acquire a billion?

Sarah sneered: “Mr. Cox, are you crazy? If you think my mind is normal, will I sell you a billion?”


Cox Zhaolong sneered: “Miss Logan seems to have not figured out the situation! Now you are not qualified to negotiate the price, understand? I am giving you this price to give you face, and I won’t have a penny in a hurry!”


The Cox family is too domineering!

But everyone dared not speak.

Two days ago, someone was dissatisfied with the Cox family’s dominance, and as a result, his limbs were broken and even his family was controlled.

Who is not afraid of such a Cox family?

“This is a contract! Sign it now, and it will arrive immediately!”

Cox Zhaolong threw the contract in front of Sarah.

“If Miss Logan doesn’t sign, then Mr. Dale and Ms. Edith should have dinner with me tonight! Haha…”

Cox Zhaolong threatened without fear.

His meaning is very simple-if Sarah does not agree, Dale and Edith will disappear, and their lives may even be in danger.

“You are shameless!!!”

Sarah angrily said.

Having been in business for so long, I have never encountered such a domineering man.

But I can’t help it.

“Mr. Logan, sign it!”

Other senior executives also suggested.

“What kind of sign?”

At this moment, a voice sounded.

Levi is here.

He saw that Sarah was abnormal, so he investigated what was going on.

Unexpectedly, it was the ghost of the Cox family.

“Levi? It’s you!”

Cox Zhaolong had seen Levi’s photos and his eyes were red when he saw it.

Chapter 433

When the enemies met, Cox Zhaolong wanted to kill Levi on the spot.

Levi frowned and asked, “Who are you? Do we know each other?”

“Cox Zhaolong of the Cox family of the provincial capital, Juan is my third brother!”

Cox Zhaolong gritted his teeth and said.

Levi nodded: “Oh, it turned out to be that cripple brother!”


As soon as Juan was abolished, Cox Zhaolong rose in anger.

“Don’t be honest and stay in the provincial capital, why do you come to Case York? Aren’t you afraid of losing your life here?”

Levi asked.

Cox Zhaolong sneered: “Don’t think that you can do whatever you want with Erick Group! Tell you, my Cox family must have a place in the city! I urge you to sign the contract obediently, so as not to have time to suffer!”

“get out!”

Levi pulled Cox Zhaolong up and pushed.

“court death!”

The entourage behind him wanted to do it.

Stopped by Cox Zhaolong.

“No need to!”

Cox Zhaolong looked at Sarah with a smile and asked, “Miss Logan, you have to think about it. If you don’t sign, you will be at your own risk!”

“Didn’t you tell you to get out?”

Levi said angrily.

“Well…then let’s wait and see!”

Cox Zhaolong showed a cruel smile.

After coming outside.

“Shao Shao, why don’t you let me just abolish that kid?”

Wang Boyd was Cox Zhaolong’s number one Lord, he asked incomprehensibly.

Cox Zhaolong looked angrily: “You think I don’t want to move him? But that kid has the background of Erick Group, and even Logan Erye has suffered!”

“Then what shall we do? Just endure it like this?”

Wang Boyd was furious.

Cox Zhaolong showed a mysterious smile: “Naturally not! Let’s get rid of the Dongtian Group first!”

“What about Levi?”

Wang Boyd asked.

“I got news not long ago-Logan Erye is going to make a comeback!”

“Ah? Even the black and white impermanence suffers. What if Logan Erye comes again?”

Cox Zhaolong smiled: “Because Logan Erye invited that person out of the mountain!”

“That one? Could it be…hiss…”

Thinking of something, Wang Boyd showed a look of extreme fear, and took a breath.

“Logan Erye really did it this time, even this super big guy who has been in retreat for 30 years is invited out of the mountain!”

Others also looked surprised.

“Isn’t it! This is the No. 1 boss in the entire Jiangnan Province, and the person Logan Erye fears most!”

“The Erick Group’s face is big enough, let this person come forward!”

Cox Zhaolong said.

Wang Boyd guessed what, and said with a smile: “Shao Shao is waiting for Logan Erye and that man to destroy the Erick Group before dealing with Levi?”

“Well, smart. Levi has no backing, how can I see him jumping?”

There is a dilapidated small temple in the remote area of ​​Zijin Mountain, Jinling, the provincial capital.

But the upper circles of the provincial capital know that this small temple is a forbidden place in the provincial capital, because there live people who are afraid of the provincial capital and even the entire Jiangnan Province.

Once the first person in the underground circle of Jiangnan Province.

Thirty years ago, he retired to this place.

But the Lords around the small temple are like clouds, and no one can approach it.

Today, a motorcade from the provincial capital of Logan’s family came here.

Logan Erye personally knelt in front of the small temple and waited.

“Sir, the Logan family has suffered a catastrophe——

Son Logan Kuang was killed;

The nephew Logan Wangsun was abolished;

The nephew Logan Wanglong was deposed;

The black and white impermanence of his men was divided! “

“Logan Er boldly ask you to come out of the mountain and solve this person! I would like to offer Logan Er all!”

Logan Erye pleaded, knocking his head three times.

Chapter 434

The people around the small temple were breathless.

Everyone looked at Logan Erye incredible.

What kind of existence can force Logan Erye to this point?

Even if you donate all your family property, you have to deal with this person!

Logan Erye has been kneeling on the ground, waiting for the answer from the small temple.

After a full ten minutes.


The dilapidated wooden door of the small temple suddenly opened.

A man in a suit came out from the inside. Everyone was shocked, and there was deep fear in his eyes.

Because this young man is the righteous son of that one!

Even Logan Erye looked in awe.

The young man said lightly: “Logan Erye, let’s go back, this matter is settled by the adoptive father!”


“Mr. Xie!!!”

Logan Erye showed ecstasy.

He agreed!

It means that Erick Group is going to die!

In Logan Erye’s view, that person is like a god.

Jiangnan Province, as long as he takes action, nothing is impossible!

Immediately, the news of this person’s departure spread throughout the province.

Once the number one person in Jiangnan Province, he came out after 30 years of dust.

Everyone knows that Case York are going to change, and the whole Jiangnan Province is going to change.

This man’s emergence will definitely lead to changes in the pattern of Jiangnan Province.

What is even more frightening is that after hearing the news, the various forces in the provincial capital and the family are preparing for this person’s emergence.

The next day, early in the morning.

The top ten clan forces in the provincial capital are waiting in two rows on the Panshan Highway in Purple Mountain.

Logan Erye was among them.

At last there was movement at the end of the road, and a group of people appeared.

They actually walked down the mountain.

The crowd was surrounded by an old man, the old man Tong Bass Hefa, with an ethereal aura on his body.

Regardless of the age of eighty, his feet are steady and energetic.

He is the tycoon of an era in Jiangnan Province-Yuan Shanler.

Jiangnan Province, everyone who knows him will be called “Mr.” respectfully.

When you see him, you will only think that this is an expert, such as Taishan Beidou in the medical field, or a top scientist in other fields.

How could he not think that he is a man of the Tao.

In addition to Shanler’s son Futu.

There are also four people, four generals under the command of “Mr.”.

The first is as thin as dry wood, his entire face is sunken in, as if skin and bones, he is white bones.

The second person is two meters high, where he stands like a mountain, he is the orangutan King Kong.

The third person was as strong as an ox, without hair, and even had six ring scars on his head. He was nicknamed Luohan and was a monk.

The last one is most in line with the appearance of ordinary people, without any bright spots. His name is Typhoon, and he is the most terrifying of the four.

Black and white impermanence killed no one in the provincial capital dared to fight back.

But how do you know that black and white impermanence is in front of these four people, it is ants.

In the underground black boxing world of the provincial capital, black and white impermanence can only be photographed fifth and sixth.

As for the top four, these are the ones.

These four shots are a disaster for everyone!

They are too scary.

Known to be an enemy of a thousand troops!

“Mr. Gongying out!!!!”

Seeing Shanler and his party, representatives of major family powers in the provincial capital welcomed them.

What about the wealth of the family?

What about a country rich in enemy?

As long as the husband said a word, it is guaranteed to be wiped out overnight.

Compared with West Tianqiao and Logan Erye, Shanler has experienced more. He broke out in the most turbulent years, so he has a stronger background.

He said, Tiannan Province hasn’t listened to it yet!

Logan Erye took the initiative to step forward: “Mr. Logan Er is going to call the shots!!!”

Chapter 435

“Logan Eryi’s famous name is lost!”

“Erick Group? A new one?”

Yuan Shanler asked.

Logan Erye nodded: “Sir, that’s right, the Erick Group appeared in the last few months, and the Case York Xiao family seems to be working for it. Moreover, the fall of the three great heroes of Case York is inseparable from the Erick Group! “

After listening, Shanler did not speak.

His son, Futu, said: “Well, I have also paid attention to it recently. The Erick Group is quite powerful, and there seems to be an expert behind it! Especially the mysterious boss and Graham Nanxuan, I can’t find any information!”

Yuan Futu is also an extremely powerful figure, although Shanler retired for thirty years.

However, Shanler’s family business is managed by Futu, but it is extremely low-key, only behind the scenes.

But everyone in the provincial capital knows that Shanler deserves to be the first when it comes to assets and family business!

“Dare to be so unscrupulous in Case York, if no one is behind it, I can’t justify it!”

Yuan Shanler’s expression changed abruptly: “Check! No matter who dares to go wild in Tiannan Province, I will drive him out!”

“Understand, foster father, I will use the relationship to investigate!”

Yuan Futu said.


Everyone in the provincial capital was relieved.

With Shanler taking the shot himself, the Erick Group is about to end.

They can eat this piece of meat from Case York without worry.

Those who recently went to Case York to eat meat were either restricted by the policies introduced, or were stared at by the Erick Group and the Xiao family.

These people in the provincial capital have long been upset!

Especially the Cox family and the Logan family, they were almost depressed to death.

In fact, everyone understands.

When “Mr.” came out of the mountain, the Erick Group was defeated.

Regardless of the background of Erick Group.

What about the background of Jinling, the provincial capital, or the north, or Nanguang?

This is in Jiangnan Province, Mr. has the final say.

It’s hard for a strong dragon to crush a local snake!

Cox Hang was slow to accept news, and he didn’t know that the danger was imminent.

At this moment, Cox Zhaolong also received the news that Shanler was officially out of the mountain.

He was extremely excited.

“Haha, the end of the Erick Group is here! We also have to take down the Dongtian Group as soon as possible!”

Dongtian Group is an important part of Cox’s strategy.

In particular, the cultural and entertainment business of Dongtian Group is urgently needed by the Cox family.

“Mr. Cox found out. Recently, Dongtian Group was shooting seven major online movies, which was made by the woman Sarah! Each one invested a full 50 million! The follow-up will increase, and the cost is estimated to be more than 500 million. !”

Wang Boyd brought news.

“Hmph, Sarah, do you want to make achievements? I just won’t let you succeed!”

Cox Zhaolong smiled gloomily.

At this time, Sarah really needs grades.

Real estate has taken shape.

Naturally, the focus is on entertainment.

Today, Sarah came to the crew in person.

This is the highest investment of seven major online movies, with a total of 70 million.

It’s not that the money is spent on special effects and plots, but the male and female protagonists starring in this drama are all first-line big names.

The sum of the two people’s pay is a full 50 million.

So the actual cost of making a movie is 20 million.

However, the flow of male and female actors is extremely high, and it is not difficult for the movie to be released.

At this moment, the crew is preparing.

The man and woman are talking to each other.

The hero Wood Zhening looked up and saw Sarah.

“Huh? This is?”

He asked the assistant.

“This is Sarah, the new boss of our Dongtian Group!”

Wood Zhening’s eyes lit up, and she smiled and said, “Then I want to know each other!”

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