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Chapter 451

Shang Chaoyong immediately punished.


Liu Yongan was going crazy.

Didn’t get a penny, but was suspended for three months without pay?

This loss is too great, right?

But this is a big leader!

What can I do?

“In addition, the two films of Dongtian Group have passed the review and will be released on time in three days!”

Shang Chaoyong announced.

The senior executive of the audit department praised: “We have never seen such a well-made online movie! It will definitely sell well!”

Sarah and others breathed a sigh of relief.

Shang Chaoyong, the person in charge of Radio and Television, walked up to Sarah and said with a smile, “Ms. Logan is satisfied with the result of this process?”

Shang Chaoyong’s eyes glanced at Levi next to him.

“Very satisfied! The person in charge is really great!”

Sarah smiled.


Levi said.


Shang Chaoyong immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

It doesn’t matter if anyone is dissatisfied, only this one must be satisfied.

Supreme Entertainment soon received the news.

Liu Yongan’s investigation team fell apart, and Liu Yongan did not delay the release of Dongtian Group’s films.

They will be released in three days too!

“What a waste! Even this thing can’t be done!”

Cox Zhaolong was very angry.

Wood Zhening smiled and said, “Shao Shao is okay, the public opinion effect we want has arrived. They will be released with our movie in three days, and they will lose miserably!”

“That is, movies with the same content must have come to see you. What’s more, I bought out the recommended spots on major video sites. The audience can’t find their movies anywhere. How can we compete with us?”

Cox Zhaolong is very confident.

Indeed, their early publicity completely crushed the Dongtian Group.

Coupled with the influence of public opinion such as plagiarism, Dongtian Group has no room for survival.

This is the most melancholy thing about Sarah and them.

“I have just contacted the major video sites, the homepage and even the category pages of the recommendation position are gone, so that the seven movies of Supreme Entertainment can be covered. This is not the way to continue. Our movies are of good quality, but the audience can’t To,”

Sarah was very melancholy.

Levi touched her hair: “Don’t think about my wife’s early publicity, let’s wait for the later stage! When the movie comparison comes out, word of mouth will come up.

And who said there is no attention? The heat of plagiarism hasn’t come down yet, everyone is waiting for the comparison after the release? “

“Hahaha, that’s right, black fans are also fans. Looking at the content, it is estimated that black fans have turned to fans!”

Sarah smiled.

Levi’s smile was meaningful: “Besides, I have other tricks, just use it when the movie is released!”

After three days that everyone was looking forward to, it finally arrived.

It’s eight o’clock in the evening.

Seven films of Supreme Entertainment were simultaneously shown on four major video sites.

It occupies all the recommendations on the homepage. As long as you open the video website on your phone or computer, it will be the promotion of their movies.

With the continuation of the previous heat, millions of people are waiting for the movie.

As soon as it came out, everyone went to see it.

Soon the observation experience came out.

bad movie!

All seven movies are bad movies!

The acting skills are poor, the special effects are poor, and the plot is poor. In short, there is nothing bad.

Except for a few fans’ praise, the other audiences are all bad reviews.

The average score of the seven movies is only 6.7.

“By the way, isn’t Dongtian Group’s film plagiarism? It seems to be released today, let’s go see it!”

Netizens began to search for Dongtian Group movies.

Chapter 452

In the office of the president of Supreme Entertainment.

Cox Zhaolong and Wood Zhening are all here.

Looking at the real-time box office split, everyone’s expressions are not very good.

Wood Zhening snorted: “It seems that these audiences are getting more and more difficult to fool!”

Agent Wang said: “Yes, the movie market now pays more and more attention to content. No one is looking for Xiao Xianrou to perform in cinema movies. Next, online movies are also a trend to focus on content!”

Wood Zhening smiled: “Yes, so take advantage of this, and quickly harvest a wave of brain-disabled fans’ money!”

Wang Yixiao agrees very much: “Yes! Most of the fans have a bag in their heads, and money is easy to cheat. We have to make more movies quickly so that these idiots can react, and money is not easy to cheat!”

If the fans of these people know what they say, it will probably be annoying.

“By the way, isn’t Dongtian Group’s film also released? Do you know how?”

Cox Zhaolong couldn’t help asking.

Wood Zhening smiled: “I just searched the major videos, but I didn’t find it.”

“They are destined to die! Although our movies are bad movies, all the recommended places are our movies, and they have no way to survive!”

Wang Yixiao snorted coldly.

“President Cox found their movies, they only appeared in two movies, not seven!”

The assistant took the tablet to Wood Zhening.

“Hahaha, are you afraid of losing? Just shoot two movies. Who the hell is this leading actor? I haven’t heard of it. Just wait for the loss!”

Cox Zhaolong smiled and clicked on the movie.

Two or three hours later, netizens finished the two movies of Dongtian Group.

“Brothers came over and said, isn’t it a super lousy movie?”

Some netizens are eager to try and dare not watch it. They are afraid that it will be a bad movie and feel sick to themselves.

“Good movie!!! Super good movie!”

“This is definitely the most well-made online movie I have ever seen!”

“The plot is deep, the picture is textured, the rhythm is tight, the special effects are perfect, the actors’ acting skills are online! I get a perfect score!”

“This movie can be shown in theaters! It’s so good, I’m going to watch it again!”

Immediately afterwards, there were overwhelming praise on the Internet.

The two films of Dongtian Group can be called Lordpieces!

The most important thing is that the netizens who made good comments were not the navy, but the people who sprayed the Dongtian Group before, and they all aimed to see if they were plagiarism.

Watching the appearance of positive reviews on the Internet, and the rise in popularity of the two movies.

The executives of Dongtian Group breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s amazing! You are so amazing at King’s Landing!”

Sarah hugged Levi at once.


Levi coughed awkwardly.

Plum dyed his face and turned red after a brush.

It turned out that there were Fu Guorui and others in the office.

She was so happy for a while

Levi smiled and said, “Next, we will officially start publicity! Use all the public opinion that can be used, including Wood Zhening and others who used to make big names. In short, use everything that can be used to increase the promotion of the movie! “


The executives of the company are very excited.

Because according to the current momentum, these two films are afraid that they can bring them unimaginable benefits!

“In addition, I have a killer tool on my side. I will use it later tonight!”

Levi smiled.

“I’m really looking forward to it!”

Levi smiled: “Not only that, then, the person in charge of those video sites will find us!”

Chapter 453

“What? The movies they made are so good? Even I was fascinated by it!”

After Cox Zhaolong watched the movie, he looked unfinished.

Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao were worried.

“How can their films be made so well? You see that the popularity is rising too fast, and there are overwhelming praises, not a single bad review!”

“Yes, although there is no recommendation, they have risen to the top ten on the hot list! They are still increasing!”

“What can I do? Think of a solution quickly?”

These artists are anxious like ants on a hot pot.

The Dongtian Group’s movie is so well made, this is just hitting them in the face.

The key to these protagonists is the newcomer they met that day.

The acting is so good?

This makes them very unbalanced.


Agent Wang sighed.

She is still very accurate about the market.

People like Wood Zhening walk around and participate in variety shows.

The film and television are still being touched, it needs real acting skills in real time.

Major video sites, the two movies of Dongtian Group are still on the rise.

“I understand now. Before that, Supreme Entertainment said that Dongtian’s film plagiarism was basically a despicable method! You have seven movies, and there are only two movies. You said plagiarism?”

“Yeah, your seven movies are all super bad movies. Can they be compared with other people’s gods? Really shameless!”

“Brothers listen to me, don’t watch this rubbish movie, go to see two Dongtian Group movies, they are really good-looking!”

Next, overwhelming comments appeared in the bulletin messages of seven movies starring Wood Zhening.

When everyone insulted that these seven films were bad films, everyone went to see Dongtian Group’s films one after another.

Not only that, Dongtian Group’s public relations shot.

The public opinion plagiarized before is brought up again, and the movie continues to increase the popularity.

Then he also took out Wood Zhening and the others’ resignation.

There is also video testimony.

Including how Wood Zhening splashed water on Hart Zihan and how to beat Graham Mingjia.

After these exposures, netizens became angry.

They insulted Wood Zhening, Wang Yixiao and others.

Even their fans started to scold them.

“Wood Zhening lost me money for this bad day!!!”

“These dogs only know to cheat money! They don’t have any acting skills, they are rubbish!”

“Hart Zihan will be my goddess from now on, Wang Yixiao stepped aside!”

“Yes, Wood Zhening is not worthy of being an artist. I will be a fan of Graham Mingjia in the future. He is handsome and good acting!”

At this time, the film of Supreme Entertainment is not only a mess.

Even Wood Zhening these artists are also ruined.

Soon, the seven movies of Everest Entertainment were known to be bad movies on the whole network, and no one watched them at all.

The people who watched are also cursing at them.

The two movies of Dongtian Group, although they do not have any recommendation, the popularity has been rising.

Soon it was ranked first and second.



Cox Zhaolong was so angry that he smashed the tablet to the ground.

Wood Zhening and the others also looked gloomy and said nothing.

At this time, Cox Zhaolong received the call.

“Hello, Mr. Cox, I’m the person in charge of Penguin Film and Television, and I have your recommendation!”

“Hello, Mr. Cox, I’m the person in charge of Aiqiyi video website. I will let you know that your company’s seven movies are really bad, and I’m recommending it!”

“Hey, hello, President Cox, I am the person in charge of Youku, your movie has lost, and I am ready to make all recommendations!”

Chapter 454

When Cox Zhaolong received these calls, his heart was ashamed.

Unexpectedly, the person in charge of the major video sites called one by one.

All the recommended spots for their seven movies have to be dropped.

After making the call here, the recommendation will be dropped over there.

The movies that were replaced afterwards were two of Dongtian Group’s movies, and the entire front page was their movies.

The most important thing is that Cox Zhaolong spent almost 50 million on the recommended place.

The person in charge of the major video websites took the initiative to arrange two movies of Dongtian Group without spending a penny.

The heat continues to rise!

See real-time split accounts.

Sarah will laugh and bloom.

The cost of these two films is only 200 million.

But now it’s only 200 million in six hours.

This return rate has broken the record of major video sites.

It turned out that a film with a cost of 200 million would take one week to pay back the fastest.

“It’s time to zoom in!”

Levi smiled.

Soon after, Chinese superstars, Porter Yutong, Cai Zhan and others began to promote at the same time.

“Next I want to recommend two movies… absolutely beautiful! I guarantee it with my credit!”

“Yes, it doesn’t look good, you can come to me to refund the membership money! I said Cai Zhan!”

A total of 20 top domestic first-line stars promoted the two films of Dongtian Group together.

The heat has grown again.

The number of members brought in instantly exceeded 5 million, and went straight to 10 million.

Not only that, the major media news are beginning to pay attention to this movie.

Known as the pinnacle of online movies.

People in the industry are even more excited. Everyone is guessing, how much can this movie be divided into a month?

One billion is not a problem, can it go to two billion?

This is the box office that only the top theater-line movies have, and online movies can do it?

It’s incredible!

Some are happy and some are sad.

Supreme Entertainment is lifeless.

The influence of public opinion and the movie are really bad.

Many investors have withdrawn their capital.

Artists have also asked for termination.

In an instant, the company was in crisis.

This is what Cox Zhaolong did not expect.

After all, entertainment is one of the ace industries of the Cox family.

Will it collapse in just one month?

Just now his father, uncle and grandpa called and yelled.

“You rubbish, don’t have any acting skills! What kind of actor are you? Pretending to be your mother?”

Cox Zhaolong vented his anger on Wood Zhening, Wang Yixiao and others.



The loud slap slapped a few people’s faces severely.

They dare not speak.

“Get out! Get out of here! All your pay is back. Whoever wants the money will die!”

Cox Zhaolong kicked and beat them repeatedly, pushing these people out.

After coming outside.

Wood Zhening began to discuss with the brokerage team.

“We didn’t expect such a thing to happen, and now Supreme Entertainment is completely unable to stay!”

Sister Wang, the agent, said: “Yes, and your reputation is seriously affected! It’s too difficult to drag on!”

“How about this, let’s go back to Dongtian Group!”

Wang Yixiao was a little nervous: “Can it work?”

“Hey, it’s affirmative that they are angry, but in the end we can still bring them benefits, I don’t believe it, they won’t accept it?”

Sister Wang, the agent said.

Wood Zhening nodded: “Isn’t it, we are also the pillars! Without us, they didn’t produce artists! Just rely on those newcomers? No qualifications at all!”

Chapter 455

“But I knew it would be better. If we played this kind of script, it would definitely be better. Our value and reputation will also rise. Hurry back and let these guys customize it for us.”

Wang Yixiao said coldly.

She always felt that Hart Zihan and Graham Mingjia were so popular because the script was well written.

The next day, early in the morning.

“Mr. Logan, Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao’s management team have named to see you!”

Fu Guorui came running.

“Okay, let them in!”

Soon, a group of people came to the office.

“Mr. Logan, we were wrong. We were ignorant for a while. Please forgive me!”

Sister Wang, the agent said.

Sarah smiled: “It’s nothing, people have to go to higher places. They are better than us!”

“No, we were really wrong! Now we hope to come back. After all, it is the old team and everyone is familiar with each other!”

Sister Wang smiled.

At this time, Levi suddenly said: “It’s really shameless, what happened before? Didn’t it make us regret it? As a result, watching our movie went viral, you came to pick up money?

Although Wood Zhening and the others felt aggrieved, they had to endure it. Today they are here to beg.

Wood Zhening looked at Sarah and asked, “Mr. Logan, can you say a condition?”

As Sarah was about to speak, Levi interrupted: “It’s easy to re-enter Dongtian. Show your sincerity. Let’s kneel here for six hours? You won’t be embarrassed, right?”


Wood Zhening was about to get angry and was stopped by Sister Wang.

“Okay, we promise, I hope your words count!”

Sister Wang said.

“Well, I promise!”

Levi made a vowed promise.



Wood Zhening and others knelt to the ground one after another.

It was refreshing to see everyone.

After all, I was used to bullying before.

Kneeled for six hours.

Wood Zhening is not to mention the humiliation.


He took a breath and sneered: “Well, we have been kneeling for six hours. I hope you will fulfill your promise!”

“What promise?”

Sarah asked.

“Didn’t you say it before? We kneel for six hours before we re-enter the Dongtian Group?”

Wood Zhening almost roared.

Sarah smiled: “Whoever promises you, go find someone!”

“It was the promise made by the man next to you just now, why didn’t you admit it?”

Wood Zhening suppressed his anger by force.

“Sorry, that person is not an employee of our company at all. If he asks you to kneel, just kneel?”

Fu Guorui smiled.


The others laughed together.

“You… are you kidding us?”

Wood Zhening and other talents realized that they had been fooled.

“It has nothing to do with us, have you never seen that person?”

Wood Zhening looked at each other, thinking about it, it was really like this.

This is a raw face.

“I’m fighting with you!”

Wood Zhening finally broke out.

“Security team, blast these people out!”

The security team threw out Wood Zhening and others.

Cox Zhaolong was frustrated, and he began to inquire about the situation in the provincial capital.

Why did Mr. Shanler be so reluctant to do it?

On this day, there was news on the dark web.

“Foster father, the boss of the Erick Group has no background, but he is cunning and good at calculating! This is how Shane Wanshan and the others are destroyed!”

Yuan Futu said.

Yuan Shanler stopped the twisting Buddhist beads in his hand.

He slowly opened his eyes and said coldly: “Okay, let’s do it!”

The number one person in Jiangnan Province is finally about to make a move!

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