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Chapter 456

“Foster father, let me take someone there!”

Yuan Futu took the initiative to call for battle.

“Okay, take the bones, Arhat, and King Kong! Can solve the black and white impermanence, it means that they are not waiting for leisure!”

Yuanshan River.

The four generals under him are better than black and white impermanence.

Let Futu take three at one time, which shows Shanler’s determination.

Yuan Futu hesitated, and couldn’t help saying: “Foster father…”

“Typhoon can’t work! His murderousness is too heavy! Over the past few decades, it has been difficult to suppress his murderousness. This time, if you take him to let the blood flow in the city, it will be troublesome!”

Yuanshan River.

The four majors under him.

Bone was ruthless and ruthless. When he faced hundreds of people in the underground boxing field of the Eastern Kingdom, he forcibly pulled out the ribs of one person and killed everyone with a weapon.

Luo Han was born in Shaolin and is invincible in kung fu.

King Kong is more like an undeveloped beast, with its flesh and skin as hard as steel and invulnerable.

But the strongest is the typhoon.

He was adopted by a killer organization since he was a child.

The method of cultivating that killer organization was to adopt a hundred orphans, and after several years of training, let these hundreds of them fight each other, and the talent that finally survived was eligible to enter the killer organization.

The typhoon kills all the companions, the only one who survives.

He is really too murderous.

There are not thousands of people who died in his hands, but seven or eight hundred.

Once he opened the killing ring, he couldn’t stop it.

Once in the underground circles of Jiangnan Province, Shanler was arrested. He killed thousands of people and couldn’t lift his head. He rescued Shanler abruptly.

He enjoys killing people…

Death in the true sense.

Therefore, Shanler will not use him lightly. Once used, it will cause a series of disasters.

“Furthermore, the White Bones are more than enough to deal with a mere Erick Group! If a typhoon is used, if it causes a bad impact, I can’t afford the consequences!”

Yuan Shanler sighed.

Yuan Futu felt unbelievable: “Ah? The adoptive father and the consequences you can’t afford? How could it be possible!”

“You have forgotten, who is in Case York now?”

Yuan Shanler asked.

Yuan Futu’s face changed, and he was surprised: “Does the foster father mean General God of War?”

“Yes, he can completely open his eyes to the struggle between the city and York. But the typhoon has gone, and things have become a big deal, if he takes action…”

What Shanler was afraid of was General God of War.

“Sure enough, the adoptive father is thoughtful, I didn’t expect this step! The adoptive father, the child can go to Case York!”

“Hurry up and solve this matter!”

“Remember, it’s okay to make a small fight, but I can’t solve a big problem.

Yuan Shanler also specially exhorted.

After Futu left, a man with an ordinary appearance and clothes appeared.

Typhoon Reaper.

He said: “I’ve heard of General God of War. He has five war kings under his command. They are all super Lords. I want to challenge…”

“Hahaha, what do you think about the typhoon? Could it be our offense? No matter how powerful we are, we are all mortals. People are gods, and we are backhanded!”

After Logan Erye found out, he followed Futu to Case York.

“Yuan Shao, three great warriors! I thought that my husband would only send one person!”

Logan Erye was very excited when he saw the three of Bone go out together.

In his opinion, one person can solve the problem.

Mr. actually sent three major warriors at once.

This matter is stable, and Erick Group is absolutely inevitable.

“the city is waiting for the anger of the provincial capital!”

Chapter 457

Logan Erye was very excited.

Came to Case York.

High-speed intersection.

Cox Zhaolong and others who had received the news in advance were actually greeted.

“Yuan Shao, Logan Erye has been bullied by them from our provincial capital these days! the city is bullying us and nobody, now it’s fine, you are here, they just wait to die!”

Cox Zhaolong said.

Everyone added more enthusiasm to the frustration in Case York.

Logan Erye was angry.

Yuan Futu was also very angry.

Yuan Futu looked calm and calm on the surface, like an old fox.

But in fact he is a big boy.

No evil is done, arrogant and domineering, no one is in the eye.

Only being pressed by Shanler, he did not dare to release.

This time I came to Case York differently, no one cares about it.

He wants to release his nature.

“Huh, don’t you put the provincial capital in your eyes? Looking for death!!!”

Yuan Futu said angrily.

“Yuan Shao, what should we do next?”

Logan Erye asked.

“Didn’t the Xiao family stand up and support the Erick Group? Okay, let’s go to the Xiao family to have a look!”

A touch of cold light flashed in Futu’s eyes.

In Xiaojia Mountain Villa.

Everyone in the Xiao family is eating dinner.

Recently, the development of the Xiao family has been too rapid, and its assets have already exceeded 100 billion.

Although it was to help Levi as an agent, they were excited enough.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and the door of the restaurant kicked away.

A large group of people rushed in fiercely from the outside.

Several people Xiao Guopu recognized.

Erye Logan Gaoshan repaired them.

It’s just that Logan Erye is also a supporting role today.

They took the initiative to stand on both sides.

The last young man walked in.

The young man was gentle, but the three people behind him were very scary.

King Kong is two meters tall, where he stands, like a hill.

The bones and flesh were like firewood, skin and bones, the bones were clearly visible, and his face was pale and bloodless.

Arhat had a bright bald head and a fierce look on his face.

The momentum of these three people overwhelmed the audience, making everyone almost breathless.

Xiao Guopu had long known that Logan Erye would not let go, this time he was afraid it would be difficult.

“Xiao Guopu will introduce to you, this one is Futu, the son of Mr. Shengcheng!”

Logan Erye smiled.


Hearing that, Xiao Guopu’s eyes were about to fly out.

Isn’t it the legendary one who overwhelmed the entire Jiangnan Province?

Mr. Shanler!

No. 1 in Jiangnan Province!

Even big guys like Logan Erye have to stand aside.

“Ah? Didn’t you mean that Mr. retired for thirty years?”

Xiao Guopu asked.

Yuan Futu smiled and said, “Thanks to the gift of the Erick Group, the foster father has left the customs.”

“What? Mr. is out?”

Xiao Guopu was so shocked that his eyes were about to fly out.

“Yes, the foster father said that the Erick Group should not exist!”

Speaking of Futu, he came to the dinner table and sat down. He smiled and said, “The food is good. Give me a tableware!”

Domineering and arrogant!

Xiao Zhengfei, a junior from the Xiao family, sneered: “Get up! What are you? You dare to run wild on the Xiao family’s site, you don’t know how to die!”

The development of the Xiao family has been so good recently, and it is an existence that covers the sky with only one hand in Case York.

So none of them pays attention to it.

Not to mention this kind of provocation from the Xiao family.

Xiao Guopu wanted to remind that it was too late.

How do these juniors know what sir?

Yuan Futu didn’t speak, but stared at Xiao Zhengfei.

“What? Are you going to hit me?”

Xiao Zhengfei said angrily.


At the next moment, Luohan shot suddenly and punched Xiao Zhengfei on the head.

Chapter 458


Xiao Zhengfei flew out more than ten meters and knelt on the ground, with blood flowing from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears.


Those who die can’t die again!

Luohan punched him to the point where he bleeds.


The audience is dead!

“Who are you? How dare you kill my son and die!”

Xiao Zhengfei’s father Xiao Jian was crazy.

This kind of thing is absolutely not allowed on the Xiao family site.

Xiao Jianliang rushed over with his wife Cross Xueying.


King Kong kicked Xiao Jian to measure his head.

The head was actually blasted away, and large pieces of brain matter mixed with yellow and white things splashed around, and Xiao Guopu’s face was splashed a lot.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The bones shot like electricity and grabbed seven chopsticks.



Five chopsticks were inserted into Cross Xueying’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears.


Immediately, Cross Xueying let out a scream.

Blood shot even more.

At this moment, everyone in the Xiao family was dumbfounded.

I dare not say a word.

Cox Zhaolong and others who followed Futu were also shocked by the cruel scenes.

They forcibly endured it and didn’t let themselves vomit out.

These juniors understand why Mr. Shanler can dominate the entire Jiangnan Province.

Too ruthless!

It’s so cruel that it makes one’s heart palpitating!

Cross Xueying rolled on the ground in pain, screaming for several minutes.

In the end, she was hurt alive. ,

“It’s the three great generals under the command of Mr. Bones, King Kong, and Arhat. Don’t move around!”

Xiao Guopu recognized it, and he was startled in a cold sweat.

“Are you honest now?”

Yuan Futu asked with a smile.


The court immediately calmed down.

No one dared to speak.

No one dared to question.

Because this is a bunch of guys who kill people without blinking.

To provoke them is to die.

“Where are the bowls and chopsticks?”

Yuan Futu asked.

“Get ready now!”

Xiao Guopu urged.

Soon, the tableware is ready.

Yuan Futu was eating, everyone stood watching.

Everyone shivered.

“Eat, what are you all doing? Watching me eat?”

Yuan Futu sneered.

Xiao Guopu smiled reluctantly: “We are all full, so we don’t eat anymore, Shao enjoy it slowly!”

Yuan Futu raised his head and glanced across the crowd.

Whenever I see a woman, my eyes stay.

“I’m so boring to eat alone, come and accompany me!”

Yuan Futu looked at the women of the Xiao family and said.

Logan Erye and Gaoshanxiu knew that Futu was a big sex monster.

And the taste is very wide.

He likes little loli as young as her teens and charming women in her thirties and forties.

The women of the Xiao family and their wives are somewhat beautiful, which fits Futu’s taste too much.

“Ah? Did Shao want us to accompany you?”

Xiao Guopu trembling.

Yuan Futu’s face suddenly changed: “Go! I need a man to accompany me for dinner? Are you really stupid or pretending to be stupid?”

Everyone in the Xiao family looked at each other.

Yuan Futu was very straightforward.

If you don’t want a man to accompany you, as long as the woman pays?

For a while, the Xiao family women trembled in fear.

They all understand that Futu’s meaning is not just as simple as having a meal, right?

I have to accompany to sleep!

Xiao Ruoyu immediately said: “Yuan Shao originally likes beauties, I will immediately arrange for you, celebrity models, what you want! the city has nothing else, but there are so many beauties!”

Xiao Ruofeng also agreed: “Yes, yes, as long as Shao likes it, we can get any kind of woman!”

Chapter 459

Yuan Futu glared at the two of them: “I don’t want any women, these women I want to be there, you…you you you, and you…”

Yuan Futu pointed to the seven or eight women present.

The wives of Xiao Ruoyu and Xiao Ruofeng are among them, as well as the wives of their cousins.

There are also the wives of juniors, and there are even girls from the Xiao family.

“No! This resolutely won’t work! Shao, change someone! They are very ordinary!”

Xiao Ruoyu’s cousin Xiao Sewen said.


Cox Zhaolong slapped Xiao Sewen’s face fiercely.

“Fuck you shamelessly! Shao designated that one! Do you dare to refute?”

Cox Zhaolong fox fake tiger prestige.

Xiao Sewen touched his face and said aggrieved: “But this is my wife? Resolutely not!”


The hill-like King Kong had already walked in front of him and lifted Xiao Sewen up.


King Kong smashed Xiao Sewen to the ground fiercely.


After making a bone cracking sound, Xiao Sewen’s waist broke.


Listening to Xiao Sewen’s screams, everyone felt that their scalp was numb, and all blood was solidified.

“Huh? Go on!”

Cox Zhaolong smiled.

“What are you doing in a daze? You haven’t been beside Shao yet!”

Cox Zhaolong scolded.

Xiao Sewen’s wife and other women walked to Futu one after another.


Yuan Futu took the two women directly into his arms.

The woman screamed.

Other women also surrounded Futu.

Yuan Futu touched it and kissed it.

“And what are you two doing in a daze?”

Cox Zhaolong looked at Xiao Ruoyu and Xiao Ruofeng’s wife Fisher Lan and Yu Meijuan.

And stepped forward to force them to be by Futu’s side.

Fisher Lan and Yu Meijuan immediately turned to Xiao Ruofeng and Xiao Ruoyu’s brother for help.

“No way!”

“Yes! Resolutely not! How can my wife be humiliated?”

The two brothers Xiao Ruofeng are full of blood.

They put on a desperate posture.

It’s just that Bai Bone and Luo Han stared at the two of them.

The two felt that their chests were tight, and a dangerous breath came immediately.

“No, no!”

Xiao Guopu immediately stopped Xiao Ruofeng and Xiao Ruoyu brothers.

He didn’t want his two sons to die.

“Ruofeng… Ruoyu…”

Fisher Lan and Yu Meijuan shouted in despair.

In the end, Futu took him into his arms and put his hands on him.

The men of the Xiao family looked at their wives, daughters, sisters and sisters being humiliated.

But I dare not speak.

Can only watch.


Too humiliating!

Especially when Xiao Ruofeng and Xiao Ruoyu saw their wife being played face-to-face, their fists were clenched tightly, and their nails cut the flesh and blood.

Facing despair.

They shed tears silently.

“You all go out! Why, do you still want to stay here to watch my performance?”

Yuan Futu said with a smile.


The men of the Xiao family are going crazy.

They don’t know what Futu is going to do.

On the site of the Xiao family, they ruined their women.

How can this be tolerated?

Can’t resist.

There is only a dead end.

Soon everyone was kicked out of the restaurant.

At the door, the three Lords of white bones guarded, no one could enter.

Listen to the screams and other imaginative sounds coming from the restaurant.


Brother Xiao Ruofeng and Xiao Ruoyu knelt to the ground.

“Take revenge, you must take revenge, go to Mr. Garrison!”

The two brothers looked at each other.

Chapter 460

Xiao Guopu also thinks this way.

Only Levi can fight against her husband.

It is the only hope of the Xiao family!

But he was stopped by Logan Erye.

“I want to ask the boss of Erick Group for help? But, it doesn’t matter! This time Shao is here to deal with him! You call it the best!”

Xiao Guopu looked desperate, and now people don’t even find reinforcements for you.

After waiting for an hour, everyone saw Futu walking out with a tired face.

In the dining room, the women were all disheveled, leaning together and weeping quietly.


Xiao Ruoyu and Xiao Ruofeng roared hysterically.

They can’t wait to kill Futu!

But after seeing the white bones and King Kong, they were silent.

There is only a dead end to rushing up!

“From today, we will live in Xiao’s house!”

Yuan Futu is too domineering.

Not only did he insult the Xiao family face to face, but he also lived in the Xiao family.

The women of the Xiao family became even more frightened after hearing this.

Living here, they will fall into the hands of this devil sooner or later.


Xiao Guopu’s brain throbbed.

Yuan Futu did this deliberately!

He was forcing himself to call Levi.

If this matter is not resolved, Futu will not leave.

“Huh? Do you have objections to Shao living here?”

The voice of the King Kong Urn.

Where does the Xiao family dare to speak?

“Yuan Shao is lucky to live in the Xiao family!”

Xiao Guopu immediately said.

Yuan Futu eventually lived in the Xiao family.

The news spread quickly.

Cox Hang knew that his son was here, along with three of his four generals.

These people are dozens of times stronger than Logan Erye.

The whole Case York people are in panic.

That is the existence that suppresses the entire Jiangnan Province.

People who have been retired for thirty years and have almost disappeared have unexpectedly emerged.

The key is that Futu is too domineering!

When I came to Case York, I went directly to the Xiao’s house, killed a few people, and insulted the Xiao’s women.

I live in Xiao’s house!

Xiao Guopu received Futu with the highest courtesy and met all his needs!

Even a woman is willing, what else can’t be?

Just keep the Xiao family!

He knew very well that when these three killing gods were angry, they would probably kill the Xiao family.

By the end of the evening, seven or eight waves of people had already visited Futu.

Yuan Futu wore a bathrobe, shaking with red wine.

“I have been pressed too hard by my foster father these years! Now is life! I think I need to stay in Case York for a while!”

Yuan Futu smiled.

When he comes to Case York, he can do whatever he wants.

Whatever you want or what you want!

“These two movies have been quite popular recently. I can see them everywhere. This female lead is really good! I heard that she is still a newcomer!”

Yuan Futu watched with interest.

Cox Zhaolong, who was next to him, immediately said: “Yuan Shao, I know that this heroine is called Hart Zihan, she was held by Dongtian Group, and she looks really good.”

“Oh? You know?”

Yuan Futu raised his head and asked.

“If Shao is interested, I promise to deliver it soon!”

Cox Zhaolong said with a smile.

Yuan Futu patted him: “Well, conscious, there is a young man like you in the Cox family, there is hope!”

“Yuan Shao, I will do it! But… Shao…”

Cox Zhaolong hesitated to speak but stopped.

Impatient flashed across Futu’s face: “What’s the matter? Just say it, hesitating.”

“Sarah, the female president of Shaodongtian Group, is called a pretty. I will show you the photos!”

Cox Zhaolong wanted to kill someone with a knife.

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