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Chapter 461

Since Levi is not moving, let Futu do it.

After reading the photos, Futu’s eyes lit up.

“There is such a beautiful woman? This is the first time I have seen you!”

Yuan Futu was surprised.

Cox Zhaolong smiled and said, “Yuan Shao, I promise that real people look better than photos!”

“Okay, leave this task to you! Bring him and Hart Zihan to me!”

Yuan Futu’s heart was hot.

Logan Erye said: “Yuan Shao, if this is the case, I want to talk to you. Natalie, the vice president of Erick Group, is extremely beautiful, and may be worse than Sarah, but not much worse!”

“Hahaha…whether this Natalie is pretty or not! Just because she is the vice president of Erick Group, she must be captured for me!”

Yuan Futu showed a crazy expression.

Cox Zhaolong hesitated and said embarrassingly: “Yuan Shao, I can still get a Hart Zihan, but I dare not Sarah and Natalie, I have suffered a lot from Erick Group’s hands!”


“Bone, go with him!”

Yuan Futu waved his hand.

“Okay, I promise to send someone to Shao!”

Cox Zhaolong promised.

A successful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Hart Zihan has become completely popular recently and has millions of fans.

But this little girl guards against arrogance and rashness, and is still learning to perform at night.


At this time, the door suddenly opened, and a thin, pole-like person appeared.

Hart Zihan shivered with fright.

“You… what are you going to do?”

Hart Zihan asked.

“Come with me, someone invites you to drink!”

As soon as the voice fell, the bones appeared in front of her instantly, and Hart Zihan lost consciousness.

“Next, Natalie and Sarah! They are neighbors!”

Cox Zhaolong smiled.

Soon, a group of people appeared in the Oriental Garden.

Natalie had just finished taking a shower, holding a tablet, and was reading economic news.

At this time, a gust of wind came on the balcony and lifted the curtains.

“I remember closing the balcony windows…”

Natalie got up to close the window.

Just about to close the window, suddenly a pair of skinny hands appeared behind the curtain, like a ghost.


Natalie screamed in surprise.

Afterwards, White Bone and Cox Zhaolong appeared.

“Hello, Mr. Fisher, my family Shao invites you to come and sit down!”

The bones said coldly.

“Who is Shao? I don’t know! Besides, it is illegal for you to break into my room privately!”

Natalie said angrily.

“Toast and not eat fine wine!”

Bai Bone moved to Natalie in an instant and knocked her out.

“Next Sarah!”

Cox Zhaolong showed a crazy smile.

Compared with Erick Group, his biggest enemies are Sarah and Levi.

Sarah wants to take it away.

Levi must die!

Right now is the best opportunity!

Get rid of Levi by the hand of the bones, and avenge his brother!

“Mr. Bones, it might be a little dangerous next!”

Cox Zhaolong said suddenly, showing a trace of timidity.

The bones showed a touch of surprise: “Danger?”

“Mr. Bone knows something, Sarah’s husband, Levi, is a practicing family! My Cox family has suffered a lot from him! Now I dare not touch him!”

Cox Zhaolong tremblingly said.

“Huh! Trash! A little person can’t handle it!”

Bones looked disdainful.

Go straight to Levi’s big flat floor.

Cox Zhaolong smiled.

Got the bait!

Levi sees how you died this time!

He also quickly followed.

Chapter 462

After entering Levi’s big flat, there was no one.

“Huh? People are not here?”

Cox Zhaolong looked around and saw no one at all.

“I don’t know where I went, check it out for me right away!”

Cox Zhaolong followed his subordinates humanely.

Bones waved his hand: “No, take those two home first, Shao can’t wait!”

“Okay, after I check it out, I will send Sarah over!”

At last.

Natalie and Hart Zihan were sent to the Xiao family.

Seeing the beauty of Natalie and Hart Zihan, Futu’s eyes lit up.

The expectations just now were not in vain.

But just now, it was really uncomfortable to wait, Futu had already been here.

So if you want to eat Natalie, you have to wait a while.

“Then Shao, I’m going to find Sarah now?”

Cox Zhaolong asked.

Yuan Futu waved his hand and urged: “Hurry up, it’s too late!”

Tonight, Sarah and Levi went to their parents’ house.

Soon after, they came back.

“Huh? Why did Natalie sleep so early tonight?”

Sarah couldn’t help but see the light in Natalie’s room go out.

In the past, Natalie’s lights were on at one or two o’clock, and she was a workaholic.

“Something’s wrong!”

Levi felt abnormal.

Because he had received news from Lao Jiu saying that Futu had come to Case York.

He didn’t take it seriously.

Now Natalie’s affairs made him think of it immediately.

“My wife, go back first, I have something to deal with!”

Levi lets Sarah dye back, and then arranges for someone to protect her.

Out of the Oriental Garden, Wesley immediately drove to pick him up.

“General, Miss Fisher was taken away, along with Hart Zihan! This Futu was very cruel in the Xiao family, killing and playing tricks, and doing nothing wrong!”

Wesley Road.

“Is it amazing?”

Levi asked.

“Yuan Futu’s foster father, Shanler, was the first person in Jiangnan Province, and his four generals were Lords with one enemy and one thousand.

Wesley Road.

Levi sounded like a smile: “Well, call Owen to tell him that he is a Lord! The black and white impermanence last time was too weak, and Owen complained!”

“Okay, understand!”

In the Xiao Family Manor Villa.

Everyone in the Xiao family knelt in the court.

Yuan Futu is waiting.

Three battles of the bones will stand by.

“Who are you? What are you going to do?”

Natalie and Hart Zihan had already woke up, and they looked at everyone in horror.

“Haha, let me introduce you, Futu from the provincial capital! Invited both of you to come over for a drink!”

Yuan Futu smiled.

Hart Zihan was scared and hid behind Natalie.

Natalie was calm: “I don’t even know you, why should I drink with you?”

“Don’t you know it now? What’s more, Erick Group will soon fall. Wouldn’t it be better to follow me?”

Yuan Futu smiled.

“What? Erick Group is going to fall?”

Natalie knew that there was a conflict between the provincial capital and the Erick Group, and immediately reacted that it was people who came to retaliate.

“This is the Lixiao family?”

Seeing the kneeling man, Natalie exclaimed.

Is this person too strong?

Even the Xiao family is not an opponent?

“Natalie, right? Then let me tell you one thing…”

When Logan Erye told Natalie what had happened to the Xiao family, she was dumbfounded.

This Futu is too scary, isn’t it?

He actually insulted the Xiao family like this!

Yuan Futu saw Natalie’s coquettishness and Hart Zihan’s reserved shyness, and he was interested again.

Yuan Futu waved his hand to signal everyone to leave.

“No… what are you going to do?”

Natalie retreated subconsciously after thinking of something.

Chapter 463


Yuan Futu threw Natalie and Hart Zihan onto the bed.

He is also a Lianjiazi, how can two women resist?

A touch of despair flashed in his eyes.

Xiao Guopu and others shook their heads helplessly.

This Shao was too unscrupulous.

With so many people here, it started?

It was really miserable for the two girls to be stared at by Futu.



At this moment, the door of the villa fell and all the windows shattered.

The huge movement shocked everyone.

Everyone abruptly stopped at the door.

Even Futu, who jumped up, stopped and looked blindly at the door.

Four people appeared at the door.

The three Alton and Owen stood on both sides.

Levi in the middle had a cigarette in his mouth.

“Huh? Levi? A member of the Erick Group?”

“Are you Graham Nanxuan???”

Logan Erye and Cox Zhaolong spoke out one after another, with a look of horror.

“Huh? What? People from Erick Group?”

After Futu put on his bathrobe, he walked over with excitement.

Bones, King Kong and Arhat also showed a touch of excitement.

“Haha, there’s really a way to heaven, you don’t go, there is no way to hell, you just go!”

Yuan Futu laughed loudly.

Logan Erye and Cox Zhaolong were also extremely excited.

The people from Erick Group finally arrived.

In Futu’s hands, there is only a dead end.

The revenge of the Logan family and the revenge of the Cox family can be avenged!

“Levi, you just wait to die!!!”

Cox Zhaolong laughed.

“Get it for me!”

Yuan Futu waved his hand.

The white bones stepped forward and stared at Levi.

Owen stepped forward and hooked his fingers at the three of them.

“The three of you go together!”

Owen’s arrogance surprised everyone present.

Facing Futu and the Three Great Wars, he was still so arrogant.

I really don’t know how high the sky is.


Luohan has the most violent temper, roaring all over, attacking Owen like a tiger descending a mountain.

He is practicing Shaolin horizontal martial arts.

His strength was violent. He once killed Tiger and Leopard with a punch.


He blasted a punch, pulling a terrifying sound in the air.

Arhat can kill a person with one punch!

Owen also punched.

A fist that seems to be fluttering, but it implies the most violent murderous intent and power.

Luohan’s face changed wildly when he came into contact with Lloyd Jin.

Too strong!


The fists of the two slammed together and let out a dull sound.


But Luohan’s mouth spurted blood, and his right arm burst open, bloody and bloody, as if it had been blown apart.


He slid out more than ten meters, finally knelt on the ground, bleeding from Qiqiao, bowed his head, and lost his breath.

Kill with a punch!

The audience was shocked.

“I will kill you!”

The White Bone has also been activated, and rushes to Owen to kill him.

The speed of the bones is as fast as lightning, pulling out afterimages.


Owen was quicker and grabbed his wrist.


Owen snapped it lightly, and Bai Bone’s wrist broke.


The bones screamed.


Next, Owen’s arms, ankles, and legs were broken off by Owen one by one.

The whole white bone is like a skeleton lying on the ground…

Looks very miserable.

“Die to me!”

The body like King Kong Hill pressed sideways.


Owen pressed his head and hit it with a punch.




After eight consecutive punches, King Kong’s head was bloody and his face sunken in.


King Kong’s huge body fell to the ground with a dull sound.

Yuan Shanler killed three of them in the Four Great Wars by Owen!

Chapter 464

After solving the three of them, Owen took out a white handkerchief and wiped his hands.

He smiled and said: “Finally, there is someone who can resist, and I beat him to death with eight punches!”

There was dead silence in the field.

Everyone held their breath, not even daring to breathe.

This result is unimaginable!

These three are famous killers in Jiangnan Province!

The Plague God, who had to avoid even black and white, was killed by one person!

Logan Erye realized that he was wrong at this moment.

In front of this person, black and white impermanence doesn’t even have the ability to struggle a bit.

I thought the two of them lasted a long time.

Cox Zhaolong was scared to pee.

Yuan Futu looked at Owen, shaking with fright.

“No! It’s impossible!”

In Futu’s cognition, the Four World Wars will be the strongest and invincible.

But today was killed three at once!!!

This simply destroyed his cognition.

“Yuan Futu, right? Stay here when you come to Case York!”

Owen kicked Futu’s chest with a sudden kick.


Yuan Futu flew out more than 20 meters, and slammed on the wall fiercely.

Finally, after dragging out a human-shaped blood stain, it fell to the ground.

The dead can’t die anymore.


When everyone saw the dense cracks on the wall.

Going crazy!

Is that human being?


Too abnormal!

Owen smiled.

Appears to be satisfied with tonight’s opponent.

“He still has a foster father, right? I hope he is stronger!”

Owen looked expectant.

Everyone in the Xiao family was stunned.

too strong!

Alton looked at Logan Erye and others: “Didn’t I tell you? Don’t leave when you come to Case York, and stay here forever!”

These words of Alton are equivalent to a trial, and Logan Erye and several people are also dead!

No one thought that Shanler’s righteous son and the Three Great Wars would only be here for a long time.

Except for the bones, all are dead.

A bone is better than death!

Dozens of bones are broken…

In the end, the bones didn’t make it to the provincial capital, and they were hurt alive.

This is the worst time for Shanler faction in ten years.

Natalie and Hart Zihan were taken away by Levi.

Hart Zihan looked at Levi gratefully.

It was he who cultivated himself a person who couldn’t find a job into a star with millions of fans.

Not only changed her fate, but it saved her life today.

Hart Zihan looked at Levi’s eyes differently…

“How do you know I am here?”

Natalie asked.

This is also the second time Levi has rescued him.

Although he was not the one who shot.

“Sarah, seeing that there is no light on in your residence, I guessed something was wrong.”

Levi approached.

Natalie said shyly: “Thank you, for saving me again.”

Now facing Levi, her face was hot.

“Thank Sarah if you want to thank you!”

Levi sent Hart Zihan back to her residence. Before getting off the car, she looked at Levi shyly and said, “Brother Garrison, I will repay you!”

Jinling Zijin Manor.

Yuan Shanler was making tea, while the typhoon sat on the opposite side and said nothing.

“This bag of tea was given to me by a high monk! It hurts to drink it!”

Yuan Shanler smiled.

Not only did the typhoon not speak, but his expression did not change.

His state of mind has reached this state.

“Mr. The big thing is bad! The big thing is bad!”

At this time, there was a burst of noise outside.

very messy.

Yuan Shanler looked displeased: “How decent it is to be so noisy!”

The typhoon is still sitting there, just like a robot.

“Sir, something has happened, something big has happened!”

The old slave Qiulao, who was in charge of Shanler’s daily life, ran in and exclaimed.

Chapter 465

Following Shanler for fifty years, Qiu Lao is very much like Shanler in both character and style.

Old Qiu has never been so flustered.

That must be an accident!

Yuan Shanler stood up and asked, “What happened to Lao Qiu?”

“Lord, you should come out and take a look…I…I don’t know how to say…”

Old Qiu wiped his tears.


Yuan Shanler realized something and went out immediately.

When I came to the small square in the center of the manor, many people were surrounded.

They are all super bosses in Jinling, the provincial capital.

Placed in the small square is a corpse, covered with white cloth.

“what happened???”

After Shanler arrived, everyone split their way automatically.

“Sir, you have to hold on!!!”

Patriarch Logan and Patriarch Cox said seriously, they were already crying.

Hearing this news, Shanler closed his eyes in despair.

His body was trembling, and his outstretched hand did not dare to lift the white cloth.

The typhoon behind him took a step forward and lifted the white cloth of all seven corpses.

The cold corpses of Futu, the Three Great Generals, Logan Erye’s entourage, and Cox Zhaolong were all before everyone’s eyes.

The Cox family, the Logan family have been crying for a while.


When he saw the corpse of his son and his subordinates, Shanler’s head was about to explode.

His psychological defenses collapsed completely at this moment.

For fifty years, there has never been such a sad day!

He hadn’t killed anyone in 30 years, and he wanted to kill at this moment, even longing for blood!

When the typhoon saw the bodies of the three brothers, he squinted his eyes, and a monstrous violent air broke out on his body.

Everyone felt the temperature drop sharply, and everyone couldn’t help fighting a cold war.

Something big is about to happen!

Everyone knows it well.

From then on, Jiangnan Province will not be too peaceful.

If you force your husband to this point, God Fairy Daluo can’t save him!

Yuan Shanler didn’t expect that the three wars would go together and all died.

Even his favorite son is dead.

Yuan Shanler had no children under his knees. Futu was the son of his good brother, who died in order to save him.

Yuan Shanler has always regarded it as his own.

Now Futu is dead, he hurts.

“Brother, I failed to keep your son! My fault!!!”

Yuan Shanler roared up to the sky.

“What should you do, sir? You have to call the shots, otherwise it won’t be long before the entire Jiangnan belongs to the Erick Group!”

Everyone said one after another.

Yuan Shanler said angrily: “Lao Qiu informed the funeral to be held in three days. My son and my three brothers will go away gracefully! I want all Jiangnan to know about this funeral!”

“Sir, understand!”

“Second, summon all the old ministries and come back in three days!”

“Thirdly, inform my twenty-four disciples and ask them to bring all their hole cards to the provincial capital to gather!”

Hearing Shanler’s order, everyone was trembling.

In the 13 cities of Jiangnan Province, except for Case York, the circles of the other 12 cities are all under the control of Shanler.

It was his old ministry or protégé who was dominating it.

Thirty years ago they retired, and these people dispersed.

But now the husband gave an order to gather together.

A piercing arrow, thousands of troops come to meet!

Within three days, the entire underground circle in Jiangnan Province will be assembled.

Just to go to Case York, stepping down Erick Group!

You can’t imagine what kind of scene it is!

But know-Erick Group will die!

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