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Chapter 51

When San Garrison heard this, he couldn’t help asking: “Jiu Garrison, where is the boss called Sarah?”

“Yes, it’s called a plum dye! What’s wrong?”

Hearing Old Jiu’s affirmative answer, San Garrison made a thud in his head.

The old nine is now piercing the sky.

He warned Old Jiu and said, “Jiuye, I beg you to be a brother, don’t intervene in this matter.”

Old Jiu looked surprised: “Huh? What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

“This woman can’t afford it! Brother Nine, let’s not interfere!”

San Garrison said.

Lao Jiu sneered: “Hehe, there are other things I can’t afford? I want to see what kind of woman I can’t afford?”

The third Lord murmured, “Brother Nine, this woman is very special, how do you say? There is only one dead end to provoke her! Even Brother Nine, you are no exception!”

“Hong San, what the hell is this green onion? You dare to say that to Brother Nine?”

“Yes, what is it?”

When San Garrison said this, Lao Jiu was also angry: “Okay, tell me what is her background? Who is the person behind her?”

“Behind her is… Forget it, Brother Nine, just listen to your brother’s advice, don’t interfere.”

San Garrison thought for a while and still didn’t say, that person’s identity was considered a secret.

If he speaks out, he won’t know how he died.

“Hmph, Hong San, do you look down on my old nine? Okay, get out of here!”

Old Nine roared directly.

“You will regret it if you don’t listen to me!”

San Garrison shouted.

The result was thrown out by several people.

The other side.

Sarah returned to the Oriental Garden heartbroken.

If this continues and the project cannot proceed, she can’t even pay the rent here.

“What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

Levi asked.

Sarah told Levi what had happened.

Levi asked after listening, “Are they sure they will come again tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I don’t know who is behind, anyway, their purpose is to prevent my project from being able to proceed.”

“Okay, just leave it to me. I’ll go to the construction site tomorrow night.”

After Sarah fell asleep, Levi came to the balcony.

He dialed a call: “Wesley I need a group of people tomorrow night.”

“General, you should contact Kylin! There are so many people under Kylin!”

Soon, Alton took the initiative to contact Levi: “You have asked me for the general. Recently, I have followed you to Case York to do nothing. I trained a group of special forces reserve teams in Case York. Training is no different from special forces. There are two hundred people in total!”

“Well, you bring this troop here tomorrow night, there is a combat mission!”

Levi’s face was gloomy.

“The general understands! It just so happens that this unit lacks actual combat recently, just right!”

I could hear that Major General Kylin on the other end of the phone was very excited.

The five generals under Levi’s command are all major generals, but in fact each has different responsibilities.

Major General Wesley is the overall operational commander, while Major General Alton is a devil instructor who specializes in training special forces.

In the past half month, Major General Kylin has trained a group of special forces in Case York.

Two hundred people were selected from more than 10,000 people.

On the second day, Sarah obeyed Levi and proceeded as usual.

This scene was naturally seen by people and spread to Old Jiu’s ears.

Old Jiu was very angry, and said angrily: “What? Dare to continue construction? This is not to put my old Jiu in the eye! The knife will bring more people tonight, and the means will be more ruthless, as long as he is not killed. !”

The knife’s eyes flashed through the cold light, and nodded with a smile.

Chapter 52

In the evening, Levi asked Sarah to transfer the employees to leave here.

He and Major General Alton stayed on the construction site.

Smoking cigarettes one after another.

Waiting for the arrival of the old nine!

Soon after, a large crowd of people came to the opposite side.

The knife brought hundreds of gangsters this time, each of them was able to fight and resist.

This time, they didn’t even bring the villagers.

No need!

“Yelling? So these guys are afraid of death! Are they all gone?”

The knife sneered.

“Brother Dao, who is not afraid when you go out?”

Others quickly flattered.

“Since there is no one, then tear down everything here!”

The knife gave an order, just when it was about to be demolished.

Levi and Major Alton walked out in the dark.

“Aha? There are still people? Are you two on this construction site?”

The knife looked at Levi jokingly.

“Well, yes, we are guarding the construction site tonight.”

Levi took a puff of cigarette.

The knife looked up and down, and couldn’t help but smile: “Looking at your figure and clothes, you seem to have been soldiers?”


“Then Sarah despises us too much? Two soldiers who have been in the army want to block us so many people? And who do you use a walkie-talkie to scare?”

The knife looked at Levi disdainfully.

Every one of his number one hundred people is no worse than those who retired as soldiers.

“Okay, give me the two of them as waste, just don’t kill anyone!”

The knife is too lazy to do it yourself.

When his men were about to move out, Alton picked up the walkie-talkie and said, “The action begins!”


A flare suddenly lifted off.


The signal flare exploded in the air, and the people like the knife were frightened, looking blankly in the air, at a loss.

Mainly I have never experienced this kind of scene!

next moment.

There were rapid footsteps all around.

For a while, the knife was a little panicked.

When a heavily armed special soldier appeared in front of him, everyone’s brain was blank.


“Crack! Click!”

Before the knife could react, a special soldier hit him directly, both wrists were broken, and the short knife in his hand fell to the ground.




Although this gang of murderous gangsters is powerful, in front of these special forces, there is no way to fight back.

Before the weapon was raised, the wrist joint was broken, and the person was dropped to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the hundreds of people brought by the knife all wailed and screamed on the ground.

A soldier in combat uniform came to Alton, and the salute exchange reported: “Report Major General! The Kirin Special Forces Reserve has controlled all enemies!”

Major General Kylin glanced at the chronograph and smiled: “59 seconds, barely passing!”

When the knife lying on the ground heard this, every one of his eyes flew out, and his jaw dropped in shock.

“What? Special Forces? Major General?”

“We pierced the sky, right?”

“We are just gangsters, do we need special forces to come?”

The knife scalp numb, almost fainted.

They are invincible on the road, and they will encounter special forces wherever they can imagine.

I even saw a bunch of infrared rays aiming at them, and everyone understood what it was.

“All the snipers come out.”

Alton ordered.

One sniper team appeared.

The knife is really about to vomit blood.

There are even snipers?

“Ask their identities?”

Levi was smoking a cigarette.

Chapter 53

Looking at Levi, the knife felt more and more incredible.

Next to him is a major general, but he is respectful of him. What kind of identity does he have?

Alton grabbed the knife by the neck and lifted him up, floating in mid-air.

“I said, I said everything! It was the old nine who sent us here!”

The knife was so scared that he peeed his pants, and explained everything.

“Let the old nine come to see me within half an hour, don’t let me find him!”

Alton’s smile was weird but scary.

“Okay, I’ll call now!”

The knife peeed in fright.

At this moment, Lao Jiu was spending his time in a bar.

“What? The matter is resolved? Just now the Logan family were still asking if it was completed?”

After receiving the Xiaodao call, Old Jiu asked lightly.

“Brother Nine is not good, something has happened!”

As a result, a panicked voice came from the other end of the phone.

“problem occurs?”

“Brother Nine, come quickly, we have been detained!”

Before Xiaodao finished speaking, the phone hung up.

Hearing this situation, Old Jiuyi immediately shouted, “Assemble all the brothers and follow me!”

After half an hour.

A van appeared on the construction site.

Under the leadership of the old nine, hundreds of thugs rushed in.

They saw Xiaodao and others lying on the ground, and two people stood in front of them-Levi and Alton.

“Who is sacred? Do you dare to report your name?”

Old Jiu asked coldly.

Although he noticed something unusual, who was he afraid of on the the city Road?

“Old nine, right? Who made you do this?”

Levi asked.

“What are you? You dare to ask me?”

Old Nine said with disdain.


But he didn’t expect the next scene.

Alton took out a pistol and pressed it to the center of his eyebrows.

The gun is still loaded!


Everyone is stupid!

Even the old nine shivered.

No one has ever dared to hold a gun at him…

Lao Jiu raised his hands, his legs trembling: “If you have something to say! Brother, this gun model is very special, I am afraid it is in the army?”

Old nine is old oil.

It can be seen that both Levi and Alton have the decisive aura of killing in the army.

Especially the model of the Kirin pistol, Lao Jiu accidentally saw that this pistol was equipped for special forces.

Alton didn’t speak, but the windbreaker that was draped over him suddenly slipped, revealing the normal clothes he was wearing.

One star on your shoulder!

Major General!

Turned out to be a major general!


Old Jiu was struck by lightning and almost exploded his head.

I can encounter this kind of thing by myself!

What’s more terrifying is the intertwining of infrared rays, sweeping on their cheeks.

An unprecedented fear filled everyone’s minds.




In the next moment, all the headlights on the construction site were turned on, illuminating the place as bright as day.

Everyone understands what infrared is. It is a gun pointed at them.

Everyone even saw that there were snipers aiming at them in the distance.

These soldiers are fully armed, with a few grenades hanging on their shoulders…

“Brother Nine quickly kneel down, this is the fucking special force!”

The knife yelled.




The old nine and the others knelt down one after another.

All the weapons in his hand were also thrown on the ground.

At this time, Old Jiu remembered what Sanye had said to him the night before.

It turns out I really can’t afford it by myself.

The key is that San Garrison really can’t tell himself.

Chapter 54

“I was wrong, I was wrong, I all said that Earl, the son-in-law of the Logan family, contacted me! This is the SMS record and the receipt record!”

The old nine had been mixed up for a long time and had rich experience, and he quickly told the whole story about the Logan family.

Kylin handed the phone to Levi.

After reading the content, Levi’s face looked like iron.

The Logan family is looking for death!

“Chief, we are just being deceived, please forgive us!”

Lao Jiu almost diapered his crotch, lying on the ground, kowtow.

“I heard that you have demolished a lot of buildings here, and you can repair as much as you need. Starting tomorrow, all will come to work on the construction site!”

“In addition, the mental loss fee will be paid! 50 million!”

Levi said coldly.

“Well, well, all promise! We can be cows and horses!”

There is no reason for Lao Jiu not to agree.

Surviving is the greatest luck.

Major General Alton picked up Laojiu’s knife and squeezed it a few times, and a machete was turned into scrap.

Now the old nine Xiaodao and the others were even more frightened.

Don’t talk about identity, it is not a problem for him to hit one or two hundred of them in terms of strength.

“Don’t go tomorrow, start building tonight! I hope to see results tomorrow morning!”

“And the sewage system has not been completed yet, are you responsible for it?”

Levi said coldly.


Do you not understand the meaning of the sewage system?

This will undoubtedly make them pick the dung.

But where did the old nine dare to disobey?

“Dare to ask about the relationship between the chief and Miss Sarah?”

Old Jiu asked in fright.

“Oh, she is my wife!”

Levi answered.


Everyone took a breath.

Instantly understand what’s going on.

After Levi and others left, Earl called soon.

“How is Jiuye? Am I still waiting to pay the balance?”

Hearing that, Lao Jiu was about to explode.

“Earl, I’m fucking your grandma, you fucking made my brother crippled and almost killed me, I want to kill you!”

“You wait, I can’t spare you!”

Old nine hung up.

Earl was shocked.

Doug couldn’t help asking: “What’s the matter?”

“Lao Jiu said that his brother was beaten and maimed, he almost died, and he said he couldn’t get around us!”

Earl said helplessly.

When everyone in the Logan family heard it, they almost freaked out.

“The designation was made by Levi! He did so and hurt us.”

“This family is really disgusting! I think they will have to fall into their hands sooner or later! Isn’t this sincere to harm us?”

Doug exploded and slapped the table violently.

“What should I do now?”

Alfred asked anxiously.

“What else? Let the family apologize!”

Doug said angrily.

The second day.

Sarah, Dale and the workers were dumbfounded when they came to the construction site.

Because the construction site is in full swing.

Many buildings that were demolished that day have all been rebuilt.

What is even more frightening is that the workers who move the bricks are all shirtless tattooed men.

“Aren’t these the people the day before yesterday?”

Sarah recognized that those who moved bricks were all the gangsters who came to make trouble that day.

It’s incredible.

These gangsters can’t do technical work, but the work of moving bricks is really one of the best.

“This is how the same thing?”

Sarah they both wondered.

At this time, a middle-aged man in a black Tang suit ran over, followed by a group of younger brothers.

This frightened them with plum dyeing.

“What do you mean?”

Dale took out all the batons.

Chapter 55

Sarah is also very afraid of trouble.

As a result, Old Jiu smiled and said, “Miss Sarah, Mr. Dale, how are you, they all call me Old Jiu! I have troubled you in the past two days, I am deeply ashamed! So I took it down overnight and repaired it. Now, all of my 200-odd brothers will be used by you! Until it is completed! I will fix the sewage system! By the way, we are determined not to pay for it!”

Send more than 200 volunteers?

Every one is still a big gangster?

No one can understand this move.

But Sarah can only accept it.

When returning home at night, Sarah asked.

“Actually, I have been in the same prison with Lao Jiu! The relationship is good! He must have sold me a lot of face!”

Levi explained.

Sarah checked during the day, and Lao Jiu had indeed been in jail, and he was really in the same place as Levi.

“In the future, there will be less contact with such people! The people you know in the prison are not called contacts! Your five million are borrowed from people in the prison, right?”

Sarah quickly thought of the source of five million.

Levi had nothing to say, “Well, it’s true!”

“Okay, when I get the money, I will pay back the five million first!”

Sarah’s attitude is a bit hard.

In the Yejia Mountain Villa.

Charlie gathered everyone from the Garrison family for a meeting.

Van said excitedly to everyone: “I have found out during this period of time. Levi’s backstage is the old nine on the road. The prison where people were hacked to death was the same prison as Levi. He was released a year ago. It just so happens that even the third Lord listens to the old nine!”

“Do you know? Lao Jiu’s men actually helped Sarah on the construction site!”

Charlie smiled and said: “I understand now, it turns out that Levi’s backstage is Lao Jiu!”

Katie asked cautiously: “Is Grandpa the old nine good?”

“It’s quite powerful, there is such a sentence on the road, Nan Xiaodu, Bei Laojiu, and the Thirteenth Taibao are invincible.”

“However, Lao Jiu is not the most powerful. The most powerful is Du Yuesheng, nicknamed the King of Case York, meaning he is the king of Case York… The Thirteen Taibao is now all his subordinates! There are several subordinates! A hundred thugs!”

Charlie said.

“Then grandpa, are we afraid of the old nine?”

Katie asked.

Ramond sneered: “What’s a mere nine? It’s easy for us to kill him! If Du Yuesheng were to be, we would be afraid!”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Charlie’s eyes: “Okay, isn’t the one-month deadline set by Levi coming soon? We will arrange all the contacts that can be contacted, and I will invite Du Yuesheng to come again! Look at you little boy Where to flee?”

“Hahaha, grandpa’s trick is great! Du Yue is born, and the old nine can only kneel!”

“I can imagine Levi dumbfounded! Hahahaha…”

The Garrison family laughed together.

They regarded Laojiu as Levi’s patron.

I want to use Du Yuesheng, the most powerful person on the road, to suppress it.

But how did they know the identity of Levi…

The next day, the Logan family sent Nick and Earl to find Sarah.

Sarah looked at the two and asked, “What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

“Do you know what you did wrong? Levi wounded Lao Jiu’s subordinates, and you angered Lao Jiu! You really don’t worry!”

Earl sneered: “So you hurry up and apologize! Otherwise this thing will never end!”

There was a mocking smile at the corner of Sarah’s mouth: “It seems that you found those people?”

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