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Chapter 481

Hart Zihan slid his throat and swallowed fiercely.

She is a child from the countryside.

I want money too.

After all, fifteen million.

Difficult choice between money temptation and morality.

“Mr. Yu, thank you for your kindness, I can’t sign!”

Hart Zihan refused.

“I won’t sign either!”

The other two partners who followed Hart Zihan also chose not to sign.

“We sign!”

The other three hot supporting actors couldn’t stand the temptation and signed the contract.

Before the three of Hart Zihan left, Yu Hui sneered: “Miss Hart, you are so hot now, but your path is narrowed! You actually rejected the request of Sanxing Group! Haha…”

Afterglow this is a stark threat.

After Hart Zihan left.

Yu Hui patted Graham Mingjia on the shoulder and smiled: “Little Graham, I don’t think Sarah is optimistic about you and wants to block you!”

Graham Mingjia told him about Levi.

“Haha, it turns out that you offended his husband! It’s ridiculous!”

“Besides, what kind of benefactor his husband is, he just recommended you as a cheap labor. Five hundred thousand will be sent to you. Do you know how much the two movies are currently split? A full six hundred million!”

Afterglow sneered again and again.

“Boom boom…”

Graham Mingjia smashed the wall fiercely, and said angrily: “Sarah, you are really black! I earned six billion for you, so you give me five hundred thousand?”

“So, do you want to consider coming to me? I promise to praise you even more! You also know the ability of Sanxing Group!”

Afterglow asked.

Graham Mingjia smiled and said, “Mr. Yu, I have thoughts about this for a long time! I can’t stay with Dongtian Group!”

“Well, you should work with Dongtian Group first. I will sign you over after a while! By the way, I heard that their directors, screenwriters and producers are very good. I’ll give you a task. Dig it all for me! Dig a million!”

Afterglow smiled sinisterly.

He wanted to hollow out the foundation of Dongtian Group’s cultural and entertainment department.

As soon as he heard that the digger had money, Graham Mingjia immediately agreed.

Graham Mingjia even smiled: “If Mr. Yu is interested in Sarah, I will also find a way to get you in bed!”

Thinking of Sarah, Yu Hui hesitated and said with a smile: “That couldn’t be better!”

Graham Mingjia was also thinking about Sarah. He smiled and said: “At that time, Mr. Yu will share a bowl of soup for me. Sarah is really delicious! So I dare not express my thoughts in the company. I took it long ago!”

Yu Hui stood up and smiled at this time: “Little Graham, I also prepared some surprises for you!”

“Enjoy slowly!”

Afterglow left the room.

Two beauties walked in from outside.

Graham Mingjia’s eyes lit up fiercely.

Which one is better than your girlfriend?

That ugly woman from the countryside still wants to tie herself forever?


Graham Mingjia skillfully embraced the two women in her arms.

Then step into the bath together.

But how did he know that the water drop cameras in the room were all activated, 360 degrees shooting every corner without blind spots.

Graham Mingjia’s whole person is equivalent to being transparent.

Everything he did was photographed.

The next day.

Graham Mingjia came to the company with a tired look.

“Little Graham, come here! There is a business show in Yinhai Square that needs you to attend!”

The staff immediately said.

“How much is it?”

Graham Mingjia asked.

“The appearance fee is half a million! It’s the highest recently!”

The staff said.

“Five hundred thousand, how about sending a beggar? No!”

Chapter 482

When Graham Mingjia said this, everyone present was stunned.

Because in everyone’s impression, Graham Mingjia is a highly motivated man.

These days, even 500,000 business performances are accepted.

Why didn’t the 500,000 business show be accepted all of a sudden?

“Little Graham, this is 500,000 in appearance fees, do you think it is 50,000?”

The staff also reminded.

“I heard you right! Is it a lot more than 500,000? When I am Graham Mingjia a beggar?”

Graham Mingjia raised her tone suddenly, scaring the staff to tremble.

“Do you know? The two movies I made have already accounted for 700 million as of today. My Graham Mingjia’s worth should be at least tens of millions, right? You want me to go to business for half a million? Who do you look down on? ?”

Graham Mingjia now has 15 million in his hands, and 500,000 is really insignificant.

“Xiao Graham, are you floating?”

The staff couldn’t help saying.

“Indeed, these two films have made money for the company. But when you were a newcomer, the company not only gave you the opportunity, but also gave you half a million. It also spent resources to make you popular. Isn’t it a benevolence?

“Furthermore, you signed the contract voluntarily!”

Others also said.

Graham Mingjia sneered: “But the fact is that I earned 700 million for them, but only gave me 500,000! Do you want to talk about it, let the peer review, is it to squeeze newcomers?”

“Graham Mingjia what are you doing? Follow me quickly!”

Hart Zihan took Graham Mingjia to a remote place.

“Graham Mingjia has been one of our classmates for many years. I advise you to stop. We must be conscientious! Otherwise you will end up ruined!”

Hart Zihan persuaded.

Graham Mingjia took out the car key and shook it. It was clearly the car key of a Ferrari sports car.

“I don’t think it’s okay. Now I drive a luxury car and live in a luxury house. Doesn’t it smell good? I have to be angry here? Zihan, I advise you to hurry up and sign a contract with Mr. Yu. I remember your parents are very sick and will soon Surgery? Your younger siblings still have to go to school. I’m afraid they won’t even be able to pay the tuition!

Do you want your family to have a good life? In fact, it’s just a matter of yours. Your parents get rid of the torment of illness and your family is happy and healthy. “

A few words from Graham Mingjia left Hart Zihan speechless.

“Zihan listen to me and sign with Sanxing Group. Even if you buy out tens of millions at a time, the fate of your family will be completely changed!”

Graham Mingjia continued to induce.

After Hart Zihan struggled, he still said: “No! I still have to follow President Logan! Even if I make a small profit, at least I can sleep at ease!”

Seeing Hart Zihan running away from the back, Graham Mingjia cursed: “Brainless! Stupid!”

In the past few days, Graham Mingjia has been domineering in the company.

Insult staff and newcomers at every turn.

But because the movie is getting on, everyone can only endure it.

Sarah discovered that Graham Mingjia’s clothes were hundreds of thousands of clothes recently, he was wearing millions of watches, and he was driving a luxury car.

Obviously abnormal.

There are also a few newly promoted actors who are obviously not dedicated to their work before.

Many tasks were rejected outright. Coming to the company means being an uncle.

But they didn’t violate anything specifically, and Sarah couldn’t say anything.

Recently, Sanxing Group has organized a charity party in the provincial capital, and the response has been particularly good. Major media and the public praised Sanxing Group as a conscientious enterprise.

And Sanxing Group plans to hold a charity party in Case York.

Chapter 483

The Sanxing Group is getting stronger and stronger, and the provincial capital can no longer be satisfied.

They are ready to set off for the strongest economic city-Case York.

Soon the list of guests for the charity party was printed.

“Mr. Logan, look at the guest list!”

Fu Guorui took the list in a hurry.

“Graham Mingjia!”

“Bai Quwei!”

“Shang Shaoting!”

Sarah said silently.

Ten of them are all rising stars recently picked up by Dongtian Group.

They secretly signed an endorsement with Sanxing Group.

The company has no idea!

Sarah was very angry.

“Didn’t I say that I refused to cooperate with Sanxing Group? Why did someone sign an endorsement?”

“Go, find these people right away!”

Fu Guorui said, “Mr. Logan, calm down. Our contract does not impose any restrictions on them. They do not violate the law or violate the contract.

It’s not good for us if we quarrel with them. Recently, the sales of the two films have reached a small climax again. At this time, the starring actors will be offended, whether it is a big loss of reputation or money. “

“Then bear it like this?”

Sarah said angrily.

“For the time being, I can only endure it, just as I don’t know.”

Fu Guorui had a difficult way.

He didn’t expect to hold up such a white-eyed wolf.

This is harder to serve than Wood Zhening!

“Mr. Logan, Mr. Graham Mingjia wants to find you!”

At this time, Graham Mingjia actually came.

After Graham Mingjia arrived, he threw a bill on the table.

“Sarah’s movie has been accounted for a billion!”

Sarah picked up the bill and looked at it. Isn’t this the split bill for the two movies?

This is considered financial privacy.

Except for major video sites and companies, almost nothing is known.

“Where did your bill come from?”

Sarah asked.

Graham Mingjia sat on the chair and sneered: “Just leave it alone. I’ll just ask you, how much money do you plan to give me?”

“Little Graham, don’t mess around! This is President Logan!”

Fu Guorui immediately said.

Graham Mingjia sneered: “What’s wrong with President Logan? It’s also a human. Let me ask what’s wrong?”

Sarah smiled and said, “Five hundred thousand! Your pay for these two movies is five hundred thousand!”

“It was booked at the beginning, and the total pay for all the actors does not exceed 10 million. The money is mainly used for special effects and scripts. Everyone knows it.”

Graham Mingjia nodded: “I know that, but now the movie makes money, and the net profit is one billion! Are you ready to send me half a million?”

Sarah grinned and said, “That’s right! Because your pay is only 500,000 in the contract. It has nothing to do with the movie’s big sales and the street shooting!”

“Hahaha, haven’t you been emphasizing that Dongtian is a humanities enterprise? As a result, it makes money out of conscience? The movie makes one billion, and the starring is given half a million? Are you too dark?”

Graham Mingjia sneered.

Sarah dyed his face without expression: “I speak in accordance with the principles! There will be no less in the contract, and there will be no if there is no!”

“Okay, then I will report this incident for everyone to comment, who is right and who is wrong?”

Graham Mingjia is also a wise man who is making troubles at the corners of the movie’s big sales!

“Don’t don’t! Xiao Graham calm down! Everything can be discussed!”

Fu Guorui immediately said.

If these things go out without saying who is right and who is wrong, the company will suffer a lot, whether it is money or reputation.

“Little Graham, make a price!”

Fu Guorui asked.

“A price of three hundred million!!!”

Chapter 484


After Graham Mingjia said the price, everyone present took a breath.

The lion speaks loudly!

Three hundred million!

Graham Mingjia smiled and said, “What? I think I want more? The final split between these two movies can reach about 1.8 billion! Even if you give me 300 million, you can still earn 1.5 billion, and the most important thing is to win word of mouth. There are too many hidden benefits.”

“So three hundred million is not much at all!”

Graham Mingjia looked like he had eaten everything.

Fu Guorui looked at each other and weighed their interests.

If Graham Mingjia makes trouble, the company will lose more than 300 million!

The most important thing is reputation damage.

This loss is irreparable!

“Little Graham, let’s discuss it again? Lower it, and wait for the next movie’s pay to increase for you!”

Fu Guorui asked in a negotiating tone.

“No! Three hundred million points can’t be less!”

Graham Mingjia has already planned to sign a contract with Sanxing Group, so he doesn’t care about the next movie.

Fu Guorui had no choice but to look at Sarah, waiting for her decision.

“How does Logan always feel?”

Graham Mingjia now ignores Sarah.

Sarah looked at him with a sneer and said, “Impossible! You won’t be divided for a penny! Don’t dream!”


Fu Guorui was taken aback for a moment.

Thought that Sarah needed to discuss.

I didn’t expect her to be so determined!

Graham Mingjia was also stunned, Sarah didn’t even discuss it.

“Okay, very good. Black-hearted boss!”

Graham Mingjia left with a smile.

“Mr. Logan, is this not so good? It’s a big mess, and it has a big impact.”

Fu Guorui hesitated.

Sarah looked firm: “If you compromise with him, there will be a second and third Graham Mingjia who will jump out!”

In the evening, the city Rafi Manor.

Sanxing Group held a charity party here.

The scale is huge.

Many celebrities in Case York were invited, even big coffees like Fu Longxing were also invited.

Many of them are prestigious existences in Case York, covering various industries.

Needless to say about the stars.

Graham Mingjia, the hottest person at the moment, was all present.

The major media are vying to broadcast live.

The attention is extremely high.

When the live broadcast was at its best, the number of people exceeded 10 million!

The party was hosted by Yu Hui with full authority.

“Sanxing Group decided to donate one billion to Case York charity and public welfare undertakings! Used to build nursing homes, orphanages and Hope Primary Schools, etc.!”

At the end of the party, afterglow announced the decision.

And on the spot, he took out a one-billion-dollar check and handed it to Brown Zhen, the president of Case York Charity Federation.

Countless media have recorded this scene.

“Sanxing Group is really a conscientious enterprise! Just donated one billion to the provincial capital, and now it has donated another one billion to Case York!”

“Yes, although it is a South Korean company. It has made so much contribution to the development of Gangnam!”

“I decided to buy only Sanxing electronic products in the future!”

After the charity party was broadcast, there was a lot of applause on the Internet.

The status of Sanxing Group in the eyes of the people has rapidly improved. In just ten minutes, Sanxing Group’s Velador Network orders increased by several hundred million.

Many electronic products are out of stock.

Levi was also watching the party.

He was very angry.

Obviously it was a special support fund set up by him, but it was cut off by the Sanxing Group, but he still wanted to use it to make money.

At this time, Wesley sent a message saying that the provincial government expressed its apologies.

Unexpectedly, the claws of Sanxing Group reached the territory of Case York.

“Hmph, run to me and show off your power, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

A cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes.

Chapter 485

Sarah was also trembling with anger, and her fist clenched tightly.

“Sure enough, this is the age of capital. Power can conceal all the truth! It can make the sinful side so holy and bright!”

The charity party is still live.

Sanxing Group also recruited ten poor children. In front of the screen, Yu Hui said: “These ten children will be supported by Sanxing Group until they graduate from university!”

“it is good!!!”

Someone has already applauded off the court.


There was thunderous applause from the audience.

The atmosphere pushed to a climax.

Sanxing Group receives both fame and fortune!

A true conscience enterprise!

“Everyone, the next show may be a little bit different from the evening party! But I think this is a good opportunity to help people redress their grievances!”

Afterglow changed his words.

“Huh? Anyone else wants to avenge?”

Everyone looked suspicious, but they were a little more curious.

At this time, Graham Mingjia, Bai Quwei and Shang Shaoting came to the stage.

“Let me introduce, this is Graham Mingjia, the protagonist of the two hottest movies in the past, the female number two Shang Shaoting, and the male number two Bai Quwei…”

Yuhui introduced.

In fact, everyone recognizes these people with the popularity of these two movies.

“What’s the matter? Are Graham Mingjia and the others still wronged?”

Everyone is very puzzled.

Yuhui handed the microphone to Graham Mingjia.

Graham Mingjia glanced at everyone and said: “As everyone knows, the two movies I starred in are very popular on the Internet! So far, Dongtian Group has a net share of more than 1.2 billion! Do you know how much I get for the movie? Guess it!”

“Fifty million!”

“No, too much, guess less!”

Graham Mingjia said.

“Ten million?”


“You can’t even have five million, right? Such a hot movie is not too much for five million!”

Some people are surprised.

“Okay, let me reveal the answer! My single-person pay is 500,000!”


When Graham Mingjia gave the answer, the audience was a sensation.

Everyone has an incredible look on their faces.

“What? The starring movie who can earn nearly 2 billion movies only earns only half a million? How is this possible?”

“Dongtian Group is too dark, right? It’s terrible! Only half a million?”

“The cancer of Dongtian Group should be blocked! This is an act of destroying the market!”

It was completely boiling like a pan was fried off the field.

Graham Mingjia is very satisfied with this effect.

“This is not what I said casually! I have evidence! I collected everything including the receipt!”

Graham Mingjia turned around and said, “Want to hear the pay of my friends?”

Shang Shaoting took the microphone and said: “I have a single pay of 300,000!”

Bai Quwei also said, “I only have 300,000!”

“I’m even lower, two hundred thousand!”

“I am also two hundred thousand!”

“My minimum is 150,000!”

When the major supporting actors broke their pay.

The field burst completely.

Many people scolded angrily.

“It’s ridiculous! For a movie that has made two billion dollars, the total pay of the ten protagonists and supporting actors does not exceed three million?”

“Dongtian Group is too hateful, isn’t it? Is this a human thing?”

“We in Case York have such a dark-hearted company? We should be removed from the industry!”

At this time, Dongtian Group aroused public anger.

It’s not just the party scene.

Online curses are everywhere, overwhelming.

They want to boycott the Dongtian Group one after another.

Some even threatened revenge!

“Upside down black and white! It’s shameless!”

Sarah almost smashed the TV when he saw it.

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