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Chapter 486

Although Sarah knew that Graham Mingjia would retaliate.

Unexpectedly, Dongtian Group would be so smeared at the charity party!

At this time, Yu Hui took the microphone and said, “Here, I want to declare one thing. The ten leading actors, including Graham Mingjia, were invited to the scene privately, and had nothing to do with Dongtian Group.”

“Huh? How come?”

Some people are very puzzled.

Yu Hui smiled and said: “Yes, it’s a private person! I personally talked to Dongtian Group before and invited a few starring actors to the charity party. But the boss of Dongtian Group refused. She doubted my motives for charity, thinking that we are three Xing Group is making money in the name of charity and does not want to cooperate with us!

Hey, my Sanxing Group is so difficult. People are scolded for not doing charity, and people are suspicious for doing charity! This is chilling! “

“What? Dongtian Group is so hateful? Suspecting the motives of a charitable person?”

“It’s really shameless? Sanxing Group is really doing charity? The provincial capital and Case York have already donated 2 billion! Isn’t this charity?”

“Dongtian Group is the clown! This kind of enterprise should go bankrupt! We all join forces to suppress!”

After the afterglow added fuel and vinegar, it caused public outrage.

One by one, anger was raging, and they couldn’t wait to tear up the Dongtian Group.

Netizens are even more terrible.

Thousands of netizens have joined together to fight against the Dongtian Group.

Everyone is calling for a bad review of the two movies!

All of a sudden, the two big-fire movies received tens of thousands of bad reviews.

Movie traffic is severely damaged, both in terms of sales and reputation.

Dongtian Group suffered a big loss.

Yu Hui continued: “Here I want to prove to the ten leading actors of Graham Mingjia. They want to make some contribution to charity, even if it is very small. It is they who disregarded the company regulations and risked being expelled to contact me and participate in charity. Party!

I call on everyone to give these ten young people a little applause!!! “

“Good job!”

“What movies you will make in the future, I will invest!”

“Yes, I suggest that Graham Mingjia be the Case York Charity Ambassador!”

Everyone responded.


The applause is even more like a tide.

Ten people of Graham Mingjia are all praised online.

Make them a hero who is not afraid of power, but also for charity.

When Graham Mingjia saw this, the corners of her mouth drew up.

I really didn’t expect the effect to be so good.

Fame and fortune!

He thought of Hart Zihan again.

“You’re just a brain-dead! That’s all right, the Dongtian Group is over, so are you!”

Graham Mingjia said to the audience: “I, Graham Mingjia, are not ashamed to stay in such a dirty company! Would you like to ask if any bosses here are willing to take me in?”

“There are us! We don’t want to stay in Dongtian Group anymore! I am really enough for this kind of garbage enterprise!”

Several people from Bai Quwei expressed their views.

“I, I, I…”

The following parties are willing to take in Graham Mingjia and others.

Yu Hui smiled and said, “If Mr. Graham and others don’t dislike it, I am willing to provide you with an opportunity!”

“We are willing! We can’t ask for a conscientious enterprise like Sanxing Group!”

Graham Mingjia and others immediately agreed.

But Graham Mingjia said again: “But I still signed a contract with Dongtian Group. I’m afraid they won’t let it go!”

“Mr. Graham, don’t worry, don’t worry about this, all of us here will support you!”

The people below said.

“Then I can rest assured! I am willing to sign a contract with Sanxing Group!”

Several people from Graham Mingjia expressed their opinions.

All join Sanxing Group!

Chapter 487

The plum in front of the TV was so angry that his body was shaking.

She was about to cry.

Unexpectedly, Yuhui and Graham Mingjia would play this hand.

Now the Dongtian Group has become a public enemy.

Public opinion alone can crush the Dongtian Group to death.

Not to mention the suppression of major companies!

“My wife, don’t be angry! Let him scream for a while, I will let them understand that it is easy for us to win a person, and it is also an instant thing to make a person fall to the bottom!”

Levi hugged Sarah in his arms and comforted.

“Husband, do you have a solution?”

Sarah asked.

“Not for the time being, but my wife, remember one sentence, people are doing it, the sky is watching!”

Levi smiled.

The charity party was a complete success.

Afterglow’s two goals are achieved.

First, Sanxing Group has achieved both fame and fortune.

Second, the Dongtian Group was destroyed.

When Sarah came to the company the next day, he was lifeless.

Fu Guorui and the others didn’t close their eyes overnight, their eyes were swollen like pandas.

Everyone turned to Sarah for help.

Obviously, the current situation is beyond their ability and there is no way to solve it.

“Mr. Logan, director Xiao Yilun and several screenwriters are coming to you!”

At this time the assistant found Sarah.

“Let them in!”

Sarah realized something.

Xiao Yilun came to the office with more than 30 people.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Logan, we are here to resign! In view of the current situation, we can no longer continue to work in Dongtian Group, we can only resign!”

Xiao Yilun said.

The others lowered their heads, feeling very embarrassed.

Sarah smiled: “It’s okay, go and stay free! I agree to your resignation!”

Xiao Yilun was taken aback.

Didn’t expect to resign so easily?

More than 30 directors, screenwriters and producers have resigned.

This is the foundation of Dongtian Group.

Except for actors, they are an important role in the production of film and television.

That’s right.

Xiao Yilun and others were all poached by Graham Mingjia!

After poaching these elites, afterglow gave him 30 million!

Before leaving, Xiao Yilun also came to the special effects studio.

“Old Wei, let’s go with us, there will be no way out in Dongtian Group!”

Xiao Yilun also poached the special effects group.

Wei Zhongxiang, the person in charge of the special effects team, smiled and said, “No, you go! Dongtian has a good understanding of me. I have worked for many companies. Only Dongtian can really value our special effects team and reuse ours! No matter what! No matter what it is, I won’t leave!”

Xiao Yilun said angrily: “The old stubborn doesn’t know how to work! Your end will be miserable!”

He took a group of people and left.

“Zihan come with us? You are so hot now, you shouldn’t stay here!”

Xiao Yilun wanted to take Hart Zihan away.

Afterglow has to give him at least three million.

Hart Zihan refused: “I won’t leave! I will definitely stand with Mr. Logan!”

“Okay, well, just consider yourself aloof, enter this industry, and still be like this, you will end up starving to death!”

Xiao Yilun sneered.

Sarah was very moved when he looked at the people who stayed.

“Trust me, this crisis will be over soon!”

Plum dyed.

She now believes in Levi.

Levi said that if it can be solved, it can be solved.

Because behind Levi is the mysterious boss of Erick Group.

He is an omnipotent existence!

Even the provincial capital Shanler Logan Erye can easily resolve these crises, not to mention the small crisis facing Dongtian Group.

Chapter 488

Graham Mingjia is now proud of the spring breeze.

More and more popular, the traffic is getting higher and higher.

The assets on hand are also increasing.

Today he signed a contract with Xiao Yilun and others in Sanxing Group.

Graham Mingjia signed the contract without even reading the content of the contract.

Others did the same and immediately signed the contract.

Because I got money and fame in Sanxing Group.

Only Xiao Yilun received hundreds of thousands of resettlement allowances when they first came to Sanxing Group.

They didn’t read the contract in detail either, and signed contracts one after another.

Yu Hui looked at the dozens of people in front of him and couldn’t help but smile: “You are the foundation of the Dongtian Group’s entertainment, so good!”

“Follow me, you will develop well!”

Afterglow smiled, and then left.

Graham Mingjia gathered with everyone to discuss the future.

“Huh? This contract is not right!”

Suddenly the screenwriter Wang Shuo raised doubts.

“what’s happenin?”

Xiao Yilun asked in confusion.

“Everyone, look at their respective contracts, there seems to be a problem!”

Wang Shuo reminded.

Everyone looked through their contracts one after another.

Soon several screenwriters exclaimed: “We were fooled!!!”

“There is a problem with this contract! We are equivalent to signing a deed! Even our reputation rights and copyrights belong to the Sanxing Group! To put it bluntly, we are the slaves of the Sanxing Group! And in terms of salary, I turned out to be a fixed salary. , I only have 3,000 a month???”

Wang Shuo almost fainted.

He wrote the scripts for the two big-fire movies, and Sarah directly allocated him 5 million in contribution fees.

But in Sanxing Group, you can only get three thousand a month?

Who can bear this gap?

“Damn, I am also a deed, deprived of all my rights and turned me into a slave! I only have eight thousand a month?”

Xiao Yilun was going crazy.

Directing two movies, he got 8 million.

Is it eight thousand here?

The contracts of other screenwriters and producers are the same.

All of them signed a contract to sell their lives and became slaves of the Sanxing Group for life.

“Help me see my contract!”

Even Graham Mingjia was anxious.

After reading through it, Wang Shuo said, “You are the same. You signed a contract! It’s better than us, you can get at least a bit of money! But you don’t get more than one hundred thousand for each movie!”

“What??? One hundred thousand?”

Graham Mingjia is going crazy.

One movie is paid 100,000?

What about it?

After flipping through the contract, everyone on the scene found that they were all scammed.

Sanxing Group first gave the benefits, so that everyone signed the contract unsuspectingly and became a slave!

“Let’s break the contract! How can this work?”

Graham Mingjia was trembling with anger.

“You can break the contract! Our penalty is 100 million! If you say, the penalty is 1 billion!”

Wang Shuo told a cold fact.


Graham Mingjia sat down on the ground.


I am now at most tens of millions, where is the billion?

Xiao Yilun was about to explode: “Damn, Graham Mingjia, what are you going to do to cheat us? We stayed well in Dongtian, and Dongtian gave the most when I was a director!”

Wang Shuo also agreed: “Isn’t it? When the screenwriter never took more than half a million, Dongtian gave me five million! Uuuuuu…”

Everyone cried.


I regret it!

Is it good to stay at Dongtian Group?

Have to come to Sanxing Group?

This is just great.

Life is ruined.

I will work as a slave in the Sanxing Group all my life.

Chapter 489

Before, they were still laughing at the old Wei Hart Zihan for being stubborn and not knowing how to adapt. Now think about it, they are wise.

Xiao Yilun slapped his head and said: “I should have thought of it long ago! Sanxing Group is a Lord who cannibalize people without spitting out bones. Too much black history has been exposed over the years! With this kind of capital, don’t want to make a cent. . We are too naive!”

“The most important thing is that we can’t expose it. Once the exposure is in accordance with the contract, we will go to jail!”

Wang Shuo poured cold water on everyone again.


Everyone took a breath.

“Afterglow, you villain, it’s damnable!!!”

Graham Mingjia kicked the door fiercely with anger, tears kept streaming.

The door opened.

Afterglow walked in.

With a dozen security guards behind him, he was protected.

“Did you read the contract clearly?”

Afterglow smiled sinisterly.

“Afterglow, I’m fighting with you!”

Graham Mingjia rushed up, but was stopped by security.

“Mr. Yu is not authentic, isn’t it? Where is the contract? It’s clearly a deed?”

Xiao Yilun sneered.

Although Sanxing Group is a hegemonic contract.

But in terms of contracts, it is inherently difficult to defend rights. It takes years and months to fight a lawsuit, and it may not be possible to win.

Especially in the face of the huge Sanxing Group, there is no chance of winning at all.

“You don’t need to sign the contract if you don’t think it will work. Did I force you to sign?”

Afterglow asked rhetorically.


Everyone is speechless for a while.

The afterglow was not forced at all.

“But if you know it’s this kind of contract, I won’t sign it, you are too cheating!”

Xiao Yilun said angrily.

Yuhui smiled: “Didn’t I let you see the contract? If you think the contract is not good, you can not sign it! But have you looked at the contract carefully? I gave you plenty of time to see the contract!”


Xiao Yilun was really going to vomit blood.

It is because I trust Sanxing Group to have a wealth of money, so I read the contract casually and signed it immediately.

Who would have thought that this is a pit!

“You can withdraw now! With liquidated damages, I promise you won’t embarrass anyone!”

Afterglow said with a smile.

Everyone: “…”

Where can I get so much money…

Yu Hui looked smug: “If you can’t, just listen to me honestly and contribute to Sanxing Group!”

Graham Mingjia was furious, and said angrily: “Are you treating us like dogs?”

“Aren’t you dogs? Remember, now you are the dogs raised by Sanxing Group! Teach them well, maybe the boss will give you some bones to eat when the boss is in a good mood! Hahaha…”

Afterglow is very happy.

It cost tens of millions to find so much free labor, and the income brought by it is at least several billion.

This is the root of an entertainment company has been dug up.


After Yuhui left, everyone sat slumped on the ground.

“What should we do now? Are we going to be the dogs of Sanxing Group for a lifetime?”

Wang Shuo said unwillingly.

No one here will be willing!

After all, it is the peak of career, no one wants to be a dog!


Graham Mingjia exclaimed.

Everyone looked at him one after another.

“We can find Dongtian Group! Let Sarah pay us liquidated damages and sign us!”

Graham Mingjia said.

“Yes, this method is good. Sarah will most likely agree! Because we will make money, and the benefits we bring are far more than the liquidated damages, not to mention that after we leave, the company is facing a crisis. We will definitely agree to go to her. of!”

After Xiao Yilun greeted him, a group of people went to Dongtian Group.

Chapter 490

The employees of Dongtian Group were very surprised.

In the morning, Xiao Yilun took the crowd and left fiercely. Why did he come back in the afternoon?

Could it be that Yaowu is coming?

But it doesn’t look like it.

Everyone’s expressions were tense, as if something had happened.

The assistant immediately told Sarah the news that Xiao Yilun and others had returned.

“Stop, don’t let them in!”

Sarah said coldly.

Levi sent her a message just now, telling her what happened to Graham Mingjia.

Dozens of Xiao Yilun were stopped by security guards.

“What’s the matter? We are going in! Lao Cross, don’t you know me?”

Xiao Yilun said angrily to the security guard.

“Yes, what qualifications do you have as a stinky security guard to stop us?”

Graham Mingjia said angrily, the most unaccustomed to see are security cleaners.

Several security guards said angrily: “You are no longer employees of Dongtian Group, you can’t enter the company at will!”


Xiao Yilun was stunned.

I just submitted my resignation report in the morning. It is indeed not an employee of Dongtian Group.

However, Graham Mingjia stood up high: “I tell you a few stinky security guards, I always talk to Logan about billions of dollars of projects. Can these stinky security guards be able to afford it if you delay it?”

“Yes, what are you security guards? Dare to stop us?”

Xiao Yilun was also angry.

Anyway, he was also a famous director, but he was stopped by a few stinky security guards.

Several security guards resolutely refused to give in: “No!”

Sarah ordered them personally just now.

So don’t be afraid!

“Don’t you just want money? Here you are!”

Graham Mingjia was so angry that she took out a wad of money and slammed it on the faces of several security guards.

“A few smelly security guards, you are only worthy of being security guards in your life!”

Graham Mingjia said angrily.

Several security guards were humiliated by money and dared not speak.

It’s not just once or twice being scolded as a security guard.

In the minds of these white-collar elites, security guards are inferior.

They can only be angry, but they can’t do anything.

It can be said that I am used to it.

“What happened to the security?”

At this time, a voice sounded.

It was Levi.

“Brother Garrison…”

When the security guards saw Levi, their eyes lit up.

Found the backbone.

Levi is not only acquainted with the security guards of the Erick Group, but also acquainted with the security guards of the Dongtian Group.

“Discriminate against the security? What happened to the security? Just lower you?”

Levi looked at Xiao Yilun and asked coldly.


Xiao Yilun was speechless.

They knew that Levi was a powerful figure and Sarah’s husband, so they didn’t dare to mess with it.

Even Graham Mingjia held back.

Still looking for Sarah to do things, it’s not good to provoke him.


Levi said coldly.

Graham Mingjia and Xiao Yilun looked at each other.

Did you make a mistake?

Apologize to several smelly security guards?

What are they!

“I’ll say it again and apologize, or it’s all gone!”

Levi approached.


Xiao Yilun gritted his teeth and bowed: “I’m sorry!”

“I am sorry!”

Wang Shuo and others also apologized.

Graham Mingjia also apologized: “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t disrespect you!”

Several security guards felt flattered.

These big stars, the big director even apologized to them?

“it’s okay no problem…”

Several people waved their hands quickly.

Levi looked at Lao Cross Baobao and said, “Go, slap him!”


The security guard Cross was stunned.

“He just hit you with money, you can’t slap him too much, right?”

Levi approached.

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