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Chapter 511

Park Tianxin came to Case York in person?

provincial capital.

In Royal One Manor.

This is Park Tianxin’s residence.

Looking at the people in Park Haizhen who were lifted from the car.

He is angry!

Very angry!

Your baby son was beaten crippled?

The two guards are also half dead?

This is someone hitting the Sanxing Group in the face!

In the past, Shanler didn’t dare!

Even the provincial leaders dare not!

Now a little Case York, actually violated the majesty of Sanxing Group?

court death!!!

But even Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong were abolished.

It can be seen that the opponent’s strength is not weak!

Probably better than Shanler!

Only if you are stronger on your side can you solve the problem.

“Dad, the city has a Lord! We are at a loss! Father, I must avenge me!”

Park Haizhen shouted.

After careful consideration, Park Tianxin dialed out a call to the South Korean headquarters of Sanxing Group: “Request the headquarters to call the shots! Please senior Logan Jae-shik to come to Velador!”

Park Tianxin is bound to let Sanxing Group dominate Jiangnan Province, so he does not hesitate to let the first Korean Taekwondo come to Velador.

“Well, well, as long as Mr. Logan Zaishi agrees, you can go!”

Jiangnan Province is a big piece of fat, and Sanxing Group does not want to give up.

There is absolutely no problem with paying some price.

On a small island in South Korea.

A gray-haired old man is fishing.

The old man’s spirit is calm and relaxed, and he has a kind of fairy wind and dao bone aura on his body.

The old man seems to have the same magical powers.

Under the fishing rod, a dense school of fish gathered unexpectedly, and they did not leave for a long time.

This phenomenon cannot be explained!

At this time, there were bursts of rapid footsteps behind him.

“The Lord is not good! Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong were abolished in Velador! Life and death are unknown!”

The man knelt down in front of the old man all of a sudden and said in a panic.


The old man suddenly pulled the fishing rod and made a roar, unexpectedly forming a huge vortex in the sea.

Suddenly turned up a huge wave, tens of meters high.

Countless fishes in the sea were all thrown onto the shore, and they fell on the shore in a dense cluster.

Everyone present was shocked.

Is Lee Jae-seok supernatural?

“Mr. Pu Tianxin would like to invite the Lord to visit Velador, first, to open up territory for the Sanxing Group; second, to avenge the two Logan Dazhong!

The man knelt in front of Logan Zaishi and pleaded.


There were hundreds of people behind, all kneeling on the ground, shouting: “Sanxing Group invites Lord Logan Zaishi to Velador to suppress the unrest!”

“Beg Lord to come out of the mountain!!!”

Waves of sound wave after wave, shaking the world.

Lee Jae-shik has retired from the position of chief instructor of the South Korean Million Corps for a long time and has no plans to come forward.

Logan Zai’s eyes flickered, and he said, “Well, I also want to visit the hometown of God of War!”

When Logan Zaishi said these words, he showed a hint of fear.

He understood very well how terrifying the God of War guarding Velador!


Logan Zaishi’s words are equivalent to agreeing.

Everyone in Sanxing Group was extremely excited.

After a lapse of ten years, Korea’s first Taekwondo Lord Lee Jae-seok came out of the mountain.

Is about to go to Velador to help Sanxing Group to win Jiangnan Province.

Park Tianxin danced with excitement after learning the news that Lee Jae-shik had promised.

Originally, Sanxing Group swept everything in Jiangnan Province.

Logan Zaishi, the great god, helped.

That would simply kill the gods when you meet the gods, and kill the Buddhas when you meet the Buddha.

Not only Jiangnan Province, but also the surrounding provinces will also be included in the bag.

Chapter 512

That day, Levi just got off work.

Unexpectedly, someone would come to him.

It turned out to be the old slave Qiu Lao of Shanler.

Irrelevant characters, Levi did not kill him.

“Are you looking for something to do with me?”

Levi asked in surprise.

“Mr. Garrison, let me say directly! You also know that the Lord has a wealth of hundreds of billions in the past few decades. He likes to collect antiques, treasures, calligraphy and painting! Three treasures are rare in the world! Can be called the quintessence of Velador!

Hearing this, Levi thought of something, and couldn’t help saying: “Could it be that Sanxing Group took these things?”

“That’s not true! When the Lord retired thirty years ago, he specially entrusted the ten most precious treasures from his collection to the the city Shengda Foundation for safekeeping! Now that Mr. is gone, the Shengda Foundation has even seized these treasures.

The most hateful thing is that the Shengda Foundation will auction these treasures right away! I heard that Sanxing Group is bound to win these things! These are the quintessence of Velador, and I don’t want to fall into the hands of other people! Please help Mr. Garrison! “

“Especially the three treasures were bought by the owner from an auction abroad, and he didn’t want the quintessence of the country to fall into the hands of the Gentiles!”

Old Qiu fell to his knees with a puff.

Although these people of Shanler faction bullied the market and did shameful deeds.

But in the face of national justice, there is still a responsibility!

“Afraid that the auction is just a cover? Sanxing Group has arranged everything with Shengda Fund for a long time. These things are assigned to Sanxing Group. The auction is only for everyone to see. These treasures are taken away through formal means. .”

Levi smiled.

Old Qiu was taken aback, and then said: “Yes, that’s it! These treasures involve the quintessence of the country, and Sanxing Group is not good to take them away directly, so they will join the auction held by Shanda Fund!”

“Sanxing Group is really shameless, not to mention taking away hundreds of billions from the owner! Even the things the owner treasures must be taken away! Shameless!”

“Okay, tell me the time and place, I will solve it!”

Levi’s face was gloomy.

Sanxing Group is really greedy!

“Tomorrow at eight o’clock in the evening, Donghu Villa!”

Qiu Lao finally had color in his eyes.

Give it to Levi, and he is relieved.

News of Logan Zaishi’s trip to Velador was blocked.

It was Logan Zaishi who asked for it on his own initiative.

Anyone who has been on the battlefield knows what Velador is?

That is a forbidden place for all soldiers!

Guarded by the God of War!

Who dares to attack?

Even though Logan Zaishi had been from the position of chief instructor for decades, he still had deep fears of Velador.

That is a kind of fear in the bones!

In the past five years, the God of War has defeated the Eighteen Nations with his own power!!!

That’s why Logan Jae-shik didn’t dare to speak up!

In case General God of War or related people heard it, it would be too much trouble.

After successfully entering Velador.

Logan Zaishi’s worries are gone.

From now on, no one can control what he does.

As long as I don’t take the initiative to provoke General God of War.

Jinling International Airport in Jiangnan Province.

Under Park Tianxin’s arrangement, the airport was blocked in half.

Come to meet Lee Jae-shik specially!

There were dozens of cars, and hundreds of people in black stood neatly waiting.

After getting off the stone, Logan was startled when he saw the scene in front of him.

Too blatant!

Is this because you are afraid that others will not know you are coming?

“Welcome Lord to Velador!!!”

Hundreds chanted.

In the eyes of these people, Logan Zaishi is like a god!

Taekwondo is invincible!

Who can fight?

Chapter 513

Park Tianxin has already imagined sweeping the scene of the seven southern provinces with the help of this expert.

Logan Zaishi patted Park Tianxin on the shoulder and said, “Don’t engage in this kind of ostentation in the future. If you have any problems, tell me and I will solve them directly!”


Park Tianxin said with trepidation.

“In addition, the Lord heard that you like to collect antique calligraphy and paintings! There will be an auction tomorrow night! I am going to take a pair of authentic calligraphy and paintings of Tang Bohu, blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty of Velador and the Garrison Mingzhu of Velador South Velador Sea for you!”

Park Tianxin said with great diligence.

“Huh? Is there such a good thing?”

Logan Jae-shih really likes collecting antique calligraphy and painting.

All over the world are gathered.

But only the treasures of Velador are not collected!

This is one of his regrets!

Now the opportunity has come, and he, a generation of Taekwondo Lords, can’t hide his excitement.

“Okay! As long as you bring these few things! In the future, I will clear all the obstacles in Velador!”

Logan Zaishi assured.

“Understand, Lord! I will do it!”

That was what Park Tianxin was waiting for.

With Logan Jae-shih behind, he can let go and do it.

You can even do whatever you want.

After the auction, he immediately wanted to avenge his son!

“Let’s go, how about my two students?”

Lee Jae-shik loves his disciples earnestly.

the next day.

After get off work, Levi found Sarah.

“My wife takes you to a place!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah looked at him suspiciously and asked, “Aren’t you going to get into trouble again?”

“Bah! In your eyes, I love to cause trouble so much?”

Levi retorted.


Sarah nodded seriously.

Half an hour later, Levi drove to the East Lake Villa.

“This seems to be an auction. Are you coming to auction things?”

Sarah asked.

“Yes! Take some antiques and give them as gifts to parents!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah pinched Levi: “Don’t be kidding, the auction items tonight are a few hundred thousand steps, hundreds of millions of dollars at every turn! What are you kidding about using them to give them to your parents?”


In the East Lake Villa.

Yu Hui was holding his mobile phone, waiting for Park Tianxin’s instructions.

“Afterglow, you must remember that this is your last chance! The ten treasures of Shanler will be delivered to me as well! Otherwise, you will understand the consequences!”

Afterglow could hear cold sweat.

If this matter is not handled well, it will end in death!

“Don’t worry, boss, I have arranged the auction! I have arranged the bidders. They just shouted and left for a cutscene!”

“I promise tonight there will never be a second person who would dare to bid with us!”

Afterglow is very confident.

He has just released the news: These treasures Sanxing Group are bound to win, and no one can bid!

Whoever bids, who is the mortal enemy of Sanxing Group!

Yuhui also invited many media to broadcast live and report on the auction.

Let the provincial capital let Velador know that these treasures were auctioned by Sanxing Group, not stealing or robbing them!

Sanxing Group played well.

It’s actually an empty glove white wolf!

Ten treasures were taken away without paying a penny.

After Levi presented the admission ticket, Sarah and Sarah went to the auction venue smoothly.

Their position is very back.

To put it bluntly, it is here to charge the number.

After all, the auction tonight was arranged…

Before the auction started, Yuhui and the person in charge of Shengda Fund reconfirmed.

Chapter 514

“Mr. Yu, don’t worry, everything is arranged!”

Wei Kuan, the head of Shengda Fund, smiled.

“Well, if this thing is done, you will be responsible for the 3 billion fund!”

Afterglow promised.

“That’s great!”

Wei Kuan couldn’t bear the joy in his heart.

The auction scene.

Guests from all sides were seated.

Afterglow sat in the center of the first row.

Before sitting down, he glanced at the audience, his eyes were domineering and sharp, and the warning was obvious.

Warning everyone-all the treasures tonight belong to Sanxing Group, no one can touch!

The crowd trembled and dared not bid at all.

Soon, the auction officially began.

“First of all, please come out the manuscript of the preface of the Lanting Collection of Ming Dynasty! The starting price is 10 million, and the price increase is not less than 1 million!

The host smiled.

“Start bidding now!”


At this time the afterglow suddenly stopped.

“Does Mr. Yu have any questions?”

The host asked curiously.

Yu Hui glanced at the people and said: “All the elites from all walks of life in Case York are here to participate in the auction! Everyone’s time is precious! Let’s put all the auction items out for auction at once!”


Hearing Yu Hui’s suggestion, the host hesitated and looked at Wei Kuan in the audience.

Wei Kuan made an ok gesture.

“Okay, then please list all the auction items at once!”

Host humane.

Yu Hui asked everyone again: “Don’t you have any suggestions?”

“Listen to Mr. Yu!”

“Yes! Who is so expensive to take a full shot at once?”

Everyone in the audience agreed.

How dare you go against the meaning of Sanxing Group?

“it is good!”

Levi also raised his hands in agreement.

How refreshing is a one-time auction?

Save him one by one…

Sarah dyed him white and gave him a look: “What the hell are you excited? This is a conspiracy! Sanxing Group wants to shoot all at once! What are you applauding for?”

“Then I can auction it all at once!”

Levi smiled.

“Now the ten auction items have all been presented to everyone. This is the antique collected by Mr. Shanler during his lifetime! This is the original calligraphy and painting of Tang Bohu! This is the blue and white porcelain of the Dynasty, and this is the South Velador Sea Night Pearl… Three of them are me. The quintessence of Velador!”

“The starting price of ten exhibits is 500 million! Each increase is not less than 10 million!”

“Start now!”

The host shouted.

“Five hundred and ten million!”

“Five hundred twenty million!”

The consignment arranged by Sanxing Group began to bid.

The price range is very small every time.

“I’m out…”

At this time, Case York real estate tycoon Boyd Junjie wanted to bid.


Yu Hui turned his head and glared at him fiercely.

“Forget it, I give up!”

Boyd Junjie was frightened by Yuhui’s eyes and abruptly abstained.

Other tycoons who have the ability to bid have given up.

These literary and play treasures are tempting, and they are not guilty of forming a bridge with Sanxing Group!

Everyone is well aware of the harsh methods of Sanxing Group.

Can eat human heads without spitting out bones!

“Well, yes!”

After seeing these people giving up, Yuhui smiled with satisfaction.

Against Sanxing Group?

A dead end!

Seeing that the price of these vouchers was almost over, Yu Hui raised the sign and shouted: “Sanxing Group 600 million!”

When he revealed his identity, the field suddenly stagnated.

No one dared to bid.

The trustees also withdrew one after another, and the goal was achieved.

Chapter 515

The major media are watching the afterglow closely…

Seeing the silence in the court, Yu Hui and Wei Kuan looked at each other and smiled triumphantly.

The host glanced at the audience: “600 million once!”

“600 million twice!”

Afterglow smiled satisfied.

This task is complete!

He continued to sit firmly in the position of the general agent in Velador!

“One billion!”

But when the final word was finalized, there was a sudden sound in the field.

In an instant.

The host was stunned.

Wei Kuan was stunned.

Afterglow was stunned.

Everyone was stunned.

Everyone looked behind one after another.

Sarah timidly pulled La Levi.

Because it was Levi who was shouting!

“What? Are they?”

Yu Hui recognized Levi and Sarah at a glance.

This is something he never expected.

Tonight, he strictly asked Wei Kuan to control the guests who came to participate, but he did not expect to let the two people in.

Afterglow was anxious, and immediately said: “You are a bit unwell? Obviously I shot six billion first!”

“Bah, have you played the auction yet? Her third sound hasn’t come out yet!”

Levi Lin said.


Afterglow was speechless.

“Is there any higher one billion?”

Levi asked.

The host reluctantly repeated Levi’s words.

“One billion!”

Afterglow endured the pain and shouted the price.

“Five hundred million!”

Levi’s arrival is bound to win, and he immediately shouts for the price.


Afterglow was almost furious.

This kid clearly came for himself!

“1.6 billion!”

Afterglow followed helplessly.

He must complete the task set by Park Tianxin.

“Two billion!”

Levi held up the sign again.


There were sounds of cold breath in the field.

Everyone looked at Levi incredible.

too crazy!

Is this going to fight to the death with Sanxing Group to the end?

This man is crazy!

Not even the Sanxing Group’s face!

“you you you…”

Afterglow was going crazy.

Originally, he could get it with a budget of 600 million, but now Levi shouted two billion.

He wants to win more than one billion.

“I… I’m 2.5 billion! Let’s go!”

In order to complete the task completed by Park Tianxin, Yuhui worked hard.

“Three billion!”

Levi shouted the price with disdain.


Afterglow was about to vomit blood.

Three billion exceeds the budget by 2.4 billion!

If you want to follow these 2.4 billion, you have to come out!

What’s more, Levi came prepared, and he will continue to increase the price.

“I gave up…”

Afterglow said helplessly.

But he gave Wei Kuan a look.

Wei Kuan made an ok gesture.

Levi can never take things away!

Even if you kill him, you won’t let him take it away.

This was explained by Park Tianxin.

Otherwise the afterglow will die.

“Three billion three times!”

“These ten auction items belong to Mr. Levi!”

“Mr. Garrison, Ms. Logan, please come to the backstage to pay with us!”

The staff brought Levi and Sarah to the backstage.

But before leaving, Levi quietly took away a detailed list of the auction.

“Congratulations to Mr. Garrison for becoming the owner of ten treasures. Now you need to pay 20 billion! May I ask Mr. Garrison’s payment method?”

Wei Kuan smiled politely.

“and many more…”

Levi frowned and asked, “Isn’t it 3 billion? How come it has become 20 billion?”

“Sir, you don’t know, all auction items tonight are in U.S. dollars! So three billion U.S. dollars is equivalent to more than 18 billion, plus some handling fees, a total of 20 billion!”

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