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Chapter 516

Wei Kuan explained seriously.


There was a thud in Sarah’s head.

This is a naked cheat!

The auction is successful, and the unit is turned into US dollars?

I’ve seen a pitfall, never seen such a pitfall.

This is fraud!!!

Sanxing Group is really shameless!

Sarah once again deeply felt it!

Levi was calm.

He knew it would not go so smoothly.

“The unit is in U.S. dollars? Who said that?”

Levi asked.

“What I said! The final interpretation right belongs to the organizer!”

Wei Kuan sneered.

He promised to help Yuhui get these treasures, so he deliberately changed the unit to US dollars in order to make Levi give up.

“Everyone knows that the unit is in U.S. dollars?”

Levi continued to ask.

“Yes, that’s right! If you don’t believe me, follow me!”

When he came to the venue, Wei Kuan asked: “Does everyone know that the unit of auction price is US dollars today?”

“I know! That’s why no one dared to call! When Sanxing Group shouted at 600 million, it was actually 2 billion when converted into RMB. Who would dare?”

“Yes, that’s right! This auction unit is US dollars, everyone knows it!”

These people were all arranged by Sanxing Group, and they shouted that they knew.

Levi also noticed that they took away everyone’s auction details.

This detailed list is for one person after entering, detailing everything about today’s auction, including the price of each auction item.

At this time, Yu Hui came over and asked with a smile, “What happened to President Wei?”

“Mr. Yu, come to comment, is the price unit today in US dollars?”

Wei Kuan asked.

“Yes, it’s the U.S. dollar. So three billion is 20 billion, I just gave up!”

Yu Hui and Wei Kuan sang and made peace.

“What? Miss Logan and Mr. Garrison don’t know?”

Afterglow pretended to be surprised.

“Isn’t it, when it heard that it was US dollars, the two of them refused to agree!”

Wei Kuan said.

Afterglow’s lips deepened and smiled: “I’ll tell you two to give up! It’s really not worth buying these antiques for 20 billion!”

Sarah pushed Levi, implying that he gave up.

Competing with Sanxing Group, it is too bad.

Upon seeing this, Afterglow smiled.

It seems that this matter is settled.

“20 billion is 20 billion! No problem!”

Levi smiled.

“What? Twenty billion will do?”

Yuhui and Wei Kuan were so startled that their eyes were about to fly out.

Originally wanted to use 20 billion to force Levi back.

He agreed? ? ?

“I can pay 20 billion, but it depends on my ability to spend it!”

Levi smiled mysteriously.

“Let’s go, pay!”


There was a thud in Wei Kuan and Yuhui’s brains.

Does he really have to pay?

Coming to the background.

Levi took out the black card.

20 billion was paid directly.

Wei Kuan and Yuhui have always felt in a trance.

Things are not so real.

“Okay, send me things back, nothing less!”

Levi said.

Before leaving, Levi smiled and said, “I hope you can spend your money as soon as possible!”

Wei Kuan didn’t understand what Levi meant, so he could only watch him leave.

On the way back.

Sarah was surprised: “My wife, I know you were auctioned to the big boss of Erick Group at the auction tonight, but 20 billion is obviously a pitfall for you! Why did you agree?”

“Haha, they can’t spend money on my wife!”

Levi smiled.

Everything was under his control.

Chapter 517

In the East Lake Villa.

Wei Kuan and Yuhui were so stunned for a long time.

“He really transferred 20 billion?”

Afterglow asked.

“That’s right! It’s on the account!”

Wei Kuan confirmed.

Yu Hui urged: “The key is to transfer 20 billion to me, otherwise I can’t explain to Mr. Park!”

Wei Kuan immediately made the financial transfer.

“President Wei is not good! Twenty billion has been frozen! It shows that the funds are abnormal and have been frozen!”

Shouted Finance.

“Hurry up and call the bank! What are you doing in a daze?”

What Levi said in Wei Kuan’s mind.

Let him spend the money early.

“President Wei, the bank said that the Velador Banking Regulatory Commission intervened! It is the funds frozen by the Velador Banking Regulatory Commission!”

After hearing this, Yu Hui and Wei Kuan’s expressions changed drastically.

“What??? What did the Velador Banking Regulatory Commission do?”


At this moment, there were bursts of harsh police sirens outside the villa.

Several police cars drove in.

There are cars from the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Banking Regulatory Commission, and the Price Bureau.

“Hello, we are a joint law enforcement agency of the four major departments, and we have received a report-there is a major problem with the auction held by Shengda Fund!”

“First, you are suspected of fraud, deceiving consumers, 3 billion turned into 20 billion!”

“Second, you are suspected of violating the market law and engaging in unfair competition and other acts!”

“The most important thing is that these auctions belong to Mr. Shanler. They should be handled by the heir appointed by Shanler. You have no right to auction!”

After several crimes were listed, Wei Kuan was already panicked.

They knew it was the disaster caused by turning Levi’s price into US dollars.

At this time, Fu Xuejian sneered holding the auction details sheet: “It is clearly written on it, and the price is in RMB. Why did you suddenly become US dollars?”


Wei Kuan’s face changed drastically.

Haven’t these auction details been processed?

Where did the police come from?

How did he know that Levi had expected that he had given Fu Xuejian.

“It has just been investigated-the heir appointed by Shanler before his death was his steward, Mr. Qiu Mingliang, and now Mr. Qiu Mingliang has agreed to unconditionally give these treasures to Mr. Garrison! So immediately return the 20 billion to Mr. Garrison!”

“From now on, Wei Kuan and others are suspected of fraud and other crimes, they will be arrested and investigated! Shengda Fund is temporarily closed for inspection!”

“In addition, Sanxing Group was fined 10 million for suspected market violations, and the person in charge has to suspend his duties for reflection!”

Fu Xuejian said sharply.


Wei Kuan and Yuhui were about to pass out.

Co-authored these things and gave them to Levi for free.

Want to catch up with Shanda Fund?

The afterglow of this result is unacceptable!

Since most of the media were still on the scene, these things spread quickly.

the city and even the entire Jiangnan Province know it.

Park Tianxin also naturally got the news.

Sanxing Group is deflated in Case York again?

Fines are small, but face is great!

Park Tianxin contacted Yuhui for the first time.

“Afterglow, what a good thing you did! Did you give you the right last chance? This little thing can’t be done!”

Park Tianxin said angrily.

“Mr. Park, I…”

Afterglow was about to cry.

“Come to the provincial capital to lead death! If you don’t die, your wife and daughter will die!”

Park Tianxin said angrily.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Park is so angry?”

When Logan Zaishi was beside him, he asked with a smile.

“The calligraphy and painting antiques the Lord gave you were intercepted. This person is the one who injured your apprentice and my son!”

Chapter 518

“I arranged the Lord’s antiques immediately, but someone refused to let me do what I wanted! Not only did ten treasures be intercepted, but Sanxing Group was fined and humiliated!”

Park Tianxin was very angry.

Logan Zaishi’s complexion changed, and he asked, “Is it difficult to deal with? It seems that you have eaten several times and have lost!”

“Well, it’s a bit difficult! But in order to implement the strategy of the Sanxing Group, Case York have to gnaw it down! This is the most important part! So please let the Lord come forward to solve it!”

Park Tianxin said coldly.

Logan Zaishi analyzed: “In the final analysis, are all Erick Group?”

“Yes! I got news that even the the city Xiao family is under the control of the Erick Group! The owner of the Erick Group is extremely mysterious, with impressive strength, and there are many Lords under him! Shanler, the number one man in Jiangnan Province It was planted in his hands!”

Park Tianxin was very jealous.

“Okay, then send out an invitation in the name of Sanxing Group to negotiate with Erick Group! Acquisition or cooperation, if you don’t agree, I will suppress it by force! Remove all obstacles, you do what you should do!”

Logan Zaishi said coldly.

Pu Tianxin’s eyes lit up.

“Thank you, Lord! I’m wondering how to provoke a contradiction to solve the Erick Group. Negotiation is a wonderful trick!”

If the negotiation is successful, Erick Group will make the best concession.

If it is unsuccessful, then there is a reason to get rid of Erick Group.

With the No. 1 Lord of Taekwondo, he would not see anyone.

“Negotiations should be done with grace and strength, Cui Hongwan, follow along to negotiate!”

Logan Zaishi said to a man next to him who was about two meters tall and weighed more than 200 jin.

“Understood, teacher!”

Cui Hongwan nodded.

Choi Hongwan is the champion of the All-Korea Unrestricted Fighting Competition. He played a thousand games and never lost.

He was beaten to death by 699 people, and most of the remaining 301 were disabled and depressed.

In South Korea, he is called “the strongest humanoid weapon”.

Later, he became a teacher of Logan Zaishi, and it is said that his fighting skills have improved again.

Cui Hongwan is already invincible.

Brothers Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong could not catch his punch together!

It is said that bullets cannot penetrate his skin…

Park Tianxin was overjoyed: “Okay, no problem! I will send the most powerful cadres under my staff to negotiate. She has never failed to negotiate cooperation over the years! If you add Lord Cui Hongwan, this matter can be done without the Lord. solved.”

The next day, the general agent of Sanxing Group Velador was changed.

Changed from afterglow to a woman.

As for where the afterglow went, no one knew.

The identity of this woman is very special, first of all, a Chinese.

Secondly, it is the fiancée of Park Tianxin’s nephew Lee Jae-jin, who will get married in five days.

According to the rules of the headquarters of Sanxing Group, the general agent of Velador District must be from Velador.

With this arrangement, Park Tianxin wanted to control all the industries of Sanxing Group’s Velador District.

Sanxing Group has been on the cusp of recent waves, with mixed reviews, but its reputation has been severely damaged, and it has been crushed in all areas of the Case York market.

Under the suppression of all parties, even Sanxing Group has no room in Case York.

In the Erick Group.

“President Fisher, just now Sanxing Group sent someone to invite us to negotiate in the meeting room of the Dynasty Hotel in the afternoon! Discuss the future development of Case York together!”

The assistant passed the news to Natalie.

“What is Sanxing Group going to do?”

Natalie looked unhappy.

Recently, the Sanxing Group has always engaged in ghosts.

They even sent headhunting companies to dig out the executives of the Erick Group.

Moreover, small actions in the channels and sellers disrupted the normal operation of the Erick Group.

Although it will not harm the company’s substantive interests.

But no one can stand the small movements every day.

Many people in the company complain about it these days.

Both asked Natalie to settle the matter.

Chapter 519

“I think Sanxing Group wants to solve the problem all at once! If we don’t go, I’m afraid these shameless guys will make all kinds of insidious tricks!”

“I also think that we should go to negotiations, it is not a way to keep harassing us!”

“Even cooperation is fine! Let’s make money together and develop Case York together!”

After receiving everyone’s comments, Natalie contacted Graham Nanxuan on her own initiative.

Kirin’s message back to her is that the big boss also agreed to negotiate.

“But this time we are on the favorable side of the negotiation, we have to take a high profile! I don’t think the executives can go, send Levi to come!”

Natalie is very thoughtful.

He agreed to negotiate, but sent an insignificant person to it, obviously not paying attention to it.

This will put pressure on Sanxing Group!

Even if the final cooperation, it will win good benefits for Erick.

“Huh? Levi is coming?”

“I don’t pay much attention to understanding, but sending him there will only be a bad thing?”

Everyone is puzzled.

“No, no, you don’t understand! Levi is very strong in this aspect! That’s it!”

Natalie said.

In fact, she is selfish.

She wanted to promote Levi, but she couldn’t convince the crowd with distress.

Let Levi have more performance.

That’s why she thought that this negotiation with Sanxing Group would let Levi come and increase her performance.

“Huh? Let me go?”

Levi was also surprised.

“I will write down the content of the negotiation and the plan here, you just follow this one!”

Natalie even prepared everything for Levi to negotiate.

I just tried my best to promote Levi!

But where did she know that Levi was the boss of Erick.

“Well, well, just let Old Boyd take me there at that time!”

Levi said impatiently.

As for the negotiation materials Natalie brought, Levi didn’t even look at it.

Sanxing Group wants to negotiate?

No doors!

Kneeling down and calling grandpa can’t negotiate!

Levi wanted to see what Sanxing Group wanted to get.

Three o’clock in the afternoon.

In the conference room of Dynasty Hotel.

People from Sanxing Group are already there.

Surrounded by the crowd, a shining strong woman in professional attire appeared.

As soon as she arrived, the other women in the audience were overshadowed.

Her aura is too strong!

She is the newly appointed General Agent Hart Xiaoqi of Sanxing Group in Velador.

Hart Xiaoqi is a very powerful woman who was admitted to Nelshire Fudan University before studying in the UK.

After working for a few years, he worked in a headhunting company under Sanxing Group.

Specially excavate senior talents from other companies for Sanxing Group.

In the past five years, Hart Xiaoqi personally recruited more than 370 senior talents for Sanxing Group, which broke the record.

Especially when Sanxing Group implements a strategy to deal with other companies, first let the headhunting company take the initiative to hollow out all the talented executives of the other company.

Headhunting companies may sound tall, but in the industry, they are all considered insidious occupations.

Specially ran to dig the corner of other people’s company.

Hart Xiaoqi is a Lord negotiator.

Every time she talks about cooperation, Hart Xiaoqi can definitely talk about success.

Park Tianxin has always trusted her, and Hart Xiaoqi is a native of Case York, so she gave her the position of the general agent of Sanxing Group in Velador.

Arranged for my nephew to marry her again!

Hart Xiaoqi followed the mountain-like Cui Hongwan behind him, and everyone trembled wherever he went.

After a while, Boyd Sen sent Levi here.

“Huh? Why is Levi you?”

When Hart Xiaoqi saw Levi, she was surprised.

Chapter 520

“You? Hart Xiaoqi???”

Levi also recognized this woman.

It can be said that before high school, Levi was hooked up with this woman.

Because she is the baby daughter-in-law ordered by Levi’s adoptive father and mother since childhood.

Hart Xiaoqi’s father Hart Wenshuo and Levi’s adoptive father are good friends.

The Hart family is also considered a big family, although not as good as the Garrison family.

After picking up Levi, Hart Xiaoqi was born, and Hart Wenshuo put forward the idea of ​​ordering a baby kiss, and wanted to attach to the big tree of the Garrison family.

Although Levi’s adoptive parents looked down on the status of the Hart family, Levi picked them up, so they agreed.

Levi rose step by step, and the Hart family was excited.

After all, Levi was strong, proving that the Hart family was right.

Hart Xiaoqi also liked Levi more and more, following behind every day.

Until Levi and Sarah were dyed together, the Hart family completely broke with him and tore up the doll kiss.

And threatened that Levi would regret it!

Since then, Hart Xiaoqi has never been talked about again, and it is said that she has been sent to other places to study.

As for Hart Wenshuo, on the day Levi was imprisoned, he even ran down and fell into trouble.

Hart Xiaoqi was also extremely happy to know that Levi was imprisoned.

After all, the more Levi failed, the more refreshed she felt!

Especially knowing that Sarah stays alive, she is dying happily.

She always felt that Sarah had taken everything from her.

Originally, the position of the wife of the King’s Landing Group belonged to her!

“Hehe, can you still recognize me? It’s not easy!”

Hart Xiaoqi smiled.

Immediately afterwards, her face changed drastically and said: “What? Are you negotiating on behalf of the Erick Group?”

“Yes, that’s right! Are you the representative of Sanxing Group?”

Levi asked.

“I’m afraid you still don’t know who I am?”

Hart Xiaoqi said with a smile.

“What status?”

Levi asked.

“Listen well, standing in front of you is the general agent of Sanxing Group in Velador!”

Someone immediately introduced him next to him.

The man immediately said: “What is your identity? Erick Group dare to send you to negotiate?”

Before Levi could speak, Hart Xiaoqi’s assistant took the tablet in front of Hart Xiaoqi and said: “Mr. Hart, Levi in front of you is a technical consultant of Erick Group. In fact, there is no substantive position, just a name! And it’s a technical department. Supervisor Fu Yuxiang brought him in because of the relationship!”

“To sum up-this Levi is a related household!”

Hearing this, Hart Xiaoqi’s smile became stronger.

What the headhunting company is best at is querying information.

Now they found out everything about Levi in Erick Group, including who hated Levi, she knew everything.

Information shows that most people in the Erick Group are very dissatisfied with Levi, a related household.

He was fired earlier and went in later.

Questionnaire for the staff of Erick Group-Who in the company hates the most.

Eighty percent of people fill in Levi.

Because all employees of Erick Group are based on their strength.

Only Levi is a related household!

“Levi thought that after you were released from prison, you would show your strength in the past. I didn’t expect to be sluggish! Every day you mix with security guards and gag. How did you become like this?”

Hart Xiaoqi asked with a smile.

She just heard that Levi came on behalf of Erick Group. The first thought was that Levi was the boss of Erick Group.

But after reading the information, she was relieved.

It turned out that Levi’s prison career completely ruined him, and now he is a ba5tard.

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