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Chapter 521

“I’m a little disappointed in you, Brother Levi! Tell me about the big black horse back then! Now you are a big ba5tard!”

“It stands to reason that Erick Group should belong to you. Why are you a small technical consultant?”

Hart Xiaoqi said with a smile.

She is so happy today.

Originally prepared for a hard battle.

But I didn’t expect to meet Levi, the baby’s fiancé!

Levi still mixed up like this.

She was really excited.

I am full of confidence in the immediate negotiations.

“That’s not right! Mr. Hart! The Erick Group sent such a messy family to come, which shows that it doesn’t pay much attention to this negotiation at all!”

The assistant said suddenly.

The smile on Hart Xiaoqi’s face disappeared.

She also thought about this problem.

Is Erick Group deliberately sending a waste?

Isn’t sending waste to show their attitude?

Sanxing Group is not regarded as the same thing, even if they are negotiating, they are still on the dominant side.

“What’s the matter with Erick Group? Send a trash to humiliate us?”

Hart Xiaoqi said to the assistant.

The voice she said was loud enough for Levi to hear.

The assistant said: “Mr. Hart, I just confirmed! Levi is the negotiator they sent! He can decide everything!”

“In that case! Let’s start negotiations!”

Hart Xiaoqi said coldly.

When everyone was arranging the venue for the negotiation meeting, Hart Xiaoqi came to Levi and sneered: “Brother Levi really didn’t expect us to meet in this way! I didn’t believe that sentence until Brother Levi met you. For thirty years in Hedong, Hexi has changed so much!”

Levi nodded: “Yes! You have grown to this point!”

“Hey, isn’t it! You have changed even more! Garrison Jia Mingming became a tens of billions family and successfully went public, but what did it happen in less than a month? Garrison Jianguo has made a living by picking up trash! The Garrison family is more miserable than the others. !

How beautiful was the Garrison family before? Even if your father and my father are good friends, I know that your adoptive father looks down on my Hart family at all and thinks we are villagers! “

“But now, my Hart family has a market value of 2 billion! I am even the general agent of Sanxing Group’s Velador District! Now we are everyone who looks down on your Garrison family! Including you! I can only lie on the ground and give Hart The family licks their shoes!”

Hart Xiaoqi changed the conversation and said: “Of course, you can mix better! At least food and clothing is not a problem! It’s useless, it’s still the bottom of society!”

Levi remained silent.

He sighed.

Sure enough, the reality is too cruel.

Turn a pure and kind little girl into this…

Hart Xiaoqi smiled and said: “It’s useless to sigh! Life is like this! Don’t look down on people, maybe someone will step on your head one day! Now our Hart family is stepping on your Garrison family!”

Levi was not angry, but Boyd Sen couldn’t bear it anymore.

Hart Xiaoqi smiled when she saw it, “Okay, let’s not talk about these things. Five days later, it will be my wedding! I am going to marry Logan Jae-jin, the nephew of Piao Tianxin, the head of Sanxing Group’s Velador District! You will come to attend! This is an invitation!”

Levi accepted the invitation and said in surprise: “Korean?”

“Well! The executives reused by Sanxing Group! Own shares of Sanxing Group! Even you back then are far incomparable!”

Hart Xiaoqi looked proud.

Levi smiled and said, “Okay, I will participate.”

Chapter 522

Seeing that Levi didn’t answer.

Hart Xiaoqi immediately changed her statement: “No matter how big brother Levi is, we have been playing since childhood, and I am your sister? Why do you have to attend my wedding?”

Hart Xiaoqi wanted Levi to attend her wedding and let him know how he regretted rejecting her to choose Sarah back then!

“Well, well, I will attend your wedding!”

Although Hart Xiaoqi is disgusting now.

But anyhow, he was also his baby’s relative, Levi regarded her as a younger sister.

Since you are going to get married, then go chant.

Hart Xiaoqi nodded with satisfaction: “Brother Levi must dress up!”

“Well, I wish you happiness!”

Levi smiled.


Hart Xiaoqi showed a trace of hesitation.

In fact, she doesn’t like Lee Jae Jin.

But because of Lee Jae Jin’s identity, he is Park Tianxin’s nephew, and he is very capable.

So Hart Xiaoqi married him, just wanting to be stronger in the future and make the Hart family a rich man.

When Park Tianxin asked his nephew to marry her, it was because of her ability.

Hart Xiaoqi became his nephew, which is equivalent to the control of all Sanxing Group’s industries in Velador.

In fact, he wanted to kick the afterglow a long time ago.

But the headquarters did not allow it. This position must be occupied by a capable Chinese.

Just these few times afterglow did not work well, Park Tianxin successfully kicked him and let Hart Xiaoqi take the lead.

Hart Xiaoqi was very excited, and immediately called and told her father Hart Wenshuo: “Dad, do you know? I met Levi! He promised to come to my wedding!”

“Hahaha…really? Great! Then let him see how strong our Hart family is now, and how good my daughter is? He can’t afford it! It’s just a waste!”

Hart Wenshuo was also very excited.

He wants Levi to take a good look at Hart Xiaoqi’s world-wide wedding and make him regret his death!

“President Hart is ready! Please take a seat!”

The assistant asked.

Levi also took a seat opposite.

Hart Xiaoqi looked at Levi with a sneer and said, “The negotiation has begun! You must know what’s going on! I want to hear you talk…”

“Okay, then I’ll talk about it!”

Levi said, “First, Sanxing Group must hand over the over 80 billion Shanler faction that was secretly taken away. This huge sum of money is used to build and develop Jiangnan Province! Sanxing Group cannot move, immediately. Hand over

Second, the media publicly apologized and confessed the crimes committed over the years;

Third, Sanxing Group must either get out of Velador, or obediently follow Velador’s rules. “

“I want to say only these three points…”

After Levi finished speaking, the audience was silent.

Hart Xiaoqi was dumbfounded.

Everyone in the Sanxing Group looked strange.

Even Takemori looked incredible.

Brother Garrison is too crazy, right?

Now everyone knows that the Sanxing Group is dominating Jiangnan Province.

As a result, Levi said such domineering words?

Let Sanxing Group get out? ? ?

Too crazy, right?

Does anyone in Jiangnan have this ability?

It took a full minute for Hart Xiaoqi to react.

“Levi, what are you talking nonsense? When did Sanxing Group secretly take away over 80 billion Shanler? Where did you hear the gossip?”

Hart Xiaoqi said angrily.

In fact, she was surprised.

How did Levi know?

“Grassland? Hahaha…”

Levi smiled.

Hart Xiaoqi also got into the shameless habit of Sanxing Group?

“If you don’t know what you can do! No one knows the secrets of Sanxing Group! Don’t think that it’s done! This hundreds of billions of money is specially arranged to support the construction and development of Jiangnan Province! Sanxing Group dares to even take the money. , Do you want to die?”

Chapter 523

The words came out.

Even Hart Xiaoqi was stunned.

Because Sanxing Group was uneasy with the money.

First, the number involved is too large.

The second is the funds specially set up by the provinces and cities.

So they try to do charity as much as possible to clean up!

Mentioning this amount of money is equivalent to poke the weakness of Zhong Sanxing Group.

Levi said coldly: “Today’s negotiations are the three things I have said-first, pay back the money; second, apologize for compensation, and third, either go out or be obedient!”

Too overbearing!!!

Takemori was in tears with excitement.

Brother Garrison is the real man!

Hart Xiaoqi was completely stunned.

The content of today’s negotiations is not at all this…

What are you talking about?

“Aren’t you getting married? Give Sanxing Group five days! Don’t blame me if you can’t do it!”

Levi gave a deadline.

“The content of the negotiation requested by Levi today is…”

Hart Xiaoqi was interrupted just as she was about to speak.

“Sorry, you are not qualified! Since you are asking for negotiation, everything is up to me!”

Levi is extremely domineering.

“Okay, don’t you represent Erick Group?”

Hart Xiaoqi sneered.

“Representative! Since I am here, it means that I represent the entire Erick Group!”

Levi nodded.

“Today’s negotiations are so persistent?”


Hart Xiaoqi smiled: “Then can you afford the consequences?”

“Bear the consequences? Sanxing Group thinks that this problem should be yours? I only give five days! If I can’t do it, I will personally regain everything, and then drive Sanxing Group out of Velador!”

Levi’s tone was flat, as if to say something trivial.


Everyone including Hart Xiaoqi laughed.

Drive Sanxing Group to Velador?

Wouldn’t you say this when your brain is broken?

Even the leaders of the provincial cities turned a blind eye.

In Jiangnan Province, who can shake the Sanxing Group?

A small Erick Group?

It’s a hard stubble, but it’s too small compared to Sanxing Group.

“Levi, do you really use chicken feathers as an arrow? You are sent to go through the scene, you really think of yourself as a character?”

Hart Xiaoqi sneered again and again.

“What about you, don’t blame the others, just bring this sentence to the ears of your person in charge!”

Levi approached.

“Who is it? So arrogant?”

At this time, an unskilled Chinese sounded.

Lee Jae Jin appeared in a suit.

“Oba, let me tell you, this is the doll I ordered when I was a kid! Now, it’s just a trash!”

Hart Xiaoqi whispered.

Logan Zaizhen looked at Levi in surprise, and sneered: “My dear, he is not worthy of you!”

“Is that you want to drive our Sanxing Group out of Velador?”

Logan Zaizhen condescendingly looked at Levi.

“Boom boom boom…”

With the sound of shaking mountains, Cui Hongwan, who was two meters high and more than two hundred jins, appeared.

It was like an invincible god staring at Levi and Boyd Sen.

Boyd Sen felt the dangerous aura on Cui Hongwan’s body, and immediately said: “Don’t get me wrong, we are just a messenger! This is what our Erick Group boss meant!”

Boyd Sen didn’t want a conflict.

He felt that Levi would not be Cui Hongwan’s opponent.

So endure it first.

“Yes, I said it! Don’t you try these three points in five days?”

Levi looked at Logan Zaizhen.


Takemori slapped his forehead.

Levi charged up…

I saw Cui Hongwan step forward and said coldly: “Try it?”

Chapter 524

Cui Hongwan’s size makes him like a beast.

The speaking urn sounded like thunder.

The body exudes a heavy pressure.

The powerful aura has made countless people fearful, and Hart Xiaoqi and others subconsciously retreat.

Cui Hongwan stared at Levi domineeringly, as if a beast was staring at a little sheep…

Boyd Sen looked at him vigilantly, but he knew that if he started with Cui Hongwan, he would be beaten to death by a punch!

This is a super Lord!

Brother Garrison is in trouble this time.

“You will know the consequences in five days!”

Levi sneered.


Levi left with Boyd Sen.


The next second, with a bang, Cui Hongwan forced Boyd Sen over and pressed it on the stool.

It was Takemori who had retired from the Scout and didn’t react at all.

He was tightly controlled by Cui Hongwan on the seat, unable to move at all.

Boyd Sen’s face changed wildly!

too strong!

Stronger than he thought!

Brother Garrison is not an opponent!!!

Going to suffer…

“The negotiation is not over, who dares to leave?”

Cui Hongwan said coldly, like a roar of thunder.

Hart Xiaoqi shouted out for it.

They had been controlled and suppressed by Levi just now, and they couldn’t make it powerful.

Sure enough, violence is the best way to solve the problem!

Hart Xiaoqi hurriedly said: “Yes! That’s right! The negotiation hasn’t started yet! Sanxing Group has not mentioned the content of the negotiation at all, why are you leaving?”

Logan Zaizhen also sneered: “Erick Group is too rampant, right? Even our Sanxing Group doesn’t care about it? Really think we can’t help it?”

“Yes, we didn’t speak, who would dare to leave???”

With Cui Hongwan here, everyone in the Sanxing Group began to become arrogant.

Cui Hongwan pointed to Levi and commanded in unskilled Chinese: “You, come here, sit down!!!”

The corner of Levi’s mouth raised, revealing a meaningful smile: “Am I going to leave?”

“Ha ha ha…”

Logan Jaezhen and Hart Xiaoqi looked at each other, and they both laughed.

They looked at Cui Hongwan.

The meaning is obvious-if you want to pass, pass the Cui Hongwan level.

Then Hart Xiaoqi left.

Before the start of the negotiations, Park Tianxin gave two options.

Let Hart Xiaoqi negotiate first. If it doesn’t work, let Cui Hongwan dispatch.

Cui Hongwan’s appearance is the second plan.

The next thing has nothing to do with her.

“Mr. Cui hopes that you will act lightly… I want him to attend my wedding…”

Hart Xiaoqi smiled.

Logan Zaizhen glanced at Levi and left with a smile.

Cui Hongwan also knew that he could end the next thing.

Several members of the Sanxing Group also deliberately closed the door of the meeting room.

“Can’t you hear what I’m saying?”

Seeing Levi still standing, Cui Hongwan said angrily.

“Let the people go, you won’t have your turn to run wild on my Velador site!”

Levi’s voice was calm but extremely majestic.

The power is like a marshal commanding a million army, which makes people shudder.

Even Cui Hongwan was in a trance, the man in front of him could threaten him.

“Hmph, I won’t let him go, you and I also want to control!”

As soon as the voice fell, Cui Hongwan moved.

Regardless of his size as a mountain, his speed is as fast as lightning.

Everyone didn’t see clearly, he had appeared in front of Levi, clutching his shoulders.

Want to throw Levi on the seat.

Although Levi was around 1.8 meters tall, he was too small in front of Cui Hongwan, who was more than two meters and 200 kilograms.

Boyd Sen and others had already closed their eyes and dared not look at the miserable picture.

Chapter 525

But Cui Hongwan’s face changed drastically, because Levi was like a mountain. Under his power, he didn’t even move!


Extremely shocked!

Cui Hongwan knows how terrifying his power is.

Can fly an elephant at will, but can’t shake Levi?


Suddenly, spring thunder burst into Levi’s mouth, and an invisible force burst out of him.


Cui Hongwan was shocked and quit.

“Boom boom…”

After staggering and bumping into the conference room table, he stopped.

The eyes are full of inevitable shock!

“you wanna die!!!”

Cui Hongwan roared like a beast, and suddenly activated.


He actually jumped up to a height of more than a foot, as if a cannonball fired, carrying the momentum of the thunder.

Everyone on the scene felt a strong wind swept across, and their cheeks were fiery and painful, like flames.


The stools and conference table next to them couldn’t bear the strong wind, they were shattered abruptly…

Cui Hongwan performed the strongest fighting skills, even killing skills!


Takemori took a breath.

This Cui Hongwan is too strong, too strong!

Cui Hongwan whips his legs in the air like a shadow, and this leg will surely be able to break the stone!


Cui Hongwan let out a low growl again, his body was full of murderous aura, and his right leg was full of vigor, like a fire!


The broken hair in front of Levi’s forehead has been lifted.

Cui Hongwan’s whole body strength is poured into the right leg, and he must kill with one blow!!!

He is very confident that with this blow, a three-meter-thick wall can be kicked away!

Not to mention Levi!

If he is swept away by him, the bones will be crushed…

Takemori is desperate!

too strong!

Simply too strong!

Cui Hongwan one person can block a thousand troops!

Worthy of being the champion of the Korean Unrestricted Fighting Competition, the whole figure is like an unmatched sword.

It really deserves to be “the strongest humanoid weapon”!

Levi stood there, as if she was frightened and stupid.

But when Cui Hongwan’s leg banged down, Levi was moving.

A punch was like a full spring, released in an instant, slammed out, and hit Cui Hongwan’s right leg.


There was a dull and thunderous voice, and everyone’s ears were deaf.

That’s it!

Boyd Sen knew that Levi was seriously injured by this blow.


But wherever I can imagine it, Cui Hongwan seemed to have been in a car accident, his right leg bends and fractured strangely on the spot, and the whole person flew out like a broken kite.




Cui Hongwan’s body smashed into more than a dozen conference tables, smashed the glass door, and flew out without reducing the speed.

He flew straight out for several tens of meters, passed the guardrail on the second floor, and smashed into the lobby on the first floor.

At this time, Hart Xiaoqi and Logan Zaizhen were walking side by side in the lobby on the first floor.

Hart Xiaoqi smiled and asked, “My dear, what do you think Cui Hongwan will do to Levi?”

Logan Zaizhen sneered and said: “Cui Hongwan is a beast! He is a lunatic! Levi is in a miserable state, and he has to break his arm and leg if he is not dead!”

“Haha, then I can rest assured!”

Hart Xiaoqi smiled with satisfaction.

She was very angry just seeing Levi’s arrogant appearance.

“Okay, let’s go over now, it should be almost over!”

The two came to the meeting room.


“My dear, look what is that?”

Suddenly, Logan Jae-jin screamed.

Because flying down from the second floor is a huge figure like a cow…

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