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Chapter 526

For a moment, Hart Xiaoqi was dumbfounded.

Logan Jaezhen was even more shocked.


This black shadow flew out several tens of meters, and finally smashed to the ground fiercely with a rumbling sound. There was a shaking under their feet, like an earthquake.

“Puff puff puff……”

Cui Hongwan convulsed all over after falling to the ground, with blood and teeth mixture in his mouth…

“This…this this…”

Hart Xiaoqi is not eloquent anymore.

“I’m not mistaken, am I? It seems that a person flew out????”

Logan Zaizhen said blankly.

“Go and see!”

Hart Xiaoqi reacted, and immediately ran over.

“By the way, it is Levi! Levi must have been beaten!”

Logan Zaizhen insisted.

Came to the scene soon.

Cui Hongwan’s body is still twitching…


When Hart Xiaoqi and Logan Zaizhen saw clearly, they were shocked.

“Cui…Cui Hongwan…It turned out to be Cui Hongwan?”

“Isn’t it Levi? How could it be Cui Hongwan?”

Hart Xiaoqi and Logan Zaizhen looked like they had seen a ghost.

too frightening!!!

After Cui Hongwan convulsed and struggled, he lay on the ground without moving.

It’s like dead.

How could a fighting champion like Cui Hongwan fly out of the conference room?

Smashed from the second floor to the first floor?

That’s incredible, isn’t it?

“This, this…”

Lee Jae Jin was really scared.

The scene of a person flying off just now makes him unforgettable.

As a Korean, he knows best how strong Choi Hongwan is.

In the hearts of the Korean people-Choi Hongwan is the invincible God of War.

Rumor has it that Cui Hongwan’s body is impenetrable, and bullets can’t penetrate it.

Once Cui Hongwan had a battle with a certain gang, seven bullets were in his body, but he did not prevent him from destroying the gang.

The seven bullets are only embedded in his skin, unable to penetrate, nor injure the bones.

His body is steel and iron bones!

Why is this happening in Velador?

Be beaten like this? ? ?

How can this make people believe?

“Hurry up to the hospital! What are you doing in a daze?”

“I’m going to see Levi!”

Hart Xiaoqi immediately ran upstairs and came to the meeting room.

Where can anyone else?

Levi left long ago.

“It must be someone else from the Erick Group who is here! Levi’s luck is really good! He was rescued at this time!”

Hart Xiaoqi muttered to herself.

“But Erick Group is really strong, even a Lord like Cui Hongwan is not an opponent?”

Park Tianxin, who was far away in the provincial capital, received a call from his nephew, Lee Jae-jin.

“What? Something happened?”

Park Tianxin was dumbfounded.

“Uncle, Cui Hongwan was beaten, and now he is sent to the hospital, life or death is uncertain…”

After Lee Jae-jin told the truth, Park Tianxin fell to the ground with a snap.

His face was shocked!

“What’s the matter? Mr. Park should be Cui Hongwan and not an opponent, right?”

Logan Zaishi was calm and sipped tea slowly.

Park Tianxin looked at him in surprise: “Huh? Lord, you guessed it?”

“Normally, any security guard of the Erick Group can solve even Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong Logan together. It is not difficult to defeat Cui Hongwan! After all, Cui Hongwan is not much better than the two brothers!”

Logan Zaishi made a calm analysis.

Park Tianxin immediately said: “Lord is sure?”

“Hahaha, I’m only interested if they are stronger! Otherwise, a spike is too boring!”

Logan Zaishi smiled.

Seeing Lee Jae-shik so confident, Park Tianxin smiled.

“Hurry up and ask how the negotiation is going?”

Upon hearing this, Park Tianxin picked up the phone and dialed.

Chapter 527

“What? Warning us? Only give us five days, otherwise, we will be driven out of Velador?”

Park Tianxin was extremely angry.

He told Logan Zaishi of the three warnings raised by Levi.


Logan Zaishi slapped the table fiercely: “It’s a big tone! How about driving Sanxing Group out of Velador? It’s ridiculous!!!”

“Lord, calm down! Judging from the current situation, you really need to solve the matter yourself!”

Park Tianxin said.

“Well, you can arrange it! I can do it anytime!”

Logan exploded in Moran’s eyes.

The three apprentices were beaten and disabled one after another, and now they are humiliated again.

How can he bear it?

Pu Tianxin’s eyes flashed: “Lord, five days later is the day of my nephew’s wedding! I want to solve this matter the next day!”

“Well, yes!”

“In addition, I also invited the Lord to attend my nephew’s wedding. You will attend. Their wedding is absolutely unforgettable in the world!”

Park Tianxin pleaded.

“It’s okay! Just to go to Case York, after the wedding, solve the Erick Group!”

After Logan Zaizhen received the news, he immediately told Hart Xiaoqi.

“What? This kind of national soul level figure also attends our wedding?”

Hart Xiaoqi was very excited.

Because the haze of the negotiations was swept away.

“Uncle said, let us prepare for the wedding with peace of mind and ignore Erick Group for the time being!”

“In addition, the momentum of this wedding must be big, let the media release the news!”

Logan Jaejin said.

This wedding is not just a wedding in a pure sense.

It is a means used by Sanxing Group to build momentum!

Soon, the major media in Case York announced that Hart Xiaoqi, the general agent of Sanxing Group’s Velador District, will marry Logan Zaizhen, the nephew of the head of Sanxing Group’s Velador District.

What is even more sensational is that Lord Lee Jae-seok, the number one Lord of Taekwondo in Korea and the chief instructor of the Korean Million Corps, will also attend the wedding as a witness!

For a time, Case, York and even the whole Jiangnan were boiling.

Originally, this wedding attracted people’s attention.

Now even the Lords of the Korean national spirit class are coming to participate!

This attraction is so attractive!

This wedding is destined to attract worldwide attention!

In the ancestral home of the Hart family.

“Great, great! God bless my Hart family!”

Hart Wenshuo looked up to the sky and laughed.

Hart Xiaoqi’s grandfather, Zhengbo, leaned on crutches, and asked excitedly: “What? The first Lord of Taekwondo, Lee Jae-shik, is going to be a witness?”

“Dad, isn’t it! Logan Zaishi is a national treasure-level figure, no celebrity can compare to it! This is equivalent to a character like Qin Beishan from Velador!”

Hart Wenshuo said excitedly.

Treat a Gentile as pride!

“Hahaha… God bless my Hart family, my Hart family is out of phoenix!”

Zhengbo laughed loudly and looked at Hart Xiaoqi appreciatively.

“Yeen, it’s like three happy visits! My daughter has become a general agent and married a Korean. Now a national treasure is coming to witness her marriage! I’m so happy!”

Hart Xiaoqi’s mother Boyd Lan cried with joy.

Hart Wenshuo suddenly sighed: “My daughter’s fate is better. If I really followed Levi back then, now it’s nothing…”

“Of course! I said earlier, is my Hart family girl who Levi can climb?”

Zhengbo said angrily.

After Levi chose Sarah that year, Zhengbo begged Charlie bitterly.

In the end, they were insulted by Charlie and others, and they remembered this hatred in their hearts.

Chapter 528

“By the way, Charlie and others must be invited to the wedding! Ask them to take a good look, what kind of existence does my granddaughter marry?”

Zhengbo is bound to give out this bad breath.

“That’s for sure, I will go to Garrison’s house now!”

Hart Wenshuo drove right away and came to the house of Yejiazu.

All the properties of the Garrison family were taken away.

Levi only left the ancestral house for them.

Today’s Garrison Family is in utter collapse.

The luxury cars are gone.

Instead, it is an electric car, preferably a Jetta.

Seeing the desolation and decline of the Garrison Family, Hart Wenshuo felt that his whole body was extremely happy.

Thirty years of Hedong, Thirty years of Hexi!

Back then, our Hart family almost knelt on the ground and begged not to abolish the baby kiss. At that time, we were humble like an ant.

It can be good fortune, and in the past ten years, the situation has been reversed.

The Garrison family is as desolate as a dog, and the Hart family is as high as the sky.

Thinking of this, Hart Wenshuo smiled.

Are you irritating?

“Huh? Wenshuo, why are you here?”

Oncoming him were Levi’s adoptive parents, Ramond and Boyd Wanruo.

They looked at Hart Wenshuo in surprise.

Faced with their friends again, the two felt very nervous.

“Where is Charlie, come out too?”

Hart Wenshuo put his hands in his pockets and sneered.

When I saw Charlie back then, he was bent over and didn’t dare to look at each other.

Now that he is aloof, Charlie doesn’t care about it at all.

Soon, Charlie and others all gathered.

“What’s the matter with Mr. Hart?”

Charlie asked very lowly.

After the downfall, the Garrison family suffered a lot of bullies.

So Charlie can lower his head as soon as he can.

“I will tell you something-my daughter will have a wedding in five days! You must all attend!”

Hart Wenshuo ordered.

“Congratulations, congratulations, we will definitely participate! It is an honor for the Hart family to remember us!”

Charlie said with a smile.

The corners of Hart Wenshuo’s lips and smile deepened: “Do you know the weight of my Xiaoqi? The general agent of Sanxing Group in Velador, with a dividend of 200 million a year! Her fiance is a direct line of Sanxing Group’s Logan family and owns shares of Sanxing Group! Let’s talk less You have to start with tens of billions! Better than your Garrison family at their peak!”

While Charlie and others were shocked, they also echoed: “That is! The Hart family is already very strong! Miss Hart Xiaoqi is even more of a phoenix!”

“It’s good to know! When your family Levi refused, our Hart family begged for mercy. You actually tore the doll’s kiss paper appointment! At that time, you looked arrogant!”

Hart Wenshuo swept his eyes on the faces of Charlie and others.

Charlie and the others only felt hot on their faces.

All the people back then have returned.

“You have today too? Did I say that Levi is not worthy of my daughter at the time? Now you believe it? Haha…”

Hart Wenshuo said more and more refreshed.

The smile on his face soon disappeared.

Because the Garrison family didn’t answer his question.

Someone agreed with everything I said before.

But when Levi was mentioned, the Garrison family didn’t respond, and their complexion became abnormal.

Seeing this, Hart Wenshuo was a little angry, and he sneered: “What? Do you still think my daughter is not worthy of Levi?”

After Ramond and Boyd Wanruo looked at each other, they nodded together and said, “Well, it’s not good enough!”

Although the others did not speak.

But the meaning is the same!

Hart Xiaoqi will never be worthy of Levi!

That is the most important weapon of the country, General God of War, the god of war protector of the country!

Is your daughter worthy of it?

Chapter 529


After listening, Hart Wenshuo became angry from embarrassment.

“What is Levi in your house? My daughter is not worthy of him?”

Hart Wenshuo pointed to Ramond’s nose and said: “Don’t talk about Levi now, even if it was Levi who was at the peak six years ago? My daughter is now an executive of Sanxing Group!

You have to understand that Sanxing Group is a big chaebol, and it can’t be compared with any company! What’s more, now my daughter is going to marry a direct line of Sanxing Group! A Levi is not good enough for my daughter!!! “


Ramond smiled.

It’s mocking!!!

“Old Hart, are you still from Velador? Is your daughter proud to marry a Korean? Is your daughter very good at a foreign company? Is this capital to show off?”

“Furthermore, even if your daughter becomes the chairman of Sanxing Group, she is not worthy of my family’s King’s Landing!”

Ramond sneered.

“Yes! Isn’t it just a Korean company backed by it? What’s there to be proud of? Want to be worthy of Levi? Dreaming!”

Others also echoed the road.

Although the Garrison Family has done all the bad things, even though many people in the Garrison Family have bad views.

But in the face of national justice and the right and wrong of the country, it is still clear.

What can you be proud of next to a Korean son-in-law?

Hart Wenshuo was desperate.

“Okay, you Garrison Family are really hard-mouthed! It’s all like this, you thought it was before?”

Hart Wenshuo roared.

Ramond persuaded: “Old Hart, we can go to the wedding! But I suggest that you never invite my family to come, if you invite him to go, it is definitely a mistake!”

Boyd Wanruo also said with certainty: “Yes, that’s right! If you want to invite Levi to the wedding and think that he regrets it, your Hart family will regret it!”

“Yes! Don’t invite Levi to the wedding! His light will cover everyone, and he will make your daughter, you, and everyone in the Hart family regret it!”

Charlie also said the same.

But the Garrison family is more so.

The more Hart Wenshuo refused to accept it!

“Very good! Levi, I must let him come to the wedding! I want to see how the Hart family regrets it! Can he overshadow my son-in-law’s light?”

Hart Wenshuo does not believe in evil at all.

After Hart Wenshuo left.

Ramond sighed helplessly: “Another stunned green, just like us before, just don’t believe in evil!”

At night, the Oriental Garden.

“Have you seen King’s Landing? Your baby’s relative, Hart Xiaoqi, is getting married! He’s a handsome Korean guy!”

Sarah asked with a smile.

“You know, the news of their wedding is overwhelming.”

Levi looked impatient.

“Then I ask if you regret it? Hart Xiaoqi is so beautiful and outstanding now!”

Sarah stared at Levi and asked.

Levi smiled and said, “Wife, when did you learn badly, come to tease me!”

With that, Levi began to tickle.

Sarah kept evading.

“Husband, I was wrong, let’s say business! Did she invite you to get married?”

Sarah asked.

“It’s an invitation, I promised to participate.”

Sarah squeezed Xiaofenquan: “Since we are going to participate, then we will treat it solemnly! I will take time to buy you a set of clothes tomorrow, so I can’t lose face!”

“Haha, this is not necessary! I have my clothes ready, absolutely domineering!”

Levi smiled.

Because he attended Hart Xiaoqi’s wedding, he was going to wear his general uniform!!!

Chapter 530

“That’s good, I don’t need to participate! I know the Hart family has always regarded me as an enemy!”

Sarah smiled.

“Haha, even though she is a baby, I have always regarded her as a younger sister!”

Levi approached.

Sarah smiled and said, “My husband, you don’t understand what a woman thinks! You treat her as a younger sister, but she didn’t use you as an older brother! How did you say that you failed her at the beginning? For this wedding, you are prepared to be generous. Present it! If you don’t have enough money, take this card!”

She generously handed Levi a bank card.

Levi petted her hair.

That is, Sarah is so kind.

To other women, not to mention attending the wedding of the relatives of the dolls, or attending the wedding of women, will be unhappy.

Not to mention buying gifts for money.

Levi smiled: “Okay, I didn’t expect this, I would prepare a great gift!”

Levi told Wesley to prepare a big gift.

In the past few days, Sanxing Group has penetrated into every field in Case York, making preparations in advance for the large-scale entry.

The so-called wedding is just a tool to be used.

All are the steps taken by Sanxing Group to conquer the Case York market!

Levi let people open one eye and close the other without paying attention.

Soon a few days passed.

It’s only one day away from Hart Xiaoqi’s wedding.

Everything is ready for the Hart family!

Binhai Manor has spent huge sums of money to build a wedding venue.

“My daughter is amazing. The wedding has attracted worldwide attention!”

Hart Wenshuo laughed loudly.

“Come, come, sit down and rest!”

Zhengbo smiled.

“After tomorrow, your granddaughter will be a member of the Sanxing Group. Our Hart family will follow you!”

Everyone in the Hart family was happy.

Hart Xiaoqi is trying various wedding dresses.

Tomorrow she will marry in the most beautiful posture!

Tell those who once looked down on her that she became the supreme being.

Let those who once gave up her regret it!

“Who do you want to see the most at your daughter’s wedding tomorrow?”

Boyd Lan asked.


A cold light flashed in Hart Xiaoqi’s eyes.

The Hart family actually knew that she had always liked Levi, but after Levi chose Sarah, she hurt her deeply.

Hart Xiaoqi is hated by love!

Now there is only a lot of hatred towards Levi!

She vowed to become stronger and better!

Excellent enough to surpass Levi and Sarah.

Let Levi regret it!!!

She wants to marry a man who is a thousand times better than Levi!

Let Levi take a good look!

He is not worthy of himself!

It’s been so long, and finally waited for this day!

Hart Xiaoqi looks forward to time soon.

She can’t wait to see how Levi and the Garrison family regret it!

The Hart family looked refreshed and relaxed.

Zhengbo turned on the TV to watch the news.

“According to overseas news reports-at the Hawaiian auction today, a necklace named Love of the Century was photographed at a sky-high price of 800 million! It is reported that the buyer is a Chinese, and the necklace is being shipped to Velador!”

“I also heard that this necklace is used as a wedding gift! In itself, the love of the century symbolizes innocent and unswerving love. It has been through centuries! I don’t know that the bride of Velador will be so lucky?

This news attracted the Hart family, especially Hart Xiaoqi.

Because the token of love that Logan Jae-jin prepared for her was also a limited-edition necklace.

Worth millions!

Make her little sisters very envious!

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