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Chapter 531

She was very happy at first, but after seeing the love of the century, she lost interest in an instant.

How nice is that this necklace of Love of the Century is yours?

Wearing this necklace, she is definitely the most beautiful bride in the world!

“Forget it, this kind of luck can’t belong to me!”

Before the break, Hart Xiaoqi called Levi again and asked him to be there tomorrow.

“Don’t worry, I will be there tomorrow, and I have prepared a gift for you!”

Levi approached.


Hart Xiaoqi laughed at herself.

What gift can Levi prepare?

“You can see it tomorrow!”

Levi smiled.

The next day.

Hart Xiaoqi and Lee Jae Jin’s wedding day!

Binhai Villa is extremely lively.

One after another luxury cars are rushing here!

“Suhangyue’s family is here to attend the wedding! I wish Miss Hart Xiaoqi and Mr. Logan Zaizhen a hundred years, and give birth to a good son!”

“the city Dong’s family is here to attend the wedding…”

“Austin Xiaolong, Chairman of Runtian Group, congratulates the new couple!”

In addition to the contacts of the Hart family, even other rich and noble people have come.

This is something the Hart family never expected.

“Hahaha, I’m a rich family in Zhengjia Town! These families were the ones we looked up to before!”

Zhengbo smiled, his face flushed.

“Xiao Guopu, the head of the Xiao family, is here!”

“Lei Qianjue, the lord of the Lei family, is here!”

“Han Xiaokun, the head of the Han family, is here!”

The big guys who attended the wedding next amazed him!

Because they are all heads of billionaires!

Represents the strongest group of people in Case York.

Especially Xiao Guopu is here.

Xiao Guopu is the richest person in Cox Hang Ming right now!

Even he is here?

“Hahaha, my Hart family’s face is too big, right?”

Zhengbo was short of breath, with shock on his face.

The excited hearts of the rest of the Hart family all fly out.

Hart Wenshuo smiled: “Everyone calm down! These super big guys must come because of Sanxing Group!”

“Yes, that’s right! It must be to give Sanxing Group face!”

Everyone is relieved.

The guests came in batches.

Almost all the big names in Case York are included!

Hart Xiaoqi couldn’t hide her smile.

Her wedding attracted so many big people?

“Have you seen Levi? This is my wedding! Even the richest man in Case York, Shane Wanshan, and the current richest man, Xiao Guopu, are here! I’m just better than you! You just don’t deserve me!”

Hart Xiaoqi was extremely excited.

Her eyes were also searching for Levi’s figure.

Levi didn’t see it.

But Charlie came with the Garrison family.

“Hahaha… the once rich Garrison Family is here, we are really brilliant!”

Hart Wenshuo sneered.

Everyone’s eyes also cast their eyes on everyone in the Garrison Family.

“They still have the face to come to the wedding? The Garrison family ruthlessly tore up the baby marriage contract between Levi and Hart Xiaoqi!”

“How powerful is the Hart family now? Look at what the decline of the Garrison family has become? It’s a slap in the face!”

“If I were the Garrison family, I would definitely not come to the wedding! What a shame!”

Charlie and others didn’t treat it as the same thing for the cynicism of the surrounding people.

“Miss Hart is married! I hope you are happy and do not regret it!”

Charlie smiled.

“What do you mean? What do you mean by not regretting? Could Miss Hart still regret not marrying Levi? It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?”

Everyone sneered.

Hart Xiaoqi smiled: “Don’t worry, I can’t regret it!”

“By the way, where is Levi?”

She changed the conversation and asked.

Chapter 532

Ramond smiled and said, “Don’t worry, since he promised to come, he will definitely come!”

He added another sentence in his heart: “This wedding he is the most distinguished guest!”

Boyd Wanruo smiled even more: “Girl, we advise you to be mentally prepared, don’t wait until you can’t bear it!”

Charlie echoed: “Not only the Hart girl, but everyone in the Hart family should also be mentally prepared! Especially Old Hart, don’t go straight there later!”

Upon hearing this, the Hart family was furious.

“Charlie, what do you mean?? Are you cursing my father? Bah! Why? Think of us as the former Hart family?”

Hart Wenshuo pointed to Charlie’s nose and shouted.

“I’m telling you! My Hart family is now a rich family! My son-in-law is a shareholder of Sanxing Group, and my daughter is the general agent of Velador District! On the other hand, your Garrison family is now a street mouse! You are in the eyes of the Hart family. , Just a few dogs!”

“What is it? Why? Does Levi have any noble status? We can’t bear it yet? It’s ridiculous!!!”

The Hart family shouted one after another.

Hart Xiaoqi also sneered: “I thank all Garrison’s parents for their blessings! I have a good bearing capacity in my heart, but Levi, I am afraid he will not be able to bear it for a while! Seeing me so good, my husband is even better than him. Thousands of times, is he who regrets it?”

Hearing this, Ramond laughed loudly and said: “Don’t worry, the one you regret is definitely you!”

“In addition, whether my Garrison family is down and down depends on his words! As long as King’s Landing has a word, my Garrison family will immediately become Case, York, and even the No. 1 giant in Jiangnan Province!”

Speaking of this, the Garrison family is full of pride.

Although Levi announced on the spot that it had nothing to do with them.

But in everyone’s mind, Levi is the Garrison family!

It is the biggest pride of the Garrison Family, none of them!


But when the others in the room heard this sentence, they all laughed.

“Is there something wrong with the Garrison family’s brain? We are in Case York, don’t we know how Levi is?”

“It’s just a complete mess! What can you do if you mix with the security guards every day?”

Everyone sneered and laughed.

Hart Xiaoqi puts her hands around her chest, with a high posture.

Today’s Levi really can’t compare with her.

“What’s wrong with my dear?”

At this moment, the bridegroom Logan Zaizhen walked slowly.

Today’s Logan Jae-jin shines brightly, and it suddenly appears in the crowd.

Whether it is face value, height or temperament, they crush the other men present.

“Wow! The groom is so handsome, isn’t it? He is a nobleman again, a shareholder of Sanxing Group!”

“Hart Xiaoqi is so happy! So envious!”

There were voices of wonder and admiration everywhere in the audience.

After Hart Xiaoqi heard it, she felt proud of herself.

Did you all see it?

My husband is admired and envied by thousands!

Can you match Levi?

Countless celebrities from Case York immediately handed out their business cards when they saw Logan Zaizhen arrived.

There are several people who are no less than Charlie at the peak.

As soon as Lee Jae Jin appeared, he became the focus.

“The girl of the old Hart family is really fate! I was abandoned by Levi, and I didn’t expect to find such a good family?”

“Isn’t it? Old Hart had knelt down for Charlie, and Charlie still tore up the baby’s marriage contract, and now he probably regrets it!”

Chapter 533

“The retribution is coming really fast, what is the Garrison family like now! Does the Garrison family still come to the wedding, doesn’t their face hurt?”

Everyone is watching jokes.

Hart Xiaoqi whispered to Logan Zaizhen: “The Garrison family said that I will regret seeing Levi later!”

After Logan Zaizhen heard it, he laughed and said, “Hahaha, it’s ridiculous! As the family of Logan Sanxing Group, let alone a little Levi, what about the son of the richest man in Case York? Not on you!”

Logan Zaizhen even glanced at everyone in the Garrison family: “Don’t worry, my dear, these dogs are not worth your anger!”

He didn’t pay attention to Garrison Family at all!

Even at the peak of the Garrison Family, it was like an ant in front of the Sanxing Group.

Hart Xiaoqi also looked at the Garrison family proudly.

It’s just that the Garrison family didn’t respond, which made her very angry.

its not right?

Shouldn’t the Garrison family regret that I was married to such a good person?

Why is there no response at all?

This puzzled the Hart family.

At this moment, on the highway from the provincial capital to Case York, a long convoy came.

They were Park Tianxin and Lee Jae-shik.

Came to Case York to attend the wedding.

Of course, the main purpose is to act on Case York and completely occupy Case York.

As soon as I got off the high-speed intersection, the leader was stopped by someone.

One person walked towards him, it was Takemori.

“what happened?”

Park Tianxin looked unhappy.

When I first came to Case York, I was stopped by a car.

“Who is the head of Sanxing Group?”

Takemori asked.

“It’s me, what’s the matter?”

Park Tianxin got off the bus.

“Have you received all the warnings from the previous negotiation meeting?”

Takemori asked.


Park Tianxin looked at him.

“Five days will be here soon, what about your decision? Could it be that you came to pay the money and apologize?”

Boyd Sen asked with a smile.


“I can rest assured of a warning from Erick Group? It’s ridiculous!!!”

Park Tianxin said angrily.

“Yes! No one has ever dared to warn Sanxing Group!”

The others also roared.

Boyd Sen shook his head helplessly: “In this way, you have no intention of repentance! My boss said, then you will finally get out of Case, York and Velador!”


Hearing Boyd Sen’s words, everyone in the Sanxing Group laughed.

They looked at Takemori as if they were looking at a fool.

Let Sanxing Group get out of Velador?

How can it be!!!

“Hahaha, go back and tell your boss, who gets out of Case York is not necessarily the case! This time, the old grudges and the old grudges will be counted together!”

Park Tianxin sneered.

With Logan Zaishi by his side, who would he be afraid of?

This time, it is bound to wipe out the Erick Group!

When the Sanxing Group’s motorcade came to Binhai Villa, the scene exploded.

This is the head of the Velador District of Sanxing Group!!!

Sanxing Group has more than 100 billion assets in the provincial capital alone, and is proud of the entire provincial capital.

Adding the 100 billion from Shanler faction, there are a total of more than 200 billion.

To be more popular, Park Tianxin is the first person in Jiangnan Province.

The Hart family is extremely proud!

Such a character is Hart Xiaoqi’s uncle!

Isn’t the Hart family going to become a real giant?

This makes many people in Case York envy!

“Mr. Lee Jae-seok, the number one Lord of Taekwondo in Korea, the chief instructor of the Million Army, and a national treasure figure, came to attend the wedding! Please stand up!”

Accompanied by Logan Zaishi’s admission.

The atmosphere of the audience pushed to a climax.

Hart Xiaoqi cried with joy.

Even national treasures have come to her wedding…

Levi, are you worthy of me?

Chapter 534

With Logan Zaishi’s appearance, even Xiao Guopu, Shane Wanshan and other heavyweights also stood up.

This kind of national treasure-level identity background crushes everyone.

Even if he is from Korea.

But face must be given!

Seeing this effect, even Charlie and others changed their colors.

If it weren’t for Levi’s status, it wouldn’t be enough.

This is the big tree next to the Hart family!

See the effect of the audience standing up.

The Hart family all smiled.

Especially Hart Xiaoqi, feeling extremely proud.

Any woman’s wedding to this level is probably the pinnacle, right?

I am the happiest woman!!!

Logan Zaishi even congratulated him: “From now on, you are the daughter-in-law of my Sanxing Group! Remember your honorable status and don’t be delayed by some mundane things!”

Logan Zaishi’s words are tantamount to acknowledging the fact that Hart Xiaoqi became a member of the Logan family chaebol of Sanxing Group!

This is the real noble!

He meant that Hart Xiaoqi was an aristocrat, so don’t entangle some laymen.

That would be demeaning!

“There is also the Hart family. If anything happens in the future, Sanxing Group can solve it for you!”

Logan Zaishi mentioned the Hart family again.


Happiness fell from the sky, and Zhengbo and the others almost fainted with excitement.

Zhengbo yelled at Charlie: “When Charlie was when I knelt down to you, didn’t you say that the Garrison family was something that the Hart family could never climb? Now? Open your eyes and see! The current Hart family what does it look like!”

The bad breath that the Hart family had accumulated ten years ago finally came out.

That’s so cool!

One day the Hart family will step on the nose of the Garrison family?

“Thanks to Levi for his refusal back then. If it weren’t for your refusal, Hart Xiaoqi would not be where I am today! Thank you!”

Hart Xiaoqi cried with joy.

She even looked at Charlie and others with a smile: “Thank you to every elder of the Garrison family, you tore up the marriage contract and gave me happiness! I really thank you!”

The Garrison Family’s complexion was a little ugly.

Where is this thank you?

This is obviously an insult to the Garrison family!

“Why hasn’t Levi come yet?”

Hart Xiaoqi is now eager to see Levi, hoping to see his regretful side.

In her mind, she imagined Levi kneeling on the ground, crying and regretting…

The wedding is about to begin.

All guests are seated.

With the current identity of the Garrison family, it stands to reason that it should be arranged in a corner position.

However, in order to humiliate the Garrison family, the Hart family arranged the Garrison family at the front table.

At the table next to him, there are figures like Park Tianxin and Logan Jae-shik.

“The wedding is still five minutes away, Mr. Logan and Ms. Hart are ready to go!”

The emcee to remind.

Hart Xiaoqi kept looking ahead, looking forward to Levi’s appearance.

If Levi is not here, her marriage is not secure.

It can be said that after meeting Levi, her wedding was purely to humiliate Levi.

It won’t work if he doesn’t come!

“Miss, someone is coming to give gifts!”

At this time the butler ran and said.

“Ah? You can just accept it as a gift! Why are you so flustered?”

Hart Xiaoqi frowned, and a trace of displeasure flashed across.

“Miss, the person who came to the gift said that this gift is too precious and must be handed over to you!”

Butler said.

“Okay, let him come!”

Soon, a private helicopter appeared on the grass at the wedding scene.

Attracted everyone’s attention.

Even Hart Xiaoqi was stunned.

What kind of gift is this?

It was delivered by helicopter?

Chapter 535

Six men in suits got off the helicopter.

One of them was holding an exquisite gift box in his hand.

All the others guarded the surroundings, fearing that the box would fall.

Looking at the cautious appearance of a few people, it seems that the gifts in the gift box all want to be invaluable.

This makes everyone very puzzled.

What kind of gift is it?

The eyes of the audience are focused on these people.

“I know these people, they are the internationally famous Sirius security company, they only receive escorts of hundreds of millions worth of items!”

“This is a direct helicopter escort, this posture is probably worth not less than 500 million!”

Seeing the wolf head logo on these people’s clothes, Park Tianxin couldn’t help but be surprised.


When the others heard it, they took a breath.

Five hundred million worth of gifts?

What kind of gift is it so expensive?

Hart Xiaoqi was excited and nervous.

It affects that no friends and classmates will give themselves such precious gifts, right?

The most expensive gift I received today is one million.

Soon, the six escorted the gift box to Hart Xiaoqi.

“Miss Hart, please open it!”

The man held the gift box in his hand and presented it in front of Hart Xiaoqi.

“Open it and see what it is?”

The crowd urged.

Hart Xiaoqi trembling both hands, carefully opened the exquisite gift box.


The moment the box was opened, the audience was stunned.

Everyone held their breath and stared at the box without blinking.

Because in the box is a string of necklaces, especially a large blue diamond is dazzling!

It is so shining that people cannot open their eyes!



After seeing the necklace clearly, Hart Xiaoqi was struck by lightning.

The whole person’s eyes are about to fly out.

There is no other reason.

Because the gift in the box turned out to be the love of the world that was just auctioned off in Hawaii for 800 million!

A necklace that has been through for ten centuries!

Symbolizes innocent and unswerving love!

It is the best testimony to love!!!

“Ms. Hart, let me introduce to you that this is the legendary treasure of Love in the World, which was auctioned off by a distinguished customer of 800 million! The item is absolutely real! Here are the inspection certificates of all major departments in the world!”

As he said, one person came forward with a lot of certificates.

Hart Xiaoqi’s tears of excitement came out.

“who is it?”

Hart Xiaoqi asked excitedly.

“This gentleman does not want to be named, but he will come to the wedding later! Here, he wishes Miss Hart a happy love in advance! This necklace is his little blessing!”

These people left immediately after the escort.


This is the doubt of everyone present.

Hart Xiaoqi is even more curious.

Who among her relatives and friends would give herself such an expensive gift?

She thought for a while.

No one matches.

Forget it.

Isn’t this person going to show up later?

Just wait.

Hart Xiaoqi received such an expensive gift, and the Hart family cried with joy.

“My Hart family’s rise is unstoppable?”

“I never dreamed that if my daughter gets married, someone will give a gift worth 800 million?”

The Hart family laughed from ear to ear.

“But who is this? Is it someone who has a crush on my daughter?”

Hart Wenshuo muttered to himself.

“Yes, I can’t guess who it is?”

Everyone racked their brains, can’t think of anyone to give gifts?

At this time, the Garrison family looked at each other and all smiled.

“What are you laughing at? As if you knew who gave the gift?”

Hart Wenshuo said angrily.

“Yes, we know who sent it!”

Charlie admitted.

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