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Chapter 536

Before Hart Wenshuo could speak, Zhengbo sneered and said, “Pull it down! If you Garrison Family knew such a character, why would you decline to this point?”

The Hart family no longer cares about the Garrison family.

In their eyes.

The Garrison Family is like a clown.

If it weren’t for humiliating the Garrison family, they wouldn’t be eligible to come to the wedding!

Not even qualified to speak here!

Everyone is looking forward to seeing the person who sent the “Love of the Century”.

The Hart family is especially looking forward to it.

The next step is the procedure to follow the money.

After the Hart family’s status was improved, many people’s money was tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Xiao Guopu even went with millions of dollars.

Park Tianxin even followed the ten million of money in one go, which made Zhengbo and several people laugh happily.

A wedding will make a net profit of 20-30 million!

Of course, there are 800 million necklaces!

Make a lot of money!!!

Just after everyone had paid for the money, Shane Huamo, the head of Case Bank’s head office, arrived.

“Ah? Miss Shane, why are you here?”

Many people present know Shane Huamo.

The Hart family respectfully greeted them, and they will have to deal with the head office in the future.

“Could Miss Shane also come to my daughter’s wedding?”

Hart Wenshuo asked with a smile.

Shane Huamo shook his head: “Hello, Miss Hart Xiaoqi, I came with the money for a guest! Since the money he accompanied was too large, I will come personally!”


Hart Xiaoqi was surprised and happy.

What a huge amount of money?

The senior director of the head office came to handle the affairs in person…

“Miss Hart of Love of the Century has received it before, right?”

Shane Huamo asked with a smile.

“Huh? I got it…”

Hart Xiaoqi was shocked.

Unexpectedly, the person who gave the necklace came with the money again.

“I have already given gifts, do I still need to pay for it?”

Hart Xiaoqi was a little embarrassed.

“Need, one yard into one yard!”

Shane Huamo took out the check and read: “Which gentleman accompanied the money in!”

When she saw the long string of numbers on the check, Hart Xiaoqi was shocked and almost fainted.

Zhengbo almost passed by.

The elementary money comes with nearly 880 million or more? ? ?

What pomp?

What kind of character is it?

“Well, check for you, my task is complete!”

Shane Huamo and the bank staff left.

Hart Xiaoqi held the check tremblingly, and repeatedly confirmed that it was nine eights!

And it was sent by Shane Huamo himself, there is no fake!

Oh my god!

Who the hell is it?

Gifts give 800 million necklaces.

The elementary money goes with more than 880 million?

The Hart family was going to explode with excitement.

With this kind of relatives and friends, it’s a great deal of face.

From now on, the Hart family will be the pinnacle of Case York!

This time even Park Tianxin and Logan Jae-shik were stunned.

This shot is too generous.

Nearly two billion at once!

And this posture shows that either rich or expensive!

its not right!

Park Tianxin frowned.

As for the background of the Hart family, he investigated clearly.

There is no such a powerful character at all!

Even if the distant relatives after several generations have been checked, it is not amazing at all?

Who can this be?

Hart Xiaoqi felt that everything was too unreal.

Do you have this kind of friend?

Will the wedding be so grand?

Now she desperately wants to know who it is?

“Miss’ wedding time is up, does it begin?”

The emcee asked.

“Wait, he hasn’t come yet!”

Hart Xiaoqi said.

Although she doesn’t know who it is!

But today’s wedding can only begin when he comes.


Why hasn’t Levi come yet?

Chapter 537

“Levi dare to come and scold him? I guess he was scared back when he saw so many luxury cars at the entrance of the villa!”

“Yes! Levi is a smart man! He knows that he will be humiliated when he comes to the wedding. Where can he dare to come?”

“It’s a pity, I can’t see Levi regretting crying!”

Hart Wenshuo and others shook their heads helplessly.

This is also a pity for Hart Xiaoqi.

Why isn’t Levi coming?

She now wants to show him a necklace of 800 million, a check of 880 million!

I want to tell him in person that this is my Hart Xiaoqi’s wedding!!!

After Ramond heard it, he sneered and said: “Don’t worry, King’s Landing will come, he will not be absent! But you are mentally prepared, I am afraid that I will not be able to bear it for a while!”

“Shut up! Don’t talk!!!”

Hearing the same words made Hart Wenshuo very angry.

I can’t wait to beat Ramond a few times.

At this time, several ordinary cars came to the entrance of the villa.

The receptionist in charge at the door saw the car sneered and said: “This kind of car dare to come to this level of wedding?

But after getting off the car, his expression freezes.

Because what he saw was a super man!

The true leaders of Case York.

When this group of people came to the wedding scene, the whole audience was boiling.

Except for Piao Tianxin who didn’t know the truth, everyone else stood up.

“Mayor Porter, why are you here?”

“There are also three deputy mayors, Secretary Wang and Director Fu Brown! District Mayor Xia…”

Zhengbo almost fell to the ground.

Because the person here is surprisingly Dean and others.

Almost all the major leaders of Case York came.

This kind of person comes to the wedding too?

The eyes of Hart Wenshuo and others are about to fly out.

“Miss Hart is happy newly married! Today, we are here in our own name, so don’t be nervous!”

Dean smiled.

Hart Xiaoqi squeezed her face to confirm once again that this is not a dream.

Even the leaders of Case York have come to attend their wedding?

How much face do you have to be?

Dean greeted Logan Zaizhen again and blessed the bridegroom officer.

“Mr. Park, we know you…”

Dean and several people greeted Park Tianxin again.

The Hart family looked at each other.

They understood instantly.

Dean and the others came to the wedding to give the Sanxing Group face.

Through this, Hart Xiaoqi immediately thought of whether the person who gave her the necklace was also related to the Sanxing Group?

Is it even sent by Sanxing Group?


Why isn’t Levi coming?

He can miss too much.

Thinking of this, Hart Xiaoqi immediately called Levi.

“Are you there yet?”

Hart Xiaoqi asked.

“Here, there is a traffic jam on the road! I’ll be there soon!”

Levi approached.

“It’s so kind of you to come!!!”

Hart Xiaoqi smiled.

“I will dress up for your wedding and treat it with the highest etiquette!”

Levi really regarded her as a younger sister, after all, he had been behind him since he was a child.


After Sarah reminded him, Levi came to take it seriously.

Soon, several military vehicles stopped at the entrance of the villa.


Two teams of soldiers rushed into the wedding scene, and then stood on both sides along the red carpet.

This sudden scene shocked everyone.

Hart Xiaoqi looked at the door eagerly.

A few people appeared at the door, all wearing military uniforms.

Surrounded by several people, a stalwart figure appeared.

A green military uniform with five stars on his shoulders!!!

Chapter 538

When the two rows of soldiers entered the field, everyone’s breathing was stagnant and their eyes frozen.

Even Logan Jae-shik and Park Tianxin’s expressions were frozen, and their eyes were about to fly out.

Why did the army rush in for a good wedding?

At this time, everyone in the audience got up and looked forward.

Including Dean and others.

They clearly know who the comer is?

The Garrison family swept away the previous haze and smiled.

“finally come!!!”

At the end of the line of sight, a person in an officer’s uniform appeared.

Above the epaulettes are all stars.

In addition to Duan Tianyang, who carries two stars on his shoulders, there are five others who carry one star on his shoulders!

One lieutenant general, five major generals!

This battle is simply too scary!!!

Lee Jae-shik knows what this means best!!!

“Is this also to congratulate my daughter’s wedding?”

Hart Wenshuo was surprised, his surprise eyes were about to fly out.

The Hart family also thought of this for the first time.

In everyone’s eyes, it must be the one who gave Hart Xiaoqi the Century of Love and the 880 million gift to appear!!!

“Oh my god, I never dreamt that I would be a military boss!”

“This is the peak moment of my Hart family!!!”

Zhengbo cried with joy and roared.

The top leaders of the military, business and politics are here to attend Hart Xiaoqi’s wedding!

This is definitely a moment of supreme glory for Hart Xiaoqi and the Hart family!!!

All the Hart family members are wiping tears with excitement…

But there is a question-who is it?

Hart Xiaoqi stood in a daze, and she couldn’t figure it out for a long time. She has no contact with the military…

Logan Jae-shik kept trembling, his palms sweating.

He is most afraid of encountering soldiers when he comes to Velador…

Unexpectedly, he would meet a lieutenant general and five major generals!

Park Tianxin and Lee Jaejin were dumbfounded.

A small Hart family, first alarmed the supreme leader of the city, and now several practical generals came.

Is this still the Hart family?

Originally, they had investigated everything about the Hart family. They had an innocent family background and did not have a strong background.

This is convenient for control.

But now it seems that this is the top family!

Dean and Fu Xuejian greeted them immediately.

Zhengbo also took a deep breath, wiped a handful of tears, and hurriedly followed.

The Hart family followed one after another.

Hart Xiaoqi was also very nervous and excited.

“By the way, isn’t Levi coming? Don’t come at this time! If you run into these people, it will be over!”

While following up, Hart Xiaoqi quickly dialed out a phone call.

The phone went through, but no one answered!

“Hurry up! Pick up, Levi, what are you doing?”

Hart Xiaoqi said anxiously.

What shocked her even more was the vaguely heard mobile phone ringing in front of her.

“Isn’t it such a coincidence? Is he really here at this time?”

Hart Xiaoqi’s whole body is going to be petrified.

“Levi, hurry up to pick it up!!!”

Hart Xiaoqi was anxious to death in her heart.

Soon, everyone came to the front.

The faces of Duan Tianyang and Wesley five have been clearly seen.

It’s really five generals!

Logan Zaishi took a deep breath, wishing to hide.

At this moment, accompanied by the ringing of the cell phone, one person stepped forward.

Hart Xiaoqi closed her eyes in despair…

Why is Levi here at this time?

Damn it!!!

“By the way, quickly turn off your phone!”

Hart Xiaoqi reacted and hung up the phone quickly.

But when he looked up, he saw a familiar face.

Levi is here!!!

Chapter 539


Everyone in the Hart family also naturally saw Levi, but when he was about to speak out, they found something was wrong.

The six generals stood on both sides automatically, leaving Levi a separate way.

What’s more terrifying is Levi’s clothes!

It’s not a suit.



Is he wearing a military uniform? ? ?

When Hart Xiaoqi and others saw that Levi was also wearing a military uniform, their jaw dropped in shock.

Everyone, look carefully!

Instead, confirm!

This is not dreaming!

Levi is really wearing a military uniform!

Look at the military rank again.

The eyes of the hundreds of people in the audience were all focused on Levi’s epaulettes.





what? ? ?


Five stars?

Five stars?

Five-star general? ? ?

There is only one Chinese Five-Star Admiral-God of War, the God of War!!!

what? ? ?

Is Levi General God of War, the No. 1 God of War in Velador? ? ?

This this this…

After thinking about this in everyone’s mind, everyone’s complexion changed, petrified!

Logan Zaishi looked at Levi, then at Alton and others.

The God of War often accompanied the Five Great War Kings, all of whom had the rank of major general.

Looks right!

He is General God of War!

That’s the God of War general who has suppressed the world and killed the eighteen nations by one person!!!

The nightmare of all mercenaries in the world is also the god of war most feared by all major countries.

Logan Zaishi is also the person I fear most, not one of them!

God, how come I met General God of War!!!


Logan Zaishi couldn’t stand it anymore when he came into contact with Levi’s eyes.

He fell to his knees with a puff.

Where is the style of the first person in Taekwondo?

Park Tianxin was too scared!

Levi turned out to be God of War? ? ?

The only five-star general in Velador?

I understand!

I understand it all!

The Lord behind Erick Group is General God of War!

Otherwise, why can’t find anything?

Otherwise, dominate Case York in such a short time?

Otherwise, why is Shanler gone?

It turned out to be General God of War…

No wonder he dared to warn Sanxing Group like this!

That’s it!

This time is completely over!


Pu Tianxin’s legs softened and he fell to his knees.

The cold sweat had wetted his whole body like rain.

People around are dumbfounded.


Why did the two major figures of the Sanxing Group kneel on the ground in fright?

Dean and others came to Levi and shouted together: “General God of War!!!”

This is equivalent to telling everyone that this is really General God of War!

“General God of War? Is it really General God of War?”

“In my lifetime, I actually saw General God of War?”

The audience was boiling, everyone looked at Levi in admiration.

This is Velador’s God of War to protect the country.

It’s everyone’s belief!!!

The Garrison family was very pleased to see this scene.

They are very proud.

No matter what, Levi is Garrison after all!

Once was a member of the Garrison family!

Charlie and others have already looked at the Hart family.

The Hart family seemed to have been struck by lightning, all of them focused on the outside and tender on the inside, where they stood, without consciousness, their brains were blank.

“Da da da…”

Stepping on his army boots, Levi came to Hart Xiaoqi and Logan Zaizhen step by step.

He smiled and said: “Xiaoqi, happy wedding! I hope you will always be happy! My good sister!”


Hart Xiaoqi slowly raised her head and met Levi’s eyes.

She couldn’t bear it anymore, tears burst into her eyes.

Chapter 540

Levi looked at Logan Zaizhen again and said, “Since she chose you, treat her well!”

“I… I, I, I…”

Lee Jae Jin was immersed in a deep shock…

His body was trembling, and his teeth were trembling.

Don’t know what to say?

Levi stood in front of him, like a mountain!

Logan Jaejin was almost out of breath for the pressure.

I can’t wait to kneel down for Levi.


Hart Xiaoqi was crying so hard.

The scene was quiet to the point where the needle dropped.

Only Hart Xiaoqi’s cries echoed!

Miserable and sad!

The more everyone listened, the more cold it became.

“Grandpa Hart, Uncle Hart, Auntie hasn’t seen you for a long time!”

Levi smiled and greeted everyone in the Hart family.



Zhengbo yelled after seeing Levi’s face clearly, and fainted without catching a breath.

“Da da da…”

The others, Hart Wenshuo, Boyd Lan, and others all had their legs trembling and couldn’t walk.

For a time, sweat fell like rain.

For them, which line is all indispensable shock.

how come?

how come?

How could Levi be General God of War?

Didn’t he go to jail?

How come you have become an unparalleled general in the world?

This incident shocked them too much!

They really can’t accept it for a while!

This severely hit their psychological defense!

Probably could not bear it, and died.

They finally understood what the Garrison family members meant by regret…

The Garrison family knew Levi’s identity long ago!

I warned them long ago, don’t regret it, and have the psychological endurance.

Sure enough, Elder Hart didn’t hold it, and fainted.

In the eyes of the Garrison family, they always existed like clowns!


Very regretful!

The Hart family felt empty and felt that they had lost something all of a sudden.

Maybe it is a lifetime regret to miss it this time!

The Garrison family is right!

Levi will not regret it, only the Hart family will regret it!

In the face of General God of War’s identity, is a Logan Zaizhen a F*rt?

What about Sanxing Group?

What are the qualifications?

There is no qualification to be with Levi at all!

The Hart family fell to the ground one by one, weak and unable to lift their hands.

It was shocking!

What happened today will be their lifetime pain!


But Charlie and others are proud of their heads tall!

In their hearts, Levi is the pride of the Garrison family!!!

At this time, Hart Xiaoqi’s tears were about to cry dry.

It turns out that her sweetheart has long been named Hou Baijiang, one person is more than ten thousand!

It turns out that her sweetheart is still the number one arrogant, invincible in every field!

It turns out that her vision has always been correct! The person you like is a hero!

It turns out that Sarah, whom she has always despised, is the happiest woman in the world!


I regret it too much!

Hart Xiaoqi sobbed loudly.

She understands what she is missing?

She knew better that she would never be worthy of this man!

No matter how hard she works, how good she becomes, she will never catch up with him.

Not to mention making him regret it!

Things that are impossible in this life!

“Have you received the gift? I’m glad you can harvest love!”

Levi smiled.

Take out the handkerchief and wipe Hart Xiaoqi’s tears.

The gift he refers to is naturally the love of the century.

“When I was young, I did not handle that thing right! I’m sorry, but I’m so relieved to see that you are married!”

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