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Chapter 541

“When you get married, I must dress up and attend with the highest etiquette! You must be happy!”

After a few words, Levi turned and left.

“no, do not want…”

“I won’t end this marriage!!!”

Suddenly Hart Xiaoqi rushed out frantically and ran towards Levi.


She tore off the outer lining of the wedding dress, and threw away all the decorations on her head.

She rushed behind Levi and hugged Levi tightly.


The bouquet in Logan Zaizhen’s hand fell to the ground.

He was dumbfounded.

Everyone present was dumbfounded!

Not getting married?

No one expected this result.

But under this circumstance, no one dared to stop, and no one dared to speak out.

“I’m not getting married! I’m not getting married!”

Hart Xiaoqi cried out crying.

Suddenly hugged, Levi was about to struggle.

Hart Xiaoqi whispered: “Let me hold it for a while? Just a while!”

Levi nodded.

Hart Xiaoqi clung to Levi’s back tightly, enjoying this moment.

She also understood that only this small meeting Levi belonged to her.

After time, Levi will have nothing to do with her again.

She only cares about this moment.

At least have had…

Everyone looked at Hart Xiaoqi in silence.

About a minute later, Hart Xiaoqi let go of her hand extremely reluctantly.

At this moment, tears burst out like a bank.

She is about to miss the whole world.

“I don’t want you to give up getting married because of me!”

Levi said with his back to her.

“No, I figured it out just now! My marriage is not like this, I can’t marry someone I don’t like at all! If you want to marry, you must also marry love, pure love, nothing else!”

Hart Xiaoqi said.

Then she looked at Logan Jaezhen: “I’m sorry, I never liked you at all! Marrying you is driven by profit!”

“I…I respect your choice! It’s over!”

Logan Zaizhen also made a difficult choice.

The audience was in an uproar.

It has been publicized for such a long time that the so-called wedding of the century has not been held?

But after Levi appeared, all parties understood that the wedding had changed.

It’s right not to be held!

“Well, you can choose by yourself!”

After Levi finished speaking, he left here.

Looking at Levi, who was gradually disappearing, Hart Xiaoqi shouted: “Except you, I won’t marry anyone in this life!”


After speaking, Hart Xiaoqi fell to the ground.

She pays attention to it-she won’t marry in this life.

At this point, the Hart family is equivalent to abolished half.

The others also left.

Before leaving, the Garrison family sneered and said, “I said earlier that I will prepare you mentally. I must not listen!”

“Let’s leave too!”

Logan Jae-shik, Park Tianxin and others left in fright.

They are now eager to return to the provincial capital!

Did you know what Case York were coming?

They remembered the warning Takemori gave them just after getting off the highway.

“not good!”

“Today is the deadline!”

Park Tianxin kept sweating on his forehead.

The one who fears most is Lee Jae-shik.

General God of War is their natural enemy, can you not be afraid?

The team of Sanxing Group hurriedly left.

But when I left the intersection of Binhai Villa, the front was blocked.

An army green off-road vehicle is jammed in the middle of the mainland.

Sitting on the hood of the car was Levi.

The six generals stood on both sides, looking at them with cold eyes.

“What are you doing in such a hurry?”

“Furthermore, Cox-Hang is easy to get in, but not easy to get out!”

Levi asked with a smile.

Chapter 542

Park Tianxin, Logan Zaishi and others got out of the car one after another and leaned in front of Levi. Everyone was like a kid who did wrong, not even daring to lift their heads.

Levi glanced around, his eyes staying on Logan Zaishi.

“You ran to Velador?”

Levi asked.


Logan Jae-shik was shocked.

This one actually knows him?

“I know you, some of the South Korean subordinates are your students! The chief instructor of the South Korean Million Army!”

“Why don’t you stay where you are, why are you running to Velador?”

Levi suddenly raised his tone, and Logan Zaishi fell to his knees with a fright.

“God of War, I was wrong! I was wrong! I shouldn’t set foot in the realm of Velador! I was wrong…”

Logan Zaishi knelt on the ground and kept knocking his head.

The clothes on his body had long been wet with cold sweat, and the top of his head was even hotter.

Not so hot, but scared.

The other members of the Sanxing Group were all stunned!

No one would have imagined that the top taekwondo Lord, a national treasure, was scared like this!

Owen licked the corner of his mouth and said with interest: “I heard that this guy is the first person in Taekwondo, I would like to try it!”

“Owen Fighting King???”

When Logan Zaishi guessed who this was, his face changed greatly in fright.

“Don’t dare! Don’t dare go down! I dare not do anything in the land of Velador…”

Lee Jae-shik regrets it.

I regret it too much!!!

Knowing that Velador has the God of War, why should he come?

“That won’t work! Velador is not where you should be, if you want to leave, take me a punch!”

Owen stepped forward step by step.

“Remember, you can leave only if you don’t fail with a punch!”

Owen added another sentence.

Logan Jae-shik understands.

His identity to set foot in Velador is a dead end.

If you want to leave alive, you have to take this punch, and you have to go all out!


Logan Zaishi roared and stepped on the ground with a rumbling sound.

He is a Lord-level figure!

Just shot, there is a potential for thunder.

He stands as a mountain, motionless.

Owen walked, and suddenly moved.

Punch Lee Jae-shik!

Logan’s eyes flickered in Moran’s eyes and suddenly activated, like lightning.


One of the most classic whip kicks of Taekwondo, draws towards Owen.

Although a very ordinary action, Logan Jae-shih displayed the strongest killing skill!

This move has the power of a ghost!


The violent wind squeezed the surroundings, leaves and rubble were swept away, and everyone around was forced to retreat dozens of meters.



The dozens of books around have all burst into pieces!

In comparison, Owen’s punch is simple and unpretentious.


They met with one punch and kick, and made the sound of thunder.


It was just that Logan Zaishi flew out more than ten meters in an instant, and after breaking a big tree, he never got up again.

Owen touched his fist, blood gurgled from his fist, and there were several blood stains on his fist.

He smiled contentedly: “Finally there is someone who can fight!”

Logan Zaishi did not catch this punch, and he would never be able to do without Velador.

Seeing that the Taekwondo Lord was solved so easily, everyone was frightened.

Especially Park Tianxin is peeing his pants…

“Park Tianxin, right? Did you hear my three warnings?”

Levi turned around, staring at Pu Tianxin and said.

“I heard it, I know! I’ll do it right away!”

Park Tianxin immediately said.


“Get out of Velador!”

“One day-if I see Sanxing Group related to Velador before tomorrow, I will find you!”

Levi is extremely domineering.

Chapter 543


Park Tianxin was so scared that he fainted.

That’s it!

Completely finished!

Sanxing Group’s grand plan to occupy the Velador market has been shattered!

“General God of War, let’s leave now…”

Logan Zaizhen shivered.

“I told you to get out!”

Levi’s eyes were sharp.

Then there was such a scene on the avenue-Sanxing Group’s senior officials all lay on the ground, and rolled out of Case York little by little.

How miserable it is!

A few hours later.

Sanxing Group suddenly announced the return of more than 80 billion charity donations taken away!

Another hour later, Sanxing Group held a press conference-confessed to Quan Velador and apologized for their previous crimes, and refunded their previous fraud and money laundering financing; and compensation for the victim!

Suddenly, the whole network applauded!

Subsequently, the headquarters of Sanxing Group announced that it would withdraw from the Velador market! All products in Velador will be removed from the shelves within one day!

This news was a sensation!

Everyone was shocked.

Suddenly, the Sanxing Group, which was in its prime, withdrew from Velador?

What is going on here?

However, the companies or people who have been squeezed by the Sanxing Group are all very happy.

Sanxing Group is a malignant tumor in the market!

I have done all the bad things, and I don’t know how many people’s blood buns have been eaten.

Many people dare not speak up.

They all hope that Sanxing Group can collapse and withdraw.

Now the wish has finally come true.

Everyone will set off firecrackers to celebrate!

Since Sanxing Group focuses on electronic products, there are too many similar company groups.

Therefore, its withdrawal will not cause much impact.

On the same day, Levi told Natalie in the name of the person in charge of Erick Group-to add a business direction: electronic products.

Strive to create the most cost-effective electronic products!

Fight those unscrupulous manufacturers!

Make a series of things for the benefit of the people!

Promote the healthy development of the market!

This is what Erick Group has been doing.

Whether it is medical equipment or other products.

All strive for the best quality at the lowest price!

One purpose-for the development of the city and for the good of the people.

The employees of Erick Group are working desperately.

Here, not only the hard work gets high returns, but there is also a sense of honor!

Now young people in Case York are proud of joining the Erick Group.

Erick Group has been doing electronic products before, and now it is equivalent to expanding the scale.

Due to the exit of Sanxing Group, the market share is large.

Natalie also assigned part of the electronic product business to Dongtian Group!

Sarah is also very capable. In a short period of time, the profit of Dongtian Group managed by her has risen rapidly.

She gladly accepted this task!

After returning home.

Sarah asked, “Husband, how did the wedding go?”

Levi smiled helplessly: “Anyway, I made up for the regret, and she also made the choice she wanted!”

“That’s good! But she also has regrets about her wedding. I just got on as the general agent of Sanxing Group’s Velador District, but I didn’t expect Sanxing Group to withdraw!”

Sarah sighed: “A wedding with regrets is unforgettable!”

Levi knew that Sarah was thinking of their wedding six years ago.

That wedding was not complete.

It is the regret of her and Sarah!

“My wife, I decided to have a new wedding for you! I will tell you something then!”

Levi decided to reorganize a wedding for Sarah.

When the time comes, he will confess his true identity!

Chapter 544

Sarah squinted and smiled: “Okay, I’m waiting for you to give me a successful wedding!”

“Okay, then I will pick a suitable day!”

Levi nodded.

Sarah was only joking with Levi.

But how did she know that Levi was serious.

Later, that wedding was known as the best of the century!

Of course, this is something!

Everything is the same as usual.

Levi was sitting in the office, smoking and drinking.

Wesley called and said that there was chaos in the provincial capital.

After the fall of the Sanxing Group and the Shanler faction, the major family forces frantically seized the territory.

Even some forces from other provinces have mixed in.

In short, the provincial capital has become a mess.

This was something Levi didn’t expect.

I thought that Jiangnan Province would be calmer except for the two major disasters of Shanler and Sanxing Group.

Everyone will be in peace.

I don’t know that it didn’t play a little bit of warning.

Instead these people are crazy.

In their view, the two big mountains have fallen, and the site and the industry have been vacated.

They are going to grab it!

“The provincial capital is not easy to control…”

Wesley hesitated.

“Well, then I will go to the provincial capital personally! This matter started because of me, and I must deal with it!”

A cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes.

In the evening, Levi told Sarah that he was going to the provincial capital.

Sarah’s eyes lit up: “It just so happened. Xiao Qin told me before that she was going back to the provincial capital, and there was an emergency at home for her to go back. The Mann family didn’t say it was an emergency, and parents were very worried. You and Xiao Qin, let’s go back together and see what happened to the Mann family.”

“no problem.”

Levi agreed.

the next day.

After getting into the car, Xiao Qin immediately hugged Levi’s neck.

“Brother-in-law, you are so cruel, you haven’t come to see me for such a long time?”

Xiao Qin’s faintly resentful eyes looked like a little daughter-in-law.

Levi quickly pushed her aside.

“Say it if you have something to say, don’t move it!”

Xiao Qin stared at him and said, “Have you been someone else recently?”

Levi frowned: “Huh???”

“I heard that you still go to the wedding of the relatives of the dolls, and you go around teasing up your sisters. You also conquered my sister’s girlfriends, and the new star of my sister’s company, Hart Zihan, will never forget you! Say yes?”

Xiao Qin pouted, dissatisfied.

“It does not make sense?”

Levi frowned.

“I tell you, I only like your sister in this life. Other women have nothing to do with me! Even if it does, it is because of your sister! Just like you…”


After listening, Xiao Qin’s face quickly faded.

Even she was a little wronged, tears rolled in her eyes.

It turned out that Levi was so kind to her because of Sarah!

“Xiao Qin, what’s wrong with you, why are you crying?”

Levi suddenly found Xiao Qin crying.

“It’s okay…”

Xiao Qin wiped her tears.

No longer said a word during the whole process.

The monk of Levi and Cross Er couldn’t figure it out and didn’t know where he had offended Xiao Qin.

No words all the way.

Soon after, I came to Jinling, the provincial capital.

Entering the boundary of Jinling, Levi called Longye of the Tianlong troops.

“Tell the provincial capital, I am coming!”

Levi instructed.

Because when he left to attend the Mann family birthday banquet, he said-next time I will definitely inform the provincial government.

“General, understand!”

Long Garrison immediately said.

Then he found the commander-in-chief of the Jinling Military Region and others, and contacted the major leaders of the provincial capital.

Chapter 545

For a while, the entire provincial capital was boiling.

General God of War is here!

The reason is still unknown.

This is the most scary!

Before the Sanxing Group did things that were infuriating between people and gods, General God of War did not come.

He is here now?

This is obviously a big deal!

After getting off the highway, Levi drove to Mann’s house.

Speeding all the way on the highway.

Suddenly, Levi saw two luxury cars in the rearview mirror.

A Lamborghini Mavericks, a Ferrari 458.


The two luxury cars surpassed Levi’s Mercedes-Benz A8, and deliberately inserted in front of Levi.

In the two luxury cars, there are two people in each.

They are all the eldest Lords of the provincial capital.

One of the most famous is Cross Dongxu of the rich Cross family.

Recently, the Cross family has become so popular that it has robbed a lot of sites and gained a lot of benefits.

“Is it Xiao Qin? I just glanced at it and knew it was her!”

Cross Dongxu said with a smile.

“Yes, it’s Xiao Qin.”

Several others are humane.

It turned out that at the intersection just now, they saw Xiao Qin sitting in the car, and immediately caught up to confirm.

“I heard that the Mann family arranged a marriage contract for Xiao Qin?”

Cross Dongxu’s entourage Zhu Xiaoyong asked.

“Yes, but I want to molest Xiao Qin today. This little girl is so beautiful, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Hey…”

Cross Dongxu couldn’t bear the thought of Xiao Qin.

It turns out that the Mann family is better than Cross Jiaqiang, and Cross Dongxu dare not do anything.

But now in the battle for turf, the Mann family chose Mingzhe to protect themselves, and the Cross family looted wildly.

Now the Cross family is in full swing, much better than the Mann family.

Cross Dongxu’s courage naturally increased, and he wanted to molest Xiao Qin.

After the two cars were inserted into the Audi car, the speed quickly slowed down.

At the end, it was twenty yards and traveled slowly.

No one knows this is intentional!

Xiao Qin’s eyes burst into anger.

“Brother-in-law and the gang did it on purpose! Humph!”

Levi did not speak.

He suddenly turned the steering wheel over the right, and then accelerated.

With lightning speed, he overtook two luxury cars in an instant. Long away.


Saw Audi quickly surpassed.

Cross Dongxu was stunned.

What the hell is this operation?

too fast?

There is no reaction at all!

“Quick! Catch me up!”

Cross Dongxu roared.

Ferrari and Lamborghini started quickly.

It turned into two flashes of lightning on the straight.

The acceleration of the sports car on the straight is unmatched by an Audi sedan.

Soon Levi saw two cars catching up.

But Levi didn’t panic, instead he kept accelerating.

There was a big curve ahead, Levi continued to accelerate as if he hadn’t watched it.

“Huh? Brother-in-law, slow down!”

Xiao Qin was so scared to close his eyes.

But Levi looked calm.

The car is constantly accelerating!

After seeing Cross Dongxu and the others, they were shocked in a cold sweat.

“Damn, is this kid crazy? He dare to speed up like that in a big curve ahead with a slope?”

Cross Dongxu was surprised.

“Isn’t it, this corner is the most accident-prone! He dare to speed up? Madman!”

“If there is hope for the sports car when cornering, it’s a business sedan? What about it?”

Lamborghini and Ferrari started to slow down, trying to pass the big corners smoothly.

But the Audi ahead is getting faster and faster, and is about to rush into the corner.

“This is over! At least it’s the end of a car crash!”

“But Ling Xiaoqin is so beautiful!”

Even Cross Dongxu closed his eyes in despair.

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