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Chapter 56

“How is it possible? No! It was Levi who injured someone, so they notified us! Hurry up and apologize, otherwise they will blame us! You do what you do, take care of yourself!”

Earl is aggressive.

“Ha ha.”

Sarah sneered twice. She couldn’t understand that these things were all done by the Logan family.

As a result, they have to apologize in turn?

“You have to deal with the things you do yourself!”

Sarah turned around and left.

However, Earl and Nick stood in front of her and refused to let go.

At this time, a group of workers wearing hard hats ran over quickly.

The head turned out to be the old nine.

“What’s wrong with Mr. Logan?”

Old Nine asked.

“What are you doing, a stinky migrant worker?”

Earl pushed the old nine.

But when Lao Jiu took off his hat, Earl and Nick were dumbfounded.

“Nine… Nine Lord… why are you?”

The two of them looked incredible.


Lao Jiu greeted, and many people rushed to beat Earl and Nick violently.

“Mr. Logan, don’t worry, I will look at the construction site from now on, and no one can move my eyes!”

The Logan family finally learned that Lao Jiu and Levi were in the same prison, and guessed that they had friendship.

Regarding this matter, Levi decided that Sarah’s face was on his mind, so he gave up temporarily.

Soon it came to the 7th, the last day of the National Day holiday.

West Jingxuan called to remind Levi to attend the class reunion.

“I’m going to a reunion of high school classmates, I might be back later in the evening!”

Levi and Sarah high school are not in the same class, and she is very busy, so she doesn’t go to the class reunion.

“Well, are you busy with you, do you wear this one?”

Sarah was working on a plan, and when he saw Levi dressed in casual clothes, he couldn’t help asking.

Levi shook his head: “It’s okay.”

As soon as he arrived at the gate of the community, Levi saw West Jingxuan walking out of the sales center not far away.

Levi waved his hand.

West Jingxuan drove over.

She drives a Porsche Pamela.

A single woman in her twenties drove this one million car, and her future husband was definitely not an ordinary person.

It is likely to be an executive of a state-owned company or a foreign company.

This kind of woman can’t be eaten by ordinary people.

West Jingxuan took the initiative to get out of the car and asked with a smile: “I thought you would take the plum dye with you?”

“She’s busy, and it’s not a party in their class, so there’s no need.”

Levi explained.

“Why don’t you get in my car?”

West Jingxuan asked tentatively.

“it is good.”

After Levi came out, he was going to greet Wesley to send the car, but when she saw West Jingxuan, she let her take it with her.

West Jingxuan thought it was inconvenient for Levi not to drive.

After all, this kind of casually squandering fifty million people would not be surprised even if she drives a luxury car worth hundreds of millions.

In other words, if he takes a taxi, he will feel very handsome. This is for the rich to experience life.

Who calls Levi a rich man?

The rich are right in everything they do.

“Are you afraid that you were released from prison very early?”

In the car, West Jingxuan asked curiously.

Levi was surprised.

She was the first to doubt about the early release from prison.

“Well, yes, I was released from prison very early.”

Levi approached.

“What business have you been doing these years?”

Although West Jingxuan drove the car, her eyes remained on Levi’s body.

“Inverted arms…”

Levi said.

What he has touched the most over the years is guns.

It’s not an exaggeration to say this business.


“No wonder!”

Chapter 57

Royal feast.

This is the meeting place for classmates today.

Although it is not as exaggerated as the revolving restaurant, it costs 10,000 to 20,000 for a random table.

It’s super high-spec.

For ordinary working-class workers, one meal has to eat at least three or four months of their wages!

After all, not everyone of the classmates is well-known.

Some are good and some are bad.

At the door of the hotel, a few guys in suits and leather shoes were greeted.

Seeing West Jingxuan’s Porsche Pamela coming, everyone came together.

“Isn’t this West Banhua? I heard that he earns millions of dollars a year, and it really is true! It’s a Porsche!”

Several male classmates flattered.

West Jingxuan smiled embarrassedly.

But when the other door opened, everyone saw Levi.

In an instant, everyone’s smiles were frozen on their faces.

First, everyone did not expect Levi to come.

Second, everyone did not expect that Levi would come with West Jingxuan.

“Isn’t this Levi? The man of the day!”

The boy who was the first to break the deadlock was dressed up very vigorously. He was Cheng Zhuoran, the squad leader of Levi’s class.

However, he was always overwhelmed by Levi and always regarded Levi as his goal.

Cheng Zhuoran also went to a 985 college. After graduation, he worked in a foreign company. It is said that his annual income has long been one million.

He drove a Land Rover Range Rover, full of faces.

Is one of the top few in the class.

Levi smiled and said hello.

“Levi, we all thought you couldn’t come.”

Several other students were surprised.

Cheng Zhuoran blanked the classmate and said: “Levi is not a prudent person, and it won’t happen because of those things.”

In the box just now everyone was still discussing Levi, and they were all saying that Levi had just returned from prison and he must be guilty of himself and dare not come to the classmate gathering.

I didn’t expect him to come!

“Yes, King’s Landing has a strong endurance! We can’t compare it!”

Several other students laughed.

In fact, to put it plainly is to say that Levi is thick-skinned!

Cheng Zhuoran skipped Levi and came to West Jingxuan.

“Jingxuan, you are finally here, come in with me, everyone is waiting for you.”

Cheng Zhuoran is interested in West Jingxuan, and he is very capable now. Hearing that West Jingxuan is still single, he specially organized this classmate gathering.

Everyone surrounded West Jingxuan and turned a blind eye to Levi.

“Let’s go?”

West Jingxuan stopped and approached Levi.

Levi just followed.

The third floor of the Royal Feast.

Many people have already arrived.

Some people took their wives and husbands with them, more people than Levi expected.

When West Jingxuan arrived, everyone stood up to greet her.

The boys are extremely crazy.

Once West Jingxuan was the school flower.

Now her career success is even more shining.

Levi found a place and sat down.

“Who did I see? Levi!”

Suddenly a boy, Wang Yubo, saw him and yelled.

“It’s really Levi! He’s really here!”

Suddenly, everyone’s attention was on Levi’s body.

The man of the past, high school is invincible, university entrepreneurship has become a dark horse in the business world, worth billions.

Let female students admire, male students envy.

But after being calculated by the Garrison family, Levi became a sewer rat, and everyone in the class would curse a few words.

How crazy it was to hold Levi in the first place, but now it is so cruel!

Chapter 58

“I said that Levi will definitely have something wrong! You still don’t believe me!”

“Yeah, Levi is a beast. He raped his sister-in-law and almost killed his father and murdered his mother!”

“How arrogant the school used to be, it’s not a good thing at first sight!”

These are what everyone said when Levi didn’t come.

Some people in Wang Yubo have not caught a cold at Levi, which can be said to be jealous.

But I have never been able to find a good opportunity to vent, and I will not let it go now.

“Levi, what are you doing sitting in the girls’ pile? Come to our table and tell us a lot about what happened to you in the prison.”


Everyone burst into laughter, all looking at Levi with mocking and contemptuous eyes.

“I also heard that you just got out of jail, did you not talk about work, and lived with your father-in-law and mother-in-law!”

Someone sneered.

“I heard that Levi has been on the blacklist of major companies in Case York. Even if he has the strength, he can’t find a job. So it is normal for him not to work.”

A girl whispered.

Levi knew that he was on the blacklist.

Wang Yubo smiled and said: “Well, our company recently recruited security guards, including board and lodging, four thousand! Your grid is absolutely fine!”

West Jingxuan couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but said: “Don’t make fun of King’s Landing anymore, he has his own career.”

“Your own business? West Banhua, would you take Levi up, right? You brought him here just now.”

Wang Yubo said immediately.

But seeing Cheng Zhuoran’s gaze, he shut his mouth immediately.

“Everyone, don’t talk about this!”

West Jingxuan forcibly exposed this topic.

Everyone also took their seats. Levi did not change positions, and West Jingxuan sat beside him.

Wang Yubo approached Cheng Zhuoran and whispered: “Squad leader, West Banhua is very infatuated. Levi has become like this, and he is so kind to him. You have to hurry up!”

Cheng Zhuoran sneered: “Don’t worry, how can I lose to a reform-through-labor prisoner?”

Levi is surrounded by beautiful women, and to his right sits another beautiful woman Lin Wanyu, second only to West Jingxuan.

Lin Wanyu is a typical Bai Fumei, with assets of more than 100 million in his family.

Lin Wanyu has always had a good impression of Levi, and she deeply sympathizes with Levi.

“How about Levi? You come to work in my dad’s company as a technical consultant with a monthly salary of 8,000 and bonuses. There is a lot of room for appreciation.”

Lin Wanyu handed Levi a business card.

“Okay, thank you.”

Lin Wanyu was not malicious, so Levi accepted the business card.

West Jingxuan on the other side smiled.

With Levi’s current financial resources, he can buy Lin Wanyu’s father’s company in one sentence, right?

Compared with West Jingxuan and Lin Wanyu, other girls are not like that.

“We thought you would bring Logan Xiaohua here?”

“How is it possible? Now that Levi is like this, how can Sarah follow? Isn’t it shameful?”

“Yes! Now when I mention that Levi is my classmate, I feel ashamed!”

Today’s Levi has become a negative teaching material, and the last person a woman can’t marry is Levi.

“Why hasn’t it started yet? Is anyone coming?”

West Jingxuan quickly changed the subject.

“The protagonist hasn’t come yet!”

West Jingxuan couldn’t help thinking of a person: “Could it be Xia Chengling?”

“Isn’t it! Xiachengling is coming too!”

Levi had some impression of this Xiachengling. His father used to be a director of the Xiacheng District Committee Building.

Even the principal must give Xia Chengling some face.

Xiachengling, who often failed exams, went to a 985 college in the end.

Chapter 59

“Jingxuan, you may not know that Xia Chengling’s father is now the district chief! Why don’t you dare to wait for him?”

“Even if the monitor is a good squad leader, what about the annual salary of 10 million? What about the hundreds of millions of assets in Lin Wanyu’s family? Can’t you be obedient after seeing Xia Chengling?”

Although it sounds a bit exaggerated, this is really true.

At school, everyone had no idea about these things, but after entering the society, everyone understood how awesome the cadres in the system were.

Especially the length of a district is unimaginable.

The title of the son of a district chief kills everything present.

Power is always greater than wealth.

Soon after, a voice came from the corridor.

Everyone all got up.

In particular, monitors with an annual salary of one million are the most active and get to the forefront.

Xia Chengling wears a luxury suit, Armani clothes, Gucci belt, Versace shirt, Patek Philippe watch…

This one is definitely over a million!

Next to him was a super beautiful woman, who was more than 1.7 meters tall, and she looked like a model.

The plump figure and slender black silk long legs shocked everyone.

“Xia Shaoke is looking forward to you!”

Cheng Zhuoran excitedly gave Xia Chengling a hug.

“Squad leader can be mixed, Omega has brought it all.”

Xia Chengling glanced at Cheng Zhuoran’s wrist and smiled.

Cheng Zhuoran glanced at the beauty next to Xia Chengling: “Shao Shao not introduce this beauty?”

“It’s just a younger sister.”

Xia Chengling said casually.

For him, women are changed every one or two months, and there is no formal girlfriend.

Wang Yubo’s small eyes flashed: “Model! I have seen it on TV!”

Women became more cold and arrogant when they heard that others knew about themselves.

Others only envy Xia Chengling.

Models who appear on the screen can get them if they want!

Wang Yubo leaned forward: “Shao Shao still remember me? This is Wang Yubo. I fought for you in high school…”

“Bo, remember.”

Xia Chengling nodded.

This time, Wang Yubo was excited and shouted at everyone: “Have you heard? Shao Xia remembers me!”

“Xia Shao, my company is developing a project that requires the approval of district leaders. I hope Xia Shao has a few words!”

Wang Yubo took the opportunity to win the relationship.

“Well, one sentence thing.”

“Xia Shao, do you lack a driver or security guard?”

Logan Lefei, a good friend of Wang Yubo, asked immediately.

Xia Chengling smiled and said, “Lack of a watchdog.”

“Yes, I can do it perfectly, barking…”

Logan Lefei immediately learned to bark.

It is his life’s dream to be a dog in Xiachengling.

West Jingxuan looked a little disgusted when she saw her classmates trying their best to establish a relationship with Xia Chengling.

After Xia Chengling came in, he glanced around and said, “By the way, where is the kid in our class who raped his sister-in-law and went to jail? Has he come?”

“Hahaha, how could he not come to Shao Xia? Now he is blacklisted in the whole industry, he must find you!”

Wang Yubo immediately said.

Cheng Zhuoran looked at Levi even more: “When Shao Xia is here, don’t you even say hello? Is this looking down on Shao Xia?”

Xia Chengling sneered: “Don’t don’t don’t, I don’t dare. Levi was a celebrity in Case York. My father mentioned him several times! Do you want me to learn from him? Learn how to r*pe? Ha? Haha…”

The others laughed together.

Wang Yubo glared at Levi and said: “What are you doing in a daze? Do you remember you if you haven’t heard of the district chief? As long as you speak nice things to Xia Shao, your ban will definitely be lifted, and you will find a good one. Good job.”

It’s just that Levi sat there, unmoved at all.

Chapter 60

Lin Wanyu and West Jingxuan all stood up.

West Jingxuan gave Levi a vigorous wink.

She knew that Levi was rich and well-connected.

But now it was Xia Chengling, the district chief’s son. She didn’t think Levi had the ability to wrestle with Xia Chengling.

Case York is an economic city, and the energy of a district mayor is unimaginable.

“Levi, what are you doing sitting there? Get up quickly!”

“Does Shao Xia personally invite you to get up?”

Wang Yubo and Logan Lefei said angrily, the two almost lifted Levi up.

Cheng Zhuoran also said with a cold face: “Levi quickly get up and say hello, it’s so shameless.”

Levi lit a cigarette and took a sip, completely ignoring these people in front of him.

Xia Chengling looked at Levi with fire in his eyes.

Especially seeing West Jingxuan and Lin Wanyu surrounding Levi left and right.

For these two women, Xia Chengling had long wanted to sleep.

It was Levi’s bad thing back then.

Seeing Xia Chengling’s angry look, everyone knew that the matter was over.

Cheng Zhuoran was anxious.

This Levi is really looking for death.

Xia Chengling’s little girlfriend Brown Qianqian said coquettishly: “My husband is so arrogant, he doesn’t put you in the eyes at all?”

Xia Chengling’s eyes were cold.

After so many years, no matter where he goes, who doesn’t give him three points of face?

“Get up! This is not where you should sit!”

Xia Chengling sneered.

The scene was extremely quiet, everyone held their breath, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

Annoyed that Xia Chengling did not end well.

It’s just that Levi didn’t move at all, ignoring Xiachengling as if it were air.

“I’ll say it again! Get up and go elsewhere!”

Xia Chengling’s voice was extremely cold.

Not to mention that Levi, who has just been released from prison, is not afraid of Levi who was worth billions of dollars in the past!

His identity is capital.

Levi was smoking a cigarette, watching that the two did not speak.

Brown Qianqian looked fierce, grabbed a glass of water on the table and poured it on Levi.

“I don’t understand people, do you? I told you to get out of here! Are you deaf?”

Brown Qianqian shouted.

No one expected the sudden scene.

The situation will develop to this point.

Cheng Zhuoran immediately came to an end: “Levi quickly got up and apologized to Xia Shao. Today this thing is over!”

Wang Yubo also agreed: “Yes, you get up and apologize to Xia Shao on your knees. For your mistake, Xia Shao must forgive you.”

Everyone was talking about Levi.

West Jingxuan and Lin Wanyu looked at everyone incredulously.

Xia Chengling and his girlfriend were obviously wrong, right?

Levi was also splashed with water.

In turn, he asked Levi to kneel down and apologize?

Where are you going to make sense?

But in reality, because of Xia Chengling’s identity, even if he beats you, he is right.

Those who were beaten had to apologize instead!

Levi finished smoking the cigarette and put out the cigarette butt.

He then raised his head to look at Xia Chengling, and said faintly: “I want you to come and apologize, otherwise this thing will never end!”

“What? Father Xia came to apologize?”

The speech is not surprising, and the audience is dumbfounded as soon as Levi said this.

After stunned for dozens of seconds, everyone gradually reacted.

“Levi, are you crazy? Do you know who Shao Shao’s father is? Do you dare to accept the apology?”

“That’s right! What are you? You want the mayor to apologize to you?”

“You fucking a reformer who just came out of prison, are you worthy?”

Wang Yubo, Logan Lefei and others are now rude to Levi and directly curse.

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