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Chapter 61

Even West Jingxuan, who knew Levi’s details, thought he was crazy.

You are rich and well-connected!

But Xiachengling’s father is the mayor!

Isn’t it crazy to make people apologize?

Seek a dead end!

She didn’t expect Levi to be so arrogant now.

Xia Chengling almost exploded when he heard his father apologize.

He stretched out his hand to pat Levi’s face, but in the next second, Levi shot lightning, grabbed his hand, and broke it forcefully.


At the same time kicked on Xia Chengling’s knee.


Xia Chengling let out a scream like a pig, and he knelt down in front of Levi.


Levi pulled Brown Qianqian in front of him again, slapped to the ground.

Now, both of them are kneeling in front of Levi.

“Levi, what are you doing? You actually did something to Xia Shao? You don’t want to live anymore?”

“Levi, you are crazy!”

Cheng Zhuoran, Wang Yubo shouted, going forward.

I saw Levi grabbing two chopsticks and inserting them into the thighs of the two of Xia Chengling.

Suddenly, blood sprayed…



The two screamed like a pig.


Levi said coldly.

Everyone stopped and looked at Levi incredulously.

West Jingxuan was trembling with fright.

Levi patted Xia Chengling’s face: “Hurry up and call you Lao Tzu to come over and apologize!”

Xia Chengling hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed out: “Dad, come and save me!”

Before asking the other person, Levi took the phone and smiled: “Xia Longfei, right? Come over and apologize! By the way, my name is Levi!”


Absolutely crazy!

In everyone’s opinion, Levi’s behavior was crazy.

This is ground breaking on Tai Sui!

Openly provoke Xia Chengling’s father!

After hanging up the phone, a bloodthirsty smile appeared on Xia Chengling’s face: “Levi is over for you! Then you will see how I killed you, and Sarah’s family, I will not let it go! !!!”

Levi didn’t speak, grabbed a fork and thrust it into Xia Chengling’s other leg.


Xiachengling’s hysterical screams came from the box.

Xia Chengling screamed, looked at Levi, and wanted to threaten, but when he saw Levi’s eyes, he shut up immediately.

In everyone’s opinion, Levi is over.

It is very likely that you will not be able to save your life.

West Jingxuan was struck by lightning.

She would never have thought that Levi would go on the path of self-destruction.

No one can save him now.

West Jingxuan leaned to Levi’s ear: “You run now? The F*rther you escape, the better!”

Levi smiled: “Why should I run? I’m waiting for an apology.”

West Jingxuan: “…”.

In less than twenty minutes, a car came to the royal feast, and a group of people quickly rushed into the royal feast.

Hearing the sound of da da da footsteps outside, Xia Chengling was immediately excited.

Even Cheng Zhuoran and Wang Yubo are looking forward to it.

A group of people rushed in.

All of them are in suits and leather shoes, and at first glance they are all cadres.

The middle-aged man headed by him is rich and uncommon.

Self-contained powerful aura.

He is Xia Longfei!

They rushed inside, especially seeing Xia Chengling and Brown Qianqian who were kneeling in front of Levi. Everyone quickened their pace.

“Dad save me! I was beaten like this!”

Xia Chengling asked for help.

I saw Xia Longfei rushing over, but ignoring him, looking at Levi and asking, “Are you okay?”

Chapter 62

The other cadres did not dare to look at Xia Chengling two people, their attention was all on Levi.

“Are you okay? Hearing the news made us scared to death.”

Everyone said one after another.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Especially Xia Chengling’s face was unbelievable.

“Dad, I am your son? I am the one who was injured?”

Xiachengling was aggrieved.

But Xia Longfei and others were afraid to look at him, they were all looking at Levi.

“I’m fine, but a piece of clothing is dirty.”

Levi approached.

Everyone obviously saw that Levi’s clothes were wet.

Xia Longfei immediately became angry and scanned the audience: “Who did it? Who poured the water?”

Others also shouted: “Who is it?”

Everyone looked at Brown Qianqian.

Brown Qianqian lowered her head, her body trembling.

Xia Longfei lifted Xia Chengling up and slapped his face: “How did I give birth to you, a prodigal son! You are going to pit me to death!”



Xia Longfei punched and kicked his son until he was panting, then stopped.

Xia Chengling looked dazed.

Don’t know what happened?

My father hit me?

Obviously it was yourself who was injured? Why did you warm up to Levi?

Not only was Xia Chengling stunned, but also everyone else.

Everyone looked at Levi with different eyes.

what happened?

West Jingxuan is the most sober.

Could it be that Levi’s identity is enough to suppress the Xia family?

That’s why he is so unscrupulous?

At this time, he walked in outside, and another man in a suit walked in with a briefcase in his hand.

“Isn’t this Cross Xiaoliang, the first secretary of the municipal office building?”

“Yes! That’s him! The first secretary of the city! That’s the secretary of the big boss. He basically came forward and represented the mayor!”

Everyone recognized that the person who came was turned out to be the first secretary.

Cross Xiaoliang walked quickly to the front. Like the people before him, he also cared about Levi first: “Mr. Garrison, are you okay? But I’m worried to death! Mayor Porter just made dozens of phone calls and thought something was going on. Now. He is in a meeting in another place and can’t come. He specially asked me to see you.”


At this moment, everyone is about to vomit blood.

What the hell is Levi?

Is it worth the Mayor Porter’s dozens of phone calls?

Oh my God!


Everyone can’t imagine the identity of Levi!

“I’m okay. Lao Porter is worried. I have a chance to invite him to a bowl of noodles.”

Levi said with a smile.

“Okay, okay… I will definitely transfer to… Mayor Porter will definitely be happy to hear that!”

Levi only invited the noodles, but he was so excited about the first secretary?

Cross Xiaoliang looked at Xia Longfei with a serious face: “What’s the matter? District Chief Xia? The boss asked me to ask you what’s the matter?”

“My fault! It’s all my fault! I blamed my lax discipline! It was my biggest mistake to bump into you, Mr. Garrison!”

Xia Longfei bowed in front of Levi and said, “Mr. Garrison, I’m sorry! I was wrong! If you want to punish me, please punish me!”


Seeing this scene, the scene was full of cold breath sounds.

No one expected that the district head Xia Longfei would bow his head to Levi.

Xia Chengling was dumbfounded.

Brown Qianqian was dumbfounded.

West Jingxuan was dumbfounded.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This is a scene that no one has expected, Levi’s identity is actually so terrifying?

Chapter 63

“Da da da…”

There were footsteps again.

Here comes one in police uniform and one in military uniform.

Seeing the sign of the epaulettes, Cheng Zhuoran subconsciously said: “The chief of public security and a military colonel!”

“I know him. This is Shane Xiaohui, the head of the Iron and Steel Regiment of the Case York Military Region.

“The other is Fu Xuejian, the chief of public security!”


At this moment, everyone just felt that the scalp was numb.

The people here turned out to be Fu Xuejian and Shane Xiaohui.

They happened to be in a meeting, and when they heard about it, they rushed over immediately.

The two came to Levi in unison and saluted him.

This shocked everyone even more.

Why is Levi sacred?

This big boss has such respect for Levi?

Even the mayor almost came from outside?

What is Levi’s identity?


Everyone looked at Levi’s eyes now, with a trace of panic.

Just now, in everyone’s eyes, the prisoner who couldn’t find a job was transformed into a great official in Xinjiang?

West Jingxuan, who was standing next to Levi, was trembling all the time, and now her two legs were calling lead, and she couldn’t move at all.

She was smart enough to realize that Levi’s words might contain other meanings.

Doing the “arms business”?

If you think about it, it is easy to get to other aspects.

Could it be that Levi is a military boss?

When West Jingxuan thought of this, she didn’t dare to think further.

“Take people away, don’t let me meet them again in the future.”

Levi said lightly.

Xia Longfei immediately said: “Mr. Garrison, I must discipline the dog! I promise not to let him out to cause trouble!”

As for Brown Qianqian, the leaders of all parties took a look at her.

Brown Qianqian understood it herself.

Who told her to dare to do something with this one?

Soon, everyone in Xia Longfei left.

Levi shouted at Shane Xiaohui.

Shane Xiaohui stood aside respectfully, looking at his idol excitedly.

“The chief has something to say, please!”

Shane Xiaohui said.

Levi touched his nose and said, “In one week, I will employ one hundred thousand people. You will inform the military area in advance.”

This is Levi’s big move for Garrison Family.

Shane Xiaohui looked shocked, but nodded and agreed: “Guaranteed to complete the task!”

When Shane Xiaohui left, when Levi returned to the box, everything inside was cleaned up, especially the table where Levi was sitting even the tablecloth was changed.

Seeing him, everyone became nervous, and they all looked at Levi tremblingly.

Everyone present understands.

With just a word from Levi now, everyone would instantly become nothing.

“Don’t be cautious, isn’t it a party? What should I do?”

Levi smiled.

West Jingxuan immediately rounded up the field: “Everyone sits down, just as if what just didn’t happen.”

Everyone sat in their seats, but everyone was very cautious.

Especially Cheng Zhuoran, Wang Yubo and others dare not look up, for fear that Levi will notice him.

For others, if it was Xia Chengling, everyone might flatter.

But Levi, they didn’t dare.

“Serving food, I’m all hungry!”

Levi shouted.

The dishes came up one by one, and Levi let go and ate them.

This person who didn’t know how to eat thought how many days Levi was hungry.

But no one present dared to laugh at him.

Soon Levi discovered that he was eating by himself, and everyone else looked nervous and did not dare to say a word.

After Levi finished eating, he stood up and said, “I have finished eating, and I will go back first.”

Chapter 64

West Jingxuan will also leave as well, and Levi said: “No need.”

Wait until Levi leaves.

A sound came from the box like an explosion.

“My God, what have I experienced just now? Levi is too scary, right?”

“The first secretary? District chief? The head of the public security chief came here? You guys are so funny. Are you still looking for a job?”

Hearing this, Cheng Zhuoran and Wang Yubo wanted to find a seam to get in.

“Huh? Is this the cigarette that Levi just smoked? Why have I never seen it before?”

Someone asked with doubts about Levi’s empty cigarette case.

“You baton, this is a special cigarette for the military region! And looking at the sign on this cigarette, it is estimated that it is a special offer among the special offers, and ordinary troops are not eligible to smoke.”

“What exactly is Levi’s status now? It’s too scary, right?”

“Levi is really amazing, he was the king six years ago, now he is even the king!”

West Jingxuan watched everyone discussing, she was both fortunate and regretful.

At this time, West Jingxuan’s phone rang, and it turned out to be Levi.

“Did Erick Graham not come today?”

Levi asked.

Erick is his classmate and best friend.

He has been with him from high school to university.

After that, Levi started his own business, and Erick has followed, and Garrison Group has a quarter of his credit.

Only after Levi’s accident, Moran Hongfei and others all rebelled.

In Levi’s opinion, Erick, as the vice president, must have rebelled.

Today, Levi came to attend a class reunion, and actually wanted to see Erick, but he didn’t expect him to be there.

“Ah? Erick definitely can’t come?”

West Jingxuan on the phone was very surprised.

“Why can’t you come?”

Levi frowned.

“Didn’t he have passed away?”

West Jingxuan asked back.

In order to avoid mentioning sad things, West Jingxuan also deliberately said that no one should mention Erick today.


For Levi, this news was almost thunderous.

“Ah? Don’t you know? Not long after you went to jail, the Garrison family had an entanglement with the Garrison Group, and soon it was reported that Erick committed suicide by jumping off the building in fear of crime!”

West Jingxuan explained.

“What? Is there anything else?”

Levi was surprised.

Because he knew from the beginning to the end that it was the Garrison family’s work, he didn’t ask anyone to investigate, so he didn’t know the news of Erick’s death.

It now appears that Erick did not betray him like Moran Hongfei, but was forced to death by sticking to the Garrison Group.

Afraid of jumping off the building?

It’s absolutely impossible!

“Okay, I know.”

After hanging up.

Levi immediately asked Wesley to investigate this matter.

Soon Wesley sent back news that Erick vowed to defend the King’s Landing Group to the death, but was designed by the Garrison family, and finally forced him to jump off the building and die.

The news given by the media six years ago was that Erick committed suicide by jumping off the building because of embezzlement of public funds and privately raising his mistress.

“Garrison Family!!!”

Levi hit the wall with a punch.

“Brother, I blamed you!”

Levi said guilty.

In the evening, go home.

Sarah saw Levi’s strangeness, and couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Do you know that Erick is dead?”

Sarah was taken aback: “I thought you knew all about it.”

Levi said coldly: “I didn’t know until tonight.”

“Don’t be impulsive! Let the past happen!”

Sarah was afraid that Levi would seek revenge from the Garrison family.

“That’s my best friend! He was killed because of me, how can I ignore it? Garrison Family, I will definitely not let it go!”

Levi’s eyes were chilling.

Sarah immediately said: “You calm down, our business is still in its infancy, and we can’t compete with the Garrison family at all!”

Levi’s voice is freezing cold: “It will be the one month I said in another week. I will definitely let everyone in the Garrison family come to my brother’s grave. They should kowtow, kowtow, kowtow!”

Chapter 65

The next day.

Accompanied by Wesley, Levi went to Erick’s cemetery.

Under the intervention of the Garrison family, Erick was not qualified to be buried in the cemetery.

But in a remote deserted beach.

The tomb is already covered with weeds.

In a few years, I guess I won’t even be able to see the appearance of a graveyard.

“Brother, I came to see you!”

Levi said.

The so-called shopping mall is like a battlefield, Erick is the first brother to accompany Levi to fight.

The relationship between him and Erick is unknown to ordinary people.

Levi personally stripped the weeds and refurbished the tomb.

He took a bottle of special wine for the military region and spilled it on the grave.

“Today our two brothers have a good drink.”

Levi held a bottle of wine and threw it into his throat.

“Wesley informs everyone in the Garrison family that they will pay their lives here in six days!”

Levi ordered.

“General, understand.”

Wesley nodded.

“In addition, Alton asked Lao Jiu to bring some people over here, and fix it here! My brother’s tomb can’t be so shabby!”

Levi said to Alton again.

Levi was sitting in front of the grave, drinking wine bit by bit.

Six years ago, he also agreed with Erick that when Erick got married later, Levi would drive a most expensive Rolls-Royce car to be the head of his marriage.

In front of Erick’s grave, Levi stayed for nearly a day.

“Let’s go and see Erick’s parents!”

Levi got up.

“The general found out that Mr. Graham’s parents live in a village in the city not far from here.”

Wesley couldn’t help saying.

Levi’s expression changed: “Huh? What? Erick’s parents used to be public officials, and they had a unit house, so how can they never live in a village in the city!”

Wesley hesitated and said, “The ghost of the Garrison family has taken back the house and stopped paying retirement wages! In desperation, the old couple can only live in the village in the city, which can even be said to be dying!”

Levi’s face changed.

Garrison Family is rushing to kill them all!

I am afraid that if it were not for the two elderly people, it is estimated that they would not escape death.

The Garrison Family must be destroyed!

“Go! Let’s go and see! Erick’s parents are my parents! Who dares to move! Die!”

Levi sounded like a knife.

After hearing Wesley and Alton, he was scared for a while.

It’s been a long time since Levi was so angry.

The last time was when Levi was alone against the powerhouses of the eighteen kingdoms.

The three left shortly after.

Lao Jiu came here with a large group of people to renovate the tomb.

There were also a group of big brothers like Sanye.

The number of brothers brought must be two to three hundred.

After all, how could they not listen to what Levi personally explained?

The village in the city does not have the prosperous urban area of ​​Case York.

Mermaid is mixed, three religions and nine streams gather together, it is a place where they don’t care.

The alleys are full of idle people.

There are many exposed women standing in the alley.

The alley is messy and there are rubbish everywhere.

Levi was heartbroken. How could Erick’s parents live in such a place?

Very deep in the alley, I found the small building where Erick’s parents lived, which was about 30 square meters in total.

“Two old immortals! Quickly hand over the money! Only the fucking left your family!”

Far away, Levi and the three heard noises.

After the three came to the yard, they found out what was going on.

Several gangsters with yellow hair were collecting protection fees from Erick’s parents.

Compared with six years ago, the two of them are much older, with yellow and thin faces, and they have been eroded by years.

“Brother slowly, our subsistence allowance will be paid right away! I’ll give it to you then!”

Erick’s father, Byron, pleaded bitterly.

“Fuck you! You told Lao Tzu the same way last time!”

The headed gangster slapped Byron Graham’s face with a slap.

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