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Chapter 915

He is an orphan.

The Porter family is his biological mother’s family.

It seems that he fits this matter quite well.

But how is it possible for Levi?

Can one person make trouble in the entire Nelshire?

Put Nelshire’s strongest underfoot?

How is this possible?

Melina said with a look of envy: “How good would Mann family have such a younger generation? Not to mention, turning Nelshire to the sky is turning Wingston into the sky. With such skills, I would also be happily unable to sleep. .”

“Hey, the descendants of Mann family can only rely on…”

Everyone’s eyes all fell on Sarah alone.

Among the juniors, she has the most potential.

If Levi hadn’t appeared, the Mann family would have reached the peak.

However, the Mann family believed that the conditions set for Levi making a billion with his hands, he would never be able to do it.

So the Mann family was not worried. Soon, there was a legitimate reason to refuse Levi and Sarah to be dyed together.

Arranging a good husband for Sarah at that time will be of infinite benefit to the Mann family.

Sarah didn’t know what the Mann family thought.

If the Mann family were to know the identity of Levi the grandson of the Porter family, the family would definitely jump up, let alone stop them.

But this situation is something Sarah doesn’t want to see.

She doesn’t like this the least.

She even hoped that Levi could support her on his own, rather than relying on background and external factors.

Soon after, Levi returned.

Natalie asked politely: “How did you attend the annual meeting?”

“Was acceptable!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah was surprised.

Why is Natalie so polite to Levi now?

It was not like this before!

Now it seems that Levi is her boss.

Sarah didn’t think too much, and gave him a roll of eyes. She turned around and went to the office.

Levi immediately chased after him.

However, Sarah closed the office door to prevent Levi from entering.

She has been angry about Levi’s attendance at the Porter Family Annual Meeting.

“Sarah, I have something to discuss with you!”

Levi shouted helplessly.

Only then did she open the door.

But her face is cold.

“Come on, what’s the matter? I’m still busy.”

Sarah looked impatient.

“I found the whereabouts of my biological mother!”

Levi said.


Sarah stood up at once.

“This time I went to Nelshire, I learned about my life experience. It turns out that I was abandoned on the streets of Case York to be an orphan for a reason! My mother even paid the price of her life for me to survive…”

Levi told Sarah the story of Ollie, his mother.

Sarah was also very moved after hearing this, tearful in her eyes.

“She is a great mother!”

“I support you to take her back!”

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