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Chapter 561


Butler Cross Tian said angrily.

“Huh? Mann palms his mouth!”

Melina responded sternly.

She is very angry!

For a long time, Mann was the one who made her most assured of all the juniors in the Mann family.

Unexpectedly, at the most critical moment, it was Mann who made the Yaozi.

“Mann, I’m so disappointed in you! My palm!”

Even Mann Jianguo and others looked at Mann in disappointment!

Mann shook his head and looked at the people stubbornly and said: “Grandpa and grandma, I think I did nothing wrong, forgive me!”

“You haven’t done anything wrong? You hit Mr. Chu! This is a mistake!”

Melina roared.

“I don’t think he has anything? How can there be such overbearing in marriage proposal? Did you use Xiao Qin as a tool???”

Mann held his head up and said stubbornly.

Xiao Qin also agreed: “Yes! That’s right! Isn’t the Chu family strong? Why do we have to listen to him?”

Chu Renxiong smiled when he saw the performance of the two.

“Young people, maybe you are really right! But it’s because the Chu family is stronger than you! You are the weaker side, I say you are wrong, you are wrong!”

Chu Renxiong said domineeringly.

“Yes, this is an era when the weak eats the strong! The Chu family is strong, so we should be obedient!”

Melina said helplessly.

She is the iron lady.

He is also an extremely strong person.

If it wasn’t for the persecution of life, could she do this?

“So we are weak, so we are wrong?”

Mann asked.

“Yes, that’s right! You are wrong! Palm mouth! I won’t pursue it!”

Chu Renxiong looked at him as if he was looking at an ant.

Mann shook his head: “No! I can’t compromise! I’m right!”

“Yes, my brother is right! Why do you slap your mouth?”

Xiao Qin also supported Tao.

Let alone Levi behind them.

Even without Levi, Xiao Qin would not agree.

“Melina, Mann Jianguo, the family style of your Mann family really makes me feel ridiculous…”

Chu Renxiong looked at Melina.

Melina became angry from embarrassment.

Melina stepped forward and slapped Mann’s face with a slap.

After a slap.

The audience was extremely silent.

Mann looked at Melina with an incredible expression.

Ever since she was a child, Melina has never done anything.

But today, under the persecution of the Chu family, it turned out to be like this.


Everyone in the Mann family sighed.

If it weren’t for the weak Mann family, who would be so angry.

“Yuan’er, you have to understand grandma…”

Melina whispered.

She looked at Xiao Qin sternly again: “Xiao Qin promised! You have to agree if you don’t agree today!”

“Yes, that’s right! You have no reason to refuse!”

Mann Jianguo also said angrily.

Chu Renxiong would be really angry if the trouble continued like this.

Then the Mann family will be over!

Chu Renxiong and Chu Tianchuan looked at the Mann family with interest.

They enjoy the feeling of playing with people between applause!

Who makes them strong?

“Xiao Qin what do you mean?”

Chu Tianchuan asked with a smile.


At this moment, a voice sounded.

Accompanied by the voice, Levi came to the court.

Mann and Xiao Qin saw Levi’s eyes brightly.

“Brother-in-law, you are here!”

Xiao Qin immediately ran forward excitedly.

Everyone was stunned.

Levi is here?

After seeing Levi clearly, Chu Tianchuan’s face changed.

No matter what Levi’s status is, where he can go in and out last night is definitely not ordinary.

Levi’s eyes fell on Chu Renxiong and asked, “Did you say you wanted to hit someone?”

Chapter 562

Chu Renxiong ignored Levi, but looked at Mann Jianguo and Melina and asked, “Who is this? Is it also a descendant of the Mann family?”


Melina and Mann Jianguo sighed and bowed their heads helplessly.

The action shows that Levi is a descendant of the Mann family!

“Okay! The younger generations of your Mann family are so defiant and lawless?”

Chu Renxiong suddenly raised his tone, almost roaring.


At this moment, both Melina and Mann Jianguo were frightened.

Chu Renxiong was angry.

They knew the temper of the old chief.

Once he gets angry, it will come true!

There is probably a crisis in the Mann family.

They stared at Levi angrily.

Originally, a Mann was enough to cause chaos.

Now another Levi appeared.

Is it adding fuel to the fire?

Levi smiled. He looked at Mann and said, “He was the one who made the slap just now? Go, give him a slap!”


Mann hesitated.

Fight, that was Chu Renxiong, no one in the Mann family would let it.

Don’t fight, this is the order of General God of War.

For a time, Mann didn’t know what to do.

The most shocking thing was the others, who looked at Levi incredible.


He actually let Mann beat Chu Renxiong?

How brave is this?

Even Chu Renxiong was stunned.

Let alone in Jiangnan Province, even in Nelshire.

No one dared to speak wildly to him.

Not to mention a junior.

“Why is Mann stunned? He slapped him! My order…”

Levi’s tone is beyond doubt.

Mann straightened up subconsciously.

do my best!

Anyway, there is General God of War in the back of everything.

Besides, in the Mann family, can a foreigner be bullied?

Mann suddenly walked towards Chu Renxiong, his right hand was already raised.

Where Chu Renxiong stood, he looked at Mann incredulously.

Does this kid really dare to beat himself?

“Mann, what are you doing?”

Melina, Mann Jianguo and others were all anxious.

A group of people stepped forward and stopped Mann firmly.

“You guys get out!!!”

Chu Renxiong suddenly shouted.


Melina and others were all taken aback.

“You get out of the way, I, Chu Renxiong, want to see who dares to move me today?”

Chu Renxiong shouted.

He didn’t believe that Mann dared to beat him!

How can Melina dare to give way?

What if Mann really slapped Chu Renxiong?

Can’t the Mann family perish anymore?

“I’ll say it one last time, get out of the way!”

Chu Renxiong roared.

He said to several Chu family bodyguards: “You are not allowed to stop, I want to see if he dares to hit me?”

Chu Renxiong was angry.

The Mann family were all scared, and they stepped aside.

Even the Chu family bodyguards stepped aside.

They all firmly believe that Mann dare not make a move.

If he shoots, his brain is sick and he is a fool!

Chu Renxiong hooked his finger towards Mann: “Come on, hit me!”

Everyone in the Chu family looked at Mann jokingly.

Sure he didn’t dare to shoot.

“If you don’t hit me today, I will find the Mann family trouble!”

Chu Renxiong deliberately agitated his generals.


Mann is really complicated.

“Flap him!!!”

Levi’s voice came.

Mann’s eyes flickered.

He suddenly stepped forward, slapped a slap on Chu Renxiong’s face fiercely.


After a slap was taken, a loud voice sounded, and everyone in the room was stunned.

There was silence in the field.

Even the breathing is gone.

Chu Renxiong was beaten up.

Standing still at a loss.

Chapter 563


After a while, Chu Renxiong let out a painful cry.


Immediately sounded the voice of everyone sucking in cold air.

Everyone has an incredible look on their faces!!!

It was shocking!

A junior of the Mann family unexpectedly slapped the quasi-royal family leader Nelshire Chu family in public!!!

Eat the bear heart and leopard courage!

Disrespect to this kind of character is already a collision.

But I didn’t expect Mann to slap in the face…


Melina and Mann Jianguo were shocked to vomit blood on the spot.

Is Mann crazy?

He actually beat Chu Renxiong!

All the Mann family looked at Mann incredulously.

In everyone’s impression, Mann is the most capable and sensible one among the Mann family’s juniors.

But today is uncharacteristically.

It’s like crazy.

What did Levi ask him to do, what would he do?

Is Mann’s brain broken?

Everyone in the Chu family was even more shocked.

The Mann juniors really dare to do it?


Totally madman!

In their opinion, even if they gave Mann Jianguo a hundred courage, they would not dare to scold Chu Renxiong.

Not to mention such outrageous things as slapped slaps!!!

But the juniors of the Mann family really did it!

Chu Renxiong clutched his slowly swollen face and looked at Mann incredulously.

Bursts of heartache came, making Chu Renxiong look hideous.

“You actually dare to do it?”

Chu Renxiong’s tone was flat.

But everyone knew he was really angry.

Chu Renxiong has a bad temper.

Whoever offends him, he will never stop dying.

Either you die or I die.

Otherwise it will not stop.

But, how can a little Mann family compete with the Chu family?

The difference between ants and elephants.

Mann also knew that something was going wrong.

The Mann family and the Chu family must die.

He was also very nervous.

When I don’t know how to answer.

Levi said, “Well, how about hitting you?”


Chu Renxiong was about to speak but was interrupted by Levi.

“You let someone slap Mann, and he slaps you back, fair and just!”

Levi smiled.

The Chu Tian Chuan, which has always been domineering, would definitely encounter such a situation before.

But now he didn’t know Levi’s true identity, and he didn’t dare to act rashly.

He was afraid that Chu Renxiong would know what happened last night.

Hearing this, Chu Renxiong laughed loudly: “What a fair and just!!!”

He looked at Melina and Mann Jianguo: “You two really educated two outstanding juniors! Haha…”

Chu Renxiong hid the knife in his smile, which was mocking them!

Soon, he changed his words: “In this era, only with sufficient strength can we emphasize fairness and justice! And the weak are destined to be oppressed!”

“Mann Jianguo!!!”

“I, Chu Renxiong, did not hesitate to come to Jinling from Nelshire to come to Jinling to propose a marriage, and I have given enough courtesy and face! What about you? What treat me?

“From this moment on, the relationship between the Chu family and the Mann family has been severed! Immortal!”

Chu Renxiong said coldly.


When Chu Renxiong announced his decision.

The Mann family made a sensation.

Everyone was shocked.

The Chu family is going to die with the Mann family?

The end of the Mann family is coming!

Everyone’s faces were as pale as paper.

Because of Levi and Mann’s recklessness.

Cause the Mann family to be annihilated.

Chu Renxiong looked at Levi and smiled: “Young man, I really don’t know how high the world is! Now it’s all right, the Mann family is going to perish because of you!”


Everyone in the Chu family laughed.

Can the Nelshire Chu family be a challenge for the little Mann family?

Chapter 564


At this moment, for everyone in the Mann family, it was almost the end.

When the Chu family did it, the Mann family couldn’t stop it at all.

Levi smiled and said, “Mann family was destroyed? You are really brazen!”

Mann felt relieved when he heard Levi say this.

Everyone in the Mann family looked at him strangely.

Mann is stupid, right?

The Mann family is facing such a crisis.

He can still laugh?

Seeing that Levi dared to confront Chu Renxiong, Melina and Mann Jianguo wanted to stop, Chu Renxiong waved his hand: “No one is allowed to speak!”

“Boy, do you think my Chu family can’t destroy your Mann family?”

Chu Renxiong stared at Levi and roared.

Levi’s smile deepened, and the smile was meaningful: “From this moment on, I will be waiting at Mann’s house! You can do it by any means. You can shout as many people as you want. If you can’t take it, I will lose!”

After listening to what Levi said, Chu Renxiong laughed instead.

“Hahaha…I admire such arrogant descendants of the Mann family!”

Immediately, Chu Renxiong’s eyes burst into light.

“Okay, my Chu family accepts the appointment! I will give you one week to use all the connections and connections you can use, and make good preparations. Don’t say I bully the Mann family at that time!”

After Chu Renxiong finished speaking, the audience was in an uproar.

Invisible, Chu Renxiong and Levi had an appointment…

The person in charge of the Mann family didn’t even talk about it.

“let’s go!”

Chu Renxiong threw his sleeves away, and the Chu family bodyguard followed behind him, along with the betrothal gift.

After getting in the car.

Chu Renxiong was full of anger.

For the first time in so many years, a junior was provoked.

“Grandpa, it’s not good for us to tear our skins directly with the Mann family?”

Chu Tian Chuan asked.

He was always afraid of Levi’s identity.

“What’s wrong! It’s impossible to be a puppet by supporting the Mann family now. Only the Chu family can enter Jinling and eat it!”

“In seven days, I will let everyone in Jinling City know that the Chu family is not easy to provoke. When the Chu family comes, everyone has to give in!”

Chu Renxiong said coldly.

Mann’s family, at this moment, there is dead silence.

Melina and Mann Jianguo were even more slumped on the ground.

The others looked desperate.

Offended a behemoth like the Chu family.

It’s a dead end!

Levi had a calm face and touched Xiao Qin’s hair: “Don’t worry, there is a brother-in-law, no one can force you to do things you don’t want.”

Mann looked happy.

Secretly sigh. Fortunately, Levi is here.

Otherwise, the Mann family must be bullied by the Chu family today.

He was even more not afraid of the engagement between Levi and Chu Renxiong.

The Chu family is looking for death!!!

But the Mann family could not understand.

Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng came to Levi and said angrily: “Levi, what kind of thing are you? You are up to you to intervene in the affairs of the Mann family? My daughter’s marriage needs you to point me?”

“Yes, that’s right! What are you? You did it on purpose?”

“That’s Nelshire Chu Family! Quasi-royal family! Do you dare offend anyone?”

Mann Xueliang and the others were also angry.

One after another stared at Levi.

Can’t wait to tear him up.

Mann Jianguo and Melina didn’t criticize Levi for the first time, but looked at Mann.

“Mann, please explain, why did you do this today?”

“Yes, you are usually the calmest. Why are you crazy today? You don’t know how strong the Chu family is?”

There was a deep disappointment on their faces.

Originally, they wanted to train Mann as a successor.

But now it seems that it is totally impossible!

Chapter 565

“Yes, you give us a reasonable explanation!”

The adoptive father looked at Mann in disbelief.

“The reason is very simple: first, how can my Mann family let them bully; second, the Nelshire Chu family came to propose marriage for a simple reason, trying to control the Mann family’s development in Jinling.”

“I will never allow such a thing to happen!”

Mann explained with his head held up.


“You are wrong, so wrong!”

Mann Jianguo couldn’t help it anymore, slapped Mann’s face with a slap.

Although he was beaten, Mann was still stubborn.

“I am right!!!”

Mann said more seriously: “Grandpa and grandma, even if you beat me to death, father, I am not wrong!”


Melina sighed, her body trembling with anger, and everyone hurriedly supported her.

Mann Jianguo explained: “You think we can’t see the purpose of the Chu family? You think we don’t know that the Chu family is bullying us?”

Immediately, he changed his words: “But… but what can we do? In front of the Chu family, we are like ants! It is no exaggeration to say that the Chu family can crush us with just a finger!”

Melina also said angrily: “Isn’t it, when did you see your grandma bow your head in’er? You thought I was willing to marry Qin’er? Would you like to listen to the words of the Chu family? But there is nothing I can do about it? As expected by all of us…”

“If my Mann family is stronger than the Chu family, I need to be angry? I drove out the Chu family long ago!”

“You are in trouble! Now the Mann family is over, completely over! According to Chu Renxiong’s character, the Mann family will surely perish in a week, and our end will be miserable!”

“Everything is thanks to you!”

Melina stared at Mann incredulously and asked, “Why do you listen to Levi so much? If he lets you hit someone, you hit someone?


Mann didn’t know how to explain it.

“The Chu family asked someone to slap Mann, but Mann’s slap is not too much, right?”

At this time, Levi’s voice sounded.

All eyes are on him.

“Levi, do you know what happened?”

Melina asked.

“Who gave you the right to make you fight with the Chu family? You are a foreigner. Does the Mann family matter have anything to do with you?”

Mann Kuofei and Mann Qingfeng shouted.

“Do you know how much trouble you have caused? The Mann family is about to be destroyed! We are likely to all die!”

Mann Xuecheng wanted to slap Levi.

“Because it has something to do with Sarah, so it has something to do with me! Don’t worry, I will solve this problem myself!”

Levi looked confident.

“You and I are not easy to control, I will ask someone to control you!”

Melina left angrily.

She called Dale and Edith and told them the matter.

Less than two hours.

Dale and Edith and Sarah rushed to Mann’s house.

“Is it true?”

When I learned that it was true.

Dale and Edith almost fainted.

“Levi is here as a jerk! You get into trouble as soon as you come to the provincial capital! What are you doing? Do you have to kill us?”

Edith cried so much.

Dale’s face was also gloomy.

Even Sarah looked at Levi with disappointment.

I thought he came to the provincial capital to do something useful.

Unexpectedly, it would bring disaster to the Mann family.

“You give me an explanation for this matter…”

Sarah stared at Levi angrily.

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