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Chapter 566

Levi looked relaxed: “Don’t worry, I will solve this matter!”

“Solve it? What do you use to solve it?”

Dale immediately questioned.

Edith cried even more: “Don’t you see that even the Mann family is so scared? What can you do to solve it? Can you rely on a mouth?”

“Why are you doing this, isn’t it okay to stay in Case York? You have to go to the provincial capital, right?”

Sarah wanted to cry without tears.

After a while, Mann Junfei and Cross Wentao arrived.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter with you Levi? The Nelshire Chu family is the one who offends?”

Cross Wentao roared angrily.

Concubine Mann Jun looked at Sarah with disgust: “I said earlier that you would be fine if you came here!”

“Is there any way the eldest brother-in-law can do it?”

Mann Kuofei and several people immediately leaned in front of Cross Wentao.

Cross Wentao looked gloomy: “I just found out the news, the Nelshire Chu family must try their best! What can be done? In the provincial capital, our Cross family is fine, but what do you do to offend the quasi-royal family of Nelshire?”


This is extremely desperate news for the Mann family.

Originally, the greatest support of the Mann family was Cross Wentao.

Cross Wentao can’t do it, no one can.

“No, Mann, what’s the matter with you? I usually look at someone who is quite smart, how come I’m like a second fool today!”

“Don’t you know the identity of Chu Renxiong? Do you dare to go forward and slap you? Water in your head?”

Cross Wentao also reprimanded Mann.

But things are really making a big deal.

The fact that Chu Renxiong was slapped by Mann had already spread.

This is a matter of face.

If Chu Renxiong didn’t get revenge, how could he get along in the future?

So Chu Renxiong would definitely start with the Mann family.

“I don’t think I did something wrong! The Chu family bullied us, I can’t bear it!”

Mann looked at Levi again and said: “What’s more, I feel that with my sister-in-law and Garrison, this matter will definitely be settled!”

Levi admired Mann’s resolute attitude very much.

The Mann family lacks such people.

“Hmph, just blow it! Indeed, you have a good future! But this is the Nelshire Chu Family, who can handle it? Even Shanler and Sanxing Group couldn’t deal with it before!”

“The two of you, like mad dogs, are still fighting with the Chu family. What are you going to do with others?”

Cross Wentao roared angrily.

Mann said anxiously: “Why don’t you believe me! Don’t worry, this matter will definitely be handled!”

“Who will believe you?”

Cross Wentao glared at him.

Cross Wentao came to Melina and Mann Jianguo and said: “Grandpa and grandma, leave this to me! I will use all my strength in my life to deal with this disaster!”

“Okay, Wen Tao has to rely on you to turn the tide this time. We really can’t help it!”

Melina said with both of them.

“But grandparents, don’t hold on too much hope! After all, the Chu family is too strong! All I can do is to reduce the loss, and it is best to save the Mann family. But if you should give up, you have to give up…”

Cross Wentao’s implication is to retain the essence of the Mann family.

People like Mannye Levi are about to give up.

“Great, we don’t want to retreat! We just want to reduce the loss!”

Cross Wentao sighed: “Grandpa and grandma can see clearly, you have to rely on me at a critical time!”

Melina nodded again and again: “Yes, Wen Tao can only rely on you! The rest are just a bunch of trash!”

Chapter 567

Cross Wentao looked at Edith and Dale speechlessly and said: “At that time, grandparents and grandma I told you that their family can no longer keep up with the Mann family in all aspects. Letting them come back will only add chaos to the Mann family. You are not. Listen…”

Melina gave Edith a fierce look: “Wen Tao is the grandparents who have no vision. We regret it now! I knew what to call them to do…”

Edith has cried into tears.

Finally accepted by the Mann family.

Just because Levi was doing something bad…

“Levi, what did I owe you in my last life? Do I have to take revenge on us like this?”

Dale also squeezed out tears.

“Parents, don’t be sad, maybe I can ask Natalie to ask the boss of Erick Group for help!”

“By the way, it happens that Levi is an employee of Erick Group, he will not die!”

Sarah said.

Hearing this, Dale’s eyes lit up fiercely: “Yes, the boss of Erick Group is very powerful. With his help, he can definitely handle it.”

Dale immediately ran to Melina and Mann Jianguo and said, “Parents, don’t be angry, Sarah knows a great person who can solve this matter…”

“Can you guarantee that this matter will definitely be resolved?”

Cross Wentao asked.


Dale hesitated.

“Hehe, what awesome people can you know as you? Funny! As long as you are in Jiangnan Province, no one can compete with the Chu Family!”

Cross Wentao roared.

“Huh? The Chu Family is so scary?”

Dale’s Adam’s apple slipped and swallowed fiercely.

“Get out of here, shameful stuff!”

Melina didn’t want to see Dale for a moment.

Thinking of something, Melina couldn’t help saying: “By the way, no one of your family can leave Mann’s family one step this week! You all look good to me!”


Mann Kuofei said several people.


Sarah’s complexion turned pale.

Melina wanted them to ban their feet.

It must have been dealt with before leaving.

It can even be said that they are victims.

This is how to do?

Sarah has to worry about going to work.

“Sister Sarah, if you go to work, you can work remotely. Offended!”

In the end, all Sarah were locked up in Mann’s house.

“Levi, take a look at the good things you have done!!!”

“What else can you say?”

Dale and Edith stared at Levi and roared.

“Parents, you should take a rest and vacation. A week later, wouldn’t it be okay to go back to Case York gracefully?”

Levi’s expression was relaxed and calm, as if he were on vacation.

“Levi! What are you kidding about right now!”

Sarah shouted.

Although Sarah was fierce to Levi on the surface.

But after Dale and his wife left.

Sarah immediately said: “My husband, I understand you, you did this for Xiao Qin!”

“Very well, you understand me.”

Levi smiled.

He is not afraid that things will not be resolved.

The most fearful thing is that no one understands and chills.

“But this time it’s really upset, you can’t handle this matter.”

Sarah frowned.

“Relax, leave this to me.”

Levi smiled.

“What do you do? Now we can’t even get out of the Mann family! How can we find a way?”

Plum dyed his face embarrassed.

Levi smiled brightly: “Don’t worry, I can come to the Mann family if I want, and leave as I want.”

“Let me see who dares to stop me?”

Chapter 568

In order to prevent Levi and his party from leaving, the Mann family imprisoned them in a villa with dozens of guards guarding the door.

Levi swaggered to the door of the villa, and dozens of guards immediately surrounded him.

“No, you can’t leave! Just stay there!”

The headed guard said angrily.

“Then I want to leave?”

Levi smiled.

“You can try it!”

Several people stared at Levi fiercely, as long as he had any abnormalities, they would capture him mercilessly.

“Who gave you the power to restrict others’ freedom?”

Levi approached.

“Because this is the Mann family, you have to listen to the Mann family! You can’t go anywhere except the villa! Understand?”

The guard warned.

A radian swept across the corner of Levi’s mouth: “As long as the sun and the moon are shining, and where the river comes, there is no place Levi can’t go!”

“Step aside!!!”


Instead of stepping back, the guards stepped forward.


Levi moved suddenly and turned into an afterimage.

Quickly pass through dozens of people.



All these people suffered heavy blows and fell to the ground.

They are all bodyguards bought by the Mann family at a high price.

But Levi is the God of War of God of War, and one person on the battlefield chased the God of War who was rushing by the army.

How can these people provoke!

When Sarah realized that something was wrong and ran out, he saw a group of people falling to the ground and crying.

As for Levi, he has long since disappeared.

“Did he do this?”

Sarah’s eyes widened, incredible.

Levi’s escape soon became known to the entire Mann family.

Mann Jianguo and Melina came together.

“You two are really well educated!”

Melina glared at Dale and said angrily.

“Parents, we don’t know, we don’t even know about Levi’s running…”

Dale and Edith wanted to cry without tears.

Melina snorted coldly: “What should I do now? He ran away! I don’t think he will come back again!”

Mann Xuecheng, Mann Xueliang and others also said: “Yes, he must have ran away! Throw all the mess to our Mann family!”

“Obviously it was this kid who provoked a disaster, he left as soon as he left! What a horrible thing!”

“He can’t run!”

Sarah, Xiao Qin and Mann said in unison.

Xiao Qin and Mann knew the identity of Levi.

As for Sarah’s simple belief in Levi’s character, he would not leave it alone.

“Hmph, I can’t figure out why you would maintain Levi?”

Melina and everyone in the Mann family looked at Xiao Qin three people incredible.


Xiao Qin and Mann looked at each other.

After all, the two did not say anything.

This is the highest level of military secrets!

Sarah raised his head and said, “Because he is my husband!”

After Levi left, he came to the Dark Night Club.

Wesley, Owen, Alton and Suzaku have arrived in the provincial capital.

“General, according to our investigation, the family forces that have been rampantly grabbing territory in the provincial capital recently have someone behind them! To put it bluntly, it is the big forces from other provinces who have taken a fancy to Jinling City!”

“The reason why the Nelshire Chu family came to Jinling was to control the Mann family to achieve the goal of taking root in Jinling!”

Suzaku has Lorded first-hand information.

Levi smoked a cigarette and smiled faintly: “When these miscellaneous things come, I don’t know how many people will be implicated and how many innocent people will die! This thing must never happen in front of me!”

Chapter 569


The four nodded one after another.

“List out the fierce family forces that have been rioting in the provincial capital recently, I am going to solve it all at once!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, General, I’ll go and sort it out right away!”

Suzaku said.

“After Zhuque made the list, Alton, in the name of Graham Nanxuan, invite everyone to a dinner party. Let them decide the location!”

Levi told Alton again.

Alton nodded.

On this day, two explosive pieces of news spread all over the provincial and urban circles.

Article 1: The Mann family and the Nelshire Chu family made a battle, and the two sides fought to the death a week later.

Article 2: Graham Nanxuan of Erick Group has come to the provincial capital and invited all major power families in the provincial capital to a dinner.

For everyone, there is no suspense about the affairs of the Mann family and the Nelshire Chu family.

One week later, the Mann family will be removed from the provincial capital!

But the second in command of the Erick Group suddenly came to the provincial capital, which was caught off guard.

Everyone can’t understand the operation.

In particular, the major forces invited are even more puzzled.

I don’t know what Erick Group is going to do…

The various forces began to discuss with each other.

Everyone came to a conclusion-Erick Group has come to the provincial capital to divide the site.

“Impossible! Not to mention eating meat in the provincial capital, Erick Group will not let you drink a mouthful of soup!”

“Yes! That’s right! We don’t move in Case York, but you also don’t want to move in the provincial capital!”

The major forces in the provincial capital are surprisingly united.

Especially the plates left by the Shanler faction and the Samsung Group are too big.

This piece of fat, they don’t want anyone to get involved.

Whoever wants to move, they must fight hard with whom.

“Erick Group is really naive, let us decide the location? Are you looking for death?”

“It’s really stupid, let us do it ourselves for the banquet, haha.”

“Why don’t we set the address of the dinner at the Jagged Club?”

The major forces laughed.

Because the Jagged Club is actually the largest underground black boxing arena in the provincial capital.

There are the most powerful and the most black boxing Lords in it.

It almost includes top black boxers from all over Asia!

They are going to set up the dinner as a grand feast.

Everyone has agreed that Erick Group will be crushed to death in the Jagged Club three days later.

What Graham Nanxuan they would beat to death.

“Brothers, come up with your strongest hole cards at that time, let them know what is called a ground snake!”

“Sure, you can’t let these guys leave the provincial capital alive, they dare to make ideas about the provincial capital!”

Everyone is looking forward to the scene where the Erick Group will see thousands of people in three days.

The Mann family is still shrouded in clouds.

Everyone didn’t even eat dinner.

Hopes are pinned on Cross Wentao, but it is too slim.

Cross Wentao’s grandfather has already retired.

Even if the Cross family’s connections are not bad, they would not offend the quasi-royal Chu family for the Cross family’s sake.

Thinking of something, Melina stared at Sarah and Xiao Qin and asked, “Didn’t you say that he will come back? What about people?”


Xiao Qin didn’t know how to answer.

“Grandma, don’t worry, he will come back in King’s Landing. This matter is caused by him, and he will solve it!”

Sarah said very surely.

She just received news from Natalie that Erick Group Graham Nanxuan has come to the provincial capital.

Sarah intends to contact him and ask him to help.

So she is confident now.

“Hehe, sister, you just don’t believe that the man ran away. To be honest, I sent someone to find him. There is no trace of him in the provincial capital…”

Chapter 570

It turned out that the Mann family had just found a circle.

There was no trace of Levi at all.

“He must have ran away, leaving the provincial capital early, you are still waiting foolishly!”

Mann Kuofei said mercilessly.

Even Dale and Edith said, “Daughter, do you still have illusions? He must have run away!”

“Sure, otherwise, what would he run with good luck?”

“What kind of people your parents are like King’s Landing, you don’t know…”

Sarah defended.

“Can the situation be the same this time? Nelshire Chu Family’s level, what can I do to solve it? If I were him, I would also have to run!”

“Yes, that’s right! If you don’t believe it, just wait and see? See if he will show up?”

Edith said angrily.

The two had already recognized that Levi had run away.

A look of embarrassment flashed across Sarah’s face.

Indeed, this time the opponent is too strong.

No one has the bottom.

After all, the Nelshire Chu Family was a quasi-royal clan, and it was already at another level.

But she believed that Levi would never leave because of the strength of the Chu family.

“Husband, what are you doing? Come back quickly! To break everyone’s doubts?”

Sarah especially wants to see Levi appear now.

It’s best to descend like a god and settle the matter directly.

But Levi hadn’t appeared yet the next day.

On the third day, Levi did not appear as usual.

During the period, there was not even a news.

Sarah called and turned off the phone.

Now even Sarah panicked.

Did Levi really run away?

But in her heart she still firmly believed that Levi did not, no matter how he was, she had nothing to say!

“Look, Levi hasn’t appeared yet! You are still waiting foolishly, how about people?”

“Now that the phone is turned off, what’s this not running away?”

Everyone in the Mann family ridiculed fiercely.

“I just asked people to find a circle in the city, but I didn’t see Levi’s trail. He really ran away!”

Mann Xuecheng sneered.

At this time, Mann said: “Everyone should do what they usually do or do! Brother Garrison will definitely show up! And this matter will be resolved!”

As soon as Mann said this, everyone was stunned.

Especially Melina stared at Mann incredulously and asked: “You mean we are worried about eating carrots first?”

Mann shook his head: “Grandma, I just said that sister-in-law Garrison will come back. You said it was useless at all. It’s better to live a normal life.”


Suddenly Melina slapped Mann’s face.

Crisp, loud and shocking.

The last time Melina slapped her face, it was because of the Chu family, not what she meant.

But today she took the initiative to slap the most optimistic junior.

“Grandma, you…”

Mann covered his face and looked at Melina incredulously.

“Well, you can say it? If it weren’t for you and Levi, could the Mann family be like this? Now you are in a big disaster, you are in this tone, how? Can you solve this matter?”

Melina’s body trembled violently with anger.

Mann stared at her seriously: “Yes, I can solve it!”

“What will you do to solve it?”

Melina asked.

“My brother-in-law is here, the matter will definitely be resolved…”

Mann was extremely stubborn.

“He’s even running away now, and you still expect him to solve the problem? It’s ridiculous! Is water in your mind?”

Melina scolded.

“You don’t know, actually Brother Garrison is…”

Mann was forced to reveal the identity of Levi.


Everyone looked at Mann one after another, looking at him in amazement.

Even Sarah was suspicious.

Does Levi have any unknown identity?

Did Mann support him like this?

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