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Chapter 571


Mann remembered the confidentiality agreement and stopped abruptly.

“What? You say it, I’m so anxious to death!”

Melina urged.

“In short, I believe Brother Garrison, since he dares to make an appointment, he is sure!”


His fists were clenched tightly.

The face is hideous, and the veins are violent.


Must endure!

He decided to endure today’s grievance.

After a few days, everyone will know what’s going on.

“Hehe, you are so naive!”

Melina said coldly.

“Mann, we are so disappointed in you!”

Seeing everyone’s eyes that were extremely disappointed with him, Mann couldn’t express his uncomfortable heart.

“You will know the truth sooner or later!”

Mann bit his lip fiercely.

Soon, three days were up.

In the Jagged Club.

More than two dozen forces gathered.

The strongest ones belong to the Cao family, He family and Ou family.

These three, plus the Logan family, are the top giants in the provincial capital.

The Logan family was not involved in the battle because of the previous vitality injury.

So these three were unscrupulous in the provincial capital, wherever they went and grabbed them.

After all, the people who held them down before have all fallen.

In addition to these three, there are seven or eight big clans.

Of course, there are several big men in the underground circle.

In addition to Shanler and Logan Erye, the underground circle of the provincial capital is now the Lord of the matter.

He once followed Shanler, but later came from the Logan Men.

Over the years, they have developed secretly.

He has many Lords under him, and he is invincible in the provincial capital.

After Shanler and Logan Erye fell, he came out to take over everything.

Of course, there is another one who is powerful, the owner of the Iron Blood Club does not move Mylen Moran

Sitting on the largest underground black boxing arena in the provincial capital.

For those black boxers who are ranked top in Asia, he has more than two fingers here.

Everyone is afraid!

Tonight Jagged Club is fully prepared.

In the huge banquet room.

More than twenty big bosses from the provincial capital were sitting.

Mylen opened the mouth and said, “I have arranged all the 100 Lords in my underground boxing arena, and I’m just waiting for someone to come.”

“Haha, that’s really great. Make sure that the Erick Group will come back and forth!”

There was ecstasy in the eyes of the others.

As everyone knows, Mylen has the strongest black boxing Lord in the provincial capital.

“Stone Buddha, can you tell me what Lords are there?”

Someone asked.

“Including 99 consecutive games, 100 games and 188 games in the Southeast Asia Death Fighting Contest, the three undefeated three war gods, Death Beast, Wolf King, and Yama War God are here!”

When Mylen finished speaking, the audience trembled.

“What? These three are here?”

The third place, the dead beast, is from Thailand. He has been unbeaten in 99 games in the death fighting competition.

The second place, the wolf king, is from the grassland, and he is unbeaten in 100 death fighting games.

The first is Yama, the God of War, with an unknown identity and the most terrifying record. Breaking the record of the Asian Death Fighting Competition-188 consecutive games without losing.

There are rumors in the provincial city circles that these powerful men owned by Mylen can easily crush and kill the four great generals under Shanler.

Everyone understands that Mylen is the most mysterious figure in the provincial capital.

When the Shanler faction fell, Mylen immediately invited dozens of Asian fighters to the provincial capital.

The purpose is very clear-to encroach on the territory of the provincial capital.

“Yam Luo God of War… is he here too?”

Cao Hui, the head of the Cao family, swallowed fiercely.

Yama God of War is also called Thousand People Tu.

Once slaughtered thousands of pirates alone, shocking Asia…

Chapter 572

Everyone is really surprised and happy.

I heard that Mylen had dozens of black boxing Lords who were ranked top in Asia.

But where can I think of it, these three are here!!!

Everyone was in a cold sweat.

Someone wanted to move Mylen.

I’m afraid now when I think about it.

Not to mention anything else, only with these three people, Mylen can sweep everything in the province.

They looked at Mylen in horror.

One after another sucked in cold air.

Mylen is really willing to spend money…

Actually bought the Yama God of War.

Mylen nodded: “Well, here it is.”


“Then things are absolutely stable today!”

Everyone is very excited.

Today’s guns are unanimously external.

The Erick Group must be driven out.

In addition, everyone left an eye on Mylen not to provoke him.

Who can think of it, he will invite these three Lords!

“We have all arranged, and the Lords can add up to a thousand. No matter what the purpose of the Erick Group is, don’t even think about leaving today!”

Lord smiled.

Mylen took a sip of the tea ceremony: “Well, it’s our business to make trouble in our provincial capital, and it’s not our turn for an outsider to intervene!”

“Yes, yes, that’s the truth!”

Everyone said.

The Lord smiled and asked, “Stone Buddha, what is the origin of this Yama war god? I’m very curious.”

“Yes, we are also very curious about the stone Buddha. Can you talk about it?”

Everyone looked at Mylen curiously.

They could hardly hear the legend of the Yama war god.

Yama is the strongest fighter in Asia in the past two years!

All the people who went to challenge were dead.

But he didn’t know the origin of Yama War God at all.

Mylen smiled: “Do you know how much money I paid for Bass Luo God of War?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“One billion a year!”

Mylen Road.


Everyone took a deep breath.

Big guys like them will hire some Lords to be bodyguards.

The market price is very clear.

Generally, those over five million a year are super Lords.

Unexpectedly, Yama God of War turned out to be a price of one billion a year.

too frightening.

“He’s worth the price!”

Mylen said seriously.

“The God of Yama is actually a soldier…”

When Mylen gave out the information, everyone was shocked.

“It’s not just a soldier. He was once the most powerful God of War in the Wolf Kingdom, and he was invincible on the battlefield. He was called the God of Yama.”

Mylen Road.

“Ah? It turned out to be the God of War of a country! Aside from the fact that the wolf country is a small foreign country, his identity is equivalent to that of the God of War of Velador.”

Lord exclaimed.

Mylen nodded: “Yes, that’s right. Otherwise, how could it be so scary?”

“Stone Buddha, I can’t figure out why a generation of God of War came to participate in the fighting competition?”

Cao Hui said his doubts.

Everyone looked at him one after another.

His face is full of curiosity.

“The reason is very simple. The Wolf Kingdom has been destroyed by the God of War! He kept his name incognito. It is normal to do so in order to survive.”

Stone Buddha said.

Everyone looked at each other, sucking in a cold breath and said, “It’s still the horror of God of War!”

“There are so many things you don’t know. At the beginning, the God of War War God only sent his subordinates, Owen Battle King, with the 18th Cavalry of Heaven Tribulation, and a total of 19 people destroyed a country!”

Mylen looked passionate.

As if he had participated.

“Haha, with the Yama God of War, Erick Group would never want to leave!”

Everyone is looking forward to it.

God of War of a country shot.

Who can be the enemy?

Chapter 573

Mylen glanced at the vacant chair and said coldly, “Come on, move the chair away!”

“Even if Graham Nanxuan is eating with us, he has to stand! This is the provincial capital, this is the rule!”

“it is good!!!”

Everyone applauded Mylen’s decision.

The only chair was removed.

Shortly after.

Levi and his party came to the Jagged Club.

Owen smiled: “I hope there are Lords today…”

“Their preparation will certainly not disappoint you.”

Levi lit a cigarette and smiled.

In front of the Jagged Club, several courtesy ladies greeted them.

Bring Levi and his party to the living room for the banquet.

After arriving at the banquet room, everyone looked shocked and looked at Levi.

See young and unfamiliar faces.

Everyone was surprised.

Are the people in Erick Group so young?

“The four of you dare to go to the banquet?”

Someone sneered.

“Otherwise? Could it be a Hongmen Banquet?”

Levi smiled.

“It must be Hongmenyan. As long as you don’t have any problems in your mind, you must know.”

“That’s Graham Nanxuan?”

Cao Hui asked with a sneer.

Alton smiled: “It’s me, but it’s not me who is talking today, it’s my boss!”

Alton looked at Levi.

Everyone was surprised again.

I thought that the second in command, Graham Nanxuan, came to the banquet today.

Who ever thought that the mysterious boss of Erick Group would come in person.

Everyone in the provincial capital knows that the boss of Erick Group is mysterious and powerful, and even Shanler and Sanxing Group have suffered losses in his hands.

Because of his strength and the mysterious power of Case York, Case York are now forbidden, and no one dares to covet Case York.

Almost the entire Jiangnan Province is speculating about the sacred boss of the Erick Group.

Unexpectedly, he actually came.

Everyone looked at Levi carefully, and everyone looked confused.

I have never seen him.

Someone originally suspected that he might be a member of the Nelshire Princely Party.

After seeing the real person, this doubt was dispelled.

Not really.

Levi glanced at it and immediately understood.

These guys didn’t leave a chair for themselves.

“What’s wrong? Any questions?”

Lord holding a fan, asked with a smile.

Levi said coldly: “Where is my chair?”


Hearing that, everyone was happy.

“Chair? Are you qualified to sit?”

Cao Hui asked.

The Lord smiled and said, “No, should I sit there?”

Mylen said: “On the site of the provincial capital, you only deserve to stand!”

Levi took a cigarette, and he smiled: “But I just want to sit today!”

“What a big tone! This is the provincial capital, not Case York! You don’t count, you can only bear it!”

He Wanlong, the He family clan next to Levi, said angrily.

Levi’s eyes gradually fell on He Wanlong.

He Wanlong raised his head and looked at him proudly: “What are you going to do? Stand obediently!”


Only in the next moment, He Wanlong was kicked out by Wesley.

There was a bang.

Everyone was stunned.

Alton moved He Wanlong’s chair behind Levi.

Levi just sat down.

Everyone in the audience looked at Levi incredulously.

No one expected that Levi said he would do it.

Acting aggressively and domineering style.

Everyone was shocked.

He Wanlong got up from the ground and roared: “How dare you do something to me? I’m looking for death!!!”

“Have a meal, and some people are noisy?”

Levi frowned.

Chapter 574

Alton stepped forward and pulled He Wanlong in front of him.


A slap on the mouth.



He Wanlong just about to speak, slapped again.


After several consecutive slaps, He Wanlong’s mouth was swollen and his face was swollen.

Can’t say a word.

Of course let him say it again, he dare not say it anymore.

Too bad.

“The boss is quiet now, he can’t talk anymore.”

Alton came to Levi and said.


Levi nodded, picked up the chopsticks, and began to taste the delicious food.

All dozens of people in the audience were dumbfounded.

In the presence of all the big bosses in the provincial capital, He Wanlong’s mouth was snarled fiercely.

This is hitting them in the face!

This is not paying attention to them at all.

Erick Group really is as domineering as the rumors!

“You guys are looking for death!!!”

Someone in the field can’t bear it, and they have to get up.

“Calm down! What’s the noise over a meal?”

Mylen immediately stopped the road.

Everyone was quiet now.

Just stared at Levi angrily.

Levi was eating vegetables as if nothing had happened.

He looks calm and enjoys, as if he is really going to a banquet.

The Lord also said: “Why are you making noise when you eat and eat?”

Everyone just picked up the chopsticks.

But no one has the mind to eat.

Except for Levi.

He seemed to be really here for dinner.

Everyone in the room stared at him for dinner.

Everyone is getting more and more angry.

No one has ever dared to ignore them!

A full hour.

Levi only finished eating. After he wiped the corners of his mouth, he looked at everyone and smiled: “Why don’t you eat?”

“This is a decapitation meal, who dares to eat it?”

Someone sneered.

Implying the fate of Levi.

Mylen smiled and said, “Inviting us is not as simple as having a meal, right?”

Levi said directly: “Okay, then I will explain why I came to the provincial capital is very simple, to calm the turmoil! You are all on my list, and now give me obediently: it’s not your site, don’t grab it, it’s not your money Don’t take it!”


Everyone took a breath.

Is it so overbearing?

Come to calm the turmoil in the provincial capital?

No one in Jiangnan Province has this qualification, right?

Make them obedient?

How can it be!

“You Erick Group deceived people too much!!!”


Cao Hui couldn’t help but slapped the table sharply.

The others stared at Levi angrily.

He even ran to their turf to be domineering.

court death!!!

Mylen knocked on the table and raised his head to look at Levi: “Your excellency is so loud? Let us all listen to you?”

Levi nodded: “Yes, you have no choice!”



Everyone laughed.

Everyone looked at Levi as if they were looking at a fool.

In front of all the big bosses in the provincial capital, saying this?

No choice yet?

The Lord slapped off the folding fan, and he smiled and said, “What is your trump card? Are you so sure that we will listen to you?”

Levi smiled.

The Alton trio behind them also laughed.

Everyone understands.

Levi’s hole cards are the three behind him.


Very arrogant!

Dare to come to the provincial capital just with three people? ? ?

Just as everyone was shocked, Owen said: “I’m sorry. I’ll take all your moves!”


Everyone was taken aback.

It turns out that there are too many three people.

Just one person.

Too arrogant, right?

Levi also said: “Well, that’s right, for you chickens and dogs, my brother is enough!”


Chapter 575

Even Mylen, who has the title of Immovable Stone Buddha, would vomit blood.

It’s too deceiving!!!

“I know all your actions these days. How many innocent people have been implicated and how many people have died because of your injuries. Are human blood buns delicious?”

Levi turned to question.

It’s just that these people have no response.

In other words, they are all numb to eating human blood buns.

Levi’s words didn’t stimulate them at all.

Especially during this period of time, they were looting territory in the provincial capital.

There were many casualties.

Many people were forced to lose their jobs and demolish their homes.

But these bigwigs were indifferent.

“Does it have anything to do with you? Besides, what happened to how many people died? What happened to how many people injured? Dare to stop us from doing things, it’s just to die!”

Everyone disagrees.

Everyone’s attitude is like this.

He even wondered what Levi did to mention.

“That’s why I came today! The provincial capital can’t help you behave!”

Levi said coldly.

“Then you have to show your real skills!”

Mylen suddenly threw the cup on the ground and smashed it.



In an instant, the six doors of the banquet hall opened at the same time, and a large group of people poured in from outside.

Everyone is holding weapons, all Lords!!!

The originally empty banquet room was full at this moment, at least three hundred people.

Not only that, but the corridors outside were also full of people.

Thousands of Lords have surrounded this place.

They would chop Levi into pieces as long as they gave an order.

At this time, the big guys on the provincial capital side straightened their waists, with arrogance and smiles on their faces.

Their hole cards came out.

How can Levi be crazy?

“Now? What do you want to say?”

Cao Hui asked triumphantly.

Levi smiled brightly: “It’s the same sentence, everyone is obedient!”

“Hahaha, are you blind? Can’t see so many people? Can you see your situation clearly?”

Someone said coldly.

The Lord sneered even more: “The young people are arrogant and okay. Now I give you a chance-as long as you kneel down and knock three beeps, I am interested in considering letting you go!”

In the eyes of the Lord, Levi had no chance of escape.

Even if these people are very powerful, thousands of Lords can’t solve them.

However, there are still a hundred Lords in the Shiqingshan underground boxing arena.

What’s more, there are three Lords.

There is also a kingdom of war god, wolf kingdom, Yama!

They have absolutely no chance.

Levi didn’t speak.

Owen laughed.

very excited.

“That… can there be more people?”

Owen licked the corners of his mouth excitedly.


Everyone was taken aback.

All dumbfounded.

Is this because there are fewer people? ? ?

Faced with such a predicament, how can he be so arrogant?

Is the brain sick, or is it a lunatic?

“Since you want us to listen to you, then we will solve it according to the rules!”

Mylen said.

“tell me the story!”

Levi asked.

“You beat our people to the ground, until we are convinced, we will listen to you. Otherwise, you will listen to us! Erick Group will give it to us!”

Mylen is also an old fox.

This kind of opportunity does not bully in vain.

Levi nodded and said, “Okay, yes!”

“There is one person from our side…”

Levi pointed to Owen.

“As for your side, it counts as much as you come…”

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi said this.

The provincial leaders stared at them angrily.

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