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Chapter 576

Doesn’t this fucking take people seriously?

This is the provincial capital!

Is this their place?

“Okay, I hope you can be crazy later!”

Mylen said coldly.

“Let’s go, let’s change place!”

Mylen said again.

The scene changed and it became an underground black boxing arena.

Thousands of people surrounded the black boxing arena.

The big bosses of the provincial capital have all taken out their trump cards.

Lord looked at Levi with a sneer and said, “You said it alone, so don’t blame us for the wheel fight!”

The Lord gave an order, and immediately hundreds of Lords rushed towards Owen.

The long knife in his hand gleamed with dazzling cold light, and the murderous aura was overflowing.

Owen looked at the attacking people, and gradually smiled presumptuously.


With a head-on, he knocked the first striker away several tens of meters.

After the man landed, there was no movement.




Hundreds of people attacked together, and the scene was simply too grand.

In the eyes of everyone, how can Owen fight again?

I have continuously attacked hundreds of Lords, and you can be exhausted to death if you are tired!

Seeing hundreds of people flooded Owen.

Smiles burst out from the corners of everyone’s lips.

Owen is sure to lose!

But after only a few seconds, everyone’s faces changed.

Because they saw an individual being beaten out, more and more…

After a minute, everyone’s faces were serious.

Three minutes later, everyone’s faces were full of incredible.

Five minutes later, everyone’s eyes were about to fly out.

There is no other reason, hundreds of people all fell to the ground and screamed in pain.

On the black boxing field, only Owen stood alone.

Can you beat it too much, right?

Four to five hundred people were abruptly solved by others with bare hands, in five minutes.

Everyone looked at each other, only then gradually realized why Levi sent only Owen.

This is because they are strong enough!

“Is that all? Let’s all else! How many do I play?”

Owen looked unfinished.


Mylen said angrily.

It is not his turn to let others go wild.

He gave an order, and hundreds of black boxing Lords under his hand appeared one by one.

Of course the three strongest players have not yet played.

Mylen didn’t think it was necessary for them to play.

“Call me! One by one, I don’t believe it!”

Mylen roared.

Hundreds of black fist Lords rushed up to challenge Owen one by one.



“the second!”

“The third!”

“The eighty-eighth!”

“The ninety-ninth!”

Owen’s whole body became more and more courageous as he fought, and he did not look tired at all.

These Lords of black boxing across the provincial capital were knocked down by him one by one.

In the end, Mylen’s face turned black.

The foundation of his underground boxing arena was completely destroyed.

This is too good to play, right?

Hundreds of Lords have no choice but to fight on wheels?

“Enjoyment is enjoyment, but there are no real Lords! Are there any stronger ones?”

Owen shouted.

The big bosses in the provincial capital looked at each other.

Too arrogant, right?

In the provincial capital, they make such a clamor, how can this be tolerated?

Especially on the site of Shiqingshan.

“Stone Buddha must show his cards, this kid is too strong!”

Everyone asked one after another.

Mylen squinted his eyes, shining brightly.

“Let the dead beast and wolf king come out!”

Mylen said coldly.

Soon, the dead beast and the wolf king appeared.

Immediately, two extremely dangerous auras filled the audience.

Everyone felt that their scalp was numb, and their blood seemed to be coagulated.

Chapter 577

The dead beast from Thailand is only 1.7 meters tall and has a bronzed skin like cast metal, giving people a sense of strength.

He has studied ancient Thai boxing for 30 years, and 99 death fighting matches have killed the enemy within 30 seconds.

As for the wolf king, there are thick hairs on his face, and his eyes are glowing, really like a wolf.

When he was a child, the wolf king grew up in a pack of wolves. His fighting skills blended everything about wolves and were so strong that they were unimaginable.

As soon as the two appeared, they threatened the audience.

Everyone was out of breath.

The most powerful fighting Lord, the only threat of death when meeting.

“Just don’t kill him!”

Mylen gave the order.

The wolf king stood aside and didn’t move, the dead beast nodded and stepped forward.

He wants to single out Owen.

Owen hooked his finger: “Let’s go together! Save me some time!”

The dead beast and the wolf king looked at each other, their eyes filled with disbelief.

He seemed to be surprised by Owen’s stupid behavior.

“He asked you two to go together, let’s go together!”

Mylen’s eyes were full of killing intent.


The dead beast and the wolf king looked at each other, and the dead beast moved first.

“Boom boom boom!”

With every step he stepped on, the ground was shattered.

After three steps.



The black boxing arena burst open directly.


This scene gave everyone too much shock!

Everyone knows that the black boxing arena is made of special materials. How many feet did he crush it?

What terrifying power does he have to possess?

The dead beast came to Owen in an instant, and he slammed at Owen with one knee.

This knee is definitely comparable to a car accident!

The impact is absolutely not pressure a few hundred yards sports car crashed into the train…

Almost instantly, the wolf king also moved.


He possessed the agility and speed of a wild wolf, and when he leaped forward, he swept towards Owen with a swift offensive at a distance of tens of meters.

Whether it is a dead beast or a wolf king, as long as he encounters a Owen, he will definitely burst his limbs.

Both of them are the toughest killer moves!

Over the years, they have long become killing machines.

What I study every day is how to kill people quickly and effectively.


Owen smiled when he felt the wolf king and dead beasts close at hand.


His left fist hit the knee of the dead beast.

The right fist hit the claws of the wolf king.

“court death!”

“Is this hitting a rock with a pebble?”

In the eyes of everyone, this is an act of self-reliance.


Owen banged his fist on the knee of the dead beast.


Suddenly, the hard as gold knee burst.


The dead beast flew out even more.


Owen smashed the entire arm of the wolf king with a fist, and he knelt down directly in front of him.

In an instant.

Everyone was stunned.

Looking at the scene incredibly.

The two fighting gods who did not lose in 99 games and 100 games were beaten by the team together? ? ?


The screams of the dead beast and the wolf king brought everyone back to reality.

Both of these are defeated?

Mylen could no longer sit still, and stood up.

This is too strong, right?

Levi also smiled.

With his gang of brothers, there is no need for him to act.

Invincible is really lonely.

“How many of you have, let’s go together! Don’t waste time!”

Levi’s words completely angered Mylen.

He roared: “Come on, please come, Yama God of War!”

When Cao Hui went, Shiye and others were extremely excited.

The real powerhouse is coming!


When a black shadow set foot, a pressure like the top of the mountain spreads.

Chapter 578

Yama is here.

He is not only the record holder of the death fighting contest, but also the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom.

The previous identities are not important.

The most important thing is that he is the god of war in a country.

In ancient times, that was the invincible general.

It turned out that everyone only regarded him as a fighting machine, but now it’s different. After knowing his identity as the god of war in a country.

In everyone’s eyes, it’s completely different.

Coming to the secular world, mixing traces among ordinary people is a god-like existence.

The God of War Bass Luo wears a simple dress, a black sweater and a hat. What’s terrible is that he wears a half-wolf mask.

As soon as he appeared, the focus of the audience was on him.

The God of Yama came to the court step by step.

The temperature in the field dropped sharply.

A murderous aura was overwhelming.

As soon as these ordinary people came into contact with this breath, they were short of breath, even suffocated, their faces turned pale, almost dying.

This is momentum!

The god of war in a country must be at least a thousand people slaughtered.

That is the murderous spirit honed out on the battlefield.

Not comparable to ordinary fighters!

Mylen and others immediately became excited when they saw Bass Luo God of War coming out.

Forgive you, if Owen can fight again, can it be the opponent of Yama God of War?

“Kill him, I will reward you a billion!”

Mylen shouted.

“I add a billion!”

“I add three hundred million!”

Everyone started to motivate.

The price is rising gradually!

As long as Bass Luo God of War kills Owen, he will get two billion!

This is what many people dream of.

Even Yama God of War is no exception.

His eyes lit up fiercely.

For this amount of money, he must meet the gods and kill the gods, see the Buddha and kill the Buddha.

“Where is the person?”

Yama God of War asked in a low voice.

Everyone pointed to Owen.

The God of Bass Luo walked towards Owen step by step.

There was a dangerous breath from all over him.

As if Shura, reborn from hell, is coming.

He was furious, absolutely lying down a million corpses, blood flowed into a river…



Bass Luo God of War stood in front of Owen and looked up at him.

When the eyes meet.

Yama’s face changed wildly.


How could it be him?

He he he…

Bass Luo God of War squirmed his lips, watching Owen unable to say a word for a long time.

He can’t forget this person!!!

That night, a total of 19 people from this man and the Eighteen Tribulation Cavaliers first smashed his tens of thousands of troops in the wolf kingdom head-on!!!

Subsequently, 19 people smashed into the wolf country, invincible, and swept all the way.

Overnight, the wolf kingdom was destroyed!

As the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom, he was also defeated, and he could only watch the country annihilate.

The Chinese God of War is the most terrifying he has ever seen!

His men are brave and good at fighting, invincible in the world.

Especially the person in front of him, brought him a lifetime shadow.

It was his lingering nightmare!

Haunt him all his life!

Today, every night I dream is the scene of the destruction of the wolf kingdom that night, and the ruthless face of Owen War King emerges.

Every time I dream, I am scared to wake up.

That person is too strong!

One person broke into the camp of ten thousand people, and he couldn’t forget the scene of killing back and forth.

Today, he actually saw it here.

He understood that the God of War War God faction was too strong.

Give him a hundred years, and he can’t take revenge anymore.

Now he can only continue to participate in fighting competitions to vent his emotions…

Cultivate slowly, to grind away the shadow that God of War has brought to him.

He would never have thought that he would meet Owen Battle King.


The King of the Five Great Wars of Velador is almost inseparable from the God of War of God of War.

Owen King is here, which means that the God of War is also…

Chapter 579

Sweeping his eyes, he saw Levi sitting behind.


At this moment, Yama God of War became dizzy.

He almost went black and passed out.

Seeing Levi’s eyes.

Yama’s breath was stagnant, almost suffocating.

In an instant, his whole body was wet with cold sweat, and he couldn’t stop shaking.


The god of war did not listen to his legs, and knelt down in front of Owen war king!

The sound is huge, enough for everyone to hear…

This scene shocked the audience!

No one expected it.

Even Levi was shocked.

What’s the matter with this kid?

Didn’t you come to fight Owen?

Why did you kneel down as soon as you met?

It was Mylen and the others who couldn’t understand this scene.

What’s the matter with Yama God of War?

How did you kneel to the enemy?

What happened?

Is this fake?

What did i see?

Everyone rubbed their eyes one after another, wondering if they were mistaken.

This is the strongest player in the Asian Death Contest!

188 games without losing!

There is no such thing as a rival.

Why did you kneel down when you saw someone?

They didn’t understand, but Owen gradually understood.

As soon as possible, Yama is wearing a half-wolf mask.

But Owen still recognized it.

From the eyes and breath.

“You… Are you the God of War Yama of the Wolf Kingdom?”

Owen asked tentatively.

The God of Yama nodded, and shouted: “The defeated wolf country will pay a visit to the God of War of God of War and the King of Owen!”


Everyone took a deep breath.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard the loud voice of the God of War.

God of War?

Owen King?

What and what is this all about?

Everyone couldn’t react to Yama’s intentions for a while.

After hearing the shout of Bass Luo God of War, Levi rubbed his temples helplessly.

This time he came to the provincial capital, he planned not to reveal his identity.

So he used force to solve the mess in the provincial capital.

But what I wanted there, the defeat of the wolf country unexpectedly appeared.

Isn’t this exposing his identity?

It’s difficult!

Levi smiled helplessly.

“Yam Luo War God what are you doing? Quickly kill him for me!”

Mylen was anxious and shouted.

“Yeah, what are you doing? Kneel him down?”

Everyone couldn’t understand it and looked at it incredible.

Yama God of War did not speak, but looked at the crowd and slowly took off half of the wolf mask.


Everyone can see clearly what the half face of Yama God of War looks like.

The criss-crossing scars are extremely terrifying.

Bass Luo War God said in a low voice, “Do you know who left me with this scar?”

Mylen looked at them, with puzzled and curious faces.

“It’s Owen King in front of me, left to me in the Wolf Nation War!”

Bass Luo God of War said.

“Boom? What? In the War of Destruction of the Wolf Kingdom?”

“Could it be the God of War…”

Everyone’s faces changed wildly.

This only came to my mind one by one.

The name of the Yama God of War just now was the God of War and Owen King of War.

“You are so courageous, anyone dare to move!”

Yama God of War suddenly raised his tone: “Listen!”

“Standing in front of me is Owen, one of the Five Great War Kings of Velador! It was he who destroyed my wolf kingdom with one hand that day!”

Bass Luo War God looked at Levi who was sitting not far away again.

“Which one is the invincible world, the nightmare of all countries, the great devil in the eyes of the soldiers-the God of War of God of War in Velador!”

Bass Luo God of War said with jealousy.


Yama, God of War, said a few words.

The audience was silent.

Quiet to the point where the needle drop can be heard.

Chapter 580


This moment was simply too shocking for Mylen and others.

How could I not understand that the person they were going to deal with turned out to be the God of War.


Why did the Shanler faction fall?

Why did Sanxing Group withdraw from Velador?

Why is Erick Group invincible?

Because it is General God of War!

Otherwise, who can move these two forces?

Especially the Sanxing Group, the provincial and municipal authorities have to give various preferential policies, let alone drive out.

impossible things.

Just a few days ago, General God of War returned to Case York.

The time is right.

In an instant, they all understood.



Everyone knelt down one by one.

No wonder they dare to provoke thousands of them with just one person.

This damn is Owen King who destroyed a country with 19 people!!!

Sure enough, they had no choice but to be obedient.

“We were wrong, just want not to die!”

Mylen cried out loud.

Everyone knocked their heads on the ground.

Levi stood up, walked to the front of the God of Yama, and said, “You will follow me from now on!”


Yama War God nodded.

Levi looked at Mylen and others again.

“Why do I want your life?”

“Now what you are doing should be obedient, you can’t touch things that are not your own. I don’t care who your backstage is. If you are not convinced, you can ask me to touch it?”

When Levi said this, everyone was almost frightened to death.

Who is so courageous to touch the God of War?

Don’t you dare to lend them ten courage?

“General, we dare not! Nor do they dare!”

Mylen smiled embarrassedly.

“You are not allowed to spread the news, I want to see who dares to covet here?”

Levi said coldly.

Mylen and others were shocked in a cold sweat.

The God of War is going to take the opportunity to come to Jinling to grab the site.

They immediately thought of a person—Nelshire Chu Family Chu Renxiong.

A few days later, he wanted to attack the Mann family, and even more forcefully enter Jinling.

“In addition, those who have been hurt by you, make compensation! Be sure to comfort everyone, I will send someone to stare!”

Levi approached.

“Understood! God of War!”

Everyone nodded vigorously.

“In addition, God of War, I am willing to spend 2 billion for charity!”

Mylen said.

“I would like to devote one billion to charity!”

Others also spoke.

Soon, tens of billions of charity funds arrived.

The major leaders of the provincial capital were stunned.

Worthy of being the God of War.

A move to solve the problem of turmoil in the provincial capital.

He even raised tens of billions of charity funds all at once.

“Sure enough, ruthless people need more ruthless people to treat?”

Everyone laughed.

Another day passed.

Levi never appeared.

Can’t get in touch yet.

To be honest, Sarah was a little panicked.

She wasn’t worried about Levi’s running away, she was mainly afraid that something would happen to him.

Cross Wentao came when Mann Jiazheng had a headache.

“Wen Tao, how is it?”

Melina asked excitedly.

“Grandma disappointed you, I tried my best!”

Cross Wentao was very helpless.


This news is tantamount to a huge blow to the Mann family.

Cross Wentao is their only hope!

“What’s wrong with Wen Tao?”

Melina asked nervously.

The body shivered subconsciously.

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