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Chapter 581

Cross Wentao sighed and said, “Grandma, during this period of time, my father and my grandfather and I have searched all the connections we can find! Go and persuade the Nelshire Chu family, this matter will be reduced.”

“But the Nelshire Chu family’s attitude is very firm, no matter who goes, they will not give face! They are determined to deal with the Mann family!”

“Mann’s slap made Chu Renxiong very angry. He vowed to use all the resources of the Chu family to deal with us!!!”

Cross Wentao said.


“Doesn’t it mean that my Mann family is going to end?”

Everyone in the Mann family panicked.

“Grandma, there is no other way. The Chu Family has come to be ruthless this time! Their purpose is not only to inform the Mann Family, but the whole Jinling!”

Cross Wentao told a fact.

The Mann family was used for sacrifice.

“That’s it, I’m not reconciled!”

Melina wanted to cry without tears.

“Grandma now has only one way…”

Cross Wentao said.

“any solution?”

Everyone in the Mann family looked over.

“Surrender with the Chu family and let out all that should be given!”

Cross Wentao glanced at Sarah and others not far away, and whispered: “Then hand over all Mann, Levi, Sarah and others!”

“Only by compromising in this way, the Chu family will let us go! Otherwise, we will be the end of the extermination!”

Cross Wentao’s proposal resonated.

Mann Xuecheng and others said one after another: “Yes, that’s right. If you stay in the green hills, I’m not afraid that there will be no firewood!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo looked at each other, and they said helplessly: “Well, it can only be so.”

“Grandpa and grandma, don’t be under pressure! I tell you, first of all, Mann is just an adopted son, without the blood of my Mann family. Secondly, Aunt Edith was expelled by you in the first room. So these people are all possible. If you don’t send it, you give up and you give up.”

Cross Wentao said.

Everyone looked at each other.

Found that it really makes sense.

They are not a direct line of the Mann family.

Give up these people and preserve the direct line of the Mann family. This is the value of the transaction.

“Okay, just do it!!!”

Melina gritted her teeth and decided.

Although the three Sarah in the distance could not hear what everyone was discussing.

But everyone is smart and understands what is going on.

“It seems that grandpa and grandma are going to abandon us…”

Sarah said.

Edith had long been crying, and Dale’s white hair came out.

Sarah understood from this incident that the Mann family still didn’t really recognize them.

At this moment, grievances and grief came to my heart.

“Husband, where are you?”

Sarah missed Levi very much.

Soon a few days passed.

Levi still did not appear.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day when the Mann family and the Chu family met for a battle.

“Haha, are you still waiting foolishly? They’ve already ran away!”

Cross Wentao sneered.

Sarah stubbornly shook his head: “No! My husband will show up!”

Dale and Edith roared with anger: “At this time you still believe him? We are all over! You told him to show up?”


Sarah is very anxious.

Why hasn’t Levi appeared yet?

“The last thing I regret in my life is marrying my daughter to this scumbag!!!”

Dale hit the wall fiercely.

Edith said silently: “Hey, me too! The worst thing in my life is to meet Levi.”

In the two people’s eyes, this kind of thing happened because of Levi.

Mann and Xiao Qin said in unison: “Don’t worry, brother-in-law will show up!”

Soon afterwards, there was a noise outside Mann’s Manor.

The Nelshire Chu Family is here…

Chapter 582

Outside Mann’s Manor, the scene was really shocking.

The guards of the Mann family were so scared that they almost didn’t kneel on the ground.

One car after another.

More than two hundred black sedan chairs surrounded the entire Mann Family Manor.




The doors of the cars opened one by one, and big men in white walked down from it.

Everyone is embroidered with the word Chu on their chests in white clothes.

The all-white Lords stood neatly and surrounded the Mann Family Manor.

The Nelshire Chu Family is moving really!

The Lords in the family are dispatched!

Without stepping forward, there must be seven or eight hundred Lords!!!

Who dares to provoke Chu Renxiong?

Who dares to slap him?

Otherwise this is the end!

Several cars surround an extended Lincoln.

After the Lincoln door opened.

Chu Renxiong walked down.

He glanced at the Mann Family Manor and sneered: “I see how the Mann Family escaped from my Wuzhi Mountain???”

Chu Tian, ​​the first Lord in charge of the safety of the Chu family next to him, sneered and said: “Lord, today, my eight hundred men of the Chu family flattened the Mann family and swept Jinling City!!!”

Hearing the voice, the Chu family’s eight hundred white robes shouted together: “Today’s eight hundred men of the Chu family must step down here!”

The impact of the sound and the great momentum.

Like thunder in the sky.

This terrifying aura shocked everyone in the Mann Family Manor.

“Gosh, how many people are here???”

The Mann family’s heart trembled violently, and the eyes were about to fly out.

Mann Jianguo, Melina and others gathered together, shaking.

“It’s not good! It’s all people! There are people everywhere!”

At this time, the Mann family guard ran in in a panic, staggering to the ground in fright.

“Yes, that’s right! They are all in all directions, dressed in white with the word Chu written on them. It’s densely packed, our manor is surrounded!”

“The news from the guards outside said at least 800 people!”

Hear here.

Melina’s noodles are ashes.

The secret road is over.

It’s completely over.

The Chu Family is terrible.

It’s real!

“This is how to do ah?”

Mann Jianguo was also panicked.

“Wen Tao hasn’t come yet?”

Melina asked.

Cross Wentao has become her only backbone.

“The eldest sister-in-law can’t be contacted, and the eldest sister has no news. I can’t answer the call.

Mann Kuofei and Mann Qingfeng said anxiously.

Melina just clenched her hand and said, “I’m afraid that Wen Tao’s method will not work. The Chu family’s battle is too big!”

“The eldest brother-in-law won’t come, we can solve it ourselves.”

As soldiers approached the city, Mann looked relaxed.

But everyone couldn’t refute Mann’s words.

Everyone knows well-Cross Wentao ran away.

At this point, he wouldn’t let the Cross family be implicated.

“Hmph, Wen Tao won’t come, it’s right to choose Mingzhe to protect himself. After all, how much has he contributed to the Mann family!”

Melina looked at Sarah and the others with a sneer: “Look at which husband Levi? It was obviously the fault he caused, but he ran away, and now he can’t contact anyone…”

Xiao Qin and Mann really wanted to curse.

But this is grandma, and they are helpless.

Melina glanced at Mann Jianguo and whispered: “Today may be a great loss, you must be mentally prepared!”

“Hey, I’m ready! Don’t ask for anything else, just keep these small ones!”

Mann Jianguo looked at Mann Qingfeng and others with a complicated expression.

He is ready to sacrifice.


At this moment, the door of Mann’s house was blasted open with a kick and fell to the ground with a loud noise.

Chapter 583

The Chu Family has attacked…

First of all, the eight hundred white robes of the Chu family came like a torrent of violent beasts.

A honeycomb swarmed in, and the dozens of guards in the Mann family couldn’t see enough, and they were all pressed to the ground in an instant.

The eight hundred white robe Lords of the Chu family will continue to attack, and soon they will come to the main hall of the Chu family, enclosing the three circles inside and outside three circles.

The Mann family was frightened by the grandeur.

Where have you seen this?

Even Melina and Mann Jianguo were shocked.

Except in the army, I have seen this scene.

Seeing such a big battle, Sarah’s family understands how powerful the Nelshire Chu family is.

It’s not a boast that the whole Jiangnan Province has no rivals!

This is the top family of Nelshire!

It turned out that Levi was in such a big disaster.

Logan Zidy’s mouth opened slightly and his face was shocked.

“Levi, I have never finished with you, you made trouble yourself, but you ran away! I can’t wait to kill you!”

Edith wanted to cry without tears.

Dale took a deep breath and said, “He must know that the Chu family is so powerful, so he ran away!”

Soon, everyone in the Mann family was rushed together.

Waiting for the punishment of the Chu family.

“Da da da…”

A mess of footsteps sounded.

Everyone understands that the Lord is coming.

The white-clothed team automatically parted a path.

A group of people came.

The leader is Chu Renxiong.

With dozens of people following him, these are the true Lords of the Chu family.

Chu Tian Chuan is also among them.

As soon as he arrived, his eyes were looking for Levi’s figure.

He was relieved to see that the person was not there.

Sure enough, as the intelligence said-Levi ran away on the same day.

Then his only worry is gone!

As long as the Jinling bosses do not intervene!

Then his Chu family can be unscrupulous in Jinling.

Who can rival the Nelshire Chu Family?

Just rely on a little Mann family?

It’s ridiculous!

After Chu Renxiong came to the court, he sneered and said, “What? Isn’t it good to shake people? How many people can be found? You don’t find anyone in the Mann family? You don’t have a foreign network connection?”

“Does this look down on my Chu family?”

Everyone in the Mann family was immediately frightened when he said this.

“No! Nothing! Old chief, how can our little Mann family look down on the Chu family!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo almost knelt down.

“Huh, then your Mann family juniors slapped me?”

Chu Renxiong stopped paying attention to the two, and sneered: “Since it’s an appointment, my Chu family will go all out!”

“Introduce a few people around me-these four retired from the U.S. Marine Corps; these three are instructors from the Delta Force; and these seven are Lords of the Asian killer organization Cobra; these ten are from my Chu family. The international bodyguard bought by the Gao family once protected the presidents of other countries; this is the expert black tiger of the Nelshire underground circle; this is…”

“In addition, my Chu family’s network is also ready. If my Chu family can’t solve it by themselves, when I call, Nelshire and the big clans in major provinces will definitely help each other!”

“Don’t say we bullied you, because you provoked this matter first!”

When Chu Renxiong talked about the strong people around him one by one, he talked about the Chu family ties.

Everyone in the Mann family was stunned.

In this way, what did the Mann family use to contend with others?

Not to mention them, not even the top families in Jinling.

Not to mention the eight hundred white robes of the Chu family, the dozens of Lords around Chu Renxiong could tear everything into Jinling.

Chapter 584

“By the way, what about the one who slapped my father?”

Chu Renxiong’s son Chu Wenyu said coldly.

Hearing that his father was beaten, the Chu family’s children almost took someone to kill that night.

For the Chu Family, this is absolutely unforgivable.

An unprecedented first encounter.

Someone dared to slap Chu Renxiong in the face?

It’s incredible.

“it’s me!”

Mann walked out generously and looked at Chu Wenyu fearlessly.

“Okay, very good! Junior is arrogant enough! How dare to slap my father? Hahaha…”

“You are so bold!!!”

Chu Wenyu roared.

“Well, I slapped me! He asked someone to slap me, and I gave him a slap. Fair and just!”

Mann stared at Chu Wenyu fearlessly.


Mann’s words angered the Chu family.

All the eight hundred white robes of the Chu family stared at Mann.

For them, this is something that involves the humiliation of the Chu family.

Punching Chu Renxiong’s face is equivalent to hitting Chu’s face.

No one can bear it!

They only waited for an order to tear Mann apart.

Mann violated the Chu family’s taboo this time.

Chu Wenyu smiled: “I heard that the descendants of the Mann family are mader than the sky. I saw it today. It’s really scary!!!”

“What else is Xiao Qin’s? I want to see what kind of girl is looking down on my Nelshire Chu Wenyu’s son?”

Chu Wenyu asked curiously.

Before, he laughed and said: There is no woman in Jiangnan Province who would reject his son.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Qin refused!

Everyone in the Chu family is very curious how about Xiao Qin?

The Mann family panicked immediately.

It’s okay for Mann to have an accident, but Xiao Qin can’t.

This is the direct line of the Mann family!

But Xiao Qin boldly came to Chu Wenyu and smiled: “I am Xiao Qin! Sorry, I really don’t like your son!”

Chu Wenyu looked at Xiao Qin carefully and said, “Well, not bad! But you are not good enough for my son!”

“Excellent people are hard to find, but beautiful women are not a lot of them. My son needs as much as he wants. You are far from qualified!”

“That’s right! Don’t take your own picture, why refuse my son?”

“Apart from looking good, can you be worthy of Young Lord Chu?”

The Chu family humiliated them one after another.

Xiao Qin’s face was stubborn and sneered: “Yes, I just don’t deserve it! Then why are you looking for me?”

“Every Mann family is an arrogant junior!”

Chu Wenyu sneered.

“By the way, there’s another Garrison Boyd. He and my Chu family made a fight, right? What about the others???”

Chu Wenyu turned around and asked.


Immediately, the hall of the Mann family was silent.

Everyone looked at each other.

I don’t know how to say it.

Chu Wenyu was stunned, and couldn’t help but smile: “You won’t tell me that Garrison or something is not there, right?”

Everyone bowed their heads…

At this moment, Sarah stood up.

“I am Levi’s wife, and I will bear all the faults of my husband!”

Plum dyed his voice.

Dale and Edith were shocked.

The Mann family were also dumbfounded.

Unexpectedly, Sarah would stand up at this time.

Xiao Qin looked at Sarah enviously.

In her opinion, Sarah didn’t like her brother-in-law enough.

But now it seems that the two of them admire each other.


Seeing Sarah stand up, Chu Wenyu smiled: “It’s ridiculous! A big man ran away, let the woman stand up and bear the consequences?”

“Who said I ran off??”

Chapter 585

At this moment, a loud voice came.

“It’s brother-in-law!!!”

“It’s my husband!!!”

“Is it Levi?”

Hearing familiar voices, Sarah, Xiao Qin, and Mann immediately became excited.

The Mann family-Melina, Mann Jianguo and others raised their heads and looked over.

Sure enough, a familiar figure-Levi appeared at the end of his sight.

Levi carried an aura on his body, making people look at him unconsciously.

In this way, he came to the court step by step.


After looking at each other with Levi, Chu Tianchuan’s heart sank.

He didn’t know what was going on, his right eyelid suddenly bounced non-stop.

There was a bad feeling in my heart.

Seeing Levi still arrogant, Chu Renxiong didn’t fight.

Although the person who slapped him was Mann.

But Levi can control everything!

Levi was the last to fight with him!

“Wife, why are you crying? Don’t cry!”

In front of everyone, Levi took Sarah into his arms.

Take out a tissue and wipe Sarah’s tears.

“You are finally here. I have waited for you for seven full days. What have you been doing? They all said you ran away and won’t care about me.”

Sarah cried silently.

“I said that I will solve this matter, and I will definitely come. I have solved some things these days.”

After Levi dealt with the turmoil in the provincial capital, he personally operated tens of billions of charity funds to help everyone in need.

Not only that, he also let Erick Group enter the provincial capital in advance.

While making Erick Group more powerful, it has made many achievements that benefit the people.

Xiao Qin and Mann were also very excited: “Brother-in-law, we have been waiting for you for a long time. We have all been wronged a lot.”

“Don’t worry, there is me in the Mann family, no one dares to set foot!”

Levi said coldly.

Everyone in the Mann family was dumbfounded.

Levi zoomed in?

What to install?

But Levi and Sarah talked to a few people.

I completely ignored everyone in the Chu family present.

The Chu family is here, like air.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the Chu family was angry.


Chu Wenyu kicked the door fiercely.

The loud sound shocked everyone.

Sarah in Levi’s arms was shocked.

Levi’s face changed, becoming terrifying and hideous.

He slowly turned around, looking at Chu Wenyu with terrible eyes: “You scared my wife, you will be miserable!”

Levi already remembered his face.

One yard owned by a yard.

He will end badly.

Chu Wenyu sneered and said, “I will be miserable? Ridiculous! By the way, you said that no matter how many people I call in the Chu family, how many connections I can find, you won’t be counted as losing?”

Levi nodded: “Well, it’s me. Although you can shake people now, it will be fine if you do it ten times! I lose if I can’t take it!”


Everyone in the Chu family laughed.

The Mann family really has such a club?

Chu Wenyu smiled and asked; “Then the one you called? But you won’t have to take it on your own, right?”

“That’s not true, I don’t need to deal with you!”

Levi said.

He wanted to make a move.

How can Alton and Wesley make him take action?

Chu Renxiong said angrily: “What about your people? Come quickly, or my Chu family will start!”

Upon hearing this, everyone in the Mann family was shocked.

The Chu Family is here for real.

How to do this?

I blame Levi.

Really think you can fight against the Chu family?

Levi took out his cell phone and dialed a number: “Come on!”

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