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Chapter 586


Seeing Levi calling someone, everyone in the Chu family laughed.

Think this is an extremely stupid act!

The Mann family saw it, only to feel embarrassed and ashamed.

They knew Levi’s background too well.

Even if he is great, what if he invites all the big guys in Case York?

The Chu family can crush to death with a single finger.

Besides, Levi is far from reaching that level!!!

Xiao Qin breathed a sigh of relief, and the brother-in-law finally made a move.

Mann only felt passionate.

He finally did it.

Chu Renxiong sat on the chair and sneered, “I want to see it today. Where can you invite it to be sacred?”

Chu Wenyu even gave an order: “Tell the brothers outside, don’t stop anyone who comes, let in.”

In less than a few minutes, outside the Mann’s Manor, luxury cars drove to a stop.

The captured guards of the Mann family were stunned.

“Are they all here?”

Everyone watched a group of people enter Mann’s Manor.

“someone is coming?”

Hearing the movement outside, everyone in the Chu family became interested.

“Who is the one coming? Report your name!”

Chu Wenyu asked.

Everyone in the Mann family was shocked when they saw these people.

These are the big clans of the provincial capitals.

“The lord of the Jinling Jin Family Jinling Sheng!”

Chu Wenyu shook his finger: “No, the next one!”

“Qiao Xudong, the lord of the Qiao family in Jinling!”


“None of you!”

“Oh, isn’t there any one that interests me a little?”

Chu Wenyu sneered.

Although the dozen or so families that came here were all first-class clans in the provincial capital, they were not enough to see in front of the Nelshire Chu Family.

“Cao Hui, the lord of the Jinling Cao family, goes!”

After the visitor reported his name, the audience was stagnant.

Even Chu Renxiong was shocked.

Chu Wenyu’s face was even more shocked.

It’s true that the Nelshire Chu family is a quasi-royal family.

Now the Cao family, the four strongest giants in Jinling, is here.

In fact, it can threaten the Chu family.

“Plus me, He Wanlong, the lord of Jinling He Family!”

There was another sound, thunderously.

“Count me, Ou Haosheng, the lord of the Jinling Ou Family!”

The next sound is like a bomb, blowing into the audience!!!

Three of the four giants in Jinling have come!

With these three and a dozen other big clans, the Chu family was also panicked.

“Enough? Plus my division’s first flight?”

Accompanied by the voice, a middle-aged man holding a folding fan appeared.

“Lord King of Jinling Underground Circle?”

Chu Wenyu’s voice was trembling.

All the Chu family panicked.

They all treasure all the major forces in Jinling!

“Isn’t it enough? What if you add me?”

“I’m not moving the stone Buddha and Mylen!”

A loud voice came.

Mylen came with hundreds of black boxing Lords.

As soon as these people appeared.

All the Chu Family white robes present felt a hint of danger.

In particular, many of them look like beasts.

“This…Is the immovable stone Buddha here?”

Chu Renxiong and Chu Wenyu were dumbfounded.

In their list.

Mylen can’t be messed with!

This is an invisible boss.

The degree of danger may exceed Shanler before.

So this time the Chu family came to Jinling to grab the site, and the last thing they dared to move was Mylen.

he came.

The threat to the Chu family is too great!

“Isn’t it enough? I will introduce you three more friends!”

Mylen clapped his hands, and three figures appeared before and after.

“First place: dead beast, undefeated in 99 games of Asian death fighting!”


The audience was full of cold breath sounds.

Chapter 587

Especially the faces of the major special forces or international bodyguards around Chu Renxiong changed drastically.

Obviously heard the name of the dead beast.

It can even be said to bring them a complete threat.

“Second place, the prairie wolf king, unbeaten in 100 games of Asian death fighting!”

As soon as the wolf king appeared, a dangerous aura permeated.

Everyone has the feeling of being watched by a wolf.

“It’s him? I know him! He’s here too?”

The international Lords around Chu Renxiong were terrified.

It is no exaggeration to say that the dead beast plus the wolf king can pick dozens of them.

“The third place, Yama God of War, the strongest death fighting match in Asia, the current record holder of 188 undefeated games!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

After Mylen said this.

The audience was silent.

The Chu family collects Lords in Asia and even Europe and the United States all year round, and knows all the internationally renowned Lords very well.

Especially the strongest fighter like Yama God of War, can they not know?

A few days ago, I got news that this terrifying existence was bought at a high price.

It turned out to be Mylen!

Yama God of War came to the court, his aura was unconcealed.

That is the ultimate cold murderous aura sharpened on the battlefield.

As soon as it emanated, everyone felt their scalp numb, and their hands and feet were cold, and a chill rushed from the soles of the feet to the sky, as if the blood in the whole body was about to be frozen.

One person crushes the audience!

This is the strongest fighter in Asia!

“He… turned out to be him…”

All the Lords around Chu Renxiong trembled and stared at Yama War God vigilantly.

This guy is known as a thousand people slaughter!

Not to mention dozens of people, even if the Chu family’s eight hundred white robes add up, they will all be slaughtered by him.

The Chu family didn’t work well in Jinling!

Bass Luo God of War came to the court and bowed to Levi respectfully.

Immediately afterwards, his fierce gaze swept over everyone present in the Chu family.

“Who is going to challenge the Mann family? Pass me first!”

The words of Bass Luo God of War slammed into the Chu family.

Everyone in the Chu family was silent and stopped talking.

This one is indeed a Lord who can’t afford to provoke!

For a time, the Chu family was in a dilemma.

Neither is offense, nor is retreat.

Don’t look at Chu Renxiong sitting calmly on the chair, but his fingers kept trembling.

He seems to be facing the biggest problem of the Chu family.

Everyone in the Mann family looked at Levi incredulously.

How did he do it?

Even Cross Wentao’s Cross family can’t call the major forces in the provincial capital to come!

Even Mylen and Shiye are here.

This Yama God of War is even more terrifying, and once he came, he calmed everyone in the Chu family!

Mann Xuecheng was stunned.

Xiao Ruomei was stunned.

Melina and Mann Jianguo were even more dumbfounded.

What is the identity of Levi?

Can you invite so many big shots?

Mann and Xiao Qin only have pride!

This is their pride.

Dale and Edith also felt the changes in the field.

Levi invited so many big people to really calm the Chu family.

What’s the identity of this kid?

Sarah looked at Levi, also curious.

How did my husband do it?

Does he really have an unknown side?

Chapter 588


This news is like a bolt from the blue to everyone in the Chu family!

Anyone else?

Is this just the beginning?


Chu Tianchuan’s pupils suddenly contracted and suddenly realized something.

He almost vomited blood!

Sure enough, I can’t come to Jinling!

This is a wrong choice!

This person is extraordinary!

Everyone in the Mann family also dropped their jaws in shock.

Anyone else coming?

Soon, cars arrived.

When everyone at the door saw the license plate number, they knew that it was the big guys from Jinling City.

After getting out of the car, a group of people in suits hurried to Mann’s Manor and went straight to the main hall.

Even the white robes of the Chu Family who were guarding outside trembled.

They can see that the temperament of these people is extraordinary, and they are definitely like a great official in the border.

“Da da da…”

Hearing the sound of footsteps outside, everyone in the Chu family and Mann family trembled.

Sure enough, there are still people coming!

When these people came to the court and Melina and Mann Jianguo saw them, they almost fell to the ground.

“What? My God!!!”

The others in the Mann family were also frightened.

How many top bosses in the provincial capital are here?

This this this…

What Cross Wentao’s family can’t do.

Levi did it?

Is he too scary?

Although Chu Renxiong didn’t know a few people, it could be seen that these people were extraordinary.

As for Chu Tian Chuan, when they saw West Teng and Cross Jihang, they were so scared that their eyes flew out.

Isn’t this the few big guys that night?

Chu Tianchuan’s body trembled violently.

This time is really over!

No matter how strong the Chu family is, it can’t be compared with these people.

“Introduce, I am West Teng from Jiangnan Province! I heard that someone would embarrass my Jinling Mann family, so I came here to see it.”

West Teng said.


After West Teng revealed their identities, Chu Renxiong and Chu Wenyu almost fell to the ground.

Where is West Teng unclear?

The chief official of Jiangnan Province!

Is he here?

Are these people behind?

“I am Cross Jihang, Mayor of Jinling City. Who are you? Why are there so many people gathered outside?”

Cross Jihang also revealed his identity.

“Wood Wenhui, Vice Governor of Jiangnan Province!”

“Logan Weiming, Director of the Public Security Department!”

“Yu Junfei, Deputy Mayor of Jinling City!”

The big guys behind showed their identities one by one.

The Chu family was trembling with fright.

Especially Chu Renxiong panting heavily, and it is easy to pass in one breath.

Chu Wenyu’s face was so pale that there was no bloodshot.

Chu Tian Chuan’s legs trembled, and finally he couldn’t stand firmly, and he sat down on the ground.

This is to call all the strongest leaders in Jinling City.

How does this make the Chu family contend?

Can’t be beaten no matter how strong?

This time the Chu family was really overwhelmed.

I don’t know what to do anymore.

Everyone looked around, they were all unprovoking characters.

With force, Yama and the God of War were crushed by one person.

Right, one West Teng is enough!

They have nothing!

Only for death!

Xiao Qin and Mann looked at Levi with worshipful eyes in their eyes.

They knew better that compared to Levi’s identity, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

If he comes for real.

Raised his arms, the whole world was going to run away and tremble.

Sarah is very proud.

His husband turned the tide and saved the Mann family.

Edith wiped away the tears, and Dale straightened up.

Did you see it?

This is my son-in-law!!!

Everyone in the Mann family looked incredible.

I don’t know, Levi said to Chu Renxiong several people: “This is scared? Don’t worry, what else?”

Chapter 589


A word like a thunderbolt blasted into everyone’s ears.

Especially the Chu family are going crazy!


There are still people?

Is this not over yet?

Oh my God!

Who can bear this?


Chu Tian Chuan realized something, his eyes went dark, and he fell to the ground with a puff.

But the Chu family didn’t even care about themselves, and no one paid any attention to him at all.

Everyone is scared.

Outside Mann’s Manor.

At least four hundred people from the Chu family stayed here to prevent anyone from the Mann family from leaving.


But at this moment, there was a sound of uniform steps.

The ground trembled and the sand was turned up and down, and everyone was shaken.


Everyone’s first consciousness is earthquakes.

“No, it’s not an earthquake, it’s a human!”

“Listening to the sound seems to be getting closer!”

Everyone panicked when the sound became louder and louder.


“Oh my God!”

I don’t know who shouted, and everyone looked forward.

At the end of the line of sight, a group of heavily armed soldiers appeared, trotting over.

In all directions, three hundred and sixty degrees of horizontal pressure without dead angles came.

Four aspects, four columns, well counted.

“This, this…”

The Chu Family’s Eight Hundred White Robes were all panicked.

I thought that they would be invincible and invincible in Jinling City today.

How did you know that this group of people appeared!!!

Everyone also saw that the clothing of these soldiers seemed to be a little different, with some special signs on them, such as the words Bass and Huang.

The flag held by their flag bearer is embroidered with a dragon, which is lifelike.

“I…I understand! This…this is the Heavenly Dragon Legion of the Emperor Iron Brigade under the God of War War God!”

“Yes, yes, I have seen their news! There are obviously only a few thousand people, but they have completely defeated tens of thousands of people on the opposite side!”

“Oh my God! The Emperor Iron Brigade?”

Everyone was considered knowledgeable and quickly recognized the Emperor Iron Brigade.

Watching the Iron Legion approaching like a tide.

They were dumbfounded.




Everyone knelt to the ground one after another.

The cold sweat had already wet everyone’s clothes, and they were almost scared to death.

After the Tianlong Legion set up the array, Tatsuno appeared from behind.


He gave an order.

Immediately, the Heavenly Dragon Army attacked from four directions.

In the Mann Family Manor, there are hundreds of Chu Family White Robes.

Suddenly they saw a number of people turning over the wall and entering, but they didn’t react, and they were all subdued to the ground.

When they reacted, hundreds of people were all lying on the ground.

It took less than twenty seconds to subdue hundreds of people.

When they see these people clearly.

They were so scared to pee their pants.

Is this the damn Emperor Iron Brigade?

Knowing that the Mann family could find the Emperor Iron Brigade, they would not dare to come to death.

Because the speed outside was too fast, everyone in the main hall did not hear any movement.

You know that hundreds of people were subdued, but nothing happened.

With a smile on Levi’s face, he raised his fingers and counted down: “Three, two, one…”

The moment his voice just fell, there was a voice outside.


It’s like a galloping army.

The intensive footsteps are like drumbeats, beating everyone’s heart.

The next moment, Tatsuno rushed in with the soldiers.

See this scene.

Chu Renxiong whimpered and fainted directly.

At this time, the Chu family was completely defeated…

Chapter 590

Chu Wenyu fell directly to his knees.



Hundreds of other people in the Chu family also knelt to the ground at the same time.

Even the army is here?

Who can survive this?

and many more!


This is the damn Emperor Iron Brigade!

For the children of Velador, the Emperor Iron Brigade is even more sacred and powerful.

The true protector of the country!

Unexpectedly, they would meet…

Melina and Mann Jianguo looked at each other, and the two showed ecstasy.

At this moment, they are happier than anyone else.

I understand that in Jinling, the Mann family will remain invincible.

Don’t want to move a finger of the Mann family.

“Lord Tatsuno, you are here! The Mann family is grateful to you!”

“On behalf of the entire Mann family, thank you!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo cried with joy, and almost fell to their knees in front of Longye.

“Father, the old lady don’t need to thank you! When I led my brothers in a 20-kilometer training field, I saw something in the Mann family, so I came to see!”

Tatsuno said with a smile.


The Chu family almost vomited blood.

Who are you lying to?

How can anyone be fully armed during trekking?

It was clearly aimed at them.

Mann stepped forward and saluted excitedly: “Hello, Colonel Tatsuno!”

Long Garrison patted Mann on the shoulder and smiled: “You guys are good, I have heard about it. In order not to be bullied, resist the Chu Family!”

Mann smiled embarrassedly.

“It’s useless for me to be alone, and I also want to thank Colonel Tatsuno for saving the Mann family in distress!”

Mann saluted again.

Originally, Tatsuno said only polite words.

But everyone in the Mann family’s taste changed.

Tatsuno is so optimistic about Mann.

That means that this time to assist the Mann family, it is clearly because of Mann’s face.

Whether it’s training or not, it must be because of Mann.

Upon seeing this, Melina said immediately: “You don’t know Colonel Longye, we blamed Mann! We thought it was Mann’s reckless, young and frivolous, and impulsively beat the Chu Family Patriarch.

But now I can see that Mann’s thinking is very clear, and he also has a sense of measure. With someone like you as his backer, can he be afraid of the Chu family? “

Mann Jianguo immediately agreed: “Yes, it is we who blamed you in’er! You are right, the Chu family can’t bully us by virtue of being strong, we have to resist!”

Melina even bowed: “Grandma’er apologized to you and let you slap in vain!”

“Grandma, this…”

Mann was extremely embarrassed.

Obviously this matter has nothing to do with him at all.

Tatsuno was even more dumbfounded.

This matter has something to do with Mann.

Where are you guys talking about?

Next, Melina thought of one more thing.

Mann is now the deputy captain.

Doesn’t it mean that big men like West Teng and Cross Jihang can come, and it’s all because of Mann?

“Mr. West, Mr. Cross thank you for coming to help my Mann family! Mann hopes you will be promoted more in the future!”

Melina smiled.

Mann Jianguo also smiled and said: “Mr. West, Mr. Cross, you can come, it means that you must look at Mann’s face, and you value him very much. Don’t worry, we will teach Mann well and make him better. Make more contributions!”

Byron Mann’s eyes were full of tears: “I said thater is the future of the Mann family! Sure enough! The big guys in the provincial capital are all coming to him!”

“Mann is really amazing! I didn’t expect the governor and mayor to come for him!”

“My brother is so awesome, he was so calm after hitting the Chu Family Patriarch, no wonder, everything was arranged long ago!”

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