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Chapter 591

But the faces of these leaders in the provincial capital have changed.

West Teng: “…”.

Cross Jihang: “…”.

The bosses of these provincial cities are all dumbfounded.

what happened?

They can come entirely because of the God of War.

What does it have to do with Mann’s?

They don’t even know Mann.

Not to mention coming forward for Mann.

What is the thinking of the Mann family?

Did you understand it wrong?

Everyone in the Mann family thanked them, and West Teng showed embarrassment.

They looked at Levi.

Levi nodded.

West Teng said: “That’s right! Mann is a very optimistic person for me, and the Mann family is my outstanding Jinling family. How much contribution has been made over the years. If someone is embarrassed, I absolutely can’t stand it.”

Cross Jihang also said: “Yes, Mann is a rare talent! We value it very much!”

After some praise from the big guys.

Mann felt blushing and ashamed.

Can’t wait to find a seam to drill in.

Obviously there is nothing to do with him, but the family mistakenly regard everything as his credit.

He took a peek at Levi and found that there was nothing unusual, which made him feel better.

Mann is embarrassed, but the Mann family is different.

They were so excited to death.

First of all, the disaster brought by the Chu family was resolved.

Secondly, the top bosses in Jinling City praised Mann one after another.

This is the blessing of the Mann family!

“The Mann family is really out of the dragon!”

“With Mann, the Mann family will not fail for a hundred years in the future!”

“I now make Mann the next Patriarch of the Mann Family!”

In front of everyone, Melina directly gave Mann the position of the next Patriarch.

It has passed the generation of Mann Xuecheng and others.

But they have no complaints.

With Mann’s current strength, the Mann family went further under his leadership.

There will be more things for everyone to enjoy.

“What do you think of Mr. West?”

Melina also asked.

West Teng smiled and said, “Well, yes! Young people with strength can bear this important task!”

The Mann family cheered up and down.

But Edith and Dale couldn’t be happy.

When Bass Luo War God and others arrived, the Chu family was suppressed.

They managed to straighten their waists.

When West Teng appeared, they were even more pleasantly surprised.

Think that all of this is Levi’s credit.

They are still proud of Levi.

Let everyone see that this is their son-in-law.

But in the end, it had nothing to do with Levi.

Is everything because of Mann?

How can they accept this?

Originally, Levi tried to turn the tide, and they completely turned over in Mann’s family.

But told them it had nothing to do with Levi.

This this this…

Sarah’s mood is similar to them.

In her opinion, the fruit of victory was picked by Levi.

Now there is a feeling of being taken away forcibly.

Xiao Qin couldn’t stand it anymore.

Obviously it is the brother-in-law’s contribution, and it has nothing to do with Mann.

“You know, grandma, it’s my brother-in-law who just called and called someone. Although Brother Mann has done something, my brother-in-law should be the biggest one.”

Xiao Qin was angry, and said to everyone.

This question made everyone stunned.

Indeed, Levi was coordinating everything just now.

It doesn’t seem to have much to do with Mann…

Byron Mann immediately refused to agree: “Xiao Qin, what are you talking about? The governor of West, Mayor Cross, has admitted that it was because of Mann’s face, what does it have to do with him, Levi?”

Xiao Qin sneered: “The uncle, tell me, why did my brother-in-law call?”

Chapter 592

Mann Xuecheng smiled and said: “The answer is very simple! It is my son Mann who is unwilling to show the limelight, so I attribute everything to Levi. Can’t you tell?”

“Yes, that’s right! Mann is usually low-key, he will definitely not do this kind of showy thing. It’s normal to leave it to Levi to do it.”

Melina and Mann Jianguo also nodded and said: “Yes, Qin’er, your brother Mann is usually low-key, this time he let Levi out of the limelight.”

Others echoed.

“you guys!!!”

Xiao Qin was so angry.

Obviously Levi did it.

The Mann family didn’t appreciate it and said that Mann did it, deliberately letting Levi show the limelight.

“You don’t know…”

Xiao Qin was about to say, interrupted by Levi: “Xiao Qin, okay, no matter who did it. The Mann family crisis is resolved, and our focus should be on the Chu family.”

After Levi’s reminder, everyone reacted.

The Chu family is the protagonist.


When the topic returned to him, Chu Wenyu was frightened.

“Jinling can come here if you want, but it’s hard to get there!”

Levi smiled.

Tatsuno also said: “Yes, that’s right! No one will agree!”

“I, I, I… it’s all up to you!”

Chu Wenyu lay on the ground, not even daring to lift his head.

“I heard that the Chu family wanted to come to Jinling City to contribute to the development? Let’s do that! Use half of the property to invest in the development of Jinling City!”


As soon as Levi said, everyone in the Chu family looked at him crazy.

Take out half of the family property?

Isn’t this going to force the Chu family to death?

“Don’t worry, there are more. I said that it is easy, but it is difficult to walk. If you leave, you can get 10 million per person? Isn’t this reasonable?

Levi smiled.

“What? One million per person?”

Chu Wenyu’s eyes were about to fly out.

They add up to a total of 900 people, 10 million per person.

That is nine billion!

Levi didn’t intend to stop: “What’s more, the mental loss of so many people in the Mann family can be counted as one billion!”


Chu Wenyu couldn’t help it anymore and sprayed a mouthful of blood.

Ten billion!

Adding half of the family property will directly kill the Chu family.

“By the way, you can’t bring some gifts to do charity when you come to Jinling City? I just heard that there are a batch of projects that benefit the people. You can’t get some?”

Levi smiled.



Chu Wenyu was really going to vomit blood and died.

It’s not so dark.

Several people West Teng said immediately: “Yes, that’s right! There are seven projects that benefit the people and the difference is about 700 million!”

Levi smiled and said, “Is there any problem with this batch of money, right?”

“No…no problem…”

Chu Wenyu really wanted to hit him to death.

In the dispute with the Chu family, the Chu family was defeated.

At this time, the Chu family’s vitality was greatly injured…

“Look at the look of your son-in-law! It seems that he really did it!”

Xiao Ruomei said disdainfully to Edith.

“Yes, Mann clearly solved it. Where is he, Levi, and what is it?”

“Isn’t it, he just kicked his nose on his face, I really can’t get used to it!”

“It’s also a bit useful. If Mann resolves it, he will definitely not raise a billion in mental damage fee. Only Levi can be so shameless!”

The Mann family ridiculed them one after another, but the words of Levi were not so vicious.

After everyone left.

Melina and Mann Jianguo hugged Mann tightly and shouted: “Yuan’er, you are really the greatest pride of our Mann family!”

Chapter 593

The two cried with joy.

She shed tears of happiness.

“Our Mann family is very lucky to have a younger generation like Mann!”

Everyone looked at Mann with admiration and admiration.

From today onwards, Mann is the most important person in the Mann family.

The cornerstone of the future development and construction of the Mann family.

Melina’s eyes fell on Levi’s body: “You are also credited, after all, you are on the same front with Mann.

Of course it is because’er has a very good character. He is approachable and treats everyone in the family fairly. Although we think you are average,’er told us many times to treat you well and value you. “

“Yes, in the future, Levi, you will learn more from Mann. He is so optimistic about you, and follow him, you will not be bad!”

Obviously he was complimenting Levi’s merits, and it was Mann’s merits by saying it.

Mann was embarrassed, and lowered his head, not dare to look at Levi.

He clenched his fist tightly, very embarrassed, if there was a seam in the ground.

Even Xiao Qin felt embarrassed.

Brother Mann was praised to heaven.

However, it has nothing to do with him.

Melina said to Edith and Dale: “These days, you are indeed a little wronged, but Mann values ​​your family, and you can contact Mann’s family if you have something to do in the future.”

“Thank you parents!”

Edith and Dale said immediately.

“If you want to thank you, go and thank Mann!”

Melina looked arrogant.

Melina and Mann Jianguo came to Mann to thank you: “My nephew, thank you.”

“Aunt, uncle can’t use it!”

Mann stopped immediately.

If Levi is angry, he can’t afford it.

At this time, a car drove into Mann’s house.

Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei are here.

Just now when the Mann family was in distress, they ran away without a trace. Now that the problem is solved, they are back.

“You all know about grandparents, don’t you? Some people actually called me! It was Boss West, Boss Cross, and so on. In the end, my father and the others begged and called out!”

Cross Wentao said shamelessly.

“Huh? You called it?”

Melina was stunned.

“Isn’t it Mann?”

Everyone said.

Mann immediately relieved himself: “It really has nothing to do with me!”

“Have you heard?”

Cross Wentao smiled.

When Melina recalled the previous scene, they indeed looked unnatural when they mentioned Mann to West Teng.

It was even embarrassing.

Now think about it, it’s not because of Mann.

Yes, except for the political background of the Cross family, please don’t touch these bigwigs.

“Wen Tao is still the best at the critical moment!”

Melina hugged Cross Wentao.

Others also thanked Cross Wentao, and even looked at him enviously.

Have this strength!

Cross Wentao said a little embarrassed: “Actually, it’s not my credit alone. Mann also has credit. The Tatsuno Colonel is the cause of Mann, and all the big families are also the credit of Mann!”

Mann was about to answer no, but seeing Levi’s eyes, he could only bear it silently.

However, he and Xiao Qin looked at Cross Wentao upset.

When the Mann family was in distress, he ran far away.

Now that the danger has been lifted, he has come to grab the credit.

Does his mother have a dime relationship with you?

Many people are like this now. They can’t see people in times of difficulty, and they come out when they receive credit.

“Well, you and Mann are the biggest heroes of my Mann family!”

Melina laughed.

Chapter 594

Cross Wentao really enjoyed this moment.

Mann was embarrassed.

The two formed a sharp contrast.

Cross Wentao suddenly saw Levi, and couldn’t help but smiled: “Levi, you also have credit! If it weren’t for you to fight against the Chu family, would we show our strength?”

“Yes, if it weren’t for you to make a fight. How could grandparents see my Wentao being so good?”

Concubine Mann Jun was also very shameless and took the initiative to enjoy all this.

Xiao Qin couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Didn’t I say eldest sister, eldest brother-in-law has something to do with you?”

Xiao Qin asked.

If it was Mann’s credit, she would endure it.

But Mann Junfei and Cross Wentao came to grab the credit, and she couldn’t bear it.

Cross Wentao looked unhappy and said, “What do you mean, Xiao Qin? Why is it not related to me? Leader West, aren’t they all invited by me? Without them, can this crisis be resolved?”

Concubine Mann Jun also sneered: “What do you mean, sister?”

Xiao Qin sneered and said: “What’s the matter? You know in your own mind! Why were you not here just now, now that the matter is resolved, come to grab the credit?”

Xiao Qin has always said that there is no taboo, what to say.

“Xiao Qin, do you mean those leaders were invited by others? It has nothing to do with us?”

Cross Wentao suddenly raised his pitch and shouted at Xiao Qin.

Concubine Mann Jun also yelled: “Yes, Xiao Qin, you can’t be so wronged, why did we take credit for it?”

Xiao Qin’s mouth was filled with a mocking smile: “Didn’t you say that the leaders were invited by you? Well, call to verify it now, right?”


Both Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei were taken aback.

The Adam’s apple slipped, and a nervous look flashed.

“Okay, Qin’er. You don’t want to think about it. Your brother Mann is amazing, but it won’t be for Leader West to come in person. Ren Jia Wen Tao’s father and grandfather used to be in the front line, and they must be selling their face!

Melina’s timely relief made Cross Wentao and Concubine Mann Jun breathe a sigh of relief.

If Xiao Qin insisted on calling, they would be exposed.

Fortunately, there is Melina.

“Grandparents, in order to celebrate the victory of the Mann family, I have set up a table at the Marriott Hotel, and everyone will celebrate.”

Cross Wentao asked.

Melina nodded: “Great, I just had this idea, but I didn’t expect you to arrange it. I am very pleased that you and’er are in the Mann family. You are all young learners!”

“Yes, especially Arran, your son-in-law learns a little bit, don’t be so profane!”

Xiao Ruomei snorted coldly.

Edith and Dale looked at each other.

His face is very ugly.

They still have a very low status in the Mann family.

It’s impossible to rely on Levi.

It can only be dyed with plums.

In the evening, everyone from the Mann family came to the Marriott Hotel.

At the dinner table, Dale and Edith had no sense of existence.

The two actually wanted to be recognized by the old couple Melina!

Finally Melina’s eyes fell on Sarah.

“How is Sarah’s development recently?”

Melina asked gently.

Edith knew that the opportunity had come, and immediately said, “Mom, you don’t know how well Sarah is developing now! The president of Dongtian Group has a market value of almost 5 billion! Do you know about the two recent super-popular movies? Hart Zihan acted!”

“Hart Zihan, you know, it was shot by Sarah Company?”

“Sister Sarah, I like Hart Zihan so much, can you help me get an autographed photo?”

Everyone said enviously.

Chapter 595

Melina and Mann Jianguo were even more surprised: “Huh? The market value is 5 billion?”

The Mann family is also considered a big family, but the industry adds up to more than 10 billion.

Doesn’t this mean that Sarah is going to catch up with the Mann family?

“That’s not it. Recently, Sarah’s company is going to enter the electronic market! This is what the city said. Erick Group and Dongtian Group are required to make up for the vacancy in the electronic market after Sanxing Group leaves in the fastest time! Sarah’s future is limitless!”

Dale said with joy.

Finally, I was able to straighten up at Mann’s house.

“That’s great!”

The eyes of Melina and others lit up fiercely.

Sarah immediately recognized Sarah in his heart.

This is also a member of the Mann family.

It seems that Mann’s vision is correct.

It’s better to dye a family with plums.

“Sarah, if you need help, just tell your grandparents! The Mann family is your strongest backing!”

Melina promised.

Sarah smiled: “Grandpa and grandma, recently the company’s electronics business is going to the provincial capital for development. There will be more places to trouble you at that time.”

The layout of Erick Group in Case York has been completed, and the next step is to enter the provincial capital.

Dongtian Group is the vanguard!

“Really? That’s great!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo looked at each other, full of surprises.

If Sarah owns such a large company, it would be really good for the Mann family to come to the provincial capital for development.

They are not like the Logan family, who want to take the things dyed with plums as their own.

They want mutual benefit.

Mann Jianeng uses Sarah.

Sarah relies on Mann’s family.

“Don’t worry, girl! Don’t worry, come to the provincial capital, we will pave the way for you! Not to mention anything else, Mann can take care of all the troubles for you.

Your eldest brother-in-law is from the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, and she will definitely help you a lot. Your eldest sister is also the vice president of Black Flag Bank, and many problems can be solved. “

Melina promised.

“Then thank you grandparents, eldest sister and brother-in-law, and brother Mann.”

Sarah was still worried about how to open this mouth before.

It’s much better now that Melina took the initiative to propose.

“Come on, I propose everyone to have a drink! Today is really a double happiness, Mann family is relieved from distress and Sarah girl comes to the provincial capital for development!”

Mann Jianguo proposed a toast.

After drinking a cup, Levi said to Sarah: “You are here to develop. Who dares to stop you? I don’t need other people’s help.”

Levi wants to protect Sarah’s whole life, where does he need others?

Just when Mann Xuecheng heard this, he sneered: “What? Disdain for the help of my Mann family?”

“what happened?”

Melina asked immediately.

“Parents, Levi said just now, we don’t need our help.”

Mann Xuecheng stared at Levi coldly.

The expressions of Edith and Dale changed immediately.

The Mann family finally agreed to help Sarah develop.

Is this bad?

Why do you still refuse.

Melina and Mann Jianguo looked at Levi with unhappy expressions: “You said that?”

“Yes, that’s what I said. My wife doesn’t need help at all, she can develop very well. If you want Sarah to help, just ask, we don’t need to help.”

Levi answered seriously.


As soon as Levi’s words came out, Edith both vomited blood.

As for Melina and Mann Jianguo, their faces are black.

What does it mean?

Do you look down on the Mann family?

It seemed that the Mann family had to rely on Sarah to curry favor!


Suddenly, Melina slammed the table, shocking the audience.

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