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Chapter 596


Immediately, the court quieted down.

Everyone was scared, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

Melina kept asking questions with her dark face–

“Does Sarah’s company have anything to do with you?”

“Can you decide for Sarah?”

“Do you really take yourself seriously?”

Others also said angrily: “Yes, the company is owned by Sarah. What does it have to do with you? What are you pretending to be here?”

“If you don’t have the ability, you are not qualified to talk! At best, you are a soft-boiled guy!”

Levi’s words aroused strong dissatisfaction among the Mann family.

Sarah came out in time to relieve the siege: “Well, grandpa and grandma, don’t care about it. King’s Landing means I don’t want to trouble you!”

Melina gave up only then, but still sarcastically said: “Huh, he doesn’t think so!”

Cross Wentao looked at Levi and said with a smile: “Levi, haven’t you ever thought that you are completely unworthy of Sarah now?”

Concubine Mann Jun immediately echoed: “Yes! Sarah’s company has a market value of 5 billion, and it is backed by Erick Group! What about you, what do you have?”

“Yeah, in the Mann family, it’s the only two of you who don’t match your identity?”

The dinner was very unpleasant.

Melina was black all the way.

“Sarah, stay for a while, grandma wants to ask you something!”

After the dinner, Melina left Sarah alone.

Sarah came to Melina nervously and said, “What’s wrong with grandma?”

“Sarah, grandma asks you a private question!”

Melina touched Plum’s dyed hair and asked.

“Ah? Grandma what?”

Plum dyed puzzled.

“Did you not plan to have a baby with Levi during this time?”

Hearing the question, a shy look flashed across Sarah’s face: “Grandma doesn’t have it yet. For the time being, we still focus on our career!”

“No, you didn’t understand what I meant. Grandma asked you directly, and you answered honestly, did you have a relationship with Levi?”

Melina asked directly.


Sarah was stunned, his face like Huo Shaoyun.

Unexpectedly, Melina would ask such questions.

“Tell me honestly, what’s the situation with you two now?”

Melina asked.

Plum dye is short of breath.

“Grandma, he hasn’t touched me yet.”

Sarah answered honestly.

“Well, I got it.”

After plum dyeing left.

Melina called Mann Jianguo, Mann Xuecheng and others.

“I just found out that Sarah and Levi are only husbands and wives, but they don’t have the truth of husband and wife.”

Melina said.

“Mom, don’t you mean?”

Mann Xuecheng and others all heard what Melina meant.

“Yes, that’s right! I want them to divorce! Then Sarah remarries!”

Melina said truthfully.

Mann Xuecheng, Xiao Ruomei and others immediately raised their hands in agreement: “They should have divorced a long time ago, Levi is worthy of Sarah, it’s a joke!”

“Yeah, we don’t like this kid Levi! I can’t help but have a big temper!”

Melina nodded: “Well, I don’t like him either. Before, Sarah had nothing to do with my Mann family, I can’t control it. But now it’s different. She is an important part of my Mann family, and I naturally do things about her. Don’t worry! She must divorce Levi, and I will arrange for her in-laws!”

“Yes, Sarah’s development is getting better and better, Levi will definitely drag her back.”

Mann Jianguo also said.

“In this way, in order to prove that Sarah and he are not married, you will take Sarah to the hospital for a comprehensive check-up tomorrow. I need to see the report to rest assured!”

Melina arranged.

Chapter 597

Melina was still a little worried about what Sarah said.

Must go to the hospital for examination.

She was relieved.

After that, arrange a marriage contract for Sarah, and a report can prove that she is still a virgin.

In this way, there will be no worries about marrying her.

“Parents, but there is a problem…”

Xiao Ruomei raised a question.

“what is the problem?”

Melina immediately looked over.

“If you get a divorce, will Levi agree to it?”

Xiao Ruomei asked.

Others immediately said, “Levi will definitely not agree! Where will he give up?”

Mann Jianguo sneered: “He still needs his consent for divorce? Just give him the divorce certificate at that time! This matter does not need to go through him at all!”

Everyone laughed.

With the strength of the Mann family, quietly arranging a divorce is simply too simple.

Levi knew that he was divorced when he got the divorce certificate.

“Mom, don’t you tell Edith and Dale about this matter?”

Byron Mann asked worriedly.

“You go and shout.”

Soon, Dale and his wife came to the court at a loss.

Melina told them the matter.

The couple looked at each other, dumbfounded.

“This matter depends on me. Sarah will soon be worth tens of billions. Levi will become her weakness, and all things like going to jail and raping her sister-in-law will be exposed. Sarah may be ruined! “

Hear what Melina said.

The couple sighed.

They never thought about this problem.

Sarah is now getting better and better.

The momentum is too strong, it is simply impeccable.

Levi was like a time bomb, and it might explode sometime.

Sarah was injured at that time.

Furthermore, Levi is far from worthy of plum dyeing.

“You just listen to me. I’ll tell you the truth. The two of them divorced, and it is good for the Mann family. In order to show the sincerity of the Mann family, as long as they divorce, the Mann family will immediately invest 2 billion in Sarah!”

Melina said seriously.

Dale and his wife looked at each other: “Okay, mom and dad, we listen to you!”

They couldn’t think of any harm in this matter.

With the approval of the Mann family, Sarah got rid of Levi again, and he couldn’t even think of it.

“As for Levi, I will give him a sum of money!”

Melina has decided.

the next day.

The Mann family collectively went to the hospital for a physical examination.

Levi and Sarah also went.

In the afternoon, the experience report came out.

Melina looked at Sarah’s physical examination report with joy.

“This girl is right! Levi hasn’t touched her yet! It’s great!”

Melina was very excited.

She and Mann Xuecheng exhorted: “Xuechengcheng will arrange the divorce!”

Mann Xuecheng smiled and said, “I have arranged for my parents. The Civil Affairs Bureau doesn’t even need the marriage certificate and household registration.”

“That’s great.”

after an hour.

Mann Xuecheng brought two divorce certificates.

“Hahaha, that’s great!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo smiled.

The Mann family were all happy.

After all, this has too many benefits for the Mann family.

“Huh, this matter is finally resolved!”

Edith and Dale breathed a sigh of relief.

But the two felt sorry for Levi.

After all, Levi’s performance during this period was not bad.

Melina called everyone together.

“Go, call Levi to me! I have something to announce! Don’t let Zi dye it!”

Melina said.

She will not announce in front of Sarah.

Chapter 598

Levi came to the Mann Family Hall and noticed something was wrong.

“Why did you call me?”

Levi asked.

Melina and Mann Jianguo looked at each other and said, “Now let me tell you one thing-you and Sarah divorced!”


As soon as the news came out, Levi was stunned.

Xiao Qin, Mann and others who didn’t know the truth were also shocked.


Brother-in-law and sister divorced?

When did this happen?

However, Levi quickly returned to normal. He was neither humble nor overbearing: “I divorced Sarah? Funny? Why don’t I, the client, know?”


Mann Xuecheng threw the divorce certificate in front of Levi.

Levi picked it up and took a look.

It was really the divorce certificate between him and Sarah, stamped with an official seal, not fake.

It’s really funny.

How can a couple not know about a divorce?

“Do you know now? You and Sarah divorced! I hope you will stop pestering Sarah in the future, she has nothing to do with you!”

Melina smiled.


Levi laughed and laughed wildly.

Melina and others were very surprised.

What is he laughing at?

Levi took the divorce certificate and smiled and said: “I want to ask a question, shouldn’t divorce be divorced by the consent of both husband and wife? When is my Levi’s marriage controlled by others?”


As soon as Levi said this, a violent and domineering momentum filled the audience.


At this moment, everyone present felt unprecedented pressure.

Shortness of breath, even suffocation.

Levi was angry.

Fortunately, he has restrained.

But with his murderous aura, no one in the room can stand!

Melina and Mann Jianguo were shocked.

Where the two stood, like walking dead.

At this moment, they were in a trance.

As if being on the battlefield.

Standing in front of them was an invincible general who swallowed mountains and rivers.

It feels like he has repelled one hundred thousand enemy troops alone…

Who dares to go straight ahead?

Only me, General Garrison!

“What? Can’t we be the Lord? You are not worthy of Sarah, we will naturally be the Lord!”

Mann Xuecheng had a tough way.

Melina and Mann Jianguo also gradually reacted.

“We are Sarah’s elders, can we make the decision on this matter?”

Melina asked rhetorically.

“Levi, of course, we know that you won’t divorce Sarah, and you won’t leave if you are killed, so we used a little trick!”

“You have to divorce this marriage, and you have to divorce if you don’t leave!”

Xiao Ruomei and others are extremely tough.

In this marriage.

Levi can only be a tool to be manipulated, without any decision-making power.

“What’s more, Sarah’s parents are here, and they all agree! If you don’t believe me, ask!”

When mentioned, Dale and Edith were a little embarrassed.

After all, they did something wrong.

Guilty Levi.

Hearing this, Levi looked at the two of them and asked with a smile, “Do you agree with your parents?”

Both Dale looked dodgy, and both dared not look at Levi.

But the two nodded: “Well, we agree.”

“Huh, then I know.”

Melina smiled: “Look, everyone agrees that you two are divorced!”

“Yes, you are not good enough for her! Get a divorce now!”

The juniors of the Mann family also shouted.

Mann and Xiao Qin stood on Levi’s side: “We don’t agree to divorce!”

Levi waved his hand: “I don’t care if others agree or disagree. All I care about is if Sarah agrees?”

Levi searched around: “Where is Sarah?”

Chapter 599

Melina shook her head and said, “Tell you! Sarah agreed to the divorce too! She was ashamed to tell you in person, so she didn’t come!”

“Yes, Sarah agreed! Otherwise, you won’t get the divorce certificate!”

Others echoed.

“No, I don’t believe it! You let the son dye out and tell me in person!”

Levi’s eyes were red.


Cross Wentao suddenly roared.

“Don’t think we don’t know your careful thoughts, you don’t want a divorce, you want Sarah!”

“Tell you, don’t even want to see Sarah!”

Cross Wentao’s attitude is firm.

“Yes, that’s right! With us, you don’t want to see Sarah!”

Melina smiled.

“Now that the divorce certificate is given to you, you know what’s going on, let’s leave! Don’t be delusional in the future, Sarah can’t afford it!”

Mann Jianguo said mercilessly.

Melina made a look.

Xiao Ruomei stepped forward and handed Levi a check.

“The Mann family will not let you divorce in vain! This is your compensation!”


Levi was stunned again.

I thought the Logan family was unfeeling enough.

Unexpectedly, the Mann family was even more unfeeling.

10 million to buy out his marriage with Sarah?


Extremely ridiculous!

Seeing Levi stunned, Xiao Ruomei thought Levi was pretending.

“Don’t pretend! Take it, ten million is enough for you for a lifetime!”

Xiao Ruomei stuffed the check abruptly into Levi’s hand.

Seeing Levi accepted the check, everyone laughed.

Sure enough, it is a layman.

Compromise for ten million.

“I said he was not worthy of sub-dye!”

Cross Wentao sneered.

Xiao Qin and Mann were dumbfounded when they watched the scene in front of them.

What is the Mann family doing?

Did Levi divorce Sarah?

Don’t they know what they missed?

Do they have no brains?

Levi has done so much, can’t it be noticed a little bit?

Without him, the Mann family would have been destroyed!

Why are you so confused!

Mann and Xiao Qin were crying anxiously.

The Mann family are all idiots!

“Hurry up! Don’t even think of stepping in after Mann’s gate!”

Cross Wentao urged.

Levi smiled: “Okay.”

He turned and left.


Xiao Qin and Mann were going to chase, but they were stopped.

“Don’t go!!!”

Xiao Ruomei and Concubine Mann Jun laughed: “I thought this kid was so tough! I didn’t expect the check to be taken away! Hahaha…”

Cross Wentao also smiled and said, “Yes, I thought he would tear up the check. I didn’t expect to be so spineless!”

“How can it be, that’s ten million! How could he give up?”


The Mann family laughed.

Levi’s impression in their hearts had completely fallen to the bottom.

Besides, after Levi left Mann’s house, he threw the check in when he passed the trash can.

Can he put ten million in his eyes?

However, this scene was seen by a servant of the Mann family, who quietly ran forward and took the check from the trash can.

In the hall of Mann’s house.

Xiao Qin asked, “Grandpa and grandma, does my sister know about this?”

Melina smiled: “Now Sarah knows it doesn’t matter, Levi has taken the divorce certificate here.”

“You have to ask for my sister’s consent at least…”

Xiao Qin almost cried.

“By the way, Xiao Qin can’t tell your sister about this for the time being. I’ll tell her later!”

Melina explicitly banned.

Mann behind was sneaking away.

“No, sister Sarah must know about this.”

Mann ran to tell Sarah.

Chapter 600

At this time, Sarah was already working.

Make preparations for Dongtian Group’s entry into the provincial capital.

But where did she know that she was actually imprisoned.

During this time, the Mann family will arrange everything for her and will never let her leave.

Let her not see Levi.

There were ten Lords guarding the door.

Seeing Mann coming, he immediately stopped.

“Get out of my way and I want to see my sister!”

Mann said coldly.

I saw it was Mann.

A few people can only get away.

“Mann, why are you here?”

Sarah looked up and saw Mann, and couldn’t help being surprised.

“Sister, something big happened!”

“Grandpa and grandma went through the divorce procedures for you and brother-in-law…”

Mann told Sarah what had happened.


This news was like a bolt from the blue for Sarah.

“What? I divorced Levi? Why don’t I know?”

Sarah sat down on the ground.

She quickly understood why Melina asked her those private questions.

I understand better why I went for a physical examination…

“Now they have notified Brother Garrison and drove him away.”


Sarah shook his head: “Impossible! As long as I don’t want to, this marriage can’t be divorced!”

Mann helplessly said: “Sister, it’s true that the marriage is the two of you! But after you get married, the families of both parties are also part of the marriage, and their views on how they do it are also very important. I think Brother Garrison is sad.”

Sarah cried immediately.

She could think of how sad Levi was at this time.

“No! I’m going to see King’s Landing!”

Plum dyed.

“Okay, I’ll take you away, sister!”

Mann took away Sarah smoothly.

Sarah called Levi.

After seeing Levi, Sarah rushed into his arms.

Crying sorely.

“Why did you agree to them? This is a matter for the two of us. What does it have to do with them?”

Sarah choked up and said.

Levi stroked her hair.

“I’m sorry! My family hurt you again and again, I’m really sorry!”

Sarah even apologized to Levi.

Levi smiled: “It’s okay! I know you care about me!”

“Then why did you agree to a divorce and took away the divorce certificate?”

“We’ll remarry right away! Throw this thing away!”

Sarah had to tear off the divorce certificate.

Levi smiled meaningfully: “Do you remember what I said, I want to make up a wedding for you?”

“Remember! I keep it in my heart!”

Sarah was crying.

“It just so happens that I will chase you again, and we will get married again!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah instantly understood why Levi had left the Mann family.

It turned out that he wanted to get married again, which happened to be his idea of ​​having a wedding again.

Sarah wiped away his tears: “Well, you chase me again from now on, you have to promise me that you can’t go with other women.”

Sarah loves Levi very much.

I loved it before.

It will only go deeper now.

Even if Levi is unbearable…

She chooses, she will choose for a lifetime.

No one can stop!

“Okay, I promise you! That wedding I will let the whole world know that you are the most beautiful woman in the world!”

Levi hugged her.

Mann smiled when he saw this scene.

The Mann family is still saved.


At this moment, cars came at a swift speed.

“Levi, what are you doing? Still pestering Sarah?”

Cross Wentao roared.

The Mann family rushed out of the car one by one.

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