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Chapter 66

But the hand reached mid-air, but it stopped moving.

Levi grabbed his wrist, making him unable to move at all.

“Who are you? Let go of me quickly!”

The bully couldn’t help threatening.


Levi slammed a fist on the face of the bully, his face collapsed and blood splashed.

The bully screamed hysterically.

Several other gangsters were also taken care of by Wesley and Alton.

A few gangsters crawled out of here.

The headed gangster threatened: “Good old man Graham, dare to call someone! Wait! I’ll call Brother Tiger!”

The gangsters left.

However, Byron and his wife closed their eyes and looked desperate.

The tiger brother they spoke of was a local snake in the village in the city. There were fifty or sixty social gangsters under their hands, daring to do anything.

I collect protection fees from tenants and businesses every day for a living.

If anyone does not pay, or if it is late.

Certainly unavoidable a severe beating, and even a broken leg.

Brother Austin is even more a ruthless character. He has been in prison before.

In the village in the city, everyone was frightened when he mentioned Brother Tiger.

“This little brother, thank you, can you leave now?”

Byron couldn’t help saying.

“My uncle and aunt are me! I’m Levi!”

Levi said excitedly.

“King’s Landing! It’s really you? It’s great to see you!”

Byron and his wife cried with excitement.

The son is dead.

Their only sustenance is gone.

Seeing Levi now, they thought of their son, and the two were heartbroken.

“Uncles and aunts, rest assured, I will be your son in the future, and I will take care of you for the rest of your life! No one can bully you!”

When Levi saw bruises on the faces and necks of Byron and his wife, he was immediately furious!

This group of beasts, even the old people will not let go!

Byron glanced downstairs, and immediately said, “King’s Landing, hurry up and leave! They must have told Brother Tiger! Brother Tiger will be here soon!”

“Yes, if Brother Tiger comes, you are in danger! You will be beaten lightly, and if severe, you will go to the hospital and even become disabled! Children, you leave!”

Erick’s mother also pushed Levi and told him to leave.

“Uncles and aunts, I left, what do you do?”

Levi asked.

“It’s okay, we just got a beating! Besides, our lives are worthless! You have to live well, and return my Erick family to be innocent! Take revenge for him!”

Speaking of this, Byron is already in tears.

Levi comforted: “Uncles and aunts, don’t worry! I am now strong enough to not only protect you, but also avenge Erick!”

“No, you don’t know how powerful Brother Tiger is! Brother Tiger dares to kill!”

It seems that the horror of Brother Tiger is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Byron and they were afraid when they mentioned Brother Tiger.

It also shows that Byron and his wife are often bullied.

“Child, go quickly, it will be bad if you are too tired!”

Erick’s mother was almost crying, and looked downstairs from time to time.

“Uncles and aunts, it’s okay if I’m here! I want to see how many catties this tiger has!”

Levi turned to Alton and said, “Let the old nine and the others come here first!”

Alton nodded: “Understood.”

“Children go! It’s really dangerous!”

“No way, no more, they are here!”

Byron said in horror.

Everyone saw dozens of people appearing in the lanes, with clubs and other weapons in their hands.

The headed man wore a vest with a tiger tattooed on his body.

It looks fierce.

“That beat my brother? Get out of me!”

Chapter 67

From a distance, I heard Brother Tiger roar.

The surrounding residents were so scared that they closed the doors and windows immediately.

I am afraid that blood will splash on them for a while.

As soon as Brother Tiger said, the two old men shivered with fright and held Levi’s arms tightly.

Levi patted them: “Uncles and aunts are not afraid!”

Soon Brother Tiger brought dozens of people to the stairs.

Here is guarded by Alton and Wesley.

Seeing the momentum of the two, Brother Austin’s complexion changed.

The killing aura of these two people made him feel a little dangerous.

“Who beat my brother?”

Brother Tiger asked.

He is a local snake in the village in the city.

If you want to get money, you don’t have to grab it, and you directly collect the protection fee.

If you are interested in a woman, just grab it and sleep.

No one has ever violated his meaning.

Not to mention someone who hit him.

So Brother Austin was very angry.

Bring all the bastards here personally.

Levi smiled: “It’s me.”

“Very rampant! A relative of Byron? Byron, you are so courageous! You dare to call someone to beat my brother!”

“Look at how I will kill you two immortals in the future!”

Brother Tiger threatened in front of Levi.

Byron and his wife were frightened and immediately begged for mercy: “Brother Tiger, my nephew is not sensible! Please forgive me! I promise that there will be no next time!”

“It’s not impossible to forgive! Five hundred thousand medical expenses! Then each of them abolishes one arm, and that matter is forgotten!”

Brother Tiger sneered.

“Huh? Five hundred thousand?”

Byron and his wife felt like they suffered five thunderstorms.

“No way! They are still young, how can they abolish their arms? Brother Tiger, if you want an arm, we and my husband will replace them!”

Byron cried and pleaded.

“That won’t work! What’s the use of your two old immortal arms?”

“Hey, did you three hear that? Don’t force me to do it myself!”

There was a cruel arc in the corner of Brother Austin’s mouth.


At this time, there was the sound of cars coming from the roadway, one after another.

This also attracted dozens of small gangsters such as Brother Austin.

They turned their heads and looked behind.

I saw dozens of vans parked outside.


Countless people rushed down from the car, crushed in darkness, and even more frightening was that all these people rushed into the yard.


The dense crowd gathered in this small courtyard, and it even seemed a bit crowded.

And forty or fifty punks of Brother Tiger were surrounded in the middle.

All around them are people.

These people also carried clubs in their hands and stared at them firmly.

“Tiger… Brother Tiger, I… I counted. There are more than 200 people, plus the estimated 300 people who haven’t come in outside.”

A gangster shivered.

“What? Three hundred people?”

Brother Tiger and a large group of gangsters were scared silly.

They looked around and found a problem.

The people surrounding them were strong and physically strong, with a vaguely murderous look, and at first glance they were high-level thugs.

It’s completely different from their kind of gangsters.

It is estimated that five or six of them will be no problem.

“What’s going on?”

At this time, even Brother Tiger shivered.

At this time, surrounded by everyone.

A group of people walked in.

The head was surprisingly Old Jiu, and San Garrison and other big men followed.

“This is Bei Laojiu? This is San Garrison? This is Chengdong Longye? This is Chengnan Wanye?”

Brother Austin was a serious man, so he knew all the big guys like Cox and Hang.

In the eyes of San Garrison, he was at most a little brother.

Not to mention in front of the old nine.

I don’t even have the qualifications to be a kid.

“Did the gust of wind blow you to such a small place?”

Brother Tiger bent over and smiled.

It’s just that the seven or eight big men like Old Nine didn’t pay attention to him at all.

They went straight to the entrance of the stairs and respectfully said to Levi upstairs: “Mr. Garrison! If you have anything, please tell me!”

Chapter 68


Brother Austin and others saw this scene, it was unbelievable.

The nine big brothers are so respectful to Levi?

What’s the identity of this young man?

Everyone was scared silly.

Even Byron and his wife were dumbfounded.

Looking at Levi incredulously.

You can see how powerful these people are by looking at the attitude of Brother Tiger.

But they have such respect for Levi?

Levi waved his hand: “They bullied my foster father and mother, you can figure it out.”

After speaking, Levi led Byron and his wife into the room.

After getting the instructions, Old Jiu slowly turned around and looked at Brother Tiger and the others with a grinning smile: “Fight! Beat me to death! Don’t keep your hands!”

Hearing this sound, Brother Austin and others almost fainted in fright.


More than 300 thugs rushed towards Brother Tiger and them all.

In fact, these fifty-six people of Brother Austin have no combat effectiveness at all.

All fell to the ground within three seconds, but the thugs really started.

All the sticks greeted the body, it was really to the death.

Especially Tiger quickly fell into a pool of blood, his body twitching constantly.

The others are not much better.

All were beaten severely.

Levi in the room won’t care about this anymore.

He believed in the old nine’s ability to do things.

And the follow-up can also be handled very well.

At least when he went out again, he couldn’t see any blood stains.

“Why are you so good at King’s Landing?”

Byron looked at Levi incredulously.

Levi smiled: “Uncle rest assured, now I am strong enough! Six days later, I will let everyone in the Garrison family kneel in front of Erick’s grave, repenting of repentance, and repenting of life!


Byron felt too crazy.

But the scene just now made him feel a glimmer of hope.

“Uncles and aunts, from now on I will recognize you as foster fathers and mothers!”

“Go, uncle and aunt, let’s move out tonight!”

Soon after, Levi took Byron and his wife to leave here.

The yard was completely clean, without any blood stains.

Moreover, so many people from Brother Austin left long ago, leaving no traces at all.

In the evening, Levi arranged the two into a five-star hotel.

Levi wanted to buy a villa for the two elderly people the next day.

At this time, the Garrison family received an invitation from Levi.

Van sneered and said: “Levi actually asked all of us in the Garrison family to come to Erick’s grave in six days to pay for their lives! What a whimsical thing!”

Charlie said indifferently: “After all, Levi doesn’t understand how terrifying the Garrison family is now.”

“Haha, we will wait for six days, I feel good when I think of Levi’s desperate expression!”

Ramond and Edmund laughed out loud.

Garrison Nanhui was more cautious and asked, “Van, are you sure that Levi is behind the old nine?”

Van said: “Uncle, I’m sure! Today, Lao Jiu went to visit Erick’s grave specially, and also went to the city village where Erick’s parents live. It is said that he beat the local brother Snake and Tiger. It must be him! Nothing wrong!”

Garrison Nanhui nodded: “In this case, I am relieved. But I should be more cautious.”

“Nan Hui, don’t worry, I got in touch with Du Yuesheng, Du Yuesheng will not only come, but also call everyone else on the road to cheer us!”

Charlie smiled sinisterly.

“Six years ago, Levi came to us to ruin you. Six years later, I will show you how easy it is to get you into hell.”

Chapter 69

The next day.

Levi called and contacted West Jingxuan, but West Jingxuan on the phone was staggering, and there seemed to be something wrong.

“Tell me the location, I’ll come to you directly!”

Levi said impatiently.

“Suxi Western Restaurant in Case York Center!”

West Jingxuan told Levi the location.

Levi drove straight to Case York Center.

At the moment, in the Suxi restaurant.

West Jingxuan sat with an embarrassed expression on her face.

Next to her is a middle-aged couple, her parents West Wanhua and Cox Qin.

A young man and a middle-aged couple sat opposite.

Today’s West Jingxuan was called by her parents for a blind date.

After all, she, like Levi, was about to run for thirty.

The family must be anxious.

The man opposite, An Feiyu, started his own business and is worth tens of millions.

His family has five properties in Case York.

For today’s blind date, An Feiyu is inevitable.

Although West Jingxuan was excellent, it was completely overwhelming for him.

His parents thought so too.

So during this blind date, An Feiyu’s attitude was a little more arrogant.

West Wanhua and his wife are very satisfied with this husband-in-law.

“Old West! If you think it’s okay, we’ll settle this matter!”

An Feiyu’s father An Longqi couldn’t help saying.

“Ah? Okay! I think it’s almost the same! Feiyu is very good, I like it!”

West Wanhua and Cox Qin are still very happy.

In fact, An Feiyu suits her in all aspects, but a figure suddenly appeared in West Jingxuan’s mind.

She immediately refused: “No! I think I can understand it better.”

“Ah? Isn’t this enough to understand? How else to understand?”

The expressions of An Longqi and An Feiyu changed immediately.

“We have only met for less than a month, too soon!”

West Jingxuan absolutely disagrees.

An Feiyu looked at West Jingxuan in surprise and asked: “Huh? Can’t it? You can first associate and then understand, and I think we know more about it. After all, we are not young anymore, we are all going to get married.”

West Wanhua, An Longqi and others nodded immediately: “Yes.”

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared here.

It was Levi.

He grabbed West Jingxuan’s arm and said, “Go, I’m looking for something to do with you.”

Everyone was stunned now.

Even West Jingxuan was stunned.

She didn’t expect Levi to be so anxious, even scratching her arm.

“Who are you? What are you doing? Throw your hands away!”

An Longfei couldn’t help but anger.

West Wanhua and Cox Qin also looked at Levi curiously and asked, “Who is this daughter? They look familiar?”

West Jingxuan replied helplessly: “My parents, this is Levi!”

The expressions of West Wanhua and Cox Qin changed drastically: “What? Levi? I said so familiar? What is he here for! Why are you still in contact with him?”

“I… we are classmates who will naturally contact me.”

West Jingxuan explained.

The opposite An Longqi immediately asked: “Old West, what does this mean? Do you want to arrange two people to have a blind date at the same time?”

Levi realized that they were on a blind date.

West Wanhua immediately explained: “No, it’s just her classmate! Besides, how can he compare with Feiyu? Feiyu is worth tens of millions. He is a pauper who just got out of prison! He doesn’t even have a job. How can you compare with Feiyu?”

Hearing this, An Longqi’s expression eased a lot.

After all, they saw West Jingxuan’s wink a bit wrong, as if something happened.

Chapter 70

An Feiyu also breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at Levi with a playful look and smiled: “Jing Xuan, isn’t your classmate unemployed? My company’s security team has a spot, let him come! He is a grid Absolutely! Seeing Jingxuan’s face, do you want to come for 6,000 a month?”

Levi ignored him and said to West Jingxuan, “I’m sorry to disturb you on the blind date.”

West Jingxuan shook her head immediately: “It’s okay, do you have anything important?”

“I wanted to buy a house for an uncle and aunt, so I came to you specially.”

Levi said.

“So you want to buy a house! Do you still have uncles and aunts to buy a house? Haha…”

An Longqi and An Feiyu also showed contemptuous smiles.

Buy a house?

In their opinion, Levi can afford to buy less than one hundred square meters at most, two or three million to die.

In the opinion of West Wanhua and his wife, they came to West Jingxuan because they wanted to get a discount from West Jingxuan.

After all, West Jingxuan is a manager, and the incentives in her hand are great.

In recent years, because West Jingxuan was the manager, many people came to West Jingxuan to buy a house.

There is only one purpose-great discounts and a lot of cheaper money.

Some are even hundreds of thousands cheaper!

Presumably Levi sought West Jingxuan for the same purpose.

“Understood, don’t our Oriental Garden people look down on it?”

West Jingxuan is also an old world.

When Levi said this, she understood.

What Levi wants is a villa!

Otherwise, she won’t come to her, and will solve it directly in the Oriental Garden.


Levi nodded.

“Our company has what you want, I will take you there.”

West Jingxuan said to An Longqi and An Feiyu: “Uncle An, auntie. I will deal with my classmates buying a house first, and I will be back soon!”

An Longqi stood up and smiled: “Well, let’s accompany you. Let’s also see how your working environment is?”

“Yes, Jingxuan, let’s take a look.”

An Feiyu was very excited and gave Levi a mocking look.

West Jingxuan did not agree at the first time, but looked at Levi, which was asking for his opinion.

Levi nodded: “Okay, let’s go together.”

“Okay, let’s go together.”

When leaving the restaurant, An Feiyu deliberately ran to pay the bill.

After paying the bill, he still took the bill and said with a smile: “The average per capita is more than 800, and six people don’t have 5,000. It’s very cheap.”

West Wanhua smiled and said, “The big meals Xiao An usually eats, but 800 per capita is cheaper.”

An Feiyu glanced at Levi again and smiled: “That’s true! Work needs, and each meal is not less than two thousand per person!”

West Wanhua and his wife like An Feiyu more.

After arriving at the underground parking lot, West Jingxuan looked at Levi and said, “Take my car, I will take you there!”

“Okay, no problem, you are familiar with the place!”

Finally, West Jingxuan drove her parents and Levi, and An Feiyu drove his parents directly to the destination.

About an hour later, he almost came to the outskirts.

An Longqi and An Feiyu smiled and said, “This is about to reach the suburbs, I’m afraid I will buy it in the village in the city.”

An Feiyu’s mother sneered: “It’s not bad if he can buy a house by looking at him.”

But half an hour later.

West Jingxuan actually stopped in a villa area.

“Didn’t Jing Xuan buy a house? Why did you come to the villa area?”

An Feiyu asked curiously after getting off the car.

West Jingxuan gave him a surprised look and said, “I’m here to buy a villa!”

As soon as this word came out, the audience was deadly silent.

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