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Chapter 611

Cross Dongxu and the other Cross family members were dumbfounded.

What kind of identity does this have?

Can Cross Yefei be scared like this?

What is his origin?

Everyone in the Cross family was trembling.

The two Lords in black and white used their magical methods, but they didn’t scare Cross Yefei into this way.

Why did Cross Yefei become so frightened when he revealed his identity?

What an amazing identity this must be!!!

At this moment, Graham Zhan wanted to swallow Jinling in one bite.

Cross Yefei didn’t doubt it at all.

I don’t think there is any exaggeration!

It can be done in his capacity!

Graham Zhan smiled and said, “As long as you listen to me obediently and complete what I explained! I promise that the Cross family will take off. In the future, in Jinling City, you will replace whoever you want to replace!”

“Thank you Shao Graham! My Cross family is willing to go through all fires and waters for Shao Graham, and I will do it!!!”

Cross Yefei showed ecstasy.

Although frightened.

But with Shao Graham, the destiny of the Cross family was completely changed.

Going to take off!

Cross Yefei immediately patted Cross Dongxu and said: “Son, you hurry up and book the best hotel in Jinling. We will help Graham Shao to clean up the dust at night!”

“Okay, I know! I promise not to disappoint Shao Graham!”

Cross Dongxu immediately went to arrange this matter.

Graham Zhan readily accepted all this.

And stayed in the Cross family compound.

Cross Yefei brought a few beautiful women to Graham Zhan’s bedroom.

“You can go in, these women, get out!”

At the door of the bedroom, the masked black and white people said coldly.

Cross Yefei looked surprised, he smiled and said: “The two adults have misunderstood, these are my dedication to Graham Shao!”

The white-clothed man in the mask said indifferently: “The young Lord has never been close to women, especially this kind of rouge and vulgar fan he doesn’t like!”

Another echoed: “Yes, you have to show your loyalty! At least you must be the number one beauty in Jinling City to qualify for him!”

“Oh, I see!”

Cross Yefei was surprised.

Among the young Lords of the big family and big powers he has seen, there is no ugly one.

It’s the first time to see someone like Graham Zhan!

Not close to female, clean and self-conscious.

Those who have such a strong concentration are the ones who really do great things.

But then I thought about it, can the young Lord from that power not be strong?

Cultivation from an early age allows him to form a habit.

I will never waste time on a drunk woman!

Not long after, Cross Dongxu returned.

He found Cross Yefei.

“Dad, what exactly is Shao Graham’s identity?”

Not only is he curious, but the others in the Cross family are also curious.

Can frighten Cross Yefei like this.

Cross Yefei took a deep breath and said, “Then listen carefully…”


When everyone listened, their eyes would fly out.


Cross Dongxu was even more frightened and fell to the ground.

“I warn everyone, what happened to Shao Graham must not go wrong, otherwise I don’t know how to die!”


The Cross family nodded together.

In the evening, Cross’s family cleaned up for Graham Zhan at the highest standard hotel in Jinling.

After the dinner.

Graham Zhan smiled: “Let’s go, I can’t find the stone Buddha!”

Both Cross Yefei and Cross Dongxu were taken aback.

Can’t take the stone Buddha so soon?

too fast?

“Let’s go, are you scared?”

Graham Zhan bent his lips and smiled.

“No, Shao Graham, please!!!”

Cross Yefei bit his scalp and led the way.

Soon, a group of people came to the Jagged Club.

“Tonight, it’s time to change the owner here!”

Graham Zhan looked at the plaque of the Jagged Club and laughed arrogantly.

Chapter 612

As soon as Graham Zhan’s words fell, a bodyguard behind him suddenly rushed forward.


With a kick, kicked the plaque of the Jagged Club in half!

The Cross family was shocked to see it!

Too arrogant!

In Jinling City, no one has ever dared to provoke Mylen like this!

This Shao Graham is afraid that he is going to turn the sky of Jinling!

However, with his identity and strength, he is absolutely qualified!

The plaque of the Jagged Club was kicked in half, and the huge movement caused many people to come.


Hundreds of people rushed out from the underground boxing arena and surrounded Graham Zhan and his group.

The headed man asked coldly: “Did you damage the plaque?”

Graham Zhan smiled: “I did it!”

“Presumptuous! You are so bold! Do you know where this is?”

Everyone immediately shouted.

They can’t figure out why anyone dares to come here to make trouble…

Graham Zhan played with the Buddha beads and said with a smile: “I know! I just want to give this place a new owner!”


After hearing this, everyone was stunned.

Change the owner here?

Doesn’t that mean to drive Mylen away?


Eat the courage of the ambition leopard!

“Brothers, take down these big talkers for me!!!”

With an order from the leader, hundreds of people rushed over.

Cross Dongxu and Cross Yefei hid behind in fright.

You know that Graham Zhan only brought twelve people.

Can you handle so much?

What’s more, Mylen has hundreds of Lords…

Seeing hundreds of people rushing in, Graham Zhan’s face was calm, without blinking his eyelashes.

Behind him, besides the two black and white Lords wearing masks, the other ten bodyguards faced each other!

The next moment, Cross Yefei was stunned.

These ten people are so terrifying?

Hundreds of people were beaten abruptly.

Soon hundreds of people were defeated and hid in the underground boxing arena.

“walk into!”

Graham Zhan led everyone into the underground black boxing arena.

At this moment, the black boxing arena is playing.

There are still many audiences.

But everyone was attracted by the turmoil in the court.

“Boom boom…”

The security guards of the black boxing ring kept flying in.

A group of people came outside.

Everyone looked over.

“what happened?”

Everyone asked.

“Well, someone kicked the pavilion and made trouble! Tell the stone Buddha!”

This matter quickly reached Shifo’s ears.

Mylen brought all the Lords to the court.

“Cross Yefei, you are so courageous, how dare you come to me and make trouble?”

Mylen recognized Cross Yefei at a glance, and he shouted coldly.


Cross Yefei was frightened.

How can he talk to Mylen.

At this time, Graham Zhan said, “I asked him to come! Look here!”


Mylen was taken aback.

Everyone looked at Graham Zhan carefully.

No one thought he would be the boss.

And looking at Miansheng, he doesn’t look like a native of Jinling.

“Stone Buddha, they broke the plaque and threatened to change the owner here!”

The subordinates immediately told Mylen what had happened.

Mylen looked at Graham Zhan.

Graham Zhan smiled and nodded: “Yes, yes, I did it. Mylen, right? You have occupied this place for a long time. It’s time to change the owner!”

In a plain tone, he spoke domineering words.

There are really no young people in Jinling who dare to provoke Mylen!

Mylen was also stunned.

It was the first time I saw such an arrogant young man.

Of course, except for the God of War.

That is God!

not human!

Mylen asked curiously: “Forgive me, what is the status of the little brother?”

Chapter 613

Graham Zhan’s hand that had been turning the Buddha beads suddenly stopped, and he sneered: “You are not qualified to know!”


Complete arrogance!

Mylen smiled: “Young people, don’t be too arrogant. The young people who died in my hands over the years are more than just two hands!”

Graham Zhan’s lazy eyes suddenly shot two bright lights: “Mylen, I will give you two choices. The first one kneels on the ground and recognizes me as his Lord; the second one, die!”


After listening, everyone sucked in cold air.

So provocative of Mylen?

Aren’t you afraid of death?

Mylen smiled.

Mylen’s narrator immediately roared: “What kind of dog are you? You dare to be arrogant with my big brother?”

Just after he finished speaking, the Lord in white mask next to Graham Zhan gave him a sudden look.

In an instant, he turned into an electric light and appeared in front of the person, raising the knife in his hand.

After closing the knife in an instant, he returned to Graham Zhan.

His speed is too fast and too fast.

The naked eye can’t catch it at all.

From everyone’s point of view, he stood there and never moved at all.

Just glared…


A chubby head fell to the ground, blood splashed all over the place, and everyone around him suffered.

His face was splashed with hot blood…

But the bloody scene that followed scared everyone.

Just one glance, the head is gone? ? ?

Cross Yefei and Cross Dongxu saw it for the second time, and they still felt shocked.

Mylen’s expression became solemn, and he sighed, “What a quick knife!”

He is one of the few people on the court to see a knife.

“Kneel or die?”

Graham Zhan asked.

“Huh! Have you asked us?”

At this time, two Lords, Dead Beast and Wolf King, appeared.

As soon as possible, Yama God of War came with Levi.

But with these two Lords, Mylen is still the strongest.

“Kill them!”

Graham Zhan gave an order.

The two Lords of black and white masks rushed over.

The wolf king and the dead beast also moved.

The speed of the white mask Lord is too fast, faster than the wolf king like a wild wolf.

The two passed by.

But there was a thin bloodstain on the wolf king’s neck.


Immediately, the wolf king fell to the ground and died.

The black mask Lord clashed head-on with the dead beast.

The dead beast punched the black mask Lord on the chest, and he also punched the dead beast in the chest.

The Lord in the black mask had nothing to do, but the chest of the dead beast suddenly burst open…

In an instant, Mylen’s two strongest Lords died.

The two Lords who did not lose in the Asian death fighting match are as fragile as paper.


At this moment, everyone was shocked.

Including hundreds of fighting Lords behind Mylen.

All scared stupid.

Neither of these will work.

They are even worse!

Mylen was shocked in his heart.

This person can’t afford it!

“You don’t know why you came to Jinling?”

Mylen asked calmly.

Graham Zhanxiemei smiled: “I want the whole Jinling! I heard that you are the strongest, I will come to you first!”


Mylen gasped.

Although this person is arrogant.

But he is really capable!

“I’m not your opponent, I admit it! But you want to swallow the entire Jinling, it’s impossible!”


Graham Zhan looked curious.

“Because Jinling is not a place of right and wrong! I advise you to leave Jinling as soon as possible, or you will die!”

Mylen persuaded.


Graham Zhan smiled.

Several of his men also laughed.

“I didn’t tell lies! Because Jinling City has a very powerful existence, no matter what your status is, you are not his opponent!”

Chapter 614

Mylen knew Levi’s identity.

No matter what kind of background Graham Zhan has.

Provoked Levi’s death!

What’s more, Graham Zhan came for the Jinling site.

This behavior is the most annoying God of War.

It is bound to meet together.

Then, Graham Zhan will die!

“Okay, who is that person? Tell me so I can find him!”

Graham Zhan asked with a smile.

In his cognition, Jinling City has no one who can stop him!

Mylen said: “You’d better not know it! Listen to my persuasion and leave Jinling immediately!”

“kill him!”

Graham Zhan acted vigorously and vigorously and gave an order.

The Lord in the white mask passed by instantly.


When the knife suddenly appeared, Mylen slowly fell.

Before he died, Mylen pointed to Graham Zhan and asked, “So you are…Puff…”

Mylen fell straight down.

Obviously, before he died, he recognized Graham Zhan’s identity.

After Mylen fell, the entire underground boxing field was in chaos.

“Don’t panic, everyone! From now on, I will take over here by Graham Zhan! With my people, I will never treat you badly!”

Graham Zhan roared.

“I would like to hear from Shao Graham!!!”

Hundreds of people knelt on the ground and shouted.

After successfully regaining the Jagged Club.

Graham Zhan looked at Cross Yefei and asked, “Who is Mylen talking about?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never heard of such a person in Jinling City! I guess it was Mylen who frightened Shao Graham and wanted to escape!”

Cross Yefei said.

Graham Zhan’s personal entourage also said: “Young Lord, we checked before coming. There is no such a person!”

“Okay, then the next place! Lord!”

Graham Zhan’s eyes flashed with cold light.

This night is definitely a stormy night for Jinling City!

A force that suddenly appeared, with the force of the wind and the remaining clouds, first could not kill the stone Buddha, and then behead the Lord!

More than a dozen forces in a row were instantly destroyed!

Twenty-seven underground black boxing arenas and hundreds of venues are all in the bag.

What happened this time was not undermined by the fall of the Shanler faction and the collapse of the Sanxing Group.

At least those two did not affect anyone else.

But this time, people don’t talk about it.

The other party’s methods are extremely cruel!

Anyone who does not submit will be killed without mercy!

It made people panic for a while.

The big families are very nervous.

Worried about trouble will come.

Maybe the next person to die is myself.

Mainly, Mylen and Shiye, the two big brothers, were killed.

It can be seen how terrifying the other party is.

The most important thing is that everyone does not know the true identity of this force.

I can’t find it!

The most shocking was Cross Yefei and his son.

They followed Graham Zhan throughout the whole process, and quelled more than a dozen forces.

The scenes of killing Mylen and Shiye were all witnessed.

too strong!

Simply too strong!

They are more surprised.

Is Cross’s fate too good?

The people Lv Shao chose immediately, unexpectedly chose them.

Graham Shao asked Cross’s family to take care of the field.

This is a qualitative leap for all aspects of the Cross family.

Graham Zhan is satisfied with his record tonight, but he is not proud.

As if doing a normal thing.

After returning, Graham Zhan dialed a phone call, and he respectfully said: “Teacher, the students have smoothed the underground circle of Jinling according to your instructions! Next, please give your instructions!”

“Very well, then you can play at will, and wait for me to come to Jinling myself!”

An old voice came from the other end of the phone.

Chapter 615

“Teacher, understand! The students will definitely live up to your trust! Before you come to Jinling, I will show you some results!”

Graham Zhan was extremely excited.

Cross Yefei and Cross Dongxu lowered their heads, as if they had made a mistake.

They were terrified in their hearts.

Anyone else coming?

Or is Graham Zhan’s teacher?

He is so good.

How horrible his teacher is!

The next day.

What happened quickly spread.

Mann deliberately went to Mann’s family and told him: “Recently everyone is paying attention. A group of mysterious forces have come to the provincial capital. Even Mylen and Shiye have been eaten up. Everyone should be careful!”

While everyone was shocked, they secretly wrote down what Mann had said.

Melina couldn’t help but say: “Oh, I have to give Sarah a bodyguard! Recently, it’s so dangerous! Sarah can’t have an accident!”

She said again: “Besides, there is a bodyguard, Levi don’t even think about getting close to Sarah!”

Mann Jianguo smiled: “This is a good thing that kills two birds with one stone!”

Melina hesitated and said: “This bodyguard can’t be sloppy, not to mention the top in all aspects, it is best to be a woman. Jun Fei, Wen Tao, you two know a lot of people. Are you looking for it?”

Concubine Mann Jun smiled: “Grandma, you have found the right person. Recently, someone in our circle just happened to match!”

“Huh? Really?”

Melina couldn’t help being surprised.

“Recently, a sister came here. She is a special soldier who has just retired from the front line of the Western Territory! Her nickname is Bass Luo. It is said that she can defeat one hundred!

Concubine Mann Jun said.

“Then she! Please come quickly!”

Melina was surprised and delighted.

Concubine Mann Jun hesitated and said, “Grandma, maybe the price is a bit expensive!”

“Salary of ten million a year, is it okay to add a garage?”

Melina is very interested in plum dyeing, whatever the price is.

“That’s okay!”

Soon after, Princess Mann Jun brought the female special soldier.

With a height of 1.8 meters, a fierce murderous aura was revealed all over his body.

“Mr. Mann, Hello, Ms. Boyd, my name is Boyd Xiao! The special squadron of the Tiger Cardiac Corps that once served in the Western Territory Theater! Killed 277 enemy troops on the battlefield! I can be a bodyguard!”

Boyd Xiao’s eyes were sharp, with extraordinary momentum.

The Mann family took a fancy.

“Okay, you Boyd Xiao! We have two requirements: first, protect my granddaughter; second, don’t let Levi contact my granddaughter, this is his photo!”

Melina said.

Boyd Xiao took the photo of Levi and glanced at it.

“Okay, no problem, this task is too easy, I promise to complete it!”

Boyd Xiao looked confident and relaxed.

Compared to killing the enemy on the battlefield, this is almost like taking a vacation.

Although Sarah was very unwilling.

But Melina arranged it, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

The most important thing is that Boyd Xiao has to be with her 24 hours a day.

This could not meet Levi.

In the company.

As usual, Levi came to Sarah’s office and was about to push the door to enter.

There was a stalwart figure in front of him.

Not much lower than him.

The key is still a woman.

“You can’t go in!”

Boyd Xiao said coldly.

“who are you?”

Levi asked in surprise.

He has never seen this woman.

“I am President Logan’s personal bodyguard, responsible for President Logan’s safety!”

Boyd Xiao answered.

Levi was surprised.

When did Sarah look for a bodyguard?

“Then you get out of the way, I am her husband!”

Levi was about to go inside.

“No! I still have a task to prevent you from contacting Mr. Logan!”

Boyd Xiao stood in front of Levi.

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