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Chapter 616

Levi’s thoughts turned, and immediately understood what was going on.

This is the Mann family invited a bodyguard to prevent him from contacting Sarah.

“Are you sure you can stop me?”

Levi smiled.

Boyd Xiao looked cold: “I am not afraid of killing enemies in the battlefield, you and I are not in my eyes at all!”

There are 34 ways in Boyd Xiao’s mind to subdue Levi instantly.

In her opinion, ordinary people like Levi have no ability to resist.

She took action to deal with such ordinary people, really using anti-aircraft artillery to hit mosquitoes-overkill.

Levi was taken aback, then smiled and asked, “Being a soldier?”


Boyd Xiao nodded.

“In that war zone?”

Levi asked.

He looked at Boyd Xiao again and found that there was a soldier’s murderous aura in this woman.

He even tempered his murderous aura.

She has definitely been on the battlefield and killed the enemy.

Still a Lord!

Originally, Boyd Xiao would not bother Levi.

But Melina’s task was to prevent Levi from contacting Sarah.

Therefore, Boyd Xiao intends to solve it all at once to avoid any worries.

“Very good. A month ago, I served in the special brigade of the Tiger Ben Army in the Western Territory Theater! Three years on the battlefield, killing 277 enemies!”

Boyd Xiao said his achievements in one breath, and at the same time exuded a cold murderous aura.

Want to scare Levi all at once.

But Levi was not afraid at all.

Levi asked, “Qin’s soldier?”

Boyd Xiao was taken aback when she heard Qin’s name.

He actually knows Qin?

Because Qin is the number one leader of the Western Frontier Theater!

It is the soul of the army in the minds of millions of soldiers in the West, second only to the God of War.

But how would ordinary people know Qin’s identity…

That’s the front line in the West Territory Theater!

Someone knows that far away in Jinling City?


What did he call Chief Qin just now? ? ?

Boy Qin? ? ?

Boyd Xiao’s eyes came out when he reacted!

She is angry!

Someone called Qin a kid!

This is disrespectful!

Boyd Xiao was murderous, staring at Levi and asked; “What did you call Chief Qin just now?”

“I call him a kid? What’s the matter?”

Levi’s subconscious way.

Qin was trained by him.

It was he who personally ordered the dispatch to the Western Frontier Theater.

It’s okay to call him, kid…

But when Boyd Xiao heard this, his taste changed.

Levi is insulting the undefeated army god in the Western Territory Theater!

capital offense!

“Bold! Dare to be disrespectful to Chief Qin! I order you to apologize immediately!”

Boyd Xiao roared.

Levi frowned: “Did I do something wrong? I need to apologize to you?”

“Because of your rude words, Chief Qin is not what you can call a kid! Hurry up and apologize!”

Boyd Xiao is aggressive.

Levi sneered: “Don’t say it’s you, even if Qin is in front of me, if I call him a kid, he will be happy!”

Levi is actually Qin’s Lord and idol.

With a word from Levi, he had to go up to the sword mountain and down the fire.

Call him a kid.

He was happy for a long time.

Boyd Xiao was really angry!

“Now I’m retired, I don’t want to do it! I will ask you one last time-an apology or not!”

Boyd Xiao asked in a low voice.

Levi was like a dead body in her eyes!

Levi smiled: “I’m right, what is the apology?”

He was speechless.

Qin is good enough.

Bring out such a powerful female special forces.

But my mind can’t turn around.

Don’t you doubt your identity if you dare to call Qin kid?

Chapter 617

“Then don’t blame me for doing it!”

Boyd Xiao said coldly.

She is about to do it.


In the small space, Boyd Xiao’s slender right leg suddenly lifted up.

Coming down with the momentum of a thunderous force, the goal is indeed Levi’s face!

What Boyd Xiao cultivates in the army are all killing skills!

When you start, it is the momentum of Thunder’s killing.

This leg was smashed, and Levi’s nose collapsed, completely beyond recognition…

It’s fine to lie down in the hospital for a month or two.

“You are looking for death!”

Levi was also angry.

At the moment of the moment, Sarah’s voice came.


There was a voice, and Sarah had opened the door.

When Boyd Xiao’s legs were less than one centimeter away from Levi’s face, they stopped abruptly.

Levi’s face was unwavering.

“Boyd Xiao, he is my husband, don’t hurt him!”

Sarah was terrified.

Boyd Xiao retracted her legs, and she stared at Levi coldly: “I’ll spare you this time, but next time, be careful I’m not polite to you!”

Levi was happy: “Sarah, you saved her!”

Levi really wanted to do it just now.

Unfortunately, Sarah appeared.


Boyd Xiao exploded.

Obviously he spared his life.

He said he was saved?

This person is really annoying!!!

No wonder everyone in the Mann family hates him and doesn’t allow him to come into contact with Sarah.

“By the way, you are not allowed to see President Logan in the future, be careful, I’m welcome!”

Boyd Xiao warned.

Sarah approached Levi in a low voice, and Boyd Xiao was here to solve it.

After Levi left, Boyd Xiao’s anger disappeared.

She suddenly realized a problem-how did he know Qin’s identity?

Dare to call Qin boy again?

Doesn’t it look like it was intentional?

It’s a habit.

Could it be his identity?


How can someone who can call Qin work in a company in the duny world?

Seems to be a security guard?

how can that be!

It is estimated that he is a military fan!

It is not difficult to know the situation in the various war zones.

“Levi, right? I remember you, sooner or later I will teach you!”

Boyd Xiao has a bad temper.

Can’t understand Levi!

Levi naturally didn’t put a little Boyd Xiao at ease.

Boyd Xiao is very strong.

But where she wanted to, Levi arranged a bodyguard next to Sarah.

Levi left Yama, the God of War, to protect Sarah.

He met Levi’s requirements in all aspects.

In particular, he is the strength of a god of war!

Boyd Xiao never thought of this.

There was a pair of eyes in secret, staring at her all the time.

And she didn’t notice it at all!

Levi is a logistical support, but there is nothing to do.

He came to the residence of Wesley, Alton and others.

“Have you heard about the general last night?”

Wesley asked.

“what’s up?”

Levi really didn’t know.

“Mylen, Lord is dead, and a group of unknown forces have arrived in Jinling City! It is said that they are particularly strong! Dead beasts, the wolf king, these Lords were all killed in seconds!”

“At present, the underground circle and the black boxing field are all taken over by this force. For the time being, they have not moved.”

Wesley Road.


After Levi listened, his eyes flickered.

“On the territory I’m on, dare to be so presumptuous?”

“I suspect that they are here for the cake of Jinling! I am afraid that they are going to attack the Dongtian Group? General, do you want to send someone to protect Miss Logan?”

Wesley analyzed.

“I see who would dare to dye a child?”

Levi roared.

Chapter 618

Wesley took the initiative to ask: “General, do you want me to protect Miss Logan?”

“No, don’t worry about her safety!”

Levi approached.

With Yama and the God of War protecting him, he doesn’t need to worry.

Even if the wolf kingdom is destroyed.

But the strength of the god of war in a country is still there.

Definitely not the little ants can provoke!

“Which power is it? Isn’t the Chu Family’s end miserable? Anyone dare to come?”

Levi asked.

Wesley shook his head: “I have sent someone to investigate, and the identity is unknown, but one thing is for sure is that this force is much stronger than anyone before. It can be seen by smoothing the provincial and city circles overnight!”

“I don’t care who it is, as long as it is harmful to this land, I will take care of it to the end!”

Levi said coldly.

Because Levi is here.

Therefore, West Teng and others did not care about this matter.

Because they understand that with this person, no one wants to make trouble here!

When the major families in Jinling inquired about the identity of Graham Zhan, the Cross family was proud of it.

So many industries, naturally they have to take care of them.

There is a lot of oil and water.

This Cross Yefei smiled from ear to ear.

Secretly vowed to swear allegiance to Graham Zhan.

Graham Zhan asked, “Is this Dongtian Group a bit interesting?”

“Shao Graham, I checked. Sarah, the owner of Dongtian Group, has nothing to do with the Mann family background! Why, the whole Jinling watched her cannibalize the market?”

Cross Yefei was surprised.

“Erick Group! In fact, the big family forces in Jinling City fear the Erick Group behind her!”

Graham Zhan smiled.

In fact, even though they are not in Jiangnan Province, they know more than Cross Yefei.

They have investigated that Shanler and Sanxing Group were most likely defeated by Erick Group.

“Is this Erick Group so powerful?”

Cross Yefei asked.

“Awesome! Not only is the boss mysterious, but there are also hidden dragons and crouching tigers inside! The security team is said to have super Lords, defeating the four big generals under Shanler!”

Graham Zhan said.

“You also know that my teacher is coming to Jinling himself, and his purpose is to swallow the Erick Group! Who said this piece of fat in Jiangnan Province is too tempting!”

Graham Zhan looked yearning.


Cross Yefei took a breath.

Is this too ambitious?

Graham Zhan wanted Jinling.

What his teacher wants is the entire Jiangnan Province!

Cross Yefei asked, “Shao Graham, what do we need to do now? My Cross family must do my best!”

“I won’t touch Erick Group for the time being, but I want Dongtian Group and all major families in Jinling!”

A cold light flashed in Graham Zhan’s eyes.

Cross Yefei tremblingly asked, “Shao Graham, are you still killing it all the way like last night?”

Graham Zhan suddenly became happy.

He smiled and said: “No! This is not the same kind of people at all. The people in the underground circles of Mylen can be conquered by force! But these people are all upper-class people in suits. If you kill a few and injure a few, the impact will be limited. It’s big. Jinling will start on me at that time!”

Cross Yefei asked, “So what should Lord Graham do?”

A wicked arc appeared at the corner of Graham Zhan’s mouth: “For this kind of literati, we can treat each other politely! In this way, I want to meet the female boss of Dongtian Group! Let’s get her here tonight!”

Cross Yefei said: “Shao Graham, what if she doesn’t come?”

After saying this, Cross Yefei regretted it.

He felt a chill hit his body, and his blood was frozen.

Chapter 619

Sure enough, Graham Zhan looked at him with cold eyes: “That’s your business!”

“I want to see her tonight! This is my business!”


“Don’t be angry, Shao Graham! I will do it!”

Cross Yefei knelt on the ground, panting.

Graham Zhan’s meaning is very simple-no matter what method Cross Yefei uses, he must see Sarah at night.

“Well, you don’t need to live if you can’t handle these little things!”

Graham Zhan said lightly.

After leaving, Cross Yefei wiped his cold sweat.

I almost died just now.

This taboo must not be violated next time.

“Son, go and do this!”

Cross Yefei notified Cross Dongxu to do this.

In his opinion, it is too cheap to invite people in his current capacity.

“No problem, father! I want to show more performance in front of Shao Graham!”

Cross Dongxu smiled.

The original Sanxing Group Building has been renamed Dongtian Group.

In the president’s office.

“President Logan, someone outside claimed to be Cross Jiashao who advocated Dong Wood and wants to see you!”

Said the secretary.

“Let him in!”

Sarah nodded.

Recently, many local family businesses in the provincial capital have come to visit, but she has not refused.

Soon Cross Dongxu came to the reception room.

“You are Sarah President Logan, right?”

Cross Dongxu said condescendingly.

In Cross Dongxu’s view, there are no people in Jinling City that he can’t afford now!

Say the words are arrogant and domineering.

“It’s me, sir, it doesn’t matter if you have anything to say.”

Sarah didn’t like the tone of Cross Dongxu’s speech very much.

“My host wants to invite you over to a dinner party! I’ll tell you, I’ll send someone to pick you up at night!”

Cross Dongxu doesn’t care about Sarah’s promise or not.

It was decided directly for him.

Cross Dongxu even ordered: “You are ready to prepare, I will pick you up in a while!”

After speaking, Cross Dongxu is about to leave.


Sarah said coldly.

“what’s happenin?”

Cross Dongxu asked curiously.

“Who is your Lord?”

Sarah asked.

“Oh, you’ll know it at night, anyway, your status is so honorable that you can’t imagine it, you just need to be obedient!”

As soon as Cross Dongxu’s voice fell, Sarah’s voice sounded: “See off!”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Cross Dongxu asked incredulously.

“Sorry, I refuse the invitation of strangers!”

Sarah directly refused.

Cross Dongxu smiled: “Sarah, let me tell you that you can refuse the invitation of everyone in Jinling, but you can’t refuse his invitation! There is no reason to refuse!”

Graham Zhan even killed Mylen.

Who else can he not invite?

“Then tell me who it is?”

Plum dyed his face black.

“His identity is kept secret, you will know when you meet! If you refuse, you will regret it!”

“Do you know how people like Mylen and Lord died last night? My Lord did it!”

Cross Dongxu looked proud.

“Unreasonable, see off!”

Sarah gave an order.

The security guards forced Cross Dongxu out of the Dongtian Group.

“I haven’t finished talking yet?”

Cross Dongxu said angrily.

“What should Shao Cross do now? This woman doesn’t eat this set?”

The younger brother next to him couldn’t help asking.

“Toast and not eat or drink fine wine! Wait for her to get off work later, just forcibly take her back!”

Cross Dongxu chuckled and said: “Graham Shao said that I only see people, no matter what means to bring them back!”

“Understand, we will stay here!”

Said the little brothers.

Chapter 620

Get off work on time at seven o’clock.

Sarah dragged his tired body out of the building.

Originally, she had to work overtime.

But the Mann family worried about her danger and asked him to work overtime at home.

Not far away, Cross Dongxu and his group saw Sarah, and the two younger brothers were about to do it.

“Wait, if you start here, it won’t affect you. We will do it again in the middle of the journey!”

Cross Dongxu said.

How do they know that every move of several people is under the control of others.

Levi knew it perfectly.

But he was not worried at all.

Soon, the driver drove out.

Boyd Xiao and Sarah got into the car.

Cross Dongxu and his party immediately followed.

Mann’s Manor is in a remote location, with few cars on the road.

Suddenly the driver brakes.

Because the road ahead was blocked by several cars.

I saw a group of people coming over.

Cross Dongxu knocked on the car window and smiled: “Ms. Logan, shall we go? I hope you can go to the dinner party in a friendly manner. It was not me who invited you to go!”

A dozen people followed him.

As long as the order is given, the door will definitely be smashed open and Sarah will be taken away abruptly.

Sarah looked stubborn: “Don’t go! I refuse the invitation of a stranger!”

“Okay, you Sarah! Do you really think of yourself as the same thing? Shao Graham asked me to invite you, because I look up to you! You stinky lady, don’t know what’s wrong!”

“I’ll ask you again, will I go or not?”

Cross Dongxu roared.

“Impossible to go!”

Sarah resolutely refused.

“Okay, force me to do it!”

Cross Dongxu was just about to give an order.


The door opened suddenly.

Walking down from the inside, a woman eighteen meters tall, exuding an aura.


Boyd Xiao’s face was cold, and he slammed his hands, kicking Cross Dongxu’s face.

Cross Dongxu was kicked out several meters away in an instant.

“Kill her to me!”

Cross Dongxu shouted.

More than a dozen of his younger brothers rushed up.


In less than a minute, everyone lay on the ground and screamed.

Ten little brothers can fight, but what they encounter are special forces who have just retired from the battlefield.

Not comparable at all!

“Get out! Who dares to harass President Logan again in the future? Who am I to abolish!”

Boyd Xiao warned coldly.

Cross Dongxu wanted to cry without tears.

This b!tch is so good…

The other side.

In the Cross’s restaurant, a table of dishes had been arranged, and Graham Zhan was surrounded by the crowd.

He lazily said: “It’s eight o’clock, are people here?”

Cross Yefei immediately panicked.

This Dongxu has been there for most of the day, why hasn’t it come back?

Couldn’t even this little thing be handled well?

“Huh? Why are you here? Didn’t I ask you to invite someone?”

Graham Zhan glanced at him, saw Cross Yefei, and asked in a cold voice.

Being called on the spot, Cross Yefei was frightened.

“Shao Graham, I let Inuzi do this! I must not stay, do I obey your instructions? In case something happens…”

Cross Yefei tremblingly said.

“Then I’m talking about eight o’clock, and it’s three minutes away, how about people? Why? Does my words not work?”

Graham Zhan suddenly raised his pitch, and Cross Yefei knelt down with a thud.

“Shao Graham, I immediately asked where they are?”

Cross Yefei immediately dialed out the phone.

“You trash, where are you? Where’s the person who invited?”

Cross Yefei roared.

“Dad, the big thing is not good! Sarah has a female bodyguard next to her, who is so powerful that she beat us all!”

“What? I beat you all?”

Cross Yefei looked surprised.

“what happened?”

Graham Zhan asked coldly.

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