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Chapter 947

When Irving’s body was sent back to Nelshire.

The three great heroes and Phillip who were waiting for the news were dumbfounded.

Irving is dead?

Seeing that the wound was just a spike?

This super-existence of Nelshire was suppressed by one person more than 20 years ago.

Was killed?

This this this…

They cannot understand!

Such a powerful character can be seconded?


If this spreads out, it will definitely be a major earthquake!

Even though he is a servant, he is extremely powerful.

The fear he brought to everyone is still vivid.

“He…what is his strength?”

The three great heroes panicked.

The idea of ​​revenge disappeared all at once.

Besides, who dares to take revenge?

Are you looking for death?

“The top priority is to send Irving back!”

“But where to send it? Where can the Garrison Family be contacted with our qualifications?”

Irving said, in front of the Garrison family, they are not as good as dogs.

There is not even a chance to be a dog.

“Mr. Barton is relying on you, your connections are all over the world.”

The three great heroes all looked at Phillip.

Phillip shook his head and said: “Although I have contacts all over half of the Continent, to be honest, I am not the one who can climb the first family of Velador! I don’t even have the qualification to kneel in front of the Garrison family’s gate!”


Three great heroes took a breath.

Is this Garrison family too strong?

Phillip is not qualified to know?

“But I do know a patriarch who is a sideline of the Garrison family.”

Among the giants, there are ordinary giants and royal families.

Above the royal family is the Heavenly royal family.

To put it in an exaggeration, it is equivalent to the ancient relatives of the emperor.

Of course, it is just a metaphor.

The Heavenly royal family is just a name for the family.

The imperial family not only reached the top of its horror in all aspects, but also needed hundreds of years of heritage.

The Heavenly royal family generally stood for five hundred years, even for thousands of years,

The family imagination after so long knows how strong it is.

However, the Garrison Family of the Heavenly Royal Family is just a sideline of the Garrison Family of Capital.

So how strong is the Garrison family in Jinvale?

“Well, just send Irving to them! In this way, the Garrison Family in Jinvale can also know!”

The three great lords unanimously agreed.

“I hope the Garrison Family can send a Lord as soon as possible to deal with this kid!”

“I can’t bear this tone!”

Phillip said angrily.


At this moment, the Mann family was thinking about how to drive out mother and son.

“Finding someone to drive out is the last resort! Think about it, is there any way?”

Melina asked.

Neil with his legs and feet rolled his eyes and said with a smile: “Grandma, I thought of a way, we should be like this…”

When Neil finished talking about the method.

“it is good!”

Melina immediately applauded.

“Neil’s method is great! It will definitely drive their mother and son out!”

Everyone laughed.

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