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Chapter 621

“Shao Graham, Sarah refused directly and let the bodyguards beat people!”

Cross Yefei said.


A fierce stern flashed across Graham Zhan’s face.

“No one in this world dares to refuse my invitation! Those who dare to refuse are dead!”

Graham Zhan was very angry.

At this moment, Cross Dongxu returned with someone.

All of them have bruises and swollen faces.

Cross Dongxu immediately knelt down in front of Graham Zhan, crying: “Lord Graham, you have to call the shots for us!”

“Say! In detail!”

Graham Zhan’s face was gloomy as water.

“Graham Shao gave your order to invite Sarah, but the woman didn’t put you in the eyes at all. I mentioned your name, and she still insulted! If we are not angry, we have to do it. There is a bodyguard next to her. , Extremely powerful, and beat us all…”

Cross Dongxu added fuel and vinegar, and talked nonsense.

But Graham Zhan doesn’t care about authenticity.

To be sure, Sarah refused his invitation and beat others.

This is hitting him in the face!

“You are a bunch of rubbish! Not even one can be invited! What is the use of you?”

Graham Zhan roared angrily.

I thought he didn’t need to take care of this little thing.

Cross Yefei’s family was terrified.

Graham Zhan turned around and said, “However, there is no one in this world who I can’t invite!”

He looked at Cross Yefei: “You go tell Sarah and restrict her to kneel to see me before tonight, otherwise, Mylen will be their end!”


Soon after, Cross Yefei came to Mann’s house.

Now, everyone knows that Cross Yefei is a puppet supported by that force.

Everyone was timid to see him by three points.

“Mr. Cross, what are you doing here?”

Mann Xuecheng asked politely.

“Let Sarah roll out!”

Cross Yefei said coldly.

Soon, Sarah walked out of it, followed by Boyd Xiao.

“Sarah, let me tell you! Shao Graham will limit you to kneel and meet him before tonight, otherwise, the fate of Mylen last night will be the fate of your Mann family!”

Cross Yefei left here after speaking.

“Who is Shao Graham? What happened to Mylen?”

Plum dyed a blank face.

“Oh, Sarah, you got into a big disaster!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo told Sarah what had happened.

Her face changed drastically.

It turned out that the person who invited her was such a terrifying existence.

The Mann family was extremely worried.

Originally, to prevent plums from being dangerous, Boyd Xiao was specially invited to be a bodyguard.

Unexpectedly, it was really offended.

“what should I do now?”

Mann Xuecheng asked.

Sarah looked resolute: “I won’t go, and I don’t know him, why should I go?”

Boyd Xiao nodded: “Yes, I support Miss Logan, and no one wants to hurt her with me!”

Mann Jianguo immediately said: “Sarah is not a question of whether you go or not, but you must go!”

“This Shao’s is too strong. People as strong as Mylen and Lord were killed! If you don’t go, we will be in disaster.”

Mann hurriedly said, “Sister Sarah is here, isn’t there any danger?”

“No, no, Shao Graham asked Sarah to go. If it’s really dangerous, why should he send someone to invite him, just snatch it and kill it.”

Xiao Ruomei analyzed.

Everyone thinks it makes sense.

Melina immediately persuaded: “Sarah, you go! For the safety of the Mann family, rest assured, nothing will happen!”

“Grandma, I…”

Sarah hesitated.

“can not go!”

There was a voice at this moment.

Chapter 622

Levi is here.

He sneered and said, “If you want to invite someone, he kneels to invite!”

Levi’s words aroused people’s anger.

“Levi, what are you talking about?”

“Be careful to let Shao Graham hear, otherwise you don’t know how you died!”

“By the way, what are you? You have divorced Sarah. There is no reason and no right to care about her!”

Melina followed Levi fiercely.

Levi smiled and said, “What’s the matter? Are we still partners? This matter involves the safety of Sarah, I must take care of it!”

See Levi.

Sarah felt much more at ease.

But Melina immediately looked at Boyd Xiao: “Boyd Xiao, what did you do? Did I say that Levi was not allowed to contact Sarah!”

“Hurry up and blast him away, by the way, let us see your strength!”

Melina wanted to use Boyd Xiao’s hand to teach Xia Levi.

Let him dare not have any thoughts about Sarah in the future.

“Grandma, can’t I go?”

“Don’t embarrass the king’s arrival.”

Sarah agreed.

Melina gave up now.

“Well, you go quickly, Boyd Xiao, you follow. Let me know if you have anything to do!”

After coming outside.

“can not go!”

Levi approached.

Boyd Xiao glanced at Levi and said, “Miss Logan, although I hate him, but he is right. You can’t go!”

“Okay, I listen to you!”

Sarah nodded.

The three found a hotel to stay in.


Graham Zhan and the others are waiting.

“I have notified Shao Graham. Now, even if she doesn’t want to come, the Mann family will force her to come! The Mann family just called and said that someone has already arrived.”

Cross Yefei smiled.

Graham Zhan nodded in satisfaction: “It seems that the Mann family knows how good I am!”

Cross Yefei laughed and said, “Shao Graham was unprecedented last night and scared everyone in Jinling!”

“Well, let’s wait!”

Graham Zhan closed his eyes and rested.

No one came at ten o’clock.

No one came at eleven o’clock.

Twelve o’clock.

Graham Zhan suddenly opened his eyes.

“What about people?”

He asked coldly.

“Shao Graham, no one has come yet!”

Cross Yefei lowered his head and said.

He sent someone nearby, but he didn’t see Sarah at all.

“Sir Graham, should I ask the Mann family?”

Cross Yefei asked.

“No need! She won’t come!”

Graham Zhan smiled.

Cross Yefei, Cross Dongxu and others stood beside them, not daring to breathe.

Don’t look at Graham Zhan smiling, he is actually angry.

It is equivalent to having been beaten twice in the face.

How can this be tolerated by him?

“Don’t treat me Graham Zhan as a human being? I really don’t believe it, I can’t ask you to come!”

Graham Zhan smiled compassionately.

“I will torture you slowly and let you beg me!”

Graham Zhan said with a smile.

Obviously there is a plan in mind.

Anyway, his teacher hasn’t come yet, so he can play slowly.

Nothing happened overnight.

The Mann family thought Sarah had really gone.

The next day.

Sarah came to the office, but saw a gift box.

“Who sent this from?”

Sarah asked.

“I don’t know, I was here just now.”

The secretary looked surprised.

“open to take a look!”

Plum dyed.

The secretary didn’t know why he was a little dare to open it.

“Let me do it!”

Boyd Xiao stepped forward and opened the box.

Sarah and the secretary looked over.


At this look, Sarah and the two were so frightened that they took a cold breath, their faces pale.


The little secretary with an average psychological quality fainted directly in fright.

Chapter 623

There is no other reason. There are ten chopped fingers in the box. The blood is still wet and bloody…

If Sarah’s psychological quality is a little bit worse, he might faint.

Boyd Xiao’s expression was calm.

“I’ll take care of it! Don’t panic!”

Boyd Xiao dealt with the box and then arranged the little secretary to the infirmary.

“Mr. Logan, it’s obviously them!”

Boyd Xiao said with a cold face.

She thought the task of protection was easy.

But I didn’t expect to encounter this on the first day.

But she was also interested.

Otherwise it’s too boring.

“Mr. Logan, isn’t it the Cross family? I’m going to solve it, right?”

Boyd Xiao is a female Yama, who is not afraid of heaven and earth.

“No, you can’t go!”

At this moment, the office phone rang.

Plum dye is switched on.

A strange man’s voice came on the other end of the phone: “Ms. Sarah, isn’t she?”

“who are you?”

Sarah asked.

“Miss Logan, noble lady, how forgetful things are, I invited you twice yesterday, and you forgot. Remember, my name is Graham Zhan.”

“It’s you!”

Plum dyed the complexion cold.

“By the way, did Miss Logan receive the gift? Do you like it?”

Graham Zhan said with a smile.

“Are you threatening to intimidate me? I tell you, I’m not afraid!”

Sarah said coldly.

“Miss Logan is so bold, you are the first person who dared to refuse me! I admire it!”

“But next, I will give you a gift every day! Wait and see!”


After speaking, Graham Zhan hung up the phone.

Plum dye breathed a long sigh of relief.

Her face was pale.

It is false to say not to be afraid.

A gift every day?

Fingers this time?

What will it be next time?

arm? leg?

Even the human head?

Thinking of this, Sarah was short of breath, his face pale in fright.

He seems to be in big trouble.

“Boyd Xiao, should I go to Cross’s house to see him? It won’t be a problem to continue like this!”

Sarah has flinched.

She was afraid that if this continued, she would get into big trouble.

“Mr. Logan is not good… something went wrong…”

At this time, some employees rushed in in a panic.

“what’s happenin?”

Sarah asked.

“Someone just discovered that the ten fingers of Pharaoh in the cleaning department were cut off, and Pharaoh fell into the toilet before he was discovered…”



Plums stain the brain blank.

Even Boyd Xiao’s face changed.

It turns out that the gift just now was…

They have infiltrated Sarah’s surroundings, ready to attack everyone.

Today is Lao Cross from the Cleaning Department, tomorrow is Sarah’s secretary, and the day after tomorrow, it will even be someone from the Mann family.

At the thought of this, Sarah almost collapsed.

She was panting heavily.

At this time, Melina called.

“Sarah, didn’t you go to Cross’s house last night?”

Melina’s voice was a little flustered.

“Grandma, I really didn’t go!”

Sarah answered honestly.

“Oh, you kid, this is a big disaster! I tell you that all seven or eight servants of the Mann family have disappeared in the morning, and they have not been able to contact them yet!”

Melina’s tone was full of anxiety.

“This thing your child provokes, quickly find a way to solve it, otherwise I suspect that we will disappear tomorrow!”

Melina urged.


Sarah really broke down.

This is the first day.

In the next few days, he could hurt the people closest to him.

what do I do?

Sarah’s two lines of tears slipped silently across his cheeks.

Chapter 624

“Mr. Logan, I will solve them all!”

Boyd Xiao said angrily.

Sarah shook his head: “No, they are in the dark, we are in the light.”

Boyd Xiao also felt helpless.

She’s really good at it.

But this kind of conspiracy and tricks, playing the yin, she can’t do it.

“How can this be good?”

Boyd Xiao also had a headache.

This is only one day.

Sarah calmed the employees’ emotions and arranged the injured in the hospital.

But she worried more and more.

This is an invisible fear.

Obviously knowing that there will be danger, you can do nothing…

“I knew I had listened to my grandma last night, so I’ll go to Cross’s house.”

Sarah regretted it.

Unexpectedly, a rejection would cause such a big trouble.

Even Boyd Xiao bit his lip.

I knew it would be too soon.

This has caused a catastrophe.


“Shao Graham, the Mann family is in chaos right now, even the Dongtian Group is panicking!”

Cross Dongxu smiled.

Graham Zhan showed a smile: “That’s right, Sarah dare not refuse me? I want you to live in fear every day!”

Cross Yefei smiled: “Dare to refuse Shao Graham, I really don’t know that the sky is great!”

Graham Zhan smiled: “I also want to know, what kind of woman would reject me?”

“Shao Graham, there is a picture! Please have a look!”

Cross Dongxu immediately handed over a few life photos of Sarah.


Seeing Sarah’s life photos, Graham Zhan’s eyes lit up.

The corners of his mouth curled up, and he looked at the photo carefully.

It seems to be very interesting.

Even the black and white mask Lords around him were surprised.

The young Lord has never been close to women, and is not interested in these women at all.

Why is this uncharacteristic?

Could it be that you met the best?

“What a nice view!”

Graham Zhan muttered to himself.

From an early age, the teacher instilled a thought, women, gambling, these things not to touch.

It will affect his growth, after all, he will do great things in the future.

So over the years, he has been strict in his private life.

Only one or two women have ever met.

Except for the encounter that makes oneself extremely tempting.

Otherwise he wouldn’t touch it at all.

Obviously Sarah stirred his heartstrings.

In an instant, he changed his plan.

No longer intimidate and threaten plum dyeing.

But want to own her!

Cross Yefei knew what Graham Zhan was going to do when he looked at Graham Zhan’s expression.

He immediately said: “Sao Graham, don’t worry, this woman will definitely be delivered to your bed tonight.”

Graham Zhan raised his head and glanced at him coldly: “I am completely disappointed with your father and son in this matter!”


Cross Yefei and Cross Dongxu immediately lowered their heads.

“Go, and post a notice to the underground circle: If anyone can deliver Sarah to me tonight, he belongs to ten places and two underground black boxing arenas!”

Graham Zhan said coldly.


When this notice was released, the underground circle of the provincial capital was completely boiling.

Ten fields and two underground black boxing fields?

This benefit is too tempting!

Once transformed, he can become the boss of the underground circle of the provincial capital.

It was still covered by Graham Zhan himself.

That is the existence that Lian Mylen and Moran Garrison killed at will!

For a time, the entire underground circle was as if the pot had exploded.

Hundreds and thousands of people are ready to move.

Everyone wanted to personally bring Sarah to Graham Zhan.

Where did Sarah know that at this moment, thousands of desperadoes in the provincial capital were eyeing her.

Chapter 625

Especially outside the office building, a lot of strangers appeared instantly.

Any information about Sarah is controlled and shared at all times.

Thousands of people control everything in time.

After seeing the effect, Cross Yefei couldn’t help but sigh for how powerful Graham Zhan was.

He and his subordinates will never show up even if all the members of the lower circle can be mobilized.

His identity has always been a mystery to Jinling!


Absolute Lord!

“Shao Graham, I also found out that although Sarah has been married for six years, he is still a perfect body! Her husband has never touched her at all!”

Cross Dongxu told Graham Zhan a message.

After hearing this, Graham Zhan patted Cross Dongxu’s shoulder again: “Well, good news! Even though I don’t mind her getting married, if she has not been touched, it would be perfect!”

“Tonight is destined to be a wonderful and unforgettable night! Dongxu, go and prepare the room!”

Cross Yefei said immediately.

“Liu Shao, I promise to make you unforgettable tonight!”


Several people laughed.

Night fell.

The city plunged into darkness.

After Sarah and Boyd Xiao came to the underground parking lot, there was no one inside, and there was a chill, which made people shiver.

Boyd Xiao looked around vigilantly, and she noticed something abnormal.

“Mr. Logan, get in the car first!”

Boyd Xiao said coldly.

Her instinct told her that someone…

Sarah got into the car obediently, she urged: “Boyd Xiao got in the car quickly, let’s leave first!”

“It’s inseparable, it’s too late!”

Boyd Xiao’s voice just fell.

Figures appeared in all directions in the underground parking lot.

“Boom boom…”

At the same time, the doors of the cars that were parked opened one by one, and there were people inside.

It was densely packed, and there were hundreds of people, to say nothing, crowded around.


Sarah was terrified.

Where has she seen such a scene?

She took out her mobile phone and wanted to ask for help.

It turns out that the mobile phone has no signal.

At this time, one by one fierce desperadoes approached.

Where Boyd Xiao stood, it was as cold as a sharp sword.

“Get out of the way! We just have to take away Sarah! It’s nothing to do with the idle people!”

The headed man said coldly.

“Hmph, if you want to take Mr. Logan away, pass me first!”

There were cold glows in Boyd Xiao’s eyes.

“Call me!”

Immediately, hundreds of people swarmed over like a tide.

Boyd Xiao greeted him with a low growl.

Boyd Xiao deserves to be the female Bass Luo who killed the enemy on the battlefield.

Extremely fast!

One shot showed superb skill.

In just one shock, a dozen people fell on the ground.

Boyd Xiao was so fierce and fierce that the Lords of these underground circles could not get close.

A few minutes later.

Boyd Xiao forcibly turned over fifty people on the ground.

Let other people have a trace of fear for her.

“Brothers, as long as you capture Sarah, there will be ten games and two boxing games! Give me all shots, just a woman, no matter how strong it is!

I don’t know who shouted.

These people rushed towards each other as if they had been beaten up with blood.

Boyd Xiao is a stumbling block on their development road, and everyone wants to defeat her.

Although Boyd Xiao is very powerful, there are too many opponents.

Under the offensive of hundreds of people, Boyd Xiao gradually fell into a disadvantage.


Finally someone kicked Fei Boyd Xiao.

Boyd Xiaoqiang stood up, and there were already dozens of bloody wounds on his body.

“Kill her!”

A group of people rushed over holding Senhan’s dagger.

Boyd Xiao is at stake…

Sarah has no time to save, so she can only watch.

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