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Chapter 626


But at the very moment, a violent wind swept.

It turned out to be the person who forced to retreat to kill Boyd Xiao.

“Boom boom…”

A dull voice sounded.

Dozens of people fell on the ground instantly, instantly losing all abilities.

A dark shadow appeared in front of Boyd Xiao and Sarah.

The God of Yama appeared!

The death order Levi gave him was to protect Sarah’s safety, even if he sacrificed.

So he must get rid of these people in front of him!

Yama’s God of War moved.

Turn into a cheetah and rush to the crowd!

Yama, the God of War, has the title of Thousand Killers.

This is the god of war in a country!

The gangsters in these underground circles in front of them had two shots, but they didn’t look enough, and they couldn’t compare with the soldiers on the battlefield.

The Yama God of War charged up, still in the realm of no one.

Within ten minutes, people were lying on the ground, wailing and rolling.

No one is standing!!!

Boyd Xiao and Sarah were dumbfounded.

This is too strong, right?

Hundreds of people solved it?

After dealing with these people, God of War Bass Luo came to Boyd Xiao and said in unfluent Chinese: “With me, no one can touch Miss Logan!”

After speaking, Yama God of War left.

As for Mylen’s original old division, hundreds of Asian fighters surrendered as soon as they saw the God of War.

They also didn’t expect this one to protect the plum.

Those who knew Yama God of War automatically withdrew.

It was equivalent to thousands of people in the underground circle were all knocked down by Yama God of War.

This is the reason why Levi arranged Bass Luo God of War with Sarah.

Sarah and Boyd Xiao were dumbfounded.

Sarah was most surprised.

There are still people protecting themselves?

Still so powerful?

Accent or foreigner?


Soon, Graham Zhan and others learned the news.

“Sarah’s bodyguards are against hundreds of people? All the people who went there were killed?”

Graham Zhan’s eyes stared out.

Everyone was extremely shocked.

It is equivalent to the fact that the underground circle of the provincial capital was cleared by one person.

Cross Dongxu immediately said: “Graham Shao Sarah’s bodyguard around him is amazing!”

“It’s because I underestimated that plum was dyed. No wonder she dared to refuse me. She has confidence!”

Graham Zhandao.

“Shao Graham or I didn’t check carefully enough. I will check the identity of Sarah’s bodyguards again, right?”

Cross Yefei asked.

Graham Zhan shook his head: “No need!”

“I don’t believe it, there is no one I can’t invite! You two?”

Graham Zhan looked at the two black and white masks.

“Young Lord, we are here!”

The two stood straight.

“Go, bring me Sarah! Who stops and kills?”

Graham Zhan said coldly.

“The young Lord promises to complete the task!”


Cross Yefei and others took a cold breath.

Are these two going together?

Isn’t it horrible?

They have witnessed the two shots twice.

It’s fascinating, like magic.

Just stare at you and die.

Touch you and burst into pieces.

Who can stop this?

Graham Zhan laughed, “I didn’t expect that there are such powerful characters in Jinling!”

“Shao Graham, you let the two adults go together. Isn’t that too much of a problem?”

Cross Yefei felt that it was enough to go alone.

“So you don’t do everything well! What I want is 100% certainty!”

Graham Zhan glared at him.

“Shao Graham, I learned it!”

The other side.

The two Lords of black and white masks soon came to the outside of Mann’s Manor.

“Then kill everyone inside!”

A flash of coldness flashed in the eyes of the Lord in white mask.

Chapter 627

“it is good.”

When the two were about to step in, there was a black shadow in front of them.

To be precise, there are two ways.

Because there is another person hiding behind, slowly appearing.

There is a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, and the butt is especially bright in the dark.

He is Levi!

“Screw wild on my turf? Looking for death!”

Levi said softly.

The two Lords of black and white masks glanced at each other and moved immediately.

The white mask Lord is good at speed, killing people invisible, and being able to deceive the eyes.


He appeared in front of Levi instantly, the sharp edge of the dagger in his hand exuding a chill.

His speed is simply too fast.

If there are other people present, you will only see him still in place.

In fact, he had already killed Levi.


A murderous aura exuded from the dagger.

The Lord in white mask is confident that one blow will kill Levi.

But at this time, there was suddenly a person in front of him, and a large shadow covered his retina.


His face changed drastically.

Someone can catch his speed?

The next moment, a sense of danger emerged spontaneously.


He was hit hard in the chest, his internal organs burst into pieces and his bones broke one by one.

The whole person flew backwards like a kite with a broken line.

Naturally, the shot was Yama God of War.

Another Lord in black mask was stunned.

He immediately rushed in and slammed the Yama God of War with a fist.

His hands are full of strength, unmatched.

Before he touched the stone table, and there were dead beasts, it would shatter.

That’s because he practiced ancient martial arts, which, to put it bluntly, is Dragonry.

The moment the hand touches it, Dragonry will shatter everything.

When touched by his hand, Lloyd Jin will shatter the body.

It’s just that Yama God of War didn’t evade at all, and he smashed it with a punch.


When the two of them touched their fists, there was a dull sound of thunder.


The next moment, the black masked Lord flew out, a cloud of blood spilled out of his mouth.


Half of the mask on his face broke apart.

Upon seeing this, Levi clapped his hands and said, “Yes, yes. It was right to leave you behind. There is no need to trouble Owen and the others to take action.”

“Wish to work for the God of War!!!”

Yama God of War looked excited.

Levi stepped forward with Yama God of War.

Yama God of War also tore off half of the white robe’s mask.

The word “Slave” was engraved on half of their faces.

There was only fear in their eyes at this moment.

It turned out that Mylen was right, there was indeed an existence in Jinling that they couldn’t afford to provoke.

In the Cross Family Courtyard.

“Huh? The two adults have been there for so long, should something go wrong?”

Cross Yefei was a little worried.

“Hmph, it can’t happen! These two are the teacher’s domestic slaves, one practiced Dragonry since childhood, and the other practiced speed with the cheetah. You can’t imagine the realm of the two!”

“They will never have a problem!!!”

Graham Zhan smiled triumphantly.

He brought these two people to Jinling for a reason, just because they are strong enough!

Cross Yefei said frightenedly: “Then I can rest assured.”

“It is estimated that they are killing people. According to their two personalities, the Mann family is definitely going to be destroyed tonight!”

Graham Zhan smiled.

There was a trace of fire in his eyes.

I can’t wait to see Sarah.

Cross Yefei took a breath.

“is it?”

At this moment, a voice came from outside.



At the same time two bodies were thrown in.

Chapter 628

After seeing the two corpses on the ground clearly, the eyes of Graham Zhan and Cross Yefei were straight.

Isn’t this two Lords?

Why did the two of them die?

Graham Zhan’s eyes were filled with inevitable shock.

Cross Yefei’s mouth was wide enough to put an egg in.

Are these two Lords gone? ? ?

how can that be!

These two great gods swept the Shiqingshan underground boxing field and the entire underground circle of the provincial capital that night.

Their strength is simply amazing, just like magic.

How could you die?

“No, tell me all this is not true!”

Graham Zhan shouted like crazy.

Graham Zhan didn’t believe all of this at all.

The two Lords of the teacher have followed him since childhood.

I don’t know how many Lords were killed.

Never defeated.

He died today.

This made him unable to believe it!

Can any Lord kill them?

“Da da da…”

With the sound of footsteps, Levi and Bass Luo God of War appeared.

“You…who are you?”

Graham Zhan asked in astonishment.

“Come to kill your people!”

Levi said lightly.


The other ten bodyguards of Graham Zhan immediately stood in front.


Yama’s God of War moved.

Soon, all ten people fell to the ground.

This time, they were all suppressed.

Cross Yefei, Cross Dongxu and others fell to their knees in fright.

They realized that they had provoke people who shouldn’t be offended.

As for Graham Zhan who couldn’t react for a while, he looked at Levi blankly and asked, “Who are you?”

“Okay, then I will let you know a little bit more!”

“Sarah is my wife, and Jinling is covered by me. I have the final say! Killing on my territory, looking for death, right?”


After Levi finished speaking, Graham Zhanru was struck by lightning.

He clearly remembered what Mylen had said to him before he died: There is an existence in Jinling City that no one can afford. Ask him to leave quickly, or he will die.

It looks like this is the one!

But he is still Sarah’s husband!

At this moment, Graham Zhan has calmed down his emotions, his face is calm, and he smiled and said: “Your Excellency is indeed amazing. My two unused domestic slaves made you laugh. Can you reveal your identity?”

Levi smiled.

It seems that this person does have two things.

The catastrophe is imminent, can still be so calm.

No wonder Mylen these people are not opponents!

Yama War God sneered and said, “You are not qualified to know his identity!”

“Your Excellency, can you make friends? We didn’t have any substantive conflicts, just misunderstandings! I apologize here! In addition, my two domestic slaves are dead, so let this matter go?”

Graham Zhan wanted to resolve this matter.

“Huh? Just forget it? What are you?”

Levi sneered.

Graham Zhan smiled: “Your Excellency knows something, my background is not something ordinary people can shake! Peaceful settlement is good for you!”

“Then I don’t believe in this evil! Do it!”

Two cold glows shot out from Levi’s eyes.

The Yama God of War, who was ordered, walked towards Graham Zhan step by step.

Graham Zhan panicked.

“You… what are you going to do? Do you know who I am? Don’t mess around!”

Cross Yefei also persuaded: “Don’t be impulsive, two adults, his identity is indeed terrible! If you move him, you will have big trouble!”

“Yes, no one can afford Shao Graham’s identity!”

Cross Dongxu also said.

Graham Zhan’s expression eased a lot.

Levi said coldly: “Kill!”

The commanded Yama God of War moved.

“My identity is Nanhong…”

Graham Zhan shouted hoarsely.

Chapter 629


A blood arrow shot out.


Graham Zhan fell straight to the ground.

He finally paid the price for his evil deeds.

The Cross family was frightened.

Really dare to do something against Graham Zhan?

Don’t listen to him finish his identity?

Cross Yefei said helplessly: “Sir, I know you are great, but Shao Graham can’t move, his identity is terrible!”

Levi glanced at him coldly and said, “I care about his identity!”

Bass Luo War God had mockery in his eyes.

Than identity?

With this one?

Don’t talk about it, look around the world and hear the name of God of War, who is not afraid?

Compare his identity and background?

It’s purely looking for death!

Levi and Bass Luo God of War left.

As for the Cross family, they didn’t move.

Because these people are like ants in his eyes.

It’s not worth doing.

News of the fall of Graham Zhan and his men quickly spread throughout the underground circle of the provincial capital.

Everyone was stunned.

This one was defeated?

“It’s found out! It was made by Mylen’s Yama War God!”

“Yam Luo God of War is really powerful, but this time he got into big trouble too!”

“Yes, I heard that from the background of Graham Zhan, the entire southern part of Velador will be afraid of it!”

The underground circle is boiling.

Everyone understands.

The people behind Graham Zhan will soon come to Jinling.

The dispute has just begun.

Especially the Cross family knows the identity of Graham Zhan.

They knew better that Graham Zhan was just the vanguard, and the big troops would arrive immediately.

At that time, Jinling will really change the sky!

The news of Graham Zhan’s death spread soon!

Somewhere in Nelshire.

“What? My student died in Jinling? Impudent!!!”

“I want everyone to be buried!!!”

At this moment, Levi and Bass Luo God of War came to the outside of Mann’s Manor.

“Go tell them, this matter is resolved.”

Levi ordered.

He will not disclose his identity for the time being.

At the wedding of the century, he completely disclosed his identity to Sarah.

Tell her now, how boring.

When the wedding was held, Sarah was a huge surprise.


Bass Luo God of War entered Mann’s house and came outside Sarah’s single-family villa.

Although Boyd Xiao was injured, all were skin injuries. After simple treatment, there was no serious problem.

She stood at the door and was shocked when she saw Yama God of War.

Isn’t this the one who saved them at night?

“Miss Logan, the one who saved us at night is here!”

Boyd Xiao immediately greeted Sarah.

Sarah ran out immediately.

“Miss Logan, I have dealt with all those people, they are all right now!”

Yama, God of War, left after speaking.

“Hey, wait! Thank you, you have to tell who you are?”

Sarah chased after him.

It’s just that Yama God of War left without looking back.

“Boyd Xiao, you quickly catch up to see who he is?”

Plum dyed.

“it is good.”

Sarah is also very curious about the identity of the God of War Yama.

She actually had a familiar feeling for Yama God of War.

Although he can’t see his face clearly, she must have seen it herself.

Chapter 630

Because she saw a familiar person-Levi.

President Logan’s ex-husband.

She almost learned a lesson two days ago.

Unexpectedly, he was the one who protected Sarah.

There is such a Lord beside him?

Didn’t everyone in the Mann family say that he was unbearable?

In Erick Group is a small security guard.

How could it be so powerful?


He also knew Qin in the Western Frontier Theater.

Isn’t it a coincidence?

Just when Boyd Xiao was thinking.

Bass Luo God of War and Levi asked: “God of War, do you want me to get it out?”

Levi smiled: “Come out, have you been hiding for so long?”

This voice exploded in Boyd Xiao’s ears.

She asked herself the hidden perfection.

This is one of her best subjects in special forces.

It was discovered long ago.

Boyd Xiao could only walk out and asked curiously: “You…have you found out early?”

“Since you left the villa, I knew you were following me.”

Bass Luo God of War said, staring at Boyd Xiao with a gloomy face.

After Boyd Xiao saw the face of Yama War God clearly, he exclaimed: “You…you are the Yama War God of the wolf kingdom…you you you…”

Boyd Xiao clearly remembered that a few years ago, Qin led troops to fight against the wolf kingdom in the Western Theater.

At that time, Yama was invincible and repelled dozens of attacks in the Western Theater.

In the end, the God of War personally sent someone to take action and defeated the wolf kingdom.

Despite the complete defeat of the wolf country.

But Yama God of War left a lot of shadows in the minds of the soldiers in the Western Theater.

So Boyd Xiao recognized Bass Luo God of War at a glance.

Because impressed!

Immediately, her face changed wildly…

Unbelievable eyes slowly turned to Levi.

What is his identity?

Can you order Bass Luo God of War to protect Sarah?



Upon seeing this, Levi smiled: “You recognized him, but you can understand it. You should have fought against Qin’s boy back then!”


When Levi said this, Boyd Xiao was dumbfounded.

How did Levi know all this?

Could it be that his identity cannot be imagined by ordinary people?

“You…who are you?”

Boyd Xiao asked.

Levi took a cigarette and said with a smile: “Tell her!”

The God of War Bass Luo stared at Boyd Xiao and said: “Standing in front of you is the nightmare of thousands of soldiers from hundreds of countries, the Chinese God of War with the title of War Machine and the Great Demon of the Battlefield!!!”


Hearing this, Boyd Xiao actually fell to the ground subconsciously.

God of War?

My goodness, it turned out to be the supreme god of war in God of War!

No wonder he knows everything in the Western Territory Theater…

No wonder Languo and Warring States are next to you as bodyguards…

No wonder he dared to call Qin, the No. 1 leader of the Western Frontier Theater, a kid…

After trying to understand all this, Boyd Xiao was frightened to death.

She understood that she had made a huge mistake.

She actually shot against the god of war of a country.

She stood up tremblingly, and saluted Levi: “Soldier Boyd Xiao, who once served in the Western Territory Theater, pays homage to the God of War!”

It is the glory of every soldier in Velador to see the God of War!

Boyd Xiao felt honored.

She was still protecting the wife of God of War!

Levi returned a salute.

“Request the chief to punish!!!”

Boyd Xiao said.

“Punishment? What is the punishment?”

Levi looked depressed.

Boyd Xiao said embarrassedly: “I not only ran into you that day, but almost beat you! Ask the chief to punish me!!!”

Levi laughed suddenly.

Boyd Xiao was puzzled for a while.

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