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Chapter 631

“Indeed, if it weren’t for my wife’s appearance that day, I did teach you a lesson. But for your desperate protection of my wife, it will be worthless. You will continue to protect my wife in the future!”

Levi approached.

With Boyd Xiao’s protection, a lot of trouble can be saved.

“Received! Guaranteed to complete the mission!”

Although retired, Boyd Xiaoxin is still in the barracks.

Next, she will take her life to do the task of protecting Sarah.

After Boyd Xiao went back.

Sarah asked, “How’s it going? Did you see who it is?”

Boyd Xiao shook his head: “Don’t mention Miss Logan, I was found as soon as I went out.”

“However, you must understand that someone who loves you very much is protecting you!”

The first thing Sarah thought of was Levi.

But it feels impossible.

That person is so powerful!

After Graham Zhan was killed, the provincial capital was completely quiet.

But those who know some inside information understand that this is the calm on the eve of the storm.

Soon a bloody storm will sweep here.

The Mann family didn’t know the inside story, they would only think that the crisis was over.

Melina is still arranging a blind date for Sarah.

So far, she has screened many batches, but she hasn’t been eye-catching.

“I feel that the whole Jiangnan Province is not worthy of Sarah!”

Melina said with a proud face.

“Yes, I thought Sarah’s marriage would be easy! Now, we all look down on, let alone Sarah himself.”

Mann Jianguo looked embarrassed and sighed.

At this time, Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei came together.

“Grandpa and grandma, according to your instructions, we have chosen one person, which is simply too satisfying for your requirements! I believe Sarah will not refuse!”

Concubine Mann Jun proudly said.

“Say it!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo are interested.

“This person is incredible! He is a mixed race, with good genes and pure blood. His mother is a French nobleman.”

Mann Junfei said.

“Huh? Mixed blood? Mixed blood is good? He looks tall and handsome, and his genes are really good!”

The Mann family are very satisfied.

Nowadays, in the upper class, people like to be mixed.

“What about family background?”

Melina asked.

“Not to mention family background, the absolute controlling person behind the Black Flag Bank where I work is his grandfather! His grandfather is Guo Kunxu, a famous Guo Dashan in Nelshire.”

“What? It turned out to be Guo Kunxu?”

Melina and Mann Jianguo were both surprised.

Guo Kunxu is a famous celebrity in Velador.

He is also the president of Nelshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry!

Nelshire is the economic center of Velador.

How powerful is the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry?

It must be scary!

He is a big coffee in the financial circle of Nelshire, and he has a wealth of wealth that is incomparable to the enemy.

He runs hundreds of private banks.

High prestige in Nelshire.

There are countless students, all of them are dragons among people.

This kind of character is like a dragon in the sky.

Where can his grandson go?

“It’s also a coincidence! Guo Longteng’s grandson, Guo Longteng, just came to participate in the event at Black Flag Bank! Let me meet him!”

Concubine Mann Jun smiled.

“Can this kind of character agree? Even if Sarah is worth 50 billion, it’s not worth it?”

The Mann family is worried.

It’s not high enough now.

Concubine Mann Jun smiled and said: “You may not know that Guo Longteng used to be Sarah’s senior when he was studying abroad! He found me first. He heard that Sarah is now divorced, but he is happy! I think this will happen!”

“I heard that Guo Longteng chased Sarah before…”

“That’s great!”

The Mann family was happy.

This time he can climb the real giants.

Chapter 632

Dongtian Group.

CEO’s office.

“Mr. Logan seems to have something wrong!”

Boyd Xiao said suddenly.

Sarah was taken aback: “Huh? Something happened?”

“Look, there are many cars parked downstairs!”

Boyd Xiao looked downstairs.

Sarah looked over.

Sure enough, ten all Rolls Royces were parked in front of the Dongtian Group Building.

A man in a suit and leather shoes got out of the car, and they stood aside.

A man got out of the car, wearing a white suit, tall and straight.

A mixed-race face makes the surroundings look handsome.

He led people directly into the Dongtian Group Building.

The front desk and the security also wanted to ask, his entourage showed a certificate, and several people let it go immediately.

“Please take me to see Mr. Sarah Logan!”

The man said.

Soon, he came to Sarah’s office.

“Huh? Senior Guo?”

Sarah recognized people.

Once she was an exchange student and pursued her.

Even when she got married, she gave a gift at a high price.

“School girl still remember me?”

Guo Longteng smiled.

“I can’t forget, the senior helped me a lot!”

Sarah sneered.

Boyd Xiao stared at Guo Longteng vigilantly.

After receiving Levi’s order, she paid attention to the man approaching Sarah.

She didn’t like Guo Longteng in front of her.

“Senior Guo, aren’t you in the UK? Why did you come to Velador?”

Sarah asked in surprise.

Guo Longteng smiled: “When I saw the school girl, I didn’t pay much attention to me. In fact, I am from Velador!”

“Ah? Senior, I know you are a mixed race, but I didn’t expect you to be Chinese!”

Plum dyed a look of surprise.

“Well, my grandfather and father are in Nelshire, and my mother is British.”

“Oh, that’s how it is.”

Guo Longteng stared at Sarah and asked, “School girl, I heard that you are divorced?”


Sarah didn’t know what to say.

The relationship between her and Levi will not change because of a piece of paper.

What’s more, Levi will make up the wedding again.

“Haha, I know all about it.”

Guo Longteng smiled.

“Then I should have a chance now, right?”

Guo Longteng changed his words.

This sudden question made Sarah stunned.

Even if you want to refuse, you can’t refuse.

After all, she and Levi both got the divorce certificate.

Guo Longteng has the right to pursue her.

“The senior said and laughed. For the time being, I am focusing on my career and will not consider personal issues.”

Sarah declined with a smile.

“You need a man to protect you, don’t you have a lesson in these two days?”

“Your career is getting bigger and bigger now, and you will face more and more dangers!”

Guo Longteng smiled.

With his ability, it is very simple to find out what happened to Sarah.

Sarah looked at him in surprise and asked, “Could it be that you saved me?”

Sarah suddenly thought that the Lord who had tried to save herself seemed to be a foreigner who didn’t speak Chinese well.

Now think about it, it’s probably Guo Longteng.

“I remembered that the expert who saved me is a foreigner in accent.”

Sarah was surprised and delighted.

Boyd Xiao was anxious beside him.

I want to be reminded.

It’s hard to say.

It was Yama God of War, and the man behind him was Levi!

Boyd Xiao looked at Guo Longteng, but wanted to hear what he said.

Guo Longteng heard what Sarah said.

He was also taken aback.

“Let’s guess it, there is no sense of mystery at all! Yes, yes, I arranged people by your side, and I personally solved this matter!”

Guo Longteng didn’t change his expression and his heartbeat.


Boyd Xiao was about to vomit blood.

Chapter 633

There will be really shameless people.

Did you do this?

Obviously it was made by God of War?

What does it have to do with you?

Besides, what qualifications do you have to order Yama God of War?

Although the wolf country is a small country, it is also a god of war!

“Ah? The senior is really you? Thank you!”

Sarah smiled.

“I didn’t intend to tell you, but let you guess it.”

Guo Longteng smiled.

He confessed shamelessly.

It seemed to him nothing.

Once someone is asked to contact Yama God of War, can’t you just buy him?

“Senior, thank you for saving our family from danger!”

Sarah expressed his thanks.

“I will protect you from now on! For the rest of my life!”

Guo Longteng smiled.

“Well, I’ll leave first, so I won’t disturb your work anymore.”

Guo Longteng saw Sarah embarrassed and left immediately.

he is very smart.

Know how to control it.

After leaving Dongtian Group.

The entourage asked: “Lord, what kind of woman can’t be found in your capacity? I think this plum is very ordinary.”

“Yes, Lord. Doesn’t such a woman want as much as she wants?”

Others echoed.

Guo Longteng smiled and said: “To tell you the truth, there are not thousands of women I have played with, but hundreds of them. To be honest, no woman has ever dared to refuse me! She is the first! And it makes me feel the most special. Of a woman!”

“I have no reason not to conquer this woman!”

Everyone smiled, a look of understanding. ,

“What’s more, Grandpa is now critically ill. Lord Boyd calculated that as long as I marry this woman, I will be able to give grandpa happy, and grandpa’s illness will get better, and it will bring luck to the Guo family!”

Guo Longteng smiled and said, “To put it bluntly, she is a tool for Grandpa Chongxi to treat his illness. I just want to conquer her, that’s all. Otherwise, I will marry a divorced woman?”

Everyone understands that the most important thing about marrying Sarah is for Chong Xi to use it.

at night.

After Sarah returned to Mann’s house.

Everyone was smiling.

Sarah was puzzled for a while.

“Sarah, grandma chose a good husband-in-law for you!”

Melina smiled.


Sarah was taken aback.

“Sarah, this husband-in-law is terrible! His grandfather is the president of the Nelshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, his father is the controlling shareholder of Velador Black Flag Bank, his mother is the president of the Velador Overseas Enterprises Association, and his grandfather is a British nobleman!

Hundreds of banks belong to their family! Anyone who wants to do business in Nelshire must obtain the consent of their family. “

Concubine Mann Jun began to say.

Although exaggerated, they are all true.

“It stands to reason that the family is so powerful, it doesn’t matter what he is. But Sarah, let me tell you, he is also very good! He has dozens of sports car clubs and more than a dozen home appliance competition companies, and his ability is really super! “

“As for the person, he is handsome and tall, he is still mixed, in short, he has no shortcomings!”

Everyone praised Guo Longteng to heaven.

Sarah gradually understood something.

They should be Guo Longteng.

“By the way, you are still familiar with Sarah!”

Concubine Mann Jun smiled.

Now, Sarah is sure.

“Grandma, thank you for your kindness, but for the time being, I won’t consider personal issues. I am devoted to my career! This is my critical period, and I don’t want anyone to influence it.

Sarah declined.


Melina smiled.

“If Sarah is an ordinary person like Levi, grandma will definitely not let it! But this is the young Lord of the Guo family. He will become your husband. Not only will it not affect your career, but it will also make your career take off!”

Others also said one after another: “Yes, that’s right. He promised that you will be on your way!”

“It just so happened that I inquired, people have pursued you, and have always thought about you.”

Concubine Mann Jun smiled.

Melina even said: “Sarah, grandma must arrange this marriage!”

Chapter 634

The Mann family cheered up and down.

Melina and Mann Jianguo have already decided on this matter.

They just informed Sarah.

“Grandpa, grandma, I…”

As soon as Sarah was about to speak, he was interrupted by Mann Jianguo: “Sarah, you have no reason to look down on him! This is all set!”

“Parents, Mr. Guo is here!”

At this time, Concubine Mann Jun hurried to greet her outside the door.

Guo Longteng is here, still ten Rolls Royce.

His entourage carried a lot of gifts.

Moved into Mann’s house one by one.

Mann Jianguo and others laughed from ear to ear.

Sarah realized that she had sold it to her family.

They have decided on this matter.

She only needs to marry Guo Longteng.

“A little gift, please accept it!”

Guo Longteng was polite and polite.

And the little gifts in his mouth were wild ginseng, rare cordyceps and the like worth tens of millions.

Now, the Mann family laughed even more from ear to ear.

Even Cross Wentao’s father and grandpa came in person.

After all, Guo Kunxu is the president of the Nelshire Chamber of Commerce!

Own the wealth of the enemy’s country!

Take control of a certain economic lifeline!

This identity is completely different.

Grandpa Cross Wentao and his father were full of praise: “Great, this kind of identity is still so approachable! It is really a blessing that Sarah, this girl, can participate in this marriage!”

Dale and Edith also returned from Case York. After seeing Guo Longteng, they were really excited.

And this kind of dragon like plum dye?

“Take a look, Sarah, because of Levi, how many young talents have been blocked for you!”

Edith complained.

Dale laughed: “I am very satisfied with this son-in-law!”

Edith even urged: “Parents, it’s up to you to decide, hurry up and finalize this marriage!”

Sarah couldn’t speak at all.

In the end, she was even kicked out.

“Don’t mix up this matter, let’s decide! Will your parents harm you?”

Edith said angrily.

In the villa.

Mann Jianguo and his wife, Cross Wentao’s grandfather and father, and Sarah’s parents, discussed marriage with Guo Longteng.

“Our idea is to get engaged and get married as soon as possible! Where is your side? What about the parents?”

Melina asked.

Guo Longteng smiled: “My grandfather and parents listen to me! Let’s do this, you elders choose a date to get engaged first!”

When Guo Longteng agreed, Melina and others were so excited to death.

“I’ve seen life, the day after tomorrow is a good day, how about getting engaged the day after tomorrow?”

Mann Jianguo asked.

“Okay, no problem! My grandfather and parents will be there too!”

Guo Longteng smiled.

The Guo family knew about this.

Recently, Guo Kunxu is critically ill and may be about to pass away.

A fortune teller once asked Guo Longteng to marry Sarah, and give Guo Kun Wood Chongxi, his illness can heal!

And it will be prosperous.

Marrying Sarah back, one is to cure the illness, and the other is to make the Guo family more fortune!

To put it bluntly, marrying Sarah is for Chong Xi.

She is equivalent to a tool.

It happened that she was still a virgin, and Guo Longteng liked it.

The Guo family will choose her!

Otherwise, how could Guo Kunxu endure his grandson marrying a divorced woman?

It’s for Chongxi’s treatment!

Otherwise, where does the Guo family’s face go?

“Dear elders, you all agree, don’t you know where is Sarah Xuemei? I’m afraid she will not agree?”

Guo Longteng asked.

Everyone was taken aback, and then looked at each other.

Edith smiled and said: “Don’t worry, Mr. Guo, Sarah is too late to be happy, why would he disagree?”

Chapter 635

Dale also echoed: “Yes, yes, yes! According to Sarah’s character, as if she disagrees, she would have made trouble long ago! Look at people who haven’t seen her for a long time, indicating that she is willing!

The Mann family opened their eyes and talked nonsense.

Obviously it was Concubine Mann Jun who forced her to watch Sarah, so she didn’t even have a chance to speak.

“So? Then I can rest assured! The day after tomorrow, the engagement ceremony will be held at the best Zijin Hotel in Jinling City, when my grandfather and parents will also come!”

Guo Longteng said.

“Good, good, see you the day after tomorrow!”

Melina laughed from ear to ear.


There was a sensational news from Jinling City.

Guo Longteng, the grandson of Guo Kunxu, the president of the Nelshire Chamber of Commerce, will be engaged to Mann Jianguo’s granddaughter.

After the news came out, it caused a sensation in the city.

Mainly Guo Kunxu’s grandson is too loud.

Guo Kun Wood Na is the top leader in Nelshire’s financial industry.

Famous throughout Asia.

Especially he is the president of the trade union!

The supreme existence that truly controls the lifeline of the economy.

The Guo family is even more prosperous.

Own hundreds of private banks.

Plum dye is not bad here.

In particular, she was divorced and married for six years, and her husband spent six years in jail.

It’s the same as not getting married.

And the Mann family deliberately discredited—Levi’s character was so bad that he sent away ten million. And take the money, still don’t admit it…

There are not a few people who insult Levi for a while.

News of the two men’s engagement quickly spread throughout Jinling City.

Even Nelshire.

The upper circles of Jinling City are about to move.

Because Guo Kunxu will personally attend the engagement ceremony the day after tomorrow.

This kind of character came to Jinling City, just like the earthquake.

If anyone climbs to this existence, the road ahead is too smooth.

Countless celebrities began to admire the Mann family. They had such luck to marry the Guo family.

In the future, the Mann family is absolutely second to none in Jinling City and will even become the strongest giant.

In one afternoon, more than 20 people with identities had visited Mann’s house.

You must know that these people used to not even look at the existence of the Mann family.

Melina and Mann Jianguo are really excited.

From now on, there will be people in the three sectors of the military, business and government.

The army has Mann.

There is Cross Wentao in politics.

The business has plum dye.

The Mann family is really going to take off!

Even Edith and Dale were sighing again and again.

When Sarah and Levi divorced, they had such an explosive effect.

Later, they will become Guo Longteng’s father-in-law and mother-in-law?

It’s not just rampant in Jiangnan Province.

Even in Nelshire, he straightened his waist.

I didn’t even dare to think about it before.

“Hey, you are still too young! If Sarah was by my side earlier, this problem would have been solved long ago!”

Melina complained.

Dale smiled embarrassedly: “Mom, how can our vision compare to you!”

“Hahaha, that’s true!”

The faces of Melina and Mann Jianguo were red.

At this moment, Sarah suddenly ran in.

She just learned about the engagement, but Mann Jiake never told her.

Actually the whole Jinling knew about it.

“Why don’t you ask me, grandma and grandma, you arranged the marriage for me, why the whole city knows about the engagement, I don’t know?”

Sarah asked fiercely.

“Sarah, we are in charge of your marriage, and we won’t treat you badly!”

Melina waved her hand.

“No! I won’t agree to this marriage! I don’t like him!”

Sarah refused.

“Then who do you like?”

Melina’s face was solemn.

“The person I like is Levi!”

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