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Chapter 636

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Sarah said this, the audience was shocked.

She still likes Levi?

Everyone thought Sarah gave up Levi.

“I’m telling you the truth! I won’t marry again. If you remarry, it can only be him, Levi!”

Sarah looked stubborn.


Melina jumped up with anger, wishing to slap Sarah.

“There is no discussion about this matter. If you want to marry, you must marry, and you must marry if you don’t! You must attend the engagement ceremony tomorrow!”

Melina is extremely majestic.

“Boyd Xiao, keep an eye on her for me!”

Mann Jianguo ordered.

Boyd Xiao also argued for reasons: “Although I said something wrong, I still want to say! Miss Logan marrying the Guo family is inappropriate!”

“It is rumored that the Guo family agreed to marry Ms. Logan for Chongxi! She has been married, and she won’t be happy! It’s just a tool!”


Melina slapped the table with anger.

“Do you believe in rumors?”

Melina was very angry: “Furthermore! Young Lord Guo really likes Sarah, and he has chased her before. This is a fact! Sarah will only become happier after marrying, and will not suffer!”

“No, Ms. Boyd, I have checked. The private life of Mr. Guo is extremely extravagant. There are hundreds of women who have been abused by him. This is obviously a fire pit! You are pushing Miss Logan into the fire pit!”

Boyd Xiao argued for reason.

“Don’t talk nonsense anymore! You are slandering Lord Guo. As for you, do what you can or leave if you don’t!”

Melina was really angry and shouted angrily.


Boyd Xiao wanted to leave.

But I thought that protecting Sarah was the task given to her by the God of War.

She endured it!

“I won’t marry anyway, grandma, you don’t have to worry about it!”

Sarah was determined.

Melina smiled: “Hehe, do you still want to marry Levi, who has a bad character?”

“Yes, I obviously took away 10 million, but I lied and threw it in the trash can!”

Mann Jianguo said.

“Yes, we pierced it on the spot and didn’t admit it! This kind of person is a shame! It’s rubbish!”

Others also angered.

“you guys…”

Sarah wanted to argue.

There is no evidence.

There is no choice but to endure it.

“Boyd Xiao, take her to rest! You must attend the engagement ceremony tomorrow!”

Melina ordered.

Boyd Xiao could only leave with Sarah.

Staying, can only be angered for no reason.

“Look at your daughter! What kind of eyes are you still thinking about Levi?”

Melina said angrily.

Mann Jianguo looked serious: “If it doesn’t work, I will drive Levi away! As long as he doesn’t show up in front of Sarah, Sarah won’t have any ideas.”

“We support! Let’s get rid of Levi!”

Others shouted.

It’s no longer a day or two to be upset with Levi.

Now Levi still wants to prevent the Mann family from becoming a giant, can they bear it?

“However, as long as he gets engaged tomorrow, will he still dare to harass? The Guo family will break his leg!”

Melina smiled.

At this moment, Mann ran in in a hurry, with a man in his hand—Lao Cross, the servant.

“what happened?”

Everyone looked at Mann curiously.

Mann glared at the servant Lao Cross and sneered: “He picked up the check for ten million!”

“We all wronged Brother Garrison, he really threw the check in the trash can.”

Chapter 637

Mann was still very happy to defend Levi.

“I suspected that the cheque was picked up at the beginning, so I asked a friend in the technical department to check it out and follow the vine. Finally, I found out that it was our servant Lao Cross!”


Melina and Mann Jianguo looked at Lao Cross with serious faces: “Did you pick it up?”


Lao Cross fell to his knees and kept kowtowing his head and begging for mercy: “Lord, the old lady is the check I picked up! That day I saw him throw it in the trash can, but I secretly picked it up without telling anyone. Please don’t call the police! Money! I only moved a hundred thousand, and I will give you the rest!”


After knowing the truth, Melina and Mann Jianguo were both angry.

It’s not that Lao Cross picked up the check that they were angry with.

But angry that he was found.

This matter was originally set on Levi’s head!

They all believed that Levi had swallowed 10 million privately, and it was all over.

Unexpectedly, it was turned over.

Isn’t this slap them in the face?

Mann smiled and said: “Grandpa and grandma, I just said that sister-in-law Garrison can’t do this, right? I’ll tell Sister Sarah quickly to get her name right!”


Melina stopped Mann.

“Mann, you don’t need to worry about this! You go back! You just don’t know anything.”

Melina asked.

She told Lao Cross again: “Lao Cross can forgive you for this matter, and I won’t hold you accountable for the money spent!”

“But…you have to agree to a condition!”

“I agree to ten conditions of the old lady too!”

“Well, whoever asks in the future will say that Levi didn’t throw the check in the trash can, and you saw him leave with the check!”

Melina exhorted.

“Ming…understand…I must remember!”

Lao Cross immediately agreed.

“Well, let’s go down, as if there was no such thing as you picking up the check. Levi would have swallowed the ten million!”

Melina said.

Mann looked at Melina incredulously and said, “How can you turn black and white, grandma? It’s obviously not Garrison brother-in-law, so why do you want to put the hat on his head?”

He was very dissatisfied with what the Mann family did.

“You have to be tight-lipped about Mann, don’t tell it! Especially you can’t tell Sarah!”

Melina said angrily.

“Why grandma? Please give me a reason!”

Mann asked.

“Hehe, you also know that the news that Levi has swallowed 10 million privately is spreading across the streets and alleys. It is the Mann family who personally discredited the poor quality of others. If you let the truth out at this time, this is not beating the Mann family. Facial? How will the Mann family get confused from now on?”

Melina asked rhetorically.

Mann smiled: “So, can we slander Garrison brother-in-law for the sake of the Mann family’s reputation?”

Mann Jianguo said angrily: “Yes! Compared to the reputation of the Mann family, what is he?”

Mann smiled helplessly: “Well, well, just do it! Sooner or later, you will understand what the Mann family did wrong! What is missing is the whole world!”

“Hahaha… isn’t it just a Levi? Is there anything to miss?”

Everyone disagrees.

Mann left angrily.

His grandparents, who had been upright in his mind, did so.

It chilled him.

He immediately called Levi.

Levi is currently in Case York, and he is personally designing the decoration of the wedding room.

“What’s wrong with Mann?”

“Brother-in-law’s big business is not good, sister Sarah will be engaged tomorrow!”

Chapter 638


Levi, who received the news over there, made a bang in his head.

Sarah got engaged?

He is in Case York. Who will Sarah get engaged to.

After Mann explained the matter.

Levi was angry.

It turned out that he had a good opinion of the old couple Melina.

At least better than Doug, right?

Now it seems that these people can’t hold their own minds in terms of power and wealth.

“time and location.”

“Zijin Hotel, it will officially start at ten o’clock!”


“okay, I get it.”

The next day.

In Mann’s Manor.

Melina and Edith forced Sarah to dress up.

At this time, the team came.

The people who got off the car turned out to be Doug, Mike and others.

Even the Logan family, the four largest provincial capitals, came.

When Doug heard that Sarah was about to marry a local nobleman in Nelshire, Doug went to the provincial capital overnight.

As for the Logan Family, the provincial capital, they didn’t recognize Doug’s line.

But when he heard that the person married was Guo Longteng, he also wanted to come.

It keeps claiming that Sarah is the son and daughter of their Logan family.

“Today is the big day for our Logan family girl to get engaged, the Logan family must get it!”,

Doug said.

The Logan family, the provincial capital, also said: “We are so proud that our Logan family has such outstanding descendants!”

The Logan family, the provincial capital, has a high status, and the Mann family naturally welcomes it.

Although knowing that they are here to cling to the Guo family.

Plum dyed a look of helplessness.

In addition to interest in these people’s eyes, what else is there?

Is it a bit sincere?

“Congratulations, Sarah, I said earlier, you can’t hang Levi to death, he affects you too much.”

“Look at how good you are now, you will soon be married to a real rich man!”

Nick, Katie and others smiled.

“That Levi’s character is really bad. He gave up Sarah after taking 10 million. This kind of person is really bad!”

“Isn’t it? I heard that this kid obviously swallowed the money and said he threw the check in the trash can.”

Everyone babbled.

Mann heard it very uncomfortably.

Why did Levi endure this infamy for nothing?

As for the servant Lao Cross’s face was very uncomfortable.

I’m afraid that people will ask him the same.

Mann couldn’t help but uttered: “It’s not…”

Melina immediately stopped him: “What are you going to do, Mann? Are you humiliating my Mann family?”


Mann could only endure it without saying anything.

Afterwards, everyone went to the Zijin Hotel.

Sarah was stared at by many people, fearing that she would run away.

Luxury cars gathered at the door of Zijin Hotel.

Today, the upper class people from the entire Jinling City gather here.

Although they couldn’t attend the engagement banquet, they still came here to stand up and look forward to meeting Old Man Guo Kunxu.

The Guo family was waiting here long ago.

Guo Longteng’s father, Guo Feihong, is also a talent, exuding the aura of a superior.

He directly controls hundreds of private banks.

The industry has the title of “Guo Caishen”.

Two words-rich!

Guo Longteng’s mother was a tall British woman, who exuded the aristocratic temperament all over her body, which was prohibitive.

She is also the president of the Association of Foreign Enterprises, and she has the final say on all foreign enterprises.

After Guo Feihong and his wife looked at the plum dyeing, they nodded in satisfaction.

“Please! Everyone!”

Melina and others entered the Zijin Hotel together.

Chapter 639

Everyone was anxious.

After all, we have to meet the legendary Guo Kunxu.

“Cough cough cough…”

In the restaurant, an elderly man was sitting in a wheelchair, coughing lowly.

Seeing Guo Kunxu, everyone was shocked.

I thought Guo Kun was unrestrained and unrestrained, but he did not expect to be a sick child.

I don’t know why, everyone suddenly thought of rumors.

To let Sarah marry into Guo’s family is to delight the critically ill Guo Kun.

Sarah is a tool for Chongxi.

Especially Edith and Dale felt the most.

It seems that Sarah is really pushed into the fire pit.

“People are coming?”

Guo Kun opened his muddy eyes and couldn’t help asking.

“Grandpa, this is Sarah!”

Guo Longteng pointed to Sarah.

Guo Kunxu sat up and looked up and down Sarah carefully.

Next to him there was a middle-aged man wearing a Tang suit, whispered: “Mr. Guo, it’s her!”

This person is the so-called Lord, and if Sarah marries into Guo’s family, he can be happy.

Guo Kunxu’s illness will heal naturally.

“Okay, that’s her! Hurry up and set a date to get married soon!”

Guo Kun urged.

He looked very impatient.

The Tang costume Lord whispered: “Mr. Guo, I think five days later, it is suitable for marriage!”

Guo Kun glanced at everyone and said, “Okay, then get engaged! The wedding will be held in five days!”


Melina, Mann Jianguo and others were dumbfounded.

So sloppy? ? ?

I don’t even consider getting married at all!

Just because of a word from others, the date of marriage was set.

At this time, everyone in Melina became more convinced of the rumors.

Letting Sarah get married is for Guo Kun and Irving to use.

It’s not that the Guo family insists on marrying this daughter-in-law.

But so what?

Whether it’s Chongxi or what?

After all, Sarah was married by Ming Mai!

Everyone knows it!

She is the daughter-in-law of the Guo family.

What’s more, Guo Longteng really likes Sarah.

Guo Kunxu was so sick that he came to Jinling.

It is the attention to this matter!

So Sarah still has to marry!

Both public and private must marry.

This is the thought of everyone in the Mann family and the Logan family!

“Father is ill, please understand, let’s start the engagement ceremony now!”

Guo Feihong presides over the overall situation.

“Okay, then start the engagement ceremony! As for the wedding date, it’s all up to the Guo family’s arrangements!”

Melina smiled.

Guo Feihong smiled: “I will be a family in the future, and we still have to discuss some things together.”

The engagement ceremony will begin soon.

At this moment, Sarah suddenly said, “I’m sorry, senior, I can’t be engaged to you, let alone marry you!”


As soon as Sarah said this, the audience was stunned.

Even Guo Longteng was stunned.

I thought that Sarah could come, so I agreed.

“Sarah, what are you doing? Shut me up!”

Melina and the others were anxious, and immediately shouted.

Guo Feihong’s expression was extremely ugly. He stared at Sarah and asked, “You don’t want to marry my son?”

Sarah shook his head: “I don’t want to!”


Guo Feihong smiled.

This obviously doesn’t give the Guo family face.

At the engagement banquet, he didn’t even say he didn’t want to!

“Sarah, what are you talking about? You must marry me!”

Melina and others shouted.

Sarah will never give Sarah a chance to resist at this time.

Guo Feihong also sneered: “Yes, that’s right! It’s already an engagement banquet. If you don’t want it, you have to be willing!”

Guo Longteng smiled: “School girl, you have no choice!”

“I see who dares to embarrass my wife? Do you want to die?”

At this moment, a roar came.

Chapter 640


Several people flew in from outside at the same time.

A tall figure appeared.

It was Levi.

Everyone is breathing stagnant.


Sarah yelled softly.

Even with the marriage certificate, Levi still thinks of her as her husband.

“Wife with me, no one can bully you!”

Levi took Sarah into his arms.


Everyone in the room was stunned.

Looked at the two of them incredibly.

Especially the Guo family and his party, their complexion turned red and extremely ugly.

At the engagement banquet held by the Guo family, a strange man ran out, holding the future daughter-in-law of the Guo family and calling his wife.

Where does this put the Guo family’s face?

This is the shame of the Guo family!

The face of the dignified Guo family was trampled on the ground!


Guo Longteng took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

For the Guo family, it is face.

For him, it was like a green hat buttoned on his head.

What will he do with Guo Longteng in the future?

Everyone in the Mann family and Logan family was dumbfounded.

No one thought that Levi and Sarah would come to such a scene.

This is provoking the entire Guo family!

Slap Guo Longteng fiercely!

In front of him, tell him that the woman engaged to you is my wife!


Melina and everyone else sank.

The secret road is going to happen!

Big things are going to happen!!!


Guo Feihong sighed.

Can’t bear it!

Absolutely can’t bear it!

In any case, the reputation of the Guo family cannot be damaged!

Even if everyone is killed, this matter must not be spread!

He slowly raised his head and looked at Melina and others.

“This is your arrangement?”

Guo Feihong asked in a flat tone.

Obviously he was forcibly suppressing anger.

“Mr. Guo misunderstood… Misunderstanding, it has nothing to do with us!”

“Furthermore, they are really divorced, and they all have a divorce certificate!”

Melina hurriedly explained.

Both the Mann family and the Logan family were terrified.

Offended the Guo family.

The two of them just disappeared.

Dale and Edith are going to explode.

Levi came out to disrupt the situation almost every time.

Is he born to do damage?

“Grandma, we said earlier that this kid is not wicked, so we should get rid of him!”

“Now it’s okay, it’s a big mess.”

Mann Junfei and the others roared very angrily.

Melina, Mann Jianguo and Doug trembled, and they wanted to kill Levi.

Isn’t this a bad thing?

He is the sinner of the Mann family and the Logan family!

To be nailed to the pillar of shame!

“Mr. Guo, everything is Levi himself, it has nothing to do with the Mann family or the Logan family!”

Dozens of people present all pointed their fingers at Levi.

Guo Feihong and Guo Longteng looked at Levi.

“Don’t you know that Sarah is engaged to my son today?”

Guo Feihong asked coldly.

Levi: “I know.”

“Know that you dare to come? Still calling her a wife? What do you mean? Are you sincere to make trouble?”

Guo Feihong’s tone rose sharply, almost roaring, scaring many people.

“I just want to ask, have you ever asked the opinions of the parties for your engagement banquet?”

Levi asked.

“Of course I asked, Sarah agreed.”

Guo Longteng said.

Melina and Mann Jianguo also immediately echoed: “Yes, we have asked. Sarah will not come if she doesn’t want it!”

Levi smiled.

He looked at Sarah and asked, “Well, in front of everyone, I would like to ask you: Are you willing to marry him? Are you willing to be engaged to him?”


Suddenly, the field was stagnant.

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