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Chapter 641

Everyone held their breath and stared at Sarah without blinking.

Just as Melina was about to tell, Guo Feihong interrupted: “Let her speak for herself!”

Seeing everyone looking at him, Sarah took a deep breath and said, “I don’t agree!”

She turned to look at Guo Longteng and apologized: “Senior, I’m sorry, I’ve failed your kindness. The person I always like is him!”

“Since you don’t want to, why do you come here, Sarah?”

Someone shouted.

“The Mann family forced Miss Logan to come!”

Boyd Xiao said, explaining the reason.


Melina and Mann Jianguo closed their eyes in despair.

That’s it!

This time is completely over!

The Guo family is much better than the Chu family.

A word of Guo Kunxu can lock all the development channels of the Mann family.

The Mann family will be dragged to death.

The scene fell into a dead silence for a while.

Everyone is waiting for the storm to come.

Finally, Guo Feihong spoke: “I don’t want to? What a unwilling one?”

Immediately, his conversation turned, he suddenly lowered his voice, and roared in a low voice: “Then you tell me what should I do with the Guo family?”

“This engagement banquet of the Guo family is full of publicity. The entire Jinling city and even the entire Nelshire are well known. Now I don’t know how many people are surrounding the hotel! How did you let my Guo family step down???”

The Guo family shouted together: “How can my Guo family step down? Give the Guo family an explanation!!!”


Sarah was completely frightened by the Guo family’s aura.

She thought that it would be such a scene before, but she didn’t know how to solve it.

Guo Longteng laughed self-deprecatingly: “Sarah has lost my love for you! How about you? How did you treat me?”

“If you don’t agree, why did you go early? Do you have to go back at this time?”

“Your ex-husband showed up at my engagement banquet, holding your arms around you and calling your wife. How can I get rid of this matter? How much humiliation do I have to bear? What insults should my Guo family bear?”

“You must give me an explanation for this matter! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being unrelenting! I am a person of great face, and I can do everything before the family honor!”

Guo Longteng kept asking questions, and Melina and others’ hearts had sunk to the bottom.

This puts the Guo family in a hurry!

Faced with questions from the Guo family, Sarah was at a loss.

“Want to explain? Hahaha…”

Levi smiled.

“why are you laughing?”

Seeing Levi smiling, Guo Longteng felt like he was insulted.

“What am I laughing at? It’s just a cover for you to get Sarah to marry! Your grandfather Guo Kunxu is in critical condition. Marrying Sarah is for your grandfather Chongxi!”

Levi said coldly.

“You nonsense!!! How can there be such a thing?”

Guo Long was furious and roared angrily.

“I really like Sarah. In order to wait for her, I haven’t married yet. When I heard that she was divorced, I immediately came to her! How many men can do it?”

Guo Longteng roared.

“Yes, Shao Guo is too infatuated, right? His identity will marry a divorced woman!”

“Guo Shao is really a good man!”

People around began to praise.

Levi laughed: “Guo Longteng hasn’t had thousands of women you played in these years, but seven or eight hundred, right? Don’t talk about the previous ones, just talk about the most recent. You moved a female high school student on the third of last month. , This month on the 7th you forcibly occupy a married woman…”

“ba5tard! Kill him for me!”

Guo Long shouted angrily.

Obviously was poked in the underbelly.

Chapter 642

Levi smiled: “I haven’t finished talking yet, what are you anxious for?”

“You are spitting blood! I have cleaned myself for so many years!”

Guo Longteng said angrily.

However, everyone looked at Guo Longteng with weird eyes.

The more intense his performance, the more it shows his guilty conscience.

Even a few of his subordinates hesitated, do you want to do it?

Guo Longteng was stunned.

Where did Levi stare angrily.

At a loss.

Guo Feihong took a step forward, pushed Guo Longteng away, and said angrily at Levi: “What are you? My son’s character life also needs your comment?”

He continued: “According to my Guo family rules, you should list four sins against you! For punishment!”

“First, you broke in privately and ruined my son’s engagement banquet; second, you forcibly called my son’s unmarried wife; third, you framed my son; fourth, you disrespect the Guo family!”

“Four sins are punished, and you must have your limbs broken!”

Guo Feihong’s four deadly sins are certain.

The Guo family Lord quickly guarded the gate to prevent Levi from escaping.

Guo Feihong looked at Logan and Mann’s family again and said: “Not everyone in the Guo family can provoke me? Including everyone in Jinling! If you violate the Guo family, this is the end!

Logan and Mann’s family shivered.

Guo Feihong told them this!

Guo Longteng’s mother was even more angry. She stared at Levi and shouted, “Kneel me down right away!”

She is a British nobleman, and she has always divided people into different classes.

In her eyes, Levi and Sarah are inferior untouchables!

Dare to spoil his son’s engagement banquet?

That is looking for death!

Two foreign bodyguards are about to step forward and push Levi to the ground.

Levi clapped his hands and laughed: “What a four deadly sins! Very powerful!”

Immediately, the front of the conversation turned: “Does the Guo family have no kings? When is it your turn to convict others?”

Levi smiled.

From Guo Feihong’s list of the four sins, we can see how arrogant and domineering the Guo family is usually.

The Guo family is already hegemonic.

In their territory, the Guo family is the king of the law, and they have the right to override all living beings.

So determine the fate of a person, even life and death.

Levi is angry!

He was outside, fighting bloody, desperately protecting this country and people.

But these big family members have done such a thing!


Guo Feihong smiled: “Today is my son’s engagement banquet, and I just listed the four sins for you! If you violated my Guo family in the past, it would be a capital crime! I will condemn you to death on the spot!”



The Mann family, the Logan family and others were dumbfounded.

The Guo family is really domineering.

It is worthy of being the first-class super family in Nelshire.

Looking at everyone in the Guo family again, when Guo Feihong said these words, everyone’s face was indifferent and accustomed.

It shows that the whole Guo family is like this.

Life is commonplace.

Sarah was a little scared.

Was shocked by the Guo family’s battles.

In particular, the four sins listed are to sever Levi’s limbs!

“Then do you still have Velador in the eyes of your Guo family? Is there still Wang Fa?”

Levi asked.

“Then I’ll tell you! The Guo family has the final say on the land where my Guo family is located, and the Guo family is Wang Fa! Understand?”

Guo Feihong said domineeringly.

He is not stupid!

But the Guo family is really too powerful.

Over the years, he has handled things like this.

In the hearts of the Guo family, they are Wang Fa!

That’s it!

Levi laughed suddenly.

The laugh makes people feel inexplicable.

It made the Guo family feel insulted.

Chapter 643

“You…what are you laughing at?”

Guo Feihong asked coldly.

In everyone’s opinion, Levi’s laughter is too annoying.

“What I am laughing at is that your Guo family is going to end! No matter how powerful a person or family is, no one can surpass this country!”

Levi smiled.

In front of the God of War, dare to say that they are King Fa!

Isn’t this looking for death?

This is equivalent to provoking Velador!

Undoubtedly defeated!

“Hahaha, my Guo family is about to end? It’s ridiculous! Who can move my Guo family? Who dares to move my Guo family? Are you?”

Guo Feihong smiled.

Everyone in the Guo family laughed.

With the current strength of the Guo family, who can move?

What’s more, in Jinling, one acre of land is divided into three parts.

There is nothing more to do with the Guo family.

“Yes, it’s me!”

Levi smiled.

“I don’t want to see him standing, he must kneel down!”

El Wei, Guo Longteng’s mother, said angrily.

A flash of anger flashed on Guo Feihong’s face: “Come here! Punish him for four deadly sins! Break his limbs to show the power of my Guo family!”

With an order, four Lords appeared and walked towards Levi step by step.

Sarah was terrified.

In front of the huge Guo family, they could not fight back.

Even if Mann and Cross Wentao are too late to move the rescuers.

Furthermore, it is not necessarily easy to move in to rescue soldiers.

The Guo family is much better than the Chu family!

At the critical moment, Sarah actually stopped in front of Levi: “Whoever of you wants to hurt him, step on me first!”

Looking at the weak body in front of him.

Levi smiled.

My wife is really cute.

But this is not six years ago.

Now he is the god of war of God of War, a five-star general.

With him, no one will hurt you!

“Break the limbs of the two of them together!”

Guo Feihong ordered.

The Mann family, Logan family, and others wanted to stop, and they were stopped by the Guo family Lords one after another.

Sarah closed his eyes.

Even if her limbs were broken, she had to be with Levi.

But Levi’s expression was calm.

If the Guo family dared to move a finger.

Then immediately perish!


At this time, an old voice came from behind.

Guo Kunxu, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was pushed out.

He kept coughing.

“This girl can’t move! And she must marry to my Guo family!”

Guo Kun said in a hurry.

He takes his life very hard.

The Lord calculated that this is the only person who can make him ill, how can he let it go?

Guo Longteng must marry Sarah!

Every effort was made to tie Sarah to Guo’s house even if the person was tied up.

Hearing this, Guo Feihong looked at Sarah and said, “As long as Sarah promises to marry my son, I promise not to embarrass him in the slightest!”

“Otherwise, he will definitely become a disabled person!”

See the scene like this.

Melina and Mann Jianguo already understood in their hearts.

The Guo family didn’t really want to marry Sarah.

The main purpose is to cure Guo Kun Wood Chongxi!

This is naturally not what they want!

This is a fire pit!

But Sarah has been pushed forward, and it would be too difficult to escape.

In other words, it is impossible!

Guo Feihong looked at Melina and others: “As long as Sarah marries us, I promise to make the Mann family and the Logan family the top families in Jinling!”

Facing Guo Feihong’s coercion and temptation.

Melina and others hesitated.

Even Sarah hesitated.

Now to her, Levi is the most important.

“Wife, let’s leave, who dare to stop me in my opinion?”

At this time, Levi actually took Sarah’s hand and wanted to leave.

“Stop them for me!!!”

Chapter 644

Guo Longteng hurriedly shouted.

Guo Feihong was also anxious.

If you let Levi leave at this time.

Then the Guo family really lost face!

A super family will never be able to look up again!

The Guo family has no dignity at all!

So Levi can’t leave!

Immediately, dozens of Lords from the Guo family moved out to stop Levi.

“You want to leave after making trouble on the grounds of my Guo family?”

Guo Feihong directly ordered: “I want him to die! She must marry my son!”

The strength of the Guo family.

Let the Mann family and the Logan family be heartbroken!

The Guo family was completely pressed.

Levi will definitely die today.

Sarah will forcibly marry into the Guo family.

Even angered to Logan Mann’s family.

The crowd trembled and dared not say a word.

When all the Lords were about to do it, Levi smiled: “Are you sure you want to move me?”

“What? You thought I didn’t dare to touch you?”

Guo Feihong smiled.

“You might as well look outside!”

Levi smiled.

“What’s wrong outside?”

Guo Feihong was puzzled.

Others are also very puzzled.

Especially Melina and others looked at Levi incredibly.

Does he have any support?

Otherwise, dare to grab someone alone?

“It’s not good, Mr. Guo! The big thing is bad!”

At this time, the Guo family bodyguard rushed in.

A trace of anger flashed across Guo Feihong’s face.

The Guo family bodyguard is so flustered, what kind of style is it?

Don’t you let outsiders laugh?

“Isn’t there always people out there? The celebrities of Jinling City have gathered long ago.”

Guo Feihong said dissatisfied.

“Mr. Guo is not, it’s not them, it’s someone else. Go and see!”

The man shouted anxiously.

Hearing that, Guo Feihong and others could no longer sit still.

Come to the door of the hotel together and look outside.

This look was terrified.

The square outside the Zijin Hotel was crowded with people, all wearing all-black suits.

There are at least two or three thousand of these people, menacing, and everyone has a terrible murderous aura.

There was a person standing in the front, and his whole body exuded a terrifying aura, like the Shura killing god from hell.

The leader is Yama God of War!

The three thousand people behind him are the underground circle of Jinling and the old part of Shiqingshan.

Now listen to the orders of Yama God of War!

Seeing this battle, everyone was taken aback.

Especially the Guo family, they were all shocked.

When did so many people gather here?

Everyone in the Mann family and the Logan family had their mouths open and their faces were unbelievable.

When did so many people come?

“Did you see it? Do you dare to stop me now?”

Levi smiled.

A word also brought Guo Feihong and others back to reality.

“What do you want to do? Do you want to use these mobs to fight against my Guo family? Then you are simply too naive!”

Guo Feihong sneered.

In front of the huge Guo family, these people are nothing at all.

“Yes! If you dare to fight against the Guo family, it is a dead end!”

Guo Longteng also threatened.

A wicked smile appeared at the corner of Levi’s mouth: “Okay, I’ll take my wife away, you guys stop and try!”

With that said, Levi was about to walk out of the hotel door with Sarah.

“Stop them for me!”

Guo Feihong just gave the order.

There was a loud cry from outside.

Stop the audience directly!!!

“Three thousand men from Jinling came to take the Erick Group compatriots home!!!”

“Blockers, kill without mercy!!!”

Yama God of War led three thousand people together and shouted, like a roar of thunder.

Chapter 645

For a moment, all the Guo family Lords were stunned.

Although they are strong, there are 3,000 people on the other side!!!

How can this be good?

Guo Feihong and Guo Longteng’s eyes also flashed deep fear.

There are too many people!

And every one looks good!

It’s definitely not a mob!

But the Guo family’s face is important!

If Levi stepped out of the door.

The face of his Guo family is equivalent to being trampled on the ground!

The honor of the Guo family is what they will guard to the death!

“Stop them!”

Guo Feihong strongly ordered.

Immediately, more than a dozen Lords rushed to Levi to kill.

Levi and Sarah were still walking, as if they hadn’t heard any movement and ignored everything around them.

More than a dozen Lords appeared behind them instantly.

But at this moment, Yama God of War suddenly moved and turned into a flash of lightning, instantly blocking Levi and Sarah.

“Boom boom…”

Yama, the God of War, shot like electricity, bringing the afterimages of his debut.




More than a dozen Lords from the Guo family flew out one by one.


All fell at the feet of Guo Feihong.

These people struggled a few times before fainting.

This scene shocked the audience!

“If you are not afraid of death, can you try?”

Yama, the God of War, said coldly.


Three thousand people rushed forward a few steps, about to rush into the hotel.

It’s like a galloping army.

Everyone in the Guo family was suppressed.

There was a trace of fear in Guo Feihong’s heart.

Although the Guo family is powerful, all of them are in Nelshire after all.

This is Logan Jinling.

If something goes wrong, there will be no time for reinforcements.

But Guo’s face can’t be lost.

“Can you think about it? Do you really want to fight against my Nelshire Guo family?”

Guo Feihong asked.

He vowed that after returning to Nelshire to gather forces, he would absolutely destroy all these people in front of him!

The God of Yama sneered: “I don’t care if you belong to the Guo family, but I’m in Baoding for these two people!”

“Yes, I came to pick up Mr. Garrison and Miss Logan in the name of the boss of Erick Group, and the blocker died!”

Three thousand men outside shouted together.

The God of Yama glanced at Guo’s family and said, “If you want to die, please come!”

They are determined!

At this moment, everyone in the Guo family was silent.

Including Guo Feihong and them.

Everyone silently watched Levi leave with Sarah.

This is the greatest humiliation ever suffered by the Guo family since its history!

Someone even snatched Guo’s daughter-in-law!

They can do nothing!

Guo Kun behind coughed and said, “Cough… Stop him… They… can’t go… The face of my Guo family…”

Guo Feihong almost cried.

“Dad, let’s bear it! This is a group of desperadoes. If we insist on going our own way, we are afraid that we will all die here!”

Guo Longteng cried.

He left tears of humiliation.

Ever since I was young, I have never suffered such humiliation!

Levi took Sarah and left with three thousand people.

Nelshire Guo’s family slumped in Jinling!

His face was beaten severely!

Guo Feihong commanded: “Let’s return to Nelshire quickly and gather all the forces we can gather! I must wash Jinling in blood! None of the three thousand people just now can live!”

“Yes! My Guo family must do their best to wash away the shame! Otherwise I will die!”

Guo Longteng was also irritated, and roared with red eyes.

Guo Kunxu was also very angry, and shouted: “Issuing orders in my name!!!”

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