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Chapter 656

Because he is Fu Canglong, the leader of the two main schools of Hongmen and Nanhongmen!!!

The history of the so-called Hongmen organization dates back to the Qing Dynasty.

At that time, it was called Tiandihui, Honghuahui and so on.

Despite the decline of Hongmen over the years, it is still the king!

Most of Nanhongmen’s branches are located along the coast, with a developed economy and rich industries.

There are countless Lords in the door, and the real Lords of martial arts come from Hongmen.

In particular, the underground circles in all major regions will be frightened and pissed as long as they hear the Hongmen.

One thing no one knows, Shanler actually came from Nanhongmen.

Every year he contributes 5 billion to Nanhongmen!

Why did Shanler stay hidden for 30 years?

No one knows the reason for this.

It was because Shanler developed too rapidly and touched the interests of Nanhongmen.

If he dares to continue to develop, Nan Hongmen will take him.

Yuan Shanler had no choice but to hide from the world, in order to avoid the blockade of Nanhongmen.

Since then, Shanler’s contribution to Nanhongmen has increased to 10 billion every year!

This saved his life!

Not only that, even Sanxing Group needs to spend billions to manage Nanhongmen every year.

Consider that a South Korean company such as Sanxing Group has to bow down to Nam Hongmen.

How strong is Nanhongmen?

In a word, all the big names in the south must contribute to Nanhongmen.

Of course, Nan Hongmen has no obligation to help them.

This is where Nanhongmen’s strength lies.

It can be said that the entire underground circle in the south is under the control of Nanhongmen.

As long as they want, they can replace it at any time.

No, something happened in Jinling.

First, the Shanler faction fell, and then the Sanxing Group crossed.

No one turned in money to make a contribution, and Nan Hongmen realized that something was wrong with Jinling.

Only then did Graham Zhan go.

Since Jinling’s plate was too big, Fu Canglong, the leader of Nanhongmen, had to go personally.

The hundreds of students kneeling on the stage are elites from all walks of life, even big men.

If you can become Fu Canglong’s student, can your strength be worse?

In the past few decades, Fu Canglong, who loves to accept students, has only received seven or eight hundred students.

It is enough to show that everyone is a genius among geniuses.

More than just students.

Fu Canglong has many subordinates and many contacts.

It can be said that with a word of Fu Canglong, Velador Southern echoed a hundred responses.

This is the power of the dragon head of Nanhongmen.

“Teacher, we were wrong! We should have brought back the body of the little junior brother as soon as possible!”

“Teacher, give us another chance, we will immediately transport the body of the junior brother back!”

The people below said one after another.

Fu Canglong glanced at everyone and said, “No need for you! I will go personally to avenge my little apprentice!”

“Graham Kouzhong?”

Fu Canglong shouted.

“Leader, Graham Kouzhong is here!”

A middle-aged man stepped forward.

“I order you to go to Jinling. Before my South Hongmen army arrives, I must find the body of my little apprentice!”

Fu Canglong ordered.


Graham Kouzhong left first.

Graham Kouzhong has a lot of status.

Nanhongmen has a dragon, four heavenly kings and eight slaves.

Graham Kouzhong is one of the four heavenly kings!

In addition to the dragon head in Nanhongmen, the four heavenly kings have the final say.

The four heavenly kings of Nanhongmen have the strength to easily defeat Shanler!

“Zhan’er died so miserably. I originally wanted to admit that he was my heir at the South and North Hongmen Conference soon!”

Fu Canglong squeezed out a few tears.

Chapter 657

“Graham Tianwang has gone to Jinling. After Zhan’er’s body is returned, I will hold a funeral for him in Jinling!”

Fu Canglong said.

“Teacher, understand, we must bury our younger brothers in great scenery!”

Fu Canglong looked at everyone: “Next, you have to find out those people who participated in the death of Zhan’er. These people must find out!”

“At that time, I want them all to be buried alive with Zhan’er!!!”

Two cold glows shot into Fu Canglong’s eyes.

Immediately, an overwhelming chill came in.

Everyone trembled, like falling into an ice cave.

Everyone can clearly feel that the surrounding temperature has dropped by seven or eight degrees.

This is not an exaggeration!

This is real!

Because Fu Canglong is a martial arts Lord, practicing hard Dragonry!

These days of retreat, it is also for the practice of Dragonry.

“Teacher, understand! The students will check it out. Anyone who has a little contact will check it out!”

Someone immediately responded below.

Everyone shivered.

This time, Fu Canglong was going to bury a group of people alive for Graham Zhan!

Too cruel!

But this is the fate of offending the leader of Nanhongmen!!!

Levi and Sarah in Jinling did not realize that a greater danger was coming.

Even Levi had forgotten Graham Zhan.

Let alone think of someone who will get revenge behind.

He didn’t want to know the identity of Graham Zhan at all.

In recent days, the Cross family has been in panic.

Cross Yefei and his son did not eat well, nor did they sleep well.

Worried about this all day long.

Because they knew from the very beginning that Graham Zhan came from Nanhongmen and was a leading student of Nanhongmen.

So after Graham Zhan’s accident, they became more worried.

Nanhongmen will never give up.

It will even affect them.

They have been waiting.

In the afternoon, a group of people suddenly arrived.

It was Graham Kouzhong, the four great kings of Nanhongmen, and his party.

Cross Yefei’s eyes lit up, and he immediately greeted him: “My sires are finally looking forward to you!”

“Our Cross family is useless! We failed to protect Lord Graham Zhan!”

Cross Yefei first confessed the charges.

“Get up, I know it has nothing to do with you!”

Graham Kouzhong said impatiently.

“Let me ask you, where is Graham Zhan’s body?”

Graham Kouzhong asked.


Cross Yefei was taken aback for a moment, and then he said: “My lord, Shao Graham’s body was dragged away by Bass Luo War God’s men. I don’t know where it was thrown!”

“What??? Throw it away?”

Graham Kouzhong furiously said, an overbearing momentum crushed the audience.

Cross Yefei couldn’t breathe a few people.

Cross Yefei and Cross Dongxu were shocked.

This person in front of him is better than the two slaves of Graham Zhan!

Who the hell is this?

“Yes, my lord, those people said they would throw away Shao Graham’s body as trash!”

“I guess they should be thrown in some trash can. They are all rotten!”

After listening to Cross Yefei’s words, Graham Kouzhong was completely angry.


A fist hit the wall of the Cross family compound, and a wall suddenly collapsed.

“court death!!!”

“If you can’t find Graham Zhan’s body, I promise to have the entire Jinling buried together!!!”

Graham Kouzhong showed a terrifying and hideous scene.

Cross Yefei, Cross Dongxu and others forced their knees to the ground under pressure.


too strong!

Better than anyone I’ve seen before!

“Go, take me to the Yama God of War!”

Graham Kouzhong said coldly.

Soon, a group of people appeared at the door of the Jagged Club.

Cross Yefei is more confident than before.

Because he knew the identity of the four heavenly kings of Graham Kouzhong.

Chapter 658

“What are you doing?”

The guard at the door was about to ask when the two knives had flashed past.

Graham Kouzhong and his party entered the Jagged Club.

It’s still very lively here.

Graham Kouzhong went straight to the main console, cut off the music in the field, and let go of the lights.

Shine every inch of it as bright as day.

In an instant, hundreds of people in the field stopped, staring at the position of the Lord console in a daze.

There was a lot of noise in the field, especially the staff of the club rushed over.

Graham Kouzhong picked up the microphone and said, “Be quiet! I have something to say!”

Graham Kouzhong let out a voice, and the field was completely quiet, everyone looked at him.

“Introduce myself, my name is Graham Kouzhong!”

“Huh? Graham Kouzhong? A familiar name!”

“Yes, it seems to have heard it somewhere?”

After hearing this name, the audience was in an uproar.

It feels very familiar.

Graham Kouzhong continued: “I am from Nanhongmen, under the seat of the leader Fu Canglong!”


When the name really broke, the audience burst.

Everyone is crazy.

Look at Graham Kouzhong in disbelief!

“Gosh! The four heavenly kings of Nanhongmen, Graham Tianwang!”

“It turned out to be King Graham Tian of Nanhongmen! I’m going crazy!!!”

“The King Graham Tian has come to Jinling City! This is about to happen!”

The field was boiling fiercely as if the pot was fried.

As soon as these people heard of Nanhongmen, they were really going to burst.

As gangsters in the underground circle, their biggest dream is to enter the legendary Nanhong Gate.

For them, it is a matter of faith, and even the glory of the ancestors!

Where is the holy land!

At the same time, it is also the scariest place!

If you offend Nanhongmen, you will be hunted down to the end.

Even if you go to the southern cape…

Today, even the legendary four kings of Nanhongmen, Graham Tianwang, are here.

Many of them regard Graham Tianwang as an idol.

Some people even have Graham Tianwang tattooed on their bodies.

Graham Tianwang was brave and good at fighting throughout his life, revealing his invincible posture everywhere.

“I, Graham Kouzhong, came to find the body of my elder brother student today!”

Graham Kou Zhong said Feng Yi turned around.


At this time, everyone was shocked.

The eldest brother of King Graham Tian?

Doesn’t it mean Fu Canglong, the leader of Nanhongmen?

The corpse of Fu Canglong’s student?

Suddenly, everyone thought of one person.

A few days ago, the arrogant Graham Zhan…

He turned out to be the leading student of Nanhongmen?

This is a big trouble!

Provoked the entire Nanhongmen.

No matter how strong Yama God of War is, it will be of no avail.

“The matter of King Graham Tian has nothing to do with us, everything is done by the god of war!”

“Yes, we didn’t participate at all!”

Immediately, most of the audience cleared the relationship.

Only a handful of people are still hesitating.

They are the old part of Mylen, and now they follow the Yama God of War.

The whole audience hid one after another, vacating them.

Graham Kouzhong understood immediately.

He looked at these people and asked, “You moved the body of my elder brother student Graham Zhan, right?”

The tone was flat, but with a trace of coercion.

It’s a bit breathless.

“Yes… how did we move out?”

Someone said.

“Where is the corpse now???”

Graham Kouzhong said every word.

An aura permeated the audience, and everyone felt the heart congestion.

“Throw it out, it’s already in the trash can!”

That humane.

“Okay, very good! All of you have to die!”

Graham Kouzhong roared.

“Who are you? Dare to run wild in my turf?”

Chapter 659

At this time, a voice came.

A man with a half mask appeared.

Yama is here.

Since Levi was with Sarah all the way today, he didn’t need his protection, so he came back early.

I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.

“Who are you?”

Graham Kouzhong asked.

“Graham Tianwang, he is the God of Yama! He killed Lord Graham and the other two slaves! I saw it with my own eyes!”

Cross Yefei said.

“Yes, that’s the one he killed!”

Cross Dongxu and the others also rushed forward.

The so-called enemies are extremely jealous when they meet.

As soon as Graham Kouzhong heard that this was Yama God of War, his murderous aura came up.

“Get it for me!!!”

Graham Kouzhong gave an order.

A dozen Lords around him all jumped down from the main console, and they all killed Bass Luo God of War.

These dozen people are really Lords of Lords.

The weapons they use are also varied.

There are nine-section whips, spears, and broadswords…

More than a dozen Lords cooperated in tacit understanding, and even for a time, the God of Yama was forced to retreat in a row.

This scene shocked everyone.

Everyone knows the strength of Yama God of War.

He was forced to retreat!

As expected of Nanhongmen!

Pick them out casually, they are all Lords.


But in the next moment, Yama God of War broke out.

A pair of iron fists were swung invincibly.




The Lords of Nanhongmen flew out one by one.

Graham Kouzhong narrowed his eyes, revealing a trace of fear.

No wonder the two Lord slaves who can kill the leader!

Really a Lord!

Wait until the leader arrives before making a decision.

His task today is to find Graham Zhan’s body.

As for the people like Bass Luo War God, he heard the dragon head say that they were going to be buried alive and were buried with Graham Zhan.

He won’t move for now.


Graham Kouzhong waved his hand, and these Lords stopped one after another.

“Yam Luo God of War, right? I won’t kill you today!”

“Tell me, where did you throw Graham Zhan’s body!”

Graham Kouzhong asked.

“It’s on Far East Road, let’s find it!”

Someone shouted.

“Okay, then we won’t change the green mountains and the long flow of water! The Yama God of War is waiting!”

Graham Kouzhong sneered.

“Haha, well, I am waiting for you!”

Yama God of War smiled.

If in the past, he might have scruples.

But now Levi is backing him.

Who is he afraid of?

After Graham Kouzhong left.

The men were puzzled: “Why didn’t the king let us kill him?”

“He is not weak, you are not opponents! I guess we will fight him 50-50! If there are people behind him, we will suffer, and we will wait for the leader to come!”

Graham Kouzhong expressed his concerns.

“Then we understand!”

Everyone said.

Came to Far East Road.

Everyone searched all night.

The body of Graham Zhan was finally found in the garbage dump, full of flies and mosquitoes, and it had long been decayed.

Graham Kouzhong endured the stench and took Graham Zhan’s body back.

Cross Yefei immediately arranged the crystal coffin and frozen Graham Zhan’s body.

When Fu Canglong learned about this, he was furious!

“Waiting for me to personally clean up these people!!!”

Fu Canglong roared.

On the other side, Yama God of War told Levi about this matter.

“North and South Hongmen? I know!”

Levi approached.

“Especially the overseas Hongmen branch is even more terrible, the Lords are like clouds, and many countries have suffered losses in the overseas Hongmen!”

Levi’s eyes lit up: “Then it’s interesting this time? Owen, you can do your best!”

Chapter 660

Owen squinted his eyes and smiled: “I also heard that the Hongmen Lords are like clouds! I have had the honor to compete with overseas Hongmen Lords, it’s really not bad! I hope to help meet those who let me really give it a go!”

Wesley sighed: “Isn’t there such a sentence? The world’s Lords all come from Hongmen!”

Alton’s eyes were sharp and sharp: “It’s just that they offended the wrong person! Dare to be arrogant under our noses, it’s the opposite!”

Levi had another idea.

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Is it to ask a woman to be killed?”

Graham Kouzhong was surprised.

“That’s right! Lord Graham invited this woman over and over again and again, every time she ate herself flat, and was finally killed by someone!”

Cross Yefei said.

“What status?”

Graham Kouzhong’s face was gloomy and terrifying.

“This woman is called Sarah, the boss of Dongtian Group, behind her is Erick Group!”

Graham Kouzhong said coldly: “Well, you Erick Group! This time you will be destroyed!”

Waiting for the leader to come to Jinling in person, no matter who the boss of the Erick Group is, no matter what the background of the Erick Group, they will all be wiped out.

the next day.

Fu Canglong personally led the other three heavenly kings and six of the eight slaves to Jinling.

Of course, there were countless Nanhong Sect disciples who accompanied him.

Fu Canglong raised his arms, and it was estimated that tens of thousands of Hongmen disciples would emerge.

This is the appeal of the leader of Nanhongmen!

The Cross family still serves as the base camp.

Cross Yefei and his son could not even dream of it.

One day I will meet the legendary leader of Nanhongmen in person!!!

“Where is Zhan’er?”

Fu Canglong came to Cross’s house and went straight to Graham Zhan’s corpse.

“Brother, please come here with me!!!”

Graham Kouzhong immediately led the way.

When Fu Canglong saw Graham Zhan in the crystal coffin, he could no longer restrain his emotions.

This is his favorite student!

He treats it like a son!

Standing by the crystal coffin, I don’t know how long Fu Canglong said.

“The leader, the subordinate is here!”

The four heavenly kings and the six Lords shouted together.

“Three days later, a funeral for Zhan’er will be held with the highest courtesy of Hongmen! All the main halls of Nanhongmen will attend!”

Fu Canglong ordered.


Everyone said in unison.

“In addition, all those involved in the death of Zhan’er will be arrested without leaving them. I will bury them alive and bury them with Zhan’er!”

Fu Canglong roared.

“Teacher, I have checked it out! There are eleven main people involved in the death of the junior brother! The main ones are four people-Yama War God, Levi, Sarah, and Boyd Xiao!”

Fu Canglong’s eyes shot two brilliant lights, with a great momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers.

“The rest include Cross family father and son!”

The man looked at Cross Yefei and his son indifferently.

Cross Yefei and his son fainted in fright.

In the end they have to be buried alive!

“Well, I must meet these people before the funeral begins!”

Fu Canglong said angrily.

“De Ling!!!”

The four heavenly kings shouted together.

“I heard that Zhan’er died tragically because of a woman?”

Fu Canglong asked.

Everyone hesitated, but nodded: “Yes, that’s right.”

“Teacher, this woman’s background is a son of the Logan family, one of the four giants in Jinling!”

Humane below.

“Very well, in that case, the funeral will be held in the Logan family’s ancestral house! Small troubles, the whole family will take care of it!”

Fu Canglong said coldly.

Graham Kouzhong asked for orders: “Leader, I am willing to be a pioneer and take the Logan family!”

The other three kings also asked for their orders.

“Okay, let’s go!”

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