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Chapter 651

As soon as Fisher Zhan said this, everyone present was stunned.

Is this provocative?

They dare not break into this door to provoke them!

Who can stand this?

“Open this door for me!!!”

Guo Longteng couldn’t bear this kind of contempt.




With an order, several Lords immediately took down the big iron gates of the former general district compound.

“You are so brave, dare to open the door of this, do you know where this is?”

Fisher Zhan roared angrily.


Several army dogs roared and made a charge.

Guo Feihong said with a cold face and angrily: “Come here, come in and pull Levi out!”

“Who stopped and killed who!”


Immediately, Longhuwei would forcibly break in.

“Stop, let me see who dares!!!”

Fisher Zhan roared.

Other officers also shouted.

“What can’t you dare? Kill me in!”

Guo Feihong didn’t take it seriously.

“Do you know where this is? Do you dare to rush?”

Fisher Zhan yelled: “This is a military area compound, a military forbidden area! You have broken in illegally! You have violated a taboo!”

Fisher Zhan’s words caused all the Dragon Tiger Guards who had attacked to stop, staring at him in a daze, and even a hint of timidity.


The news was like a bolt from the blue, which scared Guo Feihong and the others.


Guo Feihong immediately understood one thing.

At the beginning, they felt that Fisher Zhanji had a different temperament, a special feeling.

But I can’t tell what it is.

These people are all wearing uniform military green vests.

It seems to understand now.

These people seem to be soldiers!!!

It’s different with those dogs.

That’s a fucking army dog!

All of a sudden, Guo Feihong and Guo Longteng panicked.

If this is really a military district compound.

Their trouble is big.

Especially if these people are soldiers.

What should they do?

Are you rushing in? Or leave?

Impossible to leave!

The Guo family’s face can’t be lost!

Guo Feihong sneered and said, “You said that the military area compound is the military area compound? You scare me?”

“Tell you, let Levi kneel and come out to see me immediately! Otherwise, I will tear down everything here and I will let everyone die!”

Guo Feihong said angrily.

Longhuwei is already in a state of preparation, as long as they give an order, they will tear this place.

“I’ll give you one last chance!”

Fisher Zhandao.

“Come here, rush in for me to catch Levi!”

But Guo Feihong showed no sympathy.

One sentence angered Fisher Zhan and angered everyone.

“Mom, I’m going to turn you back, dare to make trouble on Lao Tzu’s site!”

Fisher Zhan took out his cell phone and dialed a number directly: “Hey, I am Fisher Zhan! Send my order-gather all the soldiers of the blood battle group, fully armed! Come to the army compound on the western outskirts of the city and protect God of War!”

Wang Austin also made a call: “Hey, I am Wang Austin. Listen to my order, gather a thousand tigers, fully armed, come to the army compound on the western outskirts of the city and guard God of War!”

Cross Ian: “Hey, I am Cross Ian. I gather all the dragons and come to the army compound on the western outskirts of the city. I have important combat missions!”

“Listen to my orders, the Falcon regiment is fully armed! Go ahead!”

“Listen to my orders, the Night Wolves are fully armed! Go ahead!”

“Listen to my orders, the cheetah regiment is fully armed! Go ahead!”

“Listen to my orders, the Iron Bull Group is fully armed! Go ahead!”

Chapter 652

The heads of the leading regiments on the scene issued orders one after another!

Thirty regiments were mobilized for the first time!

The scene was extremely shocking!


More than 600 people in the Guo family have been suppressed!

The sound of cold breath came one after another.

Guo Longteng was dumbfounded.

Guo Feihong was dumbfounded.

Guo Kun coughs again and again…

Not to mention whether things are true or false.

But Fisher Zhan these people’s momentum is too full!

More than 60 people are officers at the commander level? ? ?

Is this place really a military district compound?

Who will be inside?

What will be the identity of the person who has more than sixty officers guarding together?

Everyone in the Guo family couldn’t imagine.

“Da da da da…”

The dragon and tiger guards at the forefront trembled and their legs trembled.

Once this thing is true!

They know what it means.

Not to mention one Guo family, ten Guo families are not enough.

At this time, the Guo family was really overwhelmed.


Dare not!

Don’t attack, right?

Guo’s face was completely lost.

At this moment, Levi and Wesley walked out.


See Levi.

Almost everyone in the Guo family was breathing fire in their eyes!

The greatest shame this person brought to the Guo family!

Guo Longteng wanted to rush out and kill Levi.

In front of Quan Jinling, Levi took away his fiancee!

This hatred is not shared!

Guo Feihong and Guo Kunxu were even more angry.

Seeing Levi, the hatred value skyrocketed!


Guo Feihong was about to give an order, but he hesitated when he glanced at Fisher Zhan and the others.

If the call they just made was real.

Then the Guo family is over!

Levi looked at the Guo family with a smile and said, “I heard you are looking for me?”

“Levi is coming to you…”

Guo Long exploded in anger.

“Now, I am here, come on!”

Levi looked at the Guo family and smiled.

Seeing Levi’s mocking look, Guo Feihong and his son were really furious.

“Come on? Why? Don’t you dare? Isn’t your Guo family ruthless? Is Wang Fa where you are? Why? Don’t even dare to enter this door?”

In the face of Levi’s provocation, the Guo family was on fire!

Everyone was holding back, gasping for breath.

The butcher knife in their hands has long been raised.

Guo Feihong has been struggling.

Up or not?

The contradiction is dying!

The same goes for others.

If Fisher Zhan they are real officers.

That’s a big trouble…

Seeing the Guo family hesitated collectively.

Levi smiled and said, “What are you afraid of? Isn’t the Guo family Wang Fa? This land should also belong to you?”

“Isn’t your Guo family superior to Velador? Why? I dare not set foot in this place?”

“Come on, don’t make me look down on you! A bunch of cocks!”

Facing Levi’s repeated provocations.

Guo Feihong was panting heavily, his whole body was wet with cold sweat, his whole body was trembling, his eyes were about to fly out.

Especially seeing Levi’s arrogant appearance.

He can’t stand it!

Finally, Guo Feihong broke out.

“Come on, come on to me!!!”

“Be sure to catch Levi alive!”

Guo Feihong shouted hoarsely.


Longhuwei couldn’t hold back for a long time, and all charged with an order.

“I see who dares!”

Fisher Zhan and others also put on a fighting posture, ready to fight.


But at this moment, there was a loud thunderous engine sound in the air.

The earth-shaking sound shook the audience.

An armed helicopter hovering in the air…

Chapter 653

The sudden appearance of the scene caused everyone to stop what they were doing.

He stared blankly at the sky, dumbfounded.

Since it was night, the helicopters struck the Guo’s camp with bright lights.

All the dragons and tigers around the compound of the General District were photographed.

In the face of bright lights, everyone either closes their eyes or keeps their hands in front of them.

Everyone in the Guo family panicked.

“This is the military district compound, who are you?”

“We are the flying brigade of the Jinling Military Region! What are you going to do?”

There was a sound from the loudspeaker on the helicopter.

This scared the Guo family.


it is true!

Those people were really military officers just now!


Not only that, but a uniform pace sounded behind the Guo family.


Not only footsteps, car sounds, but various other sounds are mixed together.

This posture is really like a galloping army.

“one two three four!!!”

Accompanied by the loud slogans, a group of soldiers suddenly appeared behind Guo Jialonghuwei.


Completely scared!

The dragons and tigers were shocked.

It turned out to be true!

They actually mobilized a total of thirty regiments!

How to play this?

This place is really a military restricted zone!

They are over! Completely finished!

“Boom boom…”

What dragon and tiger guards, what team built more than two billion, all knelt to the ground at this moment, holding their heads in both hands.

Only Guo Feihong stood in the field.

It’s just that Guo Feihong’s brains were blank, their faces were so pale that they were bloodless, and they were sweating non-stop.

“Dad, I can’t stand anymore…”

Guo Longteng’s legs were weak, and he fell to the ground with a thud.

Guo Feihong is the same, weak and unable to exert himself.

He trembled and couldn’t even say a word.

Seeing them like this, Levi smiled and said: “Why? Cosmic? Is Wang Fa good? Isn’t your Guo family quite bullish? Why did you kneel down?”

“you you you you…”

Guo Feihong shouted tremblingly, unable to say a word for a long time.

“Cough cough cough…”

Guo Kunxu reluctantly squeezed out a word amidst bursts of coughing: “You…what is your identity?”

Before that, Yama God of War led three thousand people to protect him.

The Guo family would not care about Levi’s identity.

But today, a total of 30 regiments in the Jinling Military Region protect him!

That Levi’s identity is different.

It may be too strong for them to imagine!

“There is one thing to say, the Guo family is not qualified to know my identity!”

Levi’s eyes shot out a ray of cold light.

“Come here, take everything away for me! The rest of Guo’s family dare not move, I will do it myself!”

“Let me see how powerful this family who pretends to be Wang Fa is?”

Levi roared.


Guo Kunxu and others closed their eyes in despair.

The Guo family is completely over this time!

On the other side, inside Mann’s Manor.

“Grandpa and grandma, the big thing is not good, the Guo family has come to Jinling with five hundred dragons and tigers.”

Cross Wentao said out of breath.

“Huh? So fast?”

The expressions of everyone like Melina changed drastically.

Exuding deep fear.

“This is troublesome!”

“Do you know where they are now?”

Melina asked.

“Now I’m taking someone to find Levi. I heard that Levi is going to be killed and the Jinling underground circle is still to be eliminated.”

Cross Wentao said.

Melina began to pray: “After I hope to kill Levi, the Guo family’s anger will disappear!”

“What are you talking about, grandma?”

Sarah asked dissatisfiedly.

Chapter 654

Melina and others all looked at Sarah: “Sarah, don’t you really think that Levi can solve this problem?”

“This time the Guo family is going to kill him, and the three thousand people who protect you will also die tragically!”

Cross Wentao told a fact.


Only then did Sarah realize the seriousness of the problem.

“Oh? Really? Why am I not dead?”

At this time, a voice came, and Cross Wentao fell to the ground with a thud.


“What the hell? I’m alive and well!”

Levi cursed.

“Are you really okay?”

Melina and others all got up and looked at Levi.

“What can I do?”

“Where is the Guo family? Didn’t the Guo family look for you?”

Melina asked incredulously.

“Oh, let me run away, there will be no Guo’s family in the future.”

Levi said.

“What? How is it possible?”

Melina and others looked incredulous.

Cross Wentao hurried to find a relationship to inquire about the situation.

Subsequently, his face changed wildly.

“It’s really… the Guo family disappeared in Jinling, without whereabouts… this, this…”

Cross Wentao was shocked beyond words.

“It turned out to be true?”

Melina, Mann Jianguo and others showed incredible expressions.

Mann showed a relaxed smile.

The Guo family provoked this, isn’t it just looking for death?

Sarah grabbed Levi’s hand and whispered, “It was the mysterious boss of Erick Group who did it again, right?”

Levi was taken aback for a moment, then nodded.

He is the boss of Erick Group, and he did it right.

“We owe someone another favor, and we don’t know how to pay it back?”

Sarah smiled.

Levi smiled: “It’s really impossible, just give me to others!”

“That won’t work! Other conditions will work, this one cannot be promised!”

Sarah shook his head.

Her love for Levi has deepened into her bones.

It turns out that what she expected of her husband was–

Put on a suit and plan your strategy.

Put on military uniforms to defend your home and country.

But now, no matter what Levi is, she likes it.

Because she knew that Levi would guard her silently.

“Grandpa, grandma, grandpa today, I want to declare to you that my marriage is yours. I will still marry King’s Landing and wait for him to give me a perfect wedding again!”

Sarah expressed his attitude in front of everyone in Logan and Mann’s family.

Levi was very moved.

As long as Sarah believes in himself, it is enough.


The Logan and Mann family sighed.

How can I not dodge this Levi!

Do evil!

Melina can only dispel this idea.

The lesson this time brought was enough for her.


The economic capital of Velador, known as the magic capital.

Nelshire is even higher than the first-tier cities such as Jinling, Case York.

Because there are several royal families sitting in town!

The economic strength can be called against the sky!

But today the current circles in the Velador Sea are shaking.

Because Guo Kunxu, the president of the Nelshire Trade Union, was gone, and the Guo family was instantly destroyed.

Although the Guo family is not as powerful as the royal family, they can control the lifeline of Nelshire’s economy.

It fell down for no reason.

This makes many people fear!

What’s going on?

Didn’t the Guo family go to Jinling to marry a wife? How could it be gone?

For a while, everyone in Nelshire panicked.

But in the deep mountains and old forests on the outskirts of Nelshire, there is a luxurious villa.

Outside the villa, hundreds of people were kneeling unexpectedly.

“I implore the teacher to come forward and avenge the younger brother Graham Zhan!”

Chapter 655

Hundreds of people shouted, everyone slammed their heads.

The forehead is bleeding…

What’s more frightening is that these people have been kneeling here for three full days.

From the news that Graham Zhan died in Jinling, these people came here and bowed down for three days and three nights.

They are all Graham Zhan’s younger brothers and sisters, and they are under one teacher.

The teacher in Graham Zhan’s mouth is also going to Jinling.

It’s just that the time has not come yet, and his retreat is not over yet.

But Graham Zhan died, these people couldn’t wait any longer.

They asked the teacher to leave the customs early!


Suddenly a sigh came from the villa.

Hundreds of people who were kneeling heard this sound and immediately became excited.

The original pale face showed a rosy luster, and the eyes burst with brilliance.


Soon, the gate of the villa slowly opened.

“Da da da…”

First came out two teams of guards in red.

The word “Hong” is embroidered on their clothes.

Then six people came out surrounded by an old man!

These six people all wore masks, and their outfits were the same as the two Lord slaves that Graham Zhan brought.

The old man wore a white Tang suit and looked no different from an ordinary old man. His eyes were muddy and he walked tremblingly, as if he could be blown down by the wind.

“Senior meets the teacher!!!”

After hundreds of people saw it, they shouted together.

The worship and awe from the heart appeared on everyone’s face.

“Zhan’er is really gone?”

The old man tremblingly asked.

“Teacher, the younger brother stayed in Jinling forever and never came back.”

Someone said below.


Hearing this, the old man looked up to the sky and took a long breath.

In his life, there are countless peaches and plums under his family, and there are not thousands of students, but also 800.

Many of them were registered students, and he had forgotten them.

But for thousands of eight hundred students, his most optimistic is the little apprentice Graham Zhan.

Being childless, he cultivated Graham Zhan as his heir.

Otherwise, can such an important matter be entrusted to Graham Zhan to occupy Jinling?

He also talked to Graham Zhan two days ago. Graham Zhan said that the effect was very good and he had already eliminated the Jinling underground circle.

But not long after, news of Graham Zhan’s death was received.

“Who did it?”

The old man asked.

“Teacher, the current overlord of the Jinling underground circle, the God of War, is he who set the record for the death fighting match in Asia!”

“So we have not dared to act for a long time, and have been waiting for the teacher to exit!”

The students below said.

“It turns out that Jinling has such a stubborn stubbornness, my little apprentice is wronged!”

The old man said with a cry.

“Teacher, don’t worry, I will try my best to avenge my younger brother!”

“Yes, if I don’t avenge this revenge, I swear not to be a man!!!”

Hundreds of people shouted.

“Where is the body of my little apprentice?”

The old man looked at everyone.

Everyone was silent.

After the incident, no one cared about the corpse.

So much so that Graham Zhan’s body was still left in Jinling.

Seeing everyone’s silence.

A flash of anger flashed across the old man’s face.

“They kept saying that they wanted revenge, but you didn’t even bring back the body of your junior brother!”

The old man’s voice was like a roar of thunder, completely inconsistent with his old age.

Hundreds of people shivered and put their heads on the floor.

Everyone’s legs trembled, cold sweat broke out.

This one is angry.

The consequence is that the sky and the earth are torn apart!

Because his identity is terrible!!!

As soon as the identity of the old man is reported, it is estimated that the entire southern provinces of Velador will tremble!!!

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