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Chapter 661

Jinling Logan’s family would never think of it.

Nanhongmen will come to the door.

The main thing is that they have nothing to do with this matter.

The Nanhongmen army came.

The guards of the super mansion of the Jinling Logan family quickly collapsed.

Patriarch Logan Ravendel, the eldest brother of Logan Erye, brought everyone from the Logan family to the outside.

Outside the luxurious manor of Logan’s family, there are densely packed Hongmen disciples in red.

The six masked men standing in the front carried a crystal coffin!

The first four were brave and invincible, and their domineering eyes scanned everyone in the Logan family.

Where the four people stand, like four big mountains, they hold everyone in the Logan family.

Behind the crowd of people, another car came along with the words Nan and Hong printed on it.

Just because of this terrifying aura, the Logan family was persuaded!

They are puzzled.

Who is the one?

Since the fall of Logan Erye, the Logan family has been very low-key and has not participated in anything.

Have you never heard of any enemies?

How come such a strong opponent!!!

“You…who are you?”

Logan Ravendel asked tremblingly.

“South Hongmen Graham Kouzhong!”

“Nan Hongmen Porter Fisher!”

“Nan Hongmen Ren Garrison!”

“Nan Hongmen Garrison Canglang!”

After reporting the names of the first four people.


Father Logan Ravendel fell to the ground in fright.

Some elderly members of the other Logan’s family were also scared and faceless!

The young people of the Logan family were confused and didn’t know what happened.

“This, this…”

Logan Ravendel almost foamed at the mouth.

Isn’t it scary?

The four heavenly kings of Nanhongmen are here? ? ?

What’s wrong with the Logan family?

Are the four legendary kings worth coming together?

This this this…

“Who is this?”

The Logan family juniors looked incredible.

“These are the four kings of Nanhongmen!!!”

When the old people told the facts, all of the Logan family’s complexion changed drastically, and the blood disappeared.

Everyone has heard a lot about the legend of Nanhongmen.

Especially the dragon head and the four heavenly kings are like gods.

“All get out of the way, but anyone who blocks it will be killed without mercy!”

Graham Kouzhong said coldly.

Hearing this, everyone in the Logan family immediately gave way.

The four heavenly kings were in front, and the six major slaves carried the crystal coffin into the Logan Family Manor.

Behind him were the mighty Hongmen disciples entering together.

Finally Fu Canglong also entered.

Learned that the leader had come in person.

All of the Logan family fell to their knees in fright.

Everyone is frightened.

I don’t know what happened.

“Understood! Leader’s favorite student died because of plum!”

“The whole Logan family will have to bear the trouble caused by Sarah. Then you will go to the funeral together!”

Graham Kouzhong said coldly.


This made Logan Ravendel almost fainted.

Sarah’s trouble?

They will bear it?

They wanted to run, but they were seen so badly.

Subsequently, Graham Zhan’s funeral was spread.

The leader of Nanhongmen and the four kings personally hosted!

For a while, the entire South was shocked.

Hongmen disciples everywhere are hurriedly rushing to Jinling.

Even the big bosses of underground circles in major regions are also on their way.

They regard Hongmen as the hall of souls, and this funeral must be attended.

Three days later, this funeral is bound to cause a sensation in the south.

As soon as the news came out, the provincial capital knew that such a big thing had happened.

Even the leaders of Nanhongmen came personally.

They don’t even know?

Three days later, the matter of holding a funeral quickly reached Levi’s ears.

“What? Take me to bury alive, bury me?”

Levi looked surprised.

Chapter 662

The God of War smiled helplessly: “God of War, you and your wife are on the list, and you will be buried alive by then!”

“How courageous, anyone dare to bury it?”

Levi sneered.

Wesley and Alton smiled: “General, this Nanhong Clan is indeed powerful. It is completely different from the Guo family and Chu family!”

“Yes! They are more organized and even religious!”

“As long as the leader raises his arms, Hong Sect disciples from all over the world will gather together!”

Owen’s smile gradually became mad: “Very well, three days later, the funeral, right? Then I will fight all the way to the end!”

“By the way, you can’t transfer people to the general this time?”

Owen pleaded.

“Well, no. I have a plan for Nanhongmen, I’ll talk about it then!”

Regarding the situation, Levi had planned for a long time.

“Bass Luo, you must protect my wife. She has finally worked with peace of mind. I don’t want her to know about this or be disturbed!”

Levi ordered.

“Understand, I will spare my life and protect Miss Logan thoroughly!”

On the other side, after Nan Hongmen formally settled in Logan’s house, he would start to act.

“Big brother, I want to ask what would you like to do with Erick Group this time?”

Graham Kouzhong asked curiously.

“I’ve heard that many people were killed before they even saw the owner of Erick Group!”

Fu Canglong thought deeply: “First force this boss out, and secondly, accept him for my use!”


Next, Nanhongmen began to act.

All the characters involved in the death of Graham Zhan were captured one by one.

In the end, there were only four Levi left!

But Nanhongmen hesitated.

Except for Levi, the other three are all together.

If you want to catch Sarah, you must pass the level of Bass Luo God of War.

“This Yama God of War is superb, and the two slaves were killed by him when they joined forces!”

“I have witnessed his strength personally, at least 50-50 with me!”

Graham Kou Zhongdao.

“Teacher, I have found the identity of the God of Yama, once the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom. After being defeated by my Chinese God of War, he will be incognito and appear in the Asian Death Fighting Tournament!”

Among the hundreds of students of Fu Canglong, many of them were capable people, and they soon passed on the true identity of the God of War of Yama.

“It turns out to be the God of War of the Wolf Kingdom, no wonder the strength is so strong!”

Everyone suddenly realized.

“If this is the case, let the four of you go together! Let him see how powerful Nanhong Sect is. If God of War can beat him, so can I!”

Fu Canglong ordered.


Graham Kouzhong led the four heavenly kings.

Sarah got off work as usual this day, and Boyd Xiao drove her car to pick her up.

Halfway through, the Yama God of War appeared.

He handed Boyd Xiao a note: “Go to the place above and leave quickly!”

Boyd Xiao took a look, immediately started the car, and galloped away.

The God of War Yama, who had been guarding in the dark, suddenly felt a breath of danger.

This time he actually had a sense of fear.

He may not be able to cope.

Immediately asked Boyd Xiao to take Sarah to the military district compound to find Levi.


Yama God of War breathed a sigh of relief as the car left.

He also slowly walked to the other side.

At this time, four figures appeared in the dark alley.

Graham Kouzhong and other four heavenly kings appeared together.

They looked at Yama God of War with a trace of cruelty.

Seeing Bass Luo God of War came step by step.

Graham Kouzhong said coldly: “Looking for death!!!”

Chapter 663

In the narrow and dark alley.

The God of Yama and the four heavenly kings of Nanhongmen fought against each other.

Hongmen has always been a place honored by strength!

There are three ways you can get a high position.

First, force.

Second, financial resources.

Third, the mind.

Those who can occupy a high position are nothing more than that at least one of these three is terrifying, and even the three are gathered together!

In Nanhongmen, there is a saying that there is one dragon, four heavenly kings and eight slaves.

This represents the three echelons with the highest force.

The strength of the four heavenly kings is unmatched, and it is the key to Nanhongmen’s battles from the east to the west and to lay countless territories.

“Boom boom…”


In the long and narrow alley, a earth-shattering battle is going on.

The walls on both sides all fell down, and even the surrounding buildings shattered one after another.

At first, Yama God of War was still able to fight, but gradually he was at a disadvantage.

Each of the four heavenly kings can be five to five with him, and the four are added together.

He is naturally invincible!


Ten minutes later, Bass Luo God of War was kicked out by Graham Kouzhong.

As soon as the God of Yama was about to get up, he slammed down on him with three strokes.


Dozens of bones on his body shattered and he lost his mobility.

“Don’t kill him!”

Graham Kouzhong’s eyes flashed with coldness, took out a small knife, and broke the hamstrings of Bass Luo God of War.

Yama God of War was directly fainted by the pain.

In the end, the God of War Bass Luo was taken away, and he was going to be buried with Graham Zhan at the funeral.

“Where are the two women?”

Ren Garrison asked.

“Bass Luo War God has fallen, where else can they go? Send someone to catch it!”

Graham Kouzhong smiled.

For him, the biggest obstacle is Yama God of War.

Sarah and Boyd Xiao didn’t care at all, and they could be captured by their subordinates.

Boyd Xiao headed toward the place on the note.

Soon, he came to the base camp of Levi and others-the military district compound.

The two came in in a panic and happened to collide with Levi.

“what’s happenin?”

Levi asked.

“I don’t know, the man protecting President Logan suddenly handed me a note and asked me to come here!”

Boyd Xiao said anxiously.

Levi was taken aback.

Secretly said carelessly.

He underestimated Nanhongmen.

In his opinion, there is a god of war in the kingdom of wolf, and no one in Nanhongmen can be an opponent.

It now appears that he was wrong.

The Lord of Nanhongmen Ruyun, Bass Luo War God must have realized that he was not sure, and let Boyd Xiao drive here.

Sure enough, it was that sentence—all the Lords in the world came from Hongmen.

Nan Hongmen has Lords who can deal with Yama God of War, I’m afraid it will not be a minority!

“Then you guys will stay here tonight!”

Levi approached.

Sarah was very curious about this place, but stayed there anyway.

She is now full of curiosity about Levi’s identity.

Whenever the super bodyguard who secretly protected something happened, the person who asked her to come for the first time was Levi.

He must have a veil of mystery.

The other side.

Twenty Lords sent by Graham Kouzhong actually touched here all the way.

It can be seen that the efficiency of Nanhongmen is high.

“It’s probably at this location. We searched around and we were sure to find it!”

Everyone discussed.

When more than 20 people were about to enter this chaotic area, an uncle in a green shirt ran out from a pavilion next to him and said: “This is not the place you should come, leave now!”

“Hehe, there are places where we can’t come?”

Everyone disagrees.

“Because this is the forbidden area of ​​the entire Jinling!”

Chapter 664

After listening to the old man’s words, the disciples of Nanhongmen all laughed.

“Also forbidden? There is no place where my Hongmen can’t set foot!”

“Children, you have to listen to persuasion, you can’t help yourself if you enter this area.”

The old man persuaded.

Don’t think the uncle is just a gatekeeper, the uncle is a veteran.

“We just entered, what can we do?”

These Nanhongmen Lords stepped in brazenly.

“Hey, another team went to die!”

Uncle looked at the back of these people and sighed helplessly.

Along the way, everyone who meets them is persuading them to go back, saying that the forbidden area in Jinling here is not something anyone can come here casually.

This makes the major Lords of Nanhongmen very puzzled.

In doubt, he quickly touched the military area compound.

“Look, it’s Sarah’s car, they are here!”

Seeing the car parked at the gate of the compound, the man exclaimed.

Everyone was about to rush over. At this moment, a person appeared in front of him, dressed in casual clothes, smoking a cigarette in his mouth.

Owen King!

At this time, Levi and several people were watching everything on the roof, and they were all guessing how many seconds Owen would solve this group of rubbish.

Levi guessed for a second.

In the field, Owen glanced at the people and said, “Who made you come here? I wonder if this place is not yours?”

The Lords of Nanhongmen were stunned.

Why is there always someone saying that this place can’t come?

What’s wrong with this place?

It looks depressed and shabby.

It’s like a slum.

How could it become a forbidden place in Jinling City?

“Huh, where can’t we come? Get out of the way!”

The leader coldly shouted.

Owen smiled: “Wait for me to take a puff!”

After Owen took a puff of cigarette, he moved.

Turned into a bolt of lightning to pass through.

Everyone lost consciousness when it went dark in front of them.

When they woke up, they found lying in the garbage.

They were thrown out of this block.

Everyone was terrified.

They don’t even know how the other party made the move.

It’s really a forbidden area, not anyone can break into it!

Withdraw quickly!

A group of people fled.

In Logan’s Villa.

The four heavenly kings personally captured the Yama God of War, and there was joy from above and below.

“Brother don’t worry, that woman will be arrested soon!”

Graham Kou Zhongdao.

For the remaining three people, he can just send someone to solve it.

At this moment, the twenty Lords under his door fled in haste.

“Report the leader, the four kings, the big thing is not good…”

Everyone was bruised and swollen, and they were obviously injured.

“what happened???”

Graham Kouzhong’s face changed, and he asked angrily.

“Sarah and Boyd Xiao hid in a courtyard on the edge of Jinling City. That place is too weird. Anyone who came across advised us to go back, saying that it was a forbidden area! We met a weird person and we didn’t even see him. No matter how we did it, we fainted…”

When everyone clarified the matter, Graham Kouzhong and others were taken aback.

These twenty people are all Lords, so they were thrown out like this?

Can’t even see the other person’s face?

What kind of Lord is this!

“What? There is such a place in Jinling?”

“Why don’t I know? Shanler and Mylen are the strongest in Jinling, right?”

Everyone was surprised.

I asked Logan Ravendel and others again, and everyone didn’t know that there was such a forbidden area.

Fu Canglong’s students all inquired, but they couldn’t find out why.

Because that place is a military forbidden area, it is a secret file.

Who can find it?

“No, people must bring it back to me!”

Chapter 665

Fu Canglong was very angry: “No matter what forbidden land, even hell, I have to bring people back in front of God of Death!!!”

Nan Hongmen is also domineering and self-confident.

A little Jinling, and what they didn’t dare to break into?

It’s hilarious!

The four heavenly kings trembled and said: “The dragon head, promise to bring people there!”

Immediately, the four heavenly kings Graham Kouzhong and Ren Garrison quickly came to this neighborhood with hundreds of Lords.

“Just rush in!”

Graham Kou’s eyes flashed, and with a wave of his hand, the Hundred Experts rushed into the block.

Each person is extremely tall, light as a swallow, and approaching the military district compound like a snow flies.

The picture of hundreds of Lords scoring together is very spectacular!

Soon, everyone came to a crossroads.

“One, two, one, one, two, one, one, two, three, four…”

But at this moment, there were bursts of loud slogans in my ears.


Accompanied by the sound of a uniform pace.


Graham Kouzhong waved his hand and everyone stopped at the crossroads.

Quietly observing the movement around.

The footsteps are getting closer and the slogans are getting louder and louder.

I saw an army that was training in each of the three directions on the left and right in front of the crossroads.

There must be at least a few hundred people, two or three battalions in size.

“No progress!”

Seeing Graham Kouzhong and others, the officer led by the command ordered that all the soldiers stepped on the spot and looked at Graham Kouzhong and others with weird eyes.

At this time, everyone in Graham Kouzhong was dumbfounded.

Everyone looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.

How could you meet a training soldier in this place?

Graham Kouzhong was very surprised.

It is estimated that these soldiers are also very surprised.

Well, in the military forbidden area, why do these people gather together?

Apparently organized and disciplined?

Are these people here to make trouble?

They must not be allowed in!

A flash of light flashed in the officer’s eyes, and he commanded: “Go ahead!”


Soldiers in the three directions continued to advance, pressing towards Graham Kouzhong and more than a hundred people.

The momentum was fierce, the footsteps were as dense as drums, and it hit everyone in Graham Kouzhong’s heart, as if their heart would explode.

“Da da da…”

Everyone retreated subconsciously.

The other side moved forward an inch, and everyone took a step back.

Graham Kouzhong and others broke out in a cold sweat.

How strong they are.

Facing these people, I am always afraid of a guilty conscience.


In the end, the Four Heavenly Kings gave orders, and hundreds of people left in a rush and disappeared quickly.

Come to the outside of the block.

Graham Kouzhong let out a long sigh of relief: “We almost got into a catastrophe just now!”


The Ren Garrison three also had the same look.

If they go one step further and conflict, then the trouble will be big.

Nan Hongmen is strong, can it be stronger than these people?

Transferred a plane and tank to make you abrupt.

No matter how high martial arts are, it’s useless!

Garrison Canglang was extremely surprised and said: “It turns out that forbidden land means this, this place belongs to military forbidden land!”

“Huh, Sarah can really find a place to hide here!”

Porter Fangdao.

Ren Garrison sighed helplessly; “What should we do now?”

“Do you want to ask for instructions on the next leader?”

“It’s useless to ask for a leader! You can’t send someone in and grab someone forcibly, right?”

Graham Kouzhong said helplessly.

“What should we do then? We just let this woman go?”

Ren Garrison and others were obviously unwilling.

Graham Kouzhong thought for a while and said, “I have a way!”

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