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Chapter 71

Everyone was stunned.

Everyone looked at Levi and West Jingxuan incredible.

“Buy…buy a villa?”

An Feiyu’s voice was obviously trembling.

“Yes, I came to the villa! If you buy a common house or a large flat floor, the Oriental Garden is enough!”

West Jingxuan said.

An Feiyu and An Longqi were completely dumbfounded.

Their family is reluctant to buy a house in Oriental Garden.

Not to mention the villas under Oriental Garden.

There are no villas below thirty or forty million.

There are many estimates of hundreds of millions.

But they don’t believe that Levi can buy a villa!

Even West Wanhua and Cox Qin didn’t believe it.

After all, they still knew Levi.

How is it possible to buy a villa?

It’s not Levi, who was worth billions of dollars six years ago!

Just the next moment, a group of people ran out of the villa area.

The leaders West Wanhua and Cox Qin also knew each other.

Yu Shulong, the big boss of Oriental Real Estate, is West Jingxuan’s biggest boss.

They had seen it once at the annual meeting.

I saw Yu Shulong rushed out and came to Levi, and said with excitement: “Hello, distinguished Mr. Garrison, you are here to let me know, I will pick it up!”

“Welcome to Mr. Garrison!!!”

The staff in the villa area shouted in unison. They stood in two rows and celebrated with fireworks.

An Longqi and An Feiyu were completely dumbfounded.

What kind of treatment is this?

West Wanhua and Cox Qin reconsidered Levi.

Levi said faintly: “Don’t be so troublesome, I’ll just come over and buy a villa.”


Hearing Levi’s words, An Longqi and others were about to vomit blood.

West Wanhua and the couple realized something, and couldn’t help asking West Jingxuan: “Have he bought a house before?”

“Well, I bought the most expensive suite in Oriental Garden with the full amount, worth more than 50 million. Now I am the highest-level member of Oriental Real Estate!”

West Jingxuan said.

West Wanhua and his wife almost fainted.

This is too cruel, right?

Buy a house of 50 million in full?

“Mr. Garrison, please come with me!”

Yu Shulong personally invited Levi into the sales center.

Champagne and other items have been arranged inside, and it seems that the house buying ceremony has been arranged.

“I don’t know what kind of villa Mr. Garrison wants to see?”

Yu Shulong asked.

“The most expensive!”

Levi did not hesitate.

Erick’s regrets must be made up for by his parents.

A villa is really nothing.

For Levi, it was a common meal.

But this scared An Longqi, An Feiyu and the others.

All the properties of his company add up to not one hundred million. People buy a villa at will cost hundreds of millions.

Several people blushed at the thought that they were still mocking Levi just now.

Perhaps in Levi’s eyes, they were just clowns.

“Come here, Mr. Garrison, this is the most expensive villa in the Jinling Villa District, the eastern provincial capital, at 120 million! Give Mr. Garrison a discount of 20 million, 100 million!”

“The decoration standard for this villa is 30,000 per square meter…”

Yu Shulong began to introduce the villa.

“Well, yes, I can move in tonight. Can it be done?”

Levi asked.

“Absolutely! Equipped with three babysitters, a housekeeper, a babysitter car and a full-time driver!”

Yu Shulong immediately said.

At last, everyone watched Levi easily swiped the card and bought this one-billion-dollar villa.

Levi pointed to West Jingxuan and said, “This single belongs to her!”

“I understand this! Please rest assured, Mr. Garrison!”

Yu Shulong smiled.

Chapter 72

West Jingxuan couldn’t laugh or cry.

For this order, she can get at least five million.

But she basically did nothing.

After knowing all this, West Wanhua and Cox Qin suddenly felt that An Feiyu was very ordinary, worth tens of millions of dollars.

The five properties of Anjia are nothing.

“Lao An, let’s delay the children’s affairs first, and talk about it later!”

West Wanhua said ruthlessly.

“Huh? No, it’s okay.”

The three An Longqi were dumbfounded.

It’s just that West Wanhua has gone far.

At night, Levi took Byron and his wife to the villa.

“Foster father and mother, live with peace of mind! I will do my filial piety for Erick!”

After arranging the two, Levi felt a lot more stable.

The Garrison Family still controls some of Levi’s dynamics.

Van sneered: “Levi seems to have bought a house for Byron’s two old men, and threatened to avenge Erick.”

“Huh, he’s just a trash. He guesses that he can’t even find out how Erick died, let alone revenge.”

Colleen dismissed it.

“Is the Logan family still unaware of this matter! Van, go and tell the Logan family what happened five days later, and then ask the Logan family to go too! I want everyone in the Logan family to see how I killed Levi Finally I can avenge Yaoyang!”

Edmund’s voice was cold.

Van suddenly came to Logan’s house and frightened Doug and others.

When they learned that they were going to the grave in a few days, everyone in the Logan family was even more frightened.

Van threatened: “If I can’t see you in front of Erick’s grave in five days, I will definitely destroy the Logan family!”

“Young Lord Garrison, don’t worry, all the members of our Logan family will be there!”

Doug was so scared that he almost knelt down.

After Van left, Doug was furious.

“This Levi is really a scourge! What can I do to provoke the Garrison family? This is exhausting our family!”

“I really want to kill Levi!”

“Go, all of us go to the third child’s house!”

Doug brought a large number of people to Dale’s house.

Let Dale inform Sarah and Levi to come here.

I saw several cars parked downstairs.

After coming to the room, it was even more scary, and it was full of people.

Everyone in the Logan family has arrived.

“Levi, you beast! You killed my Logan family!”

As soon as he entered the door, Dale yelled at Levi.

Others also scolded Levi.

When Sarah understood what was going on, she looked at Levi incredulously. She cried and said, “Didn’t I tell you? Don’t provoke the Garrison family. Are you not listening? I know you want to do it. Erick takes revenge! But have you considered us? Have you considered me?”


Levi was interrupted when he spoke.

“No! You didn’t! You only do what you want to do! Now you have completely offended the Garrison family! The anger has been transferred to our family! As long as the Garrison family is dissatisfied, there is absolutely no possibility for the Logan family to survive in Case York! We are all Life-threatening! Are you trying to drive me to death?”

Speaking of which, Sarah already cried like a tearful person.

Levi did not explain.

Now these people explain nothing.

“what should I do now?”

Dale’s head is big.

Doug said: “There is only one solution now…”

“Let Sarah divorce him! Levi can only save us if we renounce our relationship!”

Chapter 73

Earl, Nick and others immediately shouted: “Yes, a divorce must be made! Only in this way can my Logan family be preserved!”

Although Dale and his wife have been ostracized, they still chose to stand with the Logan family on this matter.

Dale said coldly: “You trouble yourself and solve it yourself, don’t hurt us! We also support divorce!”

Edith nodded: “Yes! Get a divorce now! I thought I could live a good life, but I didn’t expect this thing to happen! You don’t deserve to stay at Logan’s house!”

The Logan family strongly demanded that Levi and Sarah divorce, and they did not allow Levi to stay at Logan’s house for a moment.

For these people’s views, Levi didn’t care at all.

He only cares what Sarah thinks.

Levi looked at Sarah and asked, “What do you think? I respect your ideas.”

If Sarah wants to divorce, Levi will not refuse, he respects Sarah’s choice.

“Seriously, you disappointed me too much! Good days, but you have to compete with the Garrison family. This is not just your problem, the whole Logan family is exhausted by you! The Garrison family is determined to deal with it this time. You, as long as they say a word, the Logan family will no longer exist!”

Sarah’s voice was cold.

Doug and the others are very satisfied with this effect.

As long as Sarah blames Levi, he can get a divorce, and the Logan family can be alone.

“Excuse me, before you do anything, think about it for others?”

“In order not to hurt my family, I decided to…”

Hearing this, Levi closed his eyes.

She will get a divorce after all.

“I decided to withdraw from the Logan family. I have no connection with the Logan family in the future. I chose to face the difficulties together with my husband!”

Sarah took a step forward and chose to stand with Levi.


This decision made Levi stunned.

There was joy on his face.

It really is his wife!

Sarah’s decision made everyone in the Logan family stunned.

Dale and Edith shouted, “Sarah, what are you doing? Divorce! Divorce must be done!”

Sarah shook his head: “No, I can’t get a divorce! If you want to get a divorce, why should I wait for him for six years? Grandpa, if you want to get rid of the relationship, please expel me from the family?”


After all, it was his granddaughter, and after developing such a big project, Doug was a little bit reluctant after all.

“Grandpa quickly decide! Sacrifice her and save the entire Logan family!”

Earl couldn’t wait to say.

Others urged one after another.

Dale and Edith could only look helplessly.

When Doug announced his decision, Levi smiled and said, “Do you believe me? As long as you believe me, I will definitely settle this matter! It won’t affect the Logan family at all! The premise is that Sarah cannot be expelled from the family!”

“Who still believes you? Why is your face so big?”

“Even Sarah is disappointed in you, let alone other people?”

Levi’s words caused strong dissatisfaction among others.

Sarah didn’t believe it, let alone other people.

Doug glanced at Levi and Sarah coldly, and announced, “Well, I decided to expel Sarah from the Logan family! From then on, I have nothing to do with the Logan family! I will explain to the Garrison family immediately and let the media Announce!”

“After Levi Sarah, the Logan family has nothing to do with you! You will solve your own troubles yourself!”

Chapter 74

Dale and Edith looked at Levi disappointedly, and said angrily; “You are a total trash! Even your own wife can’t protect!”

“Your wife has been expelled from the family. Are you still indifferent? You are really not a man!”

Levi took Sarah’s hand and left.

Before leaving, he looked at the Logan family with a sneer and said, “You will regret this decision today!”

“Huh, let us regret it? Impossible!”

Everyone sneered.

Soon the media in Case York City announced that Sarah had been expelled from the Logan family, which caused a sensation in the small circle.

After all, because of Levi, many people know that plums are dyed.

When Doug explained the situation to the Garrison Family himself, Van laughed out loud.

“Haha, it’s good now, even the Logan family has no relationship! Levi has really become a polished commander!”

“Hmph, Levi wait, and even Lao Jiu will abandon him by then! What should I do with him?”

“Levi is dying! You will be buried in a random grave at that time!”

Everyone in the Garrison family laughed.

In their opinion, Levi will end badly in a few days.

Back home, Levi smiled and said, “Sarah, you still believe me!”

“No, I don’t believe you! I don’t think you have the ability to solve problems! But at the birthday party that night I said, I will follow you all my life! Even if I die, I am fearless!”

Sarah said seriously.

Levi smiled.

He was looking forward to it a few days later.

The time limit he gave to the Garrison family has arrived!

At night, Wesley suddenly sent a message saying that the truth of Erick’s death had been found.

On that day, someone filmed Erick’s death video.

Seeing this, Levi jumped up.

Sarah was taken aback.

“I go out for a while!”

Levi left in a hurry.

Coming to the door of the Oriental Garden, Wesley was waiting in an off-road vehicle.

After getting in the car, Wesley explained: “General, after you went to jail six years ago, Mr. Erick stuck to the company. He made all preparations so that the Garrison family had no possibility of swallowing it.”

Levi knew about Erick’s abilities.

Business wizards!

Especially the use of various rules is simply perfect.

“It is precisely because they obstructed the Garrison family that they wanted to get rid of Mr. Graham! So the Garrison family designed a frame and forged a series of evidence, such as embezzling public funds. The day before you got married, Mr. Graham’s private account suddenly added ten more. Hundreds of millions! And suddenly a few more properties were added to his name. There are women living in the house, that is, the mistress of Mr. Graham as reported by the media! There are all kinds of evidence of Mr. Graham’s crimes! There is even Mr. Byron’s name. Corrupted money!”

After Wesley’s explanation, Levi understood that this was planned by the Garrison family for a long time.

Not only to get rid of yourself, but also to get rid of your right hand.

“Now, I have sent someone to find the four mistresses. They are on their way!”

Wesley said.

Levi raised his head and asked, “Then who are you going to look for now?”

“Go to the dark night private detective office!”

“This detective agency has always been active in a gray area, specializing in digging out dark history. Many rich and even celebrities in Case York have the dark scandals in their hands. The night that Mr. Graham died, it happened that the private detectives in the dark took this scene. !”

Wesley explained.

“Well, go to the Dark Night Private Detective Office to see the evidence!”

Chapter 75

Although he knew that Erick’s death was caused by the Garrison Family.

But Levi wanted to know how his brother was forced to jump off the building?

Who are involved?

What are the things involved?

Be clear!

The detective office of the dark night is actually in a luxurious manor.

If Levi hadn’t known it in advance, he wouldn’t have believed that the private detective’s office would be here.

When you come to the door, let you get out of the car and be checked.

Wesley said quietly: “General, I haven’t revealed my identity!”

Levi nodded: “Well, good.”

Levi looked at it. This alloy door was specially made, so it might be bulletproof.

The guards at the door have a steady pace and a restrained aura. They are all practicers.

There was even a murderous look on him, and he was probably retired from the battlefield.

The guards wore white gloves and began a body search.

After confirming that they were correct, Levi and Wesley were allowed to enter.

After entering the manor, someone will take them through a special passage.

Soon after, the two came to a conference room.

On the opposite side of the leather sofa sits a middle-aged man whose hair is combed back meticulously. He is holding a red wine glass in his left hand and a Gunava cigar in his right hand.

Behind him stood six men in suits, judging from their eyes and breath, they were absolute Lords.

It’s not comparable to those of Old Nine Third Lord.

And these bodyguards are all different skin colors, obviously mercenaries.

“General, this is Cross Tianlin, the owner of the Dark Night Detective Agency, known as Heiye. It is him that many rich stars are most afraid of!”

Wesley reminded from the side.

Cross Tianlin took a sip of his cigar and smiled: “Levi? You are finally out of prison! It’s not bad to be able to go to the old nine!”

Levi and Wesley stared at him.

It seems that Cross Tianlin is really not a vegetarian.

These information can be found.

Of course these are what Levi wants outsiders to know.

His real file is sssss level!

There is only one person who has the power to investigate in Velador!

Levi grinned and said, “It seems that you also know the purpose of my coming?”

“Of course you know, you want the video of Erick jumping off the building!”

Cross Tianlin laughed meaty and didn’t smile.

“What are the conditions?”

Levi asked.


Cross Tianlin put down the wine glass and raised five fingers: “Five hundred million! Five hundred million this video is yours!”


Wesley took a breath.

Hei Garrison’s appetite is not small!

“A bit expensive! Five hundred million?”

Levi smiled.

“Oh, brother, you also know that I risked my life to shoot! That’s the Garrison family, a wealthy family, and one of them killed me if I didn’t pay attention! It was too much involved, let alone there are other people, I After this video goes out, several companies will kill me soon. Five billion is really not much!”

Cross Tianlin cried.

However, a message was also thrown out: there were other people involved in the matter, not just the Garrison family.

Levi approached for a few minutes, looked at Cross Tianlin’s face and sneered: “Then you are not afraid of my revenge on you?”

“Crack, click, click…”

The six bodyguards behind Cross Tianlin moved and stared at Levi murderously.

As long as Cross Tianlin gave an order, they would immediately abolish Levi.

Cross Tianlin took a sip of his cigar and sneered: “Nan Xiaodu, Bei Lao Jiu, Lao Jiu are indeed terrible! But he is a reckless man after all, I won’t take it seriously! Let alone you!”

Cross Tianlin is very confident.

He didn’t pay attention to Lao Jiu at all.

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