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Chapter 666

“What way? You say it!”

The three kings immediately looked at him and asked anxiously.

“I don’t believe she dared to hide here forever! We’ll just wait here and see if she can’t come out!”

Graham Kouzhong said.

“It’s actually a way, but now it seems that it can only be so!”

Ren Garrison commanded: “A hundred of you are lurking around, staring at all times! Once there is news, immediately notify!”

When the four heavenly kings returned to Logan’s house and told Fu Canglong.

Fu Canglong was furious: “What? Hiding in the military district compound?”

“Outrageous! Is there no way I can do it if you hide in the military area compound?”

“Teacher, you can’t conflict with them no matter what! That’s a dead end!”

The students immediately persuaded.

Looking at Fu Canglong’s posture, they were really afraid that Fu Canglong would kill him directly.

“Yes, brother, no matter how impulsive we are, we can’t touch them!”

“For this plan, I can only wait! I don’t believe it, she won’t come out!”

Graham Kou Zhongdao.

“Hey! Me!”

Fu Canglong looked angry.

Early the next morning.

The Four Heavenly Kings received the news that plums were dyed.

The four heavenly kings rushed here non-stop.

They just saw the scene before them, and they were dead silent.

The plum was stained without fake, but four military vehicles escorted her around.

Even though they are far away, ordinary people can’t see the clues.

But when Graham Kouzhong saw it, they knew that the four military vehicles were in an escort formation.


Graham Kouzhong looked desperate.

The other party wants to protect plum dye.

The warnings of last night and today’s warnings indicate this.

Nan Hongmen dared not confront them no matter how horizontal?

The plum dye in the car didn’t know what was going on.

She went to work casually.

All this was arranged by Levi.

No one can disturb Sarah’s normal life.

Just when Graham Kouzhong was thinking about what to do, a little boy walked up to him and said: “Uncle, someone over there asked me to hand you a note!”

Graham Kouzhong took a look at the note, which read: I will appear at the funeral-Levi.

Levi and they naturally knew.

Kill Graham Zhan’s people with Bass Luo God of War.

“Very well, you dare to show up!”

A sneer crossed the corner of Graham Kouzhong’s mouth.

After returning to Logan’s house, he told Fu Canglong the whole situation.

“What? The military is trying to protect that woman???”

Fu Canglong gritted his teeth.

But helpless!

“But the woman’s husband, Levi, said he would come to the funeral. He probably compromised with us.”

Graham Kouzhong said.

“Can you not compromise? After all, we are in the dark, we have a chance to kill them!”

Ren Garrison Dao.

“Okay, then I will wait for him to show up! He must bury my students!”

Fu Canglong said angrily.

On the second day, Graham Zhan’s funeral was officially held.

In this funeral, almost all the people in Nanhongmen who have the head and face have come to participate.

It can be said that the foundation of Nanhongmen is here.

To put it in exaggeration, when these people were angry, the entire south trembled.


Thousands of Hongmen disciples all wore black clothes and white flowers on their chests.

Everyone looked solemn.

In the mourning hall, there is a coffin.

The Yama God of War and others were tied up by the five flowers and couldn’t cry.

Later they will go into the soil with Graham Zhan’s coffin.

That is buried alive!!!

“The first hall of Nanhongmen comes to see Lord Graham for a ride!”

“Nin Hongmen Ninth Hall, come to see Lord Graham for a ride!”

“The 23rd Hall of Nanhongmen is here to see Lord Graham for a ride!”

Chapter 667

Nanhongmen has a total of thirty-nine churches, spread all over the southern part.

Today, they all gathered together to attend Graham Zhan’s funeral.

“Austin Xianwen from Guangbei came to see Mr. Graham off! Mr. Fu’s sorrow!”

“Guangnan Zhuo Alfred came to see Mr. Graham off! Mr. Fu’s sorrow!”

“Yungui Qiao Xudong came to see Mr. Graham off! Mr. Fu’s sorrow!”

It’s not just Nanhongmen disciples who came to attend the funeral.

Big bosses from all parts of the south also came to attend the funeral.

Compared with these big people, these families in Jiangnan Province are not even qualified to come to the funeral.

This is the hugeness of Nanhong Gate.

If the funeral is held in Nelshire, it is estimated that the number of people will increase several times.

Fu Canglong kept his face cold.

Failing to catch Levi and Sarah personally has always been his pain!

“Big brother, all the guests who come to the funeral are here!”

Graham Kouzhong whispered beside him.


Fu Canglong glanced at the audience and said: “First of all, I, Fu Canglong, thank you all for coming to the funeral of my students!”

Immediately, the audience calmed down, their gazes turned towards Fu Canglong.

“Let me tell you, Graham Zhan is one of my 800 students who I love to love! I am also going to make him my heir at this year’s North-South Hongmen Conference, and let him be the next leader of the South Hongmen! “

“such a pity…”

Speaking of this, Fu Canglong said with a hint of choking, “But I never thought that Zhan’er would fall in Jinling and be brutally killed!!!”

“Vengeance! Revenge! Revenge…”

“eye for eye!”

“eye for eye!”

Suddenly, thousands of Hongmen disciples below shouted together.

Threatening revenge!

The shout was shaking, enough to hear the shocking sound in a radius of ten miles.

Fu Canglong waved his hand and stopped immediately, his voice disappeared instantly.

“Now, everyone who participated in the death of Zhan’er has been arrested by me! Especially the God of Bass Luo who killed Zhan’er personally was broken off by me, right where they are! They want to be buried!”

Immediately, Fu Canglong turned his words: “But there are still three fish that slip through the net!”

“They have someone to keep, I can’t do it! I hate it, I can’t do it for Zhan’er in the first place!”

Fu Canglong was crying, and two lines of tears flowed out.

“Kill kill kill!”

“No matter who is keeping it, you must kill without mercy!”

“When you chase to the ends of the world, you must kill Wushe!”

“Kill kill kill!!!”

The people below shouted in unison.

Everyone’s expression is extremely angry!

This is an insult to the facade of Nanhongmen, after chasing it to the nine heavens and ten earth, you must kill it!

Fu Canglong took a long breath and said, “Then I will issue a chase order in the name of the dragon head of Nanhongmen!”

“The halls of Nanhongmen must kill Levi, Sarah and Boyd Xiao by all means!”

Fu Canglong issued a chase order with his eyes eager to split.

“The Hongmen disciple got the order!!!”

“The Hongmen disciple got the order!!!”

Thousands of people expressed their opinions one after another, and their eyes were full of killing intent.

This is the execution power of Nanhongmen!

A hundred responses!

Fu Canglong was more comfortable now.

After all, in his opinion, Levi and the three are going to die in the end.

It’s just a matter of time.

“By the way, the one named Levi hasn’t come yet?”

Fu Canglong asked.

“I’m afraid I dare not come! After all, he also understands that coming is to die!”

Graham Kou Zhongdao.

“Who said I didn’t dare to come?”

At this time, a voice came.

Chapter 668

The voice was loud and loud, all over the audience.

Thousands of people at Nanhongmen looked over.

Two figures appeared at the entrance of Logan’s Villa.

Levi and Owen.

Even Fu Canglong looked over in surprise.

He never thought that Levi would come.

“What a courage!”

Graham Kouzhong sneered.

“His purpose is probably to take care of all this by himself, and not to affect his wife!”

Ren Garrison said.

“That’s right, otherwise, why did he come here?”

Under the gaze of nearly two thousand people in the audience, Levi and Owen came to the court step by step.

Stopped at a distance of more than ten meters from Fu Canglong.

Levi asked, “Fu Canglong, the leader of Nanhongmen?”

“it’s me!”

Fu Canglong nodded, and immediately, Chunlei opened his mouth: “You still don’t kneel down?”

“Why should I kneel down?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

“You killed my students and subordinates! I want you to kneel in front of my apprentice’s mourning hall to repent! My little apprentice died too unjustly!”

Fu Canglong shouted.

“Kneel down, repent!”

“Kneel down, repent!”

Thousands of Nan Hongmen disciples shouted together, as if thunder exploded, and the momentum was magnificent.

Hearing this, Levi smiled and said: “Did too wrong? Ha ha, he is more than guilty of death!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

As soon as Levi said this, the audience fell silent.

Everyone stared at him with terrible eyes.

In the presence of everyone in Nanhongmen, said that there was more than a guilty death in Graham Zhan’s death?

This is provoking the entire Nanhongmen!

“court death!!!”

The four heavenly kings and the six major slaves are completely angry!

Fu Canglong looked incredible.

“You… what are you talking about? I am more than guilty when I die?”

“That’s right! Lv Zhan has done something to kill people, he is more than guilty!”

Levi said very positively.

“You are so courageous! Don’t tell me the people who killed my Hongmen, and still rant about me at the funeral, you didn’t put my Nanhongmen in your eyes at all!”

Fu Canglong laughed instead of anger.

For many years, he has never seen such an arrogant junior.

Unexpectedly, Levi nodded: “Well, a Nanhong Clan can’t get into my eyes!”


As soon as these words came out, the whole audience was like a pan fried.

The crowd was completely agitated.

Everyone is crazy!

Not allowed!

Resolutely not allowed!

To be an exaggeration, they can endure Graham Zhan’s death, but they will never allow anyone to provoke Nanhongmen.

This is equivalent to breaking all taboos!

They will do their best to maintain it!

So when Levi ignored Nanhongmen, everyone was like a crazy beast.

“Kill him!”




Thousands of Nan Hongmen disciples shouted with red eyes.

If it weren’t for Fu Canglong’s order, they would tear Levi into countless pieces.

“Hahahaha… the old man has been in the arena for fifty years, and I have never heard anyone say that I will not be ignored by my Nanhong Sect! You are the first!”

“Why do you have the confidence not to put my Nanhong Sect in your eyes?”

Fu Canglong asked.

Levi smiled and slowly raised his fist: “Rely on this!”


All the people present were all stunned.


Too arrogant, right?

Making fists in front of thousands of Lords in Nanhongmen?

This is really provoking the entire Nanhongmen.

Really looking for death!

“Rely on your fist alone?”

Fu Canglong smiled.

Owen said: “You are not qualified to let him take action! I am enough to punch you through!”

Chapter 669


The sound of inhaling cold breath is endless.

Too arrogant!

The Lords of Nanhongmen are mostly arrogant people, but a group of arrogant people have never seen such an arrogant person!

One person pierced the entire Nanhong Gate?

What kind of strength is needed to speak such arrogant words?

“Today, my brother is here alone, I lose if I can’t take it!”

Levi smiled.

“Well, arrogant enough, worthy of being a young man!”

Fu Canglong waved his hand and said, “Come on, take it!”

“Mann Zhengfeng, Iron Fist of the 36th Hall of Nanhongmen, is willing to punish this person!”

“Brown Likui, the Golden Sword in the 17th Hall of Nanhongmen, is willing to kill this person!”

“Zhu Fangyi is willing to punish this person!”

Immediately there was a request from the major Lords of Nanhongmen to play.

Owen hooked his fingers at everyone: “Let’s go together!”

“court death!!!”

More than a dozen Nanhongmen Lords all rushed up.

These are the top Lords in the various halls of Nanhongmen, and each of them can be said to be above Shanler’s four great generals.

Together, they are simply invincible.

“Boom boom…”

But soon, these top Lords of Nanhongmen all flew out.

The audience is incredible!

“Sure enough, I have some strength, come on!”

Next, the Lords in the lobby of Nanhongmen took action one after another.

But it wasn’t Owen’s opponent at all.

Come one, fly out one.

Soon, hundreds of Lords were all defeated.

Now it was Nanhongmen’s turn to be shocked.

Everyone’s eyes are filled with inevitable shock.

Isn’t it too strong?

Nan Hongmen’s hundreds of Lords are not opponents?

This is terrifying!

“Six major slaves!”

Fu Canglong said with a sullen face and waved his hand.

Six major slaves joined forces to attack.

They are only a little stronger than the previous Lords in the lobby, and can hold them for a while.

Finally all fly out.

“The four of us go together!”

The eyes of the four heavenly kings shot out a ray of cold light.

Each of them has the strength to rival Yama God of War.

It is equivalent to four Yama war gods fighting Owen King!

The next battle was really dark.

Firecracker-like sounds continued to explode in the air, and the floor burst apart.

Every move has the power of opening a stele and cracking a stone!





In the end, Owen defeated the four kings of Nanhongmen with one enemy and four.

The four people who fell on the ground looked incredulous?

They have practiced martial arts since they were young, and their force is quite good.

Even the War God of the Wolf Kingdom was defeated.

Can’t beat the young man in front of him?

What is his origin?

Outrageously strong!

The strongest person they have ever met!

All the Qiannan Hongmen disciples in the audience stared at Owen vigilantly.

They were so scared!

Fear of Owen!

This person really beat all the Lords of Nanhongmen all the way!

too strong!

What the hell is it?

Nan Hongmen has never seen such a character before.

Owen yelled for fun.

Since the front line retreated, Owen has never been so enjoyable.

Levi also smiled.

Owen was the best one among the five great war kings, and this peaceful period was suffocated by him.

I’m so addicted now!

Fu Canglong was already dumbfounded, looking at Owen and Levi incredulously.

Owen’s eyes fell on Fu Canglong: “I heard that you are the number one Lord of Nanhong Sect! Come on!”

Fu Canglong did not move.

He stared at Levi and Owen for a long time and said, “Are you from the military?”

Chapter 670

Fu Canglong deserves to be the leader of Nanhongmen. He had been observing just now and found some problems.

In fact, martial arts in the true sense are all killing skills.

Not for performance!

The Lords of the Nanhong Sect practiced killing skills, and each move was aimed at wounding and killing people.

But he found that Owen’s methods were purer and more effective.

There are no complicated tricks, every trick is a killer move.

Anyone who is recruited is either dead or injured!

And he found that Owen’s tricks were stronger in actual combat.

Owen’s tricks were all honed through thousands of battles.

Anyone with a bit of knowledge can see this.

Only the army has this clean killing style.

Fu Canglong immediately thought that Levi and Owen were Lords in the army.

Originally thought that Levi and Sarah were held by the military, but they had military background.

Unexpectedly, he turned out to be a member of the military.


The disciples of Nanhong Sect off the court heard the military Lords, and they all sucked in cold air.

“Good eyesight!”

Owen was surprised.

Affirmed his own guess, Fu Canglong became nervous.

With such a strong strength, what status does it have to be in the military?

“Sho…should…should it be from General God of War’s faction, right?”

Fu Canglong trembled.

He naturally knew that General God of War was retired and returned to the field, and he was currently in Case York.

With such a strong Lord appearing, he can only think of being from the God of War faction.

Owen smiled and said, “The general is really accurate in guessing!”

“Yes, you guessed it! Owen, one of the Five Great Kings under General God of War!”


“My God! The battlefield killer Owen!”

This time, it was the same as frying the pot, and the disciples of the Nanhong Sect were completely boiling.

No one knows the name of Owen’s killing god.

Especially the deeds of the Eighteenth Cavalry and Destroying Wolf Kingdom spread all over the world.

Many people in Nanhongmen do not worship Guan Erye, but worship Owen King.

“Da da da…”

After hearing Owen’s identity, Fu Canglong staggered and almost fell to the ground.

He has the heart to die.

It was Owen King who unexpectedly met.

So this one? ? ?


Thinking of a terrible fact, Fu Canglong directly sat down on the ground.

He didn’t dare to see Levi.

“Presumably everyone has guessed the identity of my boss, um, yes, God of War war god Levi!”

When Owen finished speaking, it seemed that the whole world was still.

Time stops, space freezes.

Everyone thinks this is dreamy.

Is dreaming!

“Finally know why the Guo family fell, and why the Chu family fell…”

There was dead silence in Fu Canglong’s eyes.

I also know that the woman his apprentice wanted to invite was Mrs. General…

It is not enough for him to die a hundred times for such a serious crime.

“Meet God of War!”

“Meet God of War!”

Fu Canglong who reacted and led Nan Hongmen to kneel down in front of Levi, shouting together.

“We were wrong! Great mistake! We are willing to accept any punishment!”

“In particular, I will bear all the sins committed by my students!”

Fu Canglong said.

No matter how strong Nanhong Sect is, how can it be against the God of War?

Furthermore, Owen has already demonstrated his strength just now.

One person broke through the entire Nanhong Gate!

If you don’t surrender, there is only one dead end.

Levi walked slowly to Fu Canglong and said, “I have already thought about what to do with you! I even said that I have been thinking about it for several days!”


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