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Chapter 671

Everyone was surprised.

It turned out that the God of War didn’t treat them at all.

The plan to deal with them has long been conceived.

“God of War will do whatever it takes, we can accept it!”

Fu Canglong said.

“Well, from today, you can only take legal business and only take clean money!”

“can do it!”

“Don’t do anything that would kill people’s lives!”

“can do it!”

“In addition, I want you to pay in the money you have obtained over the years, as military expenses! And you will have to pay military expenses every year in the future! Are you willing?”

“I do!”

Fu Canglong did not hesitate in the slightest.

Levi glanced at the Lords of Nanhongmen again and said, “You group of people have unique skills, but you are not ashamed to bully ordinary people here? You should go to the frontline battlefield to fight the enemy bravely and reimburse the motherland. It’s a waste of martial arts to stay here!”

“My Chinese man should stand upright and serve the motherland as his duty, especially for you who have special skills!”

Everyone was stunned, staring at each other.

Understand Levi’s plan.

First, all the black money obtained was used for military expenses.

Second, they all joined the army to serve the motherland.

“Aren’t you willing?”

Levi asked with a smile.

“Yes, we do!”

“I’m tired of this kind of life! I should go to the battlefield to kill the enemy! Defend the motherland!”

“Yes, we should use all of our skills where it should be used!”

Thousands of people responded with a few words from Levi.

Among them are willing and unwilling.

But before General Garrison Da Shenwei, all agreed.

Seeing thousands of Lords, Levi felt itchy.

Such martial arts Lords form a team and put it on the battlefield.

Absolutely invincible!

Especially in sneak attacks and invasions, it is simply invincible.

Everyone possesses special skills, which is definitely the existence of the overlord when placed on the battlefield.

It just so happened that there was still fighting in the Northern Territory Theater, which was relatively tight.

This team was sent up and definitely played a big role to a large extent.

This is Levi’s plan all the time.

“Since you all agree, let me talk about it! Next, I will turn you into a battle sequence! You form a team called the Hundred Beast Camp. Directly listen to my command and dispatch!

Starting tomorrow, you will gather at the Jinling Military Region, and there will be someone to train you! Throw away your bad habits and let you get in touch with military skills and become stronger! “

Levi said.

Although these people are strong, they are still a mob.

Give them to Alton to train them into invincible divisions.


Everyone shouted.

Everyone did not expect that they would eventually become soldiers directly under the God of War.

Those who were unwilling just now called out fortune in their hearts.

The dreams of countless men in Nelshire have been picked up by them.

As for the four heavenly kings and the six major slaves, Levi didn’t move.

After all, this is Fu Canglong’s direct line.

He also counted on these people to pay more for the military.

Everyone can’t imagine that Nan Hongmen was so cleaned up by Levi.

Levi returned to the company casually.

Sarah found him.

“Shall we two have a good talk?”

This happened so quickly that Sarah naturally became suspicious.

She felt that she was looking for Levi to ask her questions.

After coming to her office, Sarah asked, “Levi, how many things are you hiding from me?”

The atmosphere instantly became serious.

Chapter 672

Levi smiled: “What did you hide from you?”

“You said you didn’t hide anything from me, what happened last night? Why did the person who secretly protected me asked Boyd Xiao to find you?”

“There are also doubts about all kinds of things before, and every difficulty can be resolved?”

“I don’t think all of this has anything to do with you, right?”

Sarah suddenly raised his tone, almost roaring.

“Are you really in jail in the past few years? Why am I a little bit disbelief!”

Sarah asked.

In fact, during this period of time, Levi left many clues about what he did.

As long as Sarah thinks about it carefully, he will find a lot of things.

Especially last night, Yama God of War was actually exposed a lot.

At least the base camp was poked out.

“Sarah, what are you doing?”

At this moment, Natalie suddenly pushed the door open, walked in, and interrupted the conversation between Levi and Sarah.

“Huh? We didn’t talk about anything.”

“Natalie, why are you here?”

Plum dyed a surprised way.

“Now I have finished dealing with matters in Case York. Next, the main market is here, so I will come!”

Natalie explained.

“By the way, Sarah, let me tell you one thing. Soon the boss of Erick will show his identity, and he really wants to see him!”

Hearing that, Sarah is also looking forward to it.

She wanted to see what this mysterious man was like.

Why did you help her and Levi again and again?

“Levi, have you met the big boss? He is going to show up this time, but he is going to attend your wedding!”

Natalie asked.


Sarah was surprised and looked over.

She had always suspected that Levi had a close relationship with Erick’s boss.

Now it seems unexpected.

Levi nodded: “Well, I know a little bit.”

“Tell me, what kind of person is he?”

Natalie asked immediately.

“Keep it secret for now, you will be able to see it when I and Sarah get married!”

Levi approached.


Natalie and Sarah gave Levi angrily.

The Erick Group officially entered the provincial capital. With the foundation laid by the Dongtian Group, Natalie was much easier to operate.

The following days are very leisurely.

The wedding arrangement is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Mainly the construction of the wedding house.

Erick Group is also on track to gradually replace Sanxing Group’s electronic products.

Especially mobile phones, computers and other products are about to be launched.

At the same time, two big movies and a TV series elaborately produced by Dongtian Group will be released soon.

Stars such as Hart Zihan will endorse the promotion of Erick Group’s electronic products.

Each field is mutually beneficial and has high expectations.

Levi drinks tea and smokes every day.

Just need to identify yourself on the wedding day.

Sarah and Natalie were too lazy to care about Levi.

With them, Levi can eat and wait for death.

On this day, Xiao Qin suddenly ran over.

“How did you come?”

Levi asked in surprise.

“I’m going for an internship!”

Xiao Qin said excitedly.

“For your internship, find a unit in Case York. There are far more enterprises in Case York than in the provincial capital.”

Levi said.

Xiao Qin glanced at Levi and said, “But you are not in Case York, of course I have to go to the provincial capital.”

“Huh? What does it matter to me?”

Levi was helpless.

“I heard at school that you divorced my sister?”


“Then can I chase you now?”

Chapter 673


Hearing Xiao Qin’s words, all the sip of tea Levi had just drank came out.

“What’s the matter? You are divorced, but aren’t you single? Why can’t I chase you?”

Xiao Qin looked at Levi with a puzzled look.

Levi smiled and said, “I’m single and not fake, but you can ask your sister if you can chase me?”

“Okay, then I’ll go ask my sister!”

Xiao Qin left.

Hearing the news of Levi’s divorce in the city, Xiao Qin did not sleep for days and nights in excitement.

Can’t wait to come and pursue Levi right away!

Her chance finally came!

After finally waiting until the internship period, she immediately came to Levi.

In the office, Sarah and Natalie are discussing plans.

“Xiao Qin, why are you here? Is something wrong?”

Sarah asked in surprise.

“Yes, sister, I have something to do with you!”

Xiao Qin said with a cold face.

“Then I will avoid it, you guys talk.”

Natalie is about to leave.

“Sister Natalie is fine, you don’t have to leave.”

Xiao Qin looked at Sarah and asked, “Sister, are you divorced?”

“Well, I got the divorce certificate.”

“Since you and him are both single, then I can pursue Levi, right?”

The words are not shocking and endless, Xiao Qin said this.

The eyes of Sarah and Natalie were about to fly out.

Both of them looked incredulous.

“Is this girl crazy? Want to chase after Levi?”

This is the thought in the minds of the two.

“Xiao Qin, you… are you serious?”

Sarah shook his body suddenly, and asked tremblingly.

Xiao Qin nodded: “I’m serious! I think he is pretty good, and meets my standards in all aspects. He is single, I can chase him!”

Natalie bit her lip.

At this moment, she was a little moved.

She also thinks Levi is pretty good.

Especially after saving her that time, Levi’s opinion was greatly changed.

The next moment, Sarah’s face suddenly changed: “No! You can’t chase him!”


Xiao Qin looked puzzled.

“Sister, give me a reason, why can’t I chase him, he is single!”

“Even if we are divorced, he is your brother-in-law, you can’t chase him! Besides, you are still in school, don’t think about these things.”

Plum dye is very severe.

“I’m almost graduating! Why is a kid? He is single, I have the right to chase him! You are not his wife, you have no right to stop!”

Xiao Qin looked decisive.

No one can stop what she decides!

Seeing Xiao Qin’s resolute attitude, Sarah sighed.

Why hadn’t she seen that Xiao Qin liked Levi before?

How could she like Levi?

“Sister, if you don’t give me a reason to convince me, I will pursue him!”

Xiao Qin said.


Sarah didn’t know what to say.

It was Natalie who explained the reason: “Sister, your family got the divorce certificate. In fact, your sister and brother-in-law are still together. They will remarry soon. Your brother-in-law wants to make up a wedding for your sister!”

“That means they are not divorced!”


After hearing the truth, Xiao Qin looked at Sarah incredulously.

Sarah didn’t dare to look at Xiao Qin after making such embarrassment.


Xiao Qin walked out, two lines of tears shed tears.

It is embarrassing for all three people to make such a thing.

Neither Sarah nor Levi went to find Xiao Qin.

But at night, Xiao Qin had an accident.

Chapter 674

Because of the embarrassment, neither Levi nor Sarah went to see Xiao Qin.

In the evening, Xiao Qin had no news.

He didn’t return home, and there was no sign of Xiao Qin in several other familiar places.

She just disappeared.

Everyone in the Mann family was very anxious.

“Xiao Qin obviously wants to come back today. Why can’t I get through with my mobile phone now, and people can’t be found? Is something wrong?

Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei were so scared that they cried.

Melina and Mann Jianguo were also sweating coldly.

Sarah was also crying anxiously.

“I’m to blame for this…”

Sarah blames himself very much.

If something happened to Xiao Qin, she would be guilty for a lifetime.

Natalie persuaded: “This matter has nothing to do with you. No one would have thought that Xiao Qin would like him…”


Sarah sighed again and again.

The moment Levi got the news, he immediately asked people to find it.

Almost the entire Jinling City is looking for Xiao Qin.

Levi blamed himself even more, he shouldn’t have asked Xiao Qin to find Sarah.

He didn’t expect Xiao Qin to be serious.

Really like him…

If something happens to Xiao Qin, he will never forgive himself.

At this moment, Xiao Qin is drinking in a private club.

After she left sadly during the day, she found a few high school classmates to relieve her sorrows by drinking.

After drinking all night, Xiao Qin was already drunk.

This is still a few girls trying to persuade, otherwise Xiao Qin would have been drunk and unconscious.

However, there were a few more students in the clubhouse, all of whom were strong and sturdy, all with an average height of over 1.9 meters.

They are also Xiao Qin’s high school classmates, and they are now attending a sports school.

When they heard that Xiao Qin was drinking here, they ran over immediately.

The leading man was Cox Langlong, who liked Xiao Qin in high school.

He is the school bully gangster in the school, and directly bullies the other girls.

But Xiao Qin is the jewel in the Mann family, he dare not.

You can only pursue it openly.

But it was rejected.

But his thief thoughts have been unbroken.

Especially when I heard Xiao Qin use alcohol to relieve his sorrow, he immediately came.

Seeing Xiao Qin’s fascinating and attractive appearance, Cox Langlong only felt a fire soar.

“Xiao Qin you can’t escape my palm tonight!”

Cox Langlong knew that Xiao Qin was an extremely conservative person.

As long as she takes her down, Xiao Qin can’t run away.

By that time, he would be the son-in-law of the Mann family and the Xiao family, the largest clan in Case York.

When he thought of this, Cox Langlong only felt his throat dry.

“Xiao Qin come, stay with you tonight, stay drunk or return!”

Cox Langlong poured wine for Xiao Qin.

A few girls couldn’t stop it.

Xiao Qin needs to use wine to dissipate his sorrows, and has a few more glasses of wine.

Completely drunk…

Cox Langlong has opened the hotel, and then he can take Xiao Qin back.

At this moment, the entire Jinling is looking for people.

The disciples of the underground circle and Nanhongmen are searching like a carpet.

Zhuque, Mann and others are also searching everywhere.

Suddenly Levi received a message from Cross Dongxu: “Mr. Garrison found it, in Junhao Private Club.”

Levi immediately went to Junhao Private Club.

In the clubhouse.

“Everyone drank too much, you guys send the others back, I’ll send Xiao Qin!”

Cox Langlong commanded that he wanted to distract the others.

“No, Xiao Qin, let’s send it back!”

A few girls said.

“I don’t understand it, right? Xiao Qin, I’ll send it!”

Cox Langlong was angry.

A few girls could only watch Cox Langlong take Xiao Qin away.


When Cox Langlong was about to take Xiao Qin away, the box door was suddenly kicked open.

Chapter 675

He walked in alone, his face gloomy and terrible.

Levi didn’t say a word, came over and picked up Xiao Qin and left.

Levi’s movements were so fast that Cox Langlong and the others did not react.

Until the person disappeared at the door.

Cox Langlong and several brothers from the sports school rushed out immediately.

When they came to the courtyard outside, four or five people from Cox Langlong stopped Levi.

“Who the hell are you? Pick up people and run away?”

Cox Langlong said angrily.

He was very angry.

The hotel was opened, Xiao Qin was drunk, and everything was arranged.

Suddenly a stranger came in and took Xiao Qin away?

How can this make him bear?

“Don’t mess with me tonight, I’m in a bad mood!”

Levi really didn’t want to be familiar with these children.

“Tell me clearly, who are you? And put people down for me, this is my classmate!”

Cox Langlong was determined.

The few brothers beside him stared at Levi.

“I’m her brother-in-law! Come and take her home!”

Levi approached.


Cox Langlong was taken aback.

Is Xiao Qin’s family really?

Didn’t his plan fail?

He didn’t want to miss this opportunity tonight.

Overlord’s hard bow will also be completed!

Cox Langlong said, “Brother-in-law Xiao Qin? Why don’t I know! Put people down quickly, and then you quickly get out!”

“Get out of the way, I don’t want to hurt you!”

Levi sneered.


Cox Langlong smiled.

They both practice Sanda and wrestling in the sports school.

Who can’t beat it?

Does Levi still want to hurt them?

It’s ridiculous!

“Hurry up and put people down, we must protect Xiao Qin’s safety!”

Cox Langlong urged.

It’s just that Levi hugged the person and left, ignoring it.

“Give it to me!”

Cox Langlong relied on being a sports school, and they didn’t even look at Levi at all, they were about to do it right away.


But at this moment, the door outside the club suddenly collapsed.

One after another came in from outside.

They are all menacing, and some people even hold guys.

Soon, the small courtyard was crowded with hundreds of people.

The number of people is still increasing, and there are still a lot of people out there.

This battle frightened Cox Langlong.

This is all brought by Xiao Qin’s brother-in-law?

Levi said coldly: “Just don’t kill anyone!”


Several hundred people rushed up and surrounded Cox Langlong with a violent beating.

Taking Xiao Qin back to Mann’s house, Levi and Sarah took care of them all night.

Sarah left the next morning, leaving Levi to stay.

“Please tell Xiao Qin well!”

Plum dyed.

She didn’t want to see Xiao Qin’s accident for the second time.

Xiao Qin opened his eyes in a daze, and the first thing he saw was Levi.

“Brother-in-law, you…”

Xiao Qin didn’t know what to say.

“Do you know what happened last night?”

Levi asked.

“I seem to be drinking too much…”

Xiao Qin rubbed his head and said embarrassedly.

“You are not allowed to go out to drink in the future, and your cell phone cannot be turned off! Even if you vent, you are not like you. Do you know how worried everyone is? It’s too dangerous!”

Levi pretended to be angry.

“How can I vent, you and my sister don’t care about what happened yesterday, I’m just joking, you guys take it seriously!”

Xiao Qin smiled to hide his embarrassment.

“Well, you will just be obedient in the future!”

Levi smiled.

Xiao Qin nodded.


But the next moment, she got up and suddenly hugged Levi.

Levi froze instantly and looked at Xiao Qin incredulously.

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