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Chapter 676

“You…what are you doing?”

Levi’s body was stiff and he dared not move.

“Don’t talk, I can hold you for ten minutes. You belong to me during this time!”

When Xiao Qin’s voice came, Levi didn’t struggle and let her hold it.

Ten minutes later, Xiao Qin let go of Levi.

On that day, Xiao Qin left the provincial capital and went to Nelshire for an internship.

the city, or the provincial capital, has the memory of Levi, and she doesn’t want to keep it.

In the end, the three of Levi settled the matter with a joke.

But both knew in their hearts what this was all about.

Xiao Qin came to a five-star hotel in Nelshire to check in under the arrangement of the Mann family.

When she walked in the lobby, she heard the words Levi.

Xiao Qin stopped to listen.

Several people were sitting on the sofa not far away, chatting.

“What you said is true? Is it really Levi?”

“Yes! This kid was adopted by the the city Garrison family, and he is an orphan!”

“He has been lost since he was a child, but he didn’t expect to be in the city? I found it! I finally found the kid!”

“Isn’t it? Recently, the Chu family and the Guo family went to Jinling to make trouble, and I only knew that Levi was here…”

Hearing the conversation between several people, Xiao Qin’s heart stirred up.


Brother-in-law’s life experience?

His biological parents and family are in Nelshire?

Xiao Qin naturally knew that Levi was an orphan, and no one had ever mentioned Levi’s real life experience.

She had just arrived in Nelshire today and heard such important news?

Do you want to tell brother-in-law?

Xiao Qin hesitated for a long time, but decided not to say it for the time being.

She put it down.

I won’t contact Levi for the time being.

Nelshire Edburgh Manor, European architectural style, there are many villas inside.

This is where the Porter family of Nelshire royal family is located!

The Porter family has truly reached the level of the royal family, which is much more than the rich family.

Even the Guo family didn’t have enough to look at.

Money alone can no longer describe this kind of family.

The royal family must be well-connected in the three realms of business, politics, and military.

It’s like a towering tree, standing tall.

The roots are even more intricate and everywhere.

“The big thing is not good!”

“The big thing is not good!”

Suddenly someone screamed and ran into Edburgh Manor.

In the Porter Family Chamber.

Brandon Porter, the lord of the Porter family, was sitting in distress and was sipping tea. His brows were frowned into Sichuan.

Recently, the Porter family encountered a difficult problem, even he couldn’t solve it.

The Porter family is worrying about this matter.

Hearing the noise, he couldn’t help but his face was solemn.

The butler beside him immediately said angrily: “What a decent quarrel!!”

Soon, the man ran to the chamber and knelt in front of Brandon: “Enlighten you, Lord, there is a major discovery!”

Brandon raised his head and looked at him: “What’s the discovery?”

“Lord still remember Miss Ollie’s son? It’s Levi!”

The words came out.

Brandon stood up, his eyes were about to fly out, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“What are you talking about? Ollie’s son? Didn’t he freeze to death on the street early? Why is he still alive?”

Brandon asked in surprise.

“Alive! He was abandoned on the streets of the city and adopted by the the city Garrison family! Recently, the Guo family and the Chu family were making trouble in Jinling and they found out when they accidentally searched for the news! He is still alive!”

That humane.

“My grandson is still alive?”

Brandon’s unbelievable way.

Ollie Porter is Levi’s mother.

And he is Levi’s grandfather!

“Then send someone to pick it up!”

Chapter 677

Brandon shouted anxiously.

“Understood, sir, I will make arrangements right away!”

After the man left, the butler leaned in front of Brandon and said, “Lord, if it is really Miss Ollie’s son, then I think of one thing.”

Brandon understood what he couldn’t help but wondered: “You mean that my Porter family’s problems can be solved?”

“Yes, if he comes back, he will also be a member of the Porter family. He can replace the suffering! It will save my Porter family from disaster!”

The butler smiled.

Brandon also laughed and said, “God really helped me!”

“The Porter family has just encountered such a catastrophe, but Miss Ollie’s son appeared. This is to help my Porter family solve the catastrophe!”


After sending off Xiao Qin, everything seemed to be back to normal.

But everyone has an unspeakable taste.

“Someone under Brother Garrison is looking for you!”

Security Captain Takemori called.

“Looking for me?”

Levi was surprised.

When we came to the square in front of the company, a Rolls Royce was parked.

“Brother Garrison is them!”

Takemori pointed to the car.

Several people came over immediately.

The headed middle-aged man looked surprised and looked at Levi and asked: “Are you the young Lord Levi?”

“Yes, it’s me!”

Levi looked confused, he didn’t know these people.

“Is it an orphan adopted by the city Garrison’s family?”

“Yes, what’s the matter? Are you okay?”

Levi asked.

“Lord Levi, we finally found you!”

The middle-aged man held Levi’s hand excitedly and cried with joy.

“Lord Levi, you don’t know, after you disappeared when you were a child, we have been looking for you all the time! We finally found it…”

The middle-aged man tells a lie without changing his face and his heart beats.

They just accidentally knew that Levi was here.

Did not look for it specially!

It’s too easy to find someone with the strength of the Porter family.

What’s more, Levi is very famous in Case York.

“You are?”

Levi frowned.

“Lord Garrison, we are from Nelshire Porter’s family, my name is Porteryuan. The current Patriarch, Mr. Brandon, is Garrison Shaoye’s pro-grandfather!”

After Portercheng finished speaking, Levi was stunned.

The unfamiliar vocabulary of Grandpa was too shocking for him.

When he remembered, he was an orphan.

At that time he vowed not to look for his biological parents and that family!

Since they can abandon themselves, it shows that this life has nothing to do with them.

He doesn’t have to look for it either.

He fought for the the city Garrison family in the front.

Later he lived for plum dyeing.

In his concept, there are no parents and no family.

In fact, with Levi’s current identity, it is simply too simple to find out his life experience.

But he didn’t!

He believes in his heart that this life has nothing to do with the family that abandoned him.

Now Levi was really shocked when he heard the term grandpa.

“Lord Garrison, please clean up and come back to Nelshire with me! Then you will be the eldest young Lord of the Porter family! The Porter family is at the royal family level. If you want, you can have the entire Jiangnan Province!”

Portercheng smiled.

This is not bragging.

This is the confidence of the royal family!

Different from the Guo family and the Chu family.

The Porter family despised this industry in Jiangnan Province.

“Lord Garrison, in order to verify your identity! This card is given to you first. This is the pocket money the Lord gave you, and it contains 100 million!”

Porter Zhenyuan handed Levi a card.

And verified on the spot, the balance inside is really 100 million.

From Portercheng’s view, Levi would not refuse no matter what.

Chapter 678

In his concept.

No one has ever refused!

Transformed from an ordinary person to the eldest of the royal family.

Since then, he has a rich waist and a prominent position, and he has become a Lord.

money? woman? right?

As many as you want!

You can do whatever you want!

Who will refuse?

Levi didn’t even look at the bank card before he refused.

“You go back! I have nothing to do with Porter’s family. I have no parents! No other relatives!”

Levi said indifferently.


Levi’s answer stunned Porteryuan and the others.

Everyone looked at him incredible.

He actually refused?

He rejected such an opportunity to become worth billions or tens of billions?

Is he brain sick?

“Remember, just treat it as if it didn’t happen this time, and don’t use it in the future!”

After speaking, Levi turned around and left.

“This, this…”

Porteryuan looked surprised.

He really refused?

“What do you guys say about this?”

Porteryuan was puzzled, and asked his subordinates.

“He won’t refuse! This is a lustful trick, and he directly agrees to go back. It will appear to be spineless and faceless. In fact, he wants to go more than anyone else!”

“Isn’t it, this man is clever, he expected that we will look for him again! So pretend to refuse a few times to show his loftiness!”

The subordinates analyzed.

Porteryuan nodded: “I think so too! No one in this world can refuse the temptation of the royal family Lord Porter!”

One person answered: “Unless he is stronger than the Porter family, he didn’t put the Porter family in his eyes!”

“Is it possible? If you don’t put the Porter family in your eyes, what kind of strength is necessary to do it? Just him?”

“That’s right! In a small Jiangnan province, can there be someone stronger than the Porter family? Just kidding!”

“What’s more, we have checked everything about Levi. He eats every day and waits for his death!”

Everyone sneered.

Soon, the news came back to Nelshire.

“What? This kid ostentatiously refused?”

Brandon looked incredulous.

No matter how you look at this matter, it is also stable.

“Lord, he did it on purpose and wants us to invite more times!”

The butler smiled.

“Then satisfy him! After all, he can now be used by us!”

Brandon said, “Call all the men in the family, I want to have a meeting!”

Soon, three generations of men from the Porter family stood together in the Porter family’s deliberation hall.

Only Brandon and a few old men were sitting.

Everyone in the Porter family was full of sadness, obviously worrying about the recent events in the Porter family.

“First of all, let everyone know one thing-Ollie’s son who has been missing for more than 20 years has been found!”

When Brandon said this, the audience was in an uproar.

Everyone showed an incredible look.

“Have you found the child abandoned by the Garrison family in Jingcheng?”

It was Porter Xiaotian, the eldest son of Brandon.

“Well, that’s right! The Lord has sent someone to take him back!”

The butler said.

The juniors below sneered and said, “What’s the use of a homeless man that I picked up? They can’t contribute to the family!”

“How can it be useless? Take it back, he is my grandson of Brandon! Is it my Porter family’s bloodline?”

Brandon said loudly.

“That must be!”

Everyone replied.

“It’s my Porter family’s bloodline, then he can take the place of suffering! No one can say!”

Brandon said.

“Huh? Really?”

Chapter 679

Everyone in the Porter family showed ecstasy.

The problem that has entangled them for a long time is finally about to be solved.

The sky is endless!

At this time, I found Brandon’s grandson!

Especially Porter’s juniors almost screamed in excitement!

Finally found someone to suffer for them!

When Porter’s family was doing business in Southeast Asia recently, they got into a catastrophe and caused a certain super warlord in Southeast Asia to be severely punished by the local military.

Not to mention the compensation of 50 billion and the transfer of many benefit projects, the Porter family had to send ten people to go to jail for 30 years.

Said that he was in jail, but he was actually sent to death.

The conditions in the local prisons are extremely harsh. They will be punished every day and will be tortured to death within a few months.

It also requested that out of ten people, there must be a male and a female direct line to go to jail and suffer the crime.

Otherwise, the anger of this super warlord will be hard to dissipate.

Because the person who suffers must be a direct line of the Porter family, and a collateral line cannot replace it.

Brandon really didn’t want to watch his children and grandchildren suffer this sin.

He didn’t want his own children and grandchildren to die in vain.

Everyone is the future of Porter’s family!

They are all their own children and grandchildren must not have anything to do.

The Porter family’s patriarchal thinking has been deeply ingrained.

The girl’s direct line has been selected, although he is Brandon’s granddaughter, he is willing to send it out.

But he is a male direct line, he is reluctant to bear it.

These days, the Porter family has been struggling with this matter.

Now there is a pro-grandson who just happens to replace.

Everyone’s haze just wiped out!

He even hurriedly asked: “Grandpa, where is this person, shall we pick it up right away?”

Brandon smiled: “You don’t need to worry about this matter, I have sent someone to pick it up.”

The eldest son Porter Xiaotian asked: “Dad, shouldn’t we let Levi go to commit the crime? In case the Jingcheng Garrison family knows, in case the blame comes down…”

“Don’t worry about this, he himself was abandoned by the Garrison Family, otherwise more than 20 years have passed, why didn’t the Garrison Family find him once?”

“There is no such person in the Garrison family tree! We don’t have to worry!”

After getting Brandon’s affirmative answer, everyone was relieved.

Porter’s problem was finally solved.

Sending Brandon’s grandson Levi to jail, the other party didn’t say anything!

“Dad, it must be you who usually give incense to the Buddha, and the Buddha and Bodhisattva bless our Porter family, so that we will have such great luck!”

Porter Xiaotian said with a smile.

“That’s right, otherwise, can I fall in love with my grandson?”

The others laughed together.

Especially the juniors are the most happy.

Some dudes, not behaving well.

Faintly felt that they would be pushed out at the last moment, and they were so sad that they couldn’t even eat their food.

As soon as Levi appeared, nothing happened to them.

Brandon rubbed his beard and smiled: “Since this kid is going to commit the crime for Porter’s family, we can’t let him go in vain! By then, all his wishes will be satisfied!”

“Dad (grandfather), don’t worry, this matter is left to us!”

Everyone was excited.

Everyone in the Porter family was waiting for Levi’s arrival.

No matter where Levi wanted to get it, he was already a victim of the Porter family.

The situation is more miserable than he thought!

Suddenly a grandpa appeared, which made Levi feel very complicated.




Does it have anything to do with him?

If you really care about him, won’t you abandon him?

If you regret it, you should have found him long ago!

Chapter 680

Why hasn’t anyone come to look for it for almost 30 years?

At this moment, a grandpa suddenly appeared?

And looking at Porter’s appearance, it must have ulterior motives.

Levi is an old river and lake, and he can see at a glance that Porter’s intentions are not that simple.

Soon, Suzaku’s call came.

“General, Nelshire Porter’s family is really not that simple. They offended the super warlord Lamar in Southeast Asia. It is required that one man and two direct lines go to jail for 30 years! The male direct line Porter family should choose you!”

“Ha ha…”

After hearing what Zhuque said, Levi laughed.

How can there be any pie in the sky?

Everything has a reason!

In these big families, the family affection is clearly seen.

Especially a homeless man who has been abandoned for nearly thirty years has no value to others.

Why did they pick you back?

Give money again, give power again?

They are not sick again.

The only explanation is that you are useful to others.

Isn’t that just pointing to Levi instead of going to jail?


Levi laughed loudly.

It’s ridiculous!

This is how the family affection that has been missing for nearly 30 years is like this?

As grandpas and uncles, they have to do such a vicious thing.

What is the difference from the city Yejia?

The Suzaku on the other end of the phone could clearly feel Levi’s breathing changes.

He is angry!

This man is angry!

Suzaku asked tentatively: “General, the Warlord Lamar let us be beaten three years ago and almost wiped it out! Shall we let Owen run away and wipe it out?”

Levi shook his head: “No! They didn’t mess with us! This is Porter’s business, it has nothing to do with me!”

“You all remember, my parents of Levi are Velador, this deep land! Other people don’t have to do with me!”

Levi instructed.


Suzaku and the others are also orphans.

Can understand Levi’s mood.

Suddenly a relative appeared, but he wanted to be treated like this, no one would be in a good mood!

“What’s wrong with you in King’s Landing? You seem unhappy?”

Sarah, who came to see him, found that Levi’s face was abnormal.

He seems to have never done this before.

“It’s okay!”

Levi smiled.

“I heard someone is looking for you in the morning, are you okay?”

Sarah was a little worried.

“It’s okay, I’ll definitely tell you if something happens!”

“Well, wait for me tonight and have dinner together.”

When Levi and Sarah left side by side when they got off work at night, Porter and his party stopped them.

“Wife, wait here first, I’ll take care of something!”

Facing the Porter family, Levi said coldly: “Didn’t you say that you left? Why are you here again?”

Porteryuan smiled: “Lord Garrison, let’s take you back to Nelshire!”

“You have been wandering away for almost 30 years, and it is time to rectify your identity! You are a noble blood, you shouldn’t be in such a place!”

Portercheng’s order was to bring Levi back to Nelshire anyway.

Therefore, Porter Zhenyuan tried his best to flick Levi over, and if it was impossible, he would use some extreme methods.

Levi sneered and said, “Leave! I don’t care about the status of Young Lord Porter! Don’t say you come to invite, it’s the Patriarch of the Porter family, I also answer this!”

After speaking, Levi waved his hand and left.

Porteryuan and others looked at Levi’s back and fell into deep thought.

After a long time, Porter Zhenyuan said: “It’s really not good, you have to get it back.”

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