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Chapter 691

Levi waved his hand, and someone came out next to him.

“Star me at that girl and tell me if you have anything!”

Levi ordered.

He really didn’t expect a Regina would pop up to tell himself this situation.

Among the ruthless and numb people in the Porter family, there is such a kind hearted one.

This sister, he admits it!

Came to the villa.

Mack and others escorted Regina to the hall.


He kicked Regina’s knee, and Regina knelt down in front of Brandon in pain.

“Grandpa, do you know who she ran to find?”

Mack asked.

“Who did you look for?”

“She went to Levi. What’s more, she told Levi everything!”

Mack said loudly.

“What? It means that Levi is going to go to jail instead of suffering?”

Brandon stood up suddenly and asked excitedly.


“You…you really want to piss me off! What a prodigal!”

Brandon almost passed by with anger.

The rest of the Porter family also looked at Regina with hatred.

“What a traitor! You are going to betray the Porter family!”

“You mean to disobey Grandpa, do you know how big a sin is?”

“You are pushing the Porter family into the fire pit! If Levi doesn’t go, the Porter family will be over!”

Regina knelt on the ground, his head almost touching the floor.

She knew she had made a big mistake this time.

Brandon shouted angrily: “Do you know that this move is going to destroy the Porter family?”

“Grandpa, I know I was wrong…”

Regina was crying too much.

“What’s wrong? Did you choose you to suffer and go to jail? You resented me, resented the Porter family, and deliberately harmed the Porter family?”

Brandon roared.

“No, grandpa, I have no resentment, I didn’t want to hurt Porter’s family! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

Regina cried into tears.

“You are killing the Porter family! You wanted to betray the Porter family a long time ago!”

Everyone in the Porter family criticized ruthlessly.

“Father, this can’t work, Regina made a big mistake! This is a matter of the survival of the Porter family, and it violates the rules of the family! If it is not punished, the rules of my Porter family are in vain!”

Bert, the second member of the Porter family, suggested.

“Yes! Must be punished!”

“Regina has violated several family rules and must be dealt with by the family law! Otherwise, it will be difficult to convince the public! More people will violate the family rules in the future!”

At the urging of everyone, Brandon nodded: “Okay, then go to the family law! Please Porter’s ruler!”

Brandon looked at the steward on the side and asked, “How much should be punished for this situation?”

“It stands to reason that it should be a hundred rulers! But I think that Miss Regina is a female, so I should discipline him for sixty!”

After the butler finished speaking, the audience took a breath.

They had seen family law discipline back then.

A man from Porter’s family was punished with twenty discipline feet, his skin spattered and bloody, he did not get out of bed for three months.

Regina is going to punish her sixty rulers. It is estimated that she will be beaten to death!

“In front of the Porter family’s family law, there is no family affection! Regina, the fifty-third generation of the Porter family, violated the family rules, leaving the Porter family in distress! Special punishment of sixty rulers, to show the Porter family’s majesty!”

Brandon coldly announced this decision!

“Father no, Regina is still a child! Let her go!”

Regina’s parents still want to stop.

Brandon immediately said: “Whoever asks for love, accept family law with Regina!”

Chapter 692

As soon as this sentence came out, the other people who were ready to intercede all returned.

“You two discipline the Ten Commandments! If you make trouble again, continue to increase it!”

Brandon made a cold and merciless decision.

Regina’s parents did not dare to make any more trouble.

Brandon didn’t feel a trace of guilt for Regina’s punishment.

Even if Regina was beaten to death alive.

Girl, any one will do!

Regina is dead, just pick another one and send it.

But men can’t!

Each one is a treasure, and he doesn’t want any one to go.

This is the patriarchal thought of the big family, which is much deeper than ordinary people.

Even in this age!

Still ingrained.

“Go to Nelshire immediately, please come to Cao Chi!”

Brandon ordered.

Since it is a family law, you must use the ruler handed down by Porter’s ancestors.

Brandon will not leave any words behind.

“Dad (grandfather) now that Levi knows the whole thing, what should we do?”

Everyone asked suspiciously.

“Now that I know it, it’s easy to handle, just grab it!”

“Didn’t he have a wife? I promised him to take care of his wife and his family, and he will definitely agree!”

Brandon said coldly.

“When the family law is over, send someone to catch him back!”

“Of course, don’t let people run away!”

Mack smiled and said: “Grandpa, don’t worry, I have been sending someone to stare at, he can’t run away!”

Soon, Levi knew that Regina was going to be dealt with by the family law.

“Sixty rulers? A weak girl, isn’t she afraid of being beaten to death?”

“The Porter family is really cold-blooded and ruthless! What age is this, and there still exists this kind of stubborn and conservative house rules! It’s ridiculous!”

Levi said furiously.

“With me, who would dare to move my sister Regina?”

Levi was really angry, and there were cold glows in his eyes.

It scared Boyd Sen and the others.

In the lobby of Five Lakes Villa.

Regina and his parents knelt in the middle.

Standing on both sides of the Porter family’s juniors, one by one was indifferent and ruthless, holding an attitude of watching jokes.

The upper seat sat Brandon, majestic and domineering.

The steward next to him said loudly: “Today, Regina, an unfilial son, has violated the family rules and caused a catastrophe! Punish the sixty rulers according to the house rules! Please stop the rulers!”

After a sound, one person came to the hall with a plate covered with red cloth.

The butler took off the red cloth, revealing the ruler.

“Family law begins!”

Brandon gave an order.

A black-faced man stepped forward, picked up the ruler, and walked towards Regina step by step.

Regina, who was kneeling, was desperate long ago, and the floor in front of him was wet with tears.

Her parents were crying even more.

They were too useless in Porter’s family and couldn’t even keep a daughter.

“Humph! It’s annoying to see their family!”

“Choose you to suffer and go to jail, that is your glory! This is for your family’s contribution!”

“What is your family’s dissatisfaction with?”

A group of people next to each other were chattering.

It is the glory of the family to suffer a crime and go to jail.

“The Expertise!”

The housekeeper yelled, and the black-faced man raised the ruler, whipped out a gust of wind, and was about to pull it off.

Regina’s frightened body was trembling all the time.

This ruler was enough to kill her half-life.


Just at the very moment of death, a brick was suddenly thrown in from outside.

Accurately hit the black-faced man…

The black-faced man evaded quickly, but this ruler did not hit Regina.

Moving the bricks and smashing them on the ground made a noise, which scared everyone.

The next moment, a figure came.

Chapter 693

“Have I told you that Sister Regina is covered by Levi?”

Following the voice, Levi came to the court.

“Whoever touches one of her hairs, whose life I want!”

Levi’s domineering gaze swept across the audience.

After dozens of seconds, everyone reacted one by one.

“What? Levi? He is Levi?”

Many people present still hadn’t seen Levi, and couldn’t help being surprised.

Especially Brandon and others carefully looked at Levi.

Brandon subconsciously said, “He has inherited the fine traditions of his parents!”

Regina was also shocked when he saw Levi approaching.

“Brother Levi, hurry up, what are you doing here?”

Regina said anxiously.

She has a temper with Sarah, and they are very kind.

I don’t want Levi because she has something.

“Sister Regina, don’t worry, no one will bully you with me!”

Levi smiled.

“Look, at this time, Regina is still helping this outsider! She is definitely betraying the family!”

“Yes, this is a b!tch!”

As soon as the voice of a woman from Porter’s family fell, Levi stepped forward and slapped her face with a crisp sound.

The slap slapped her dumbfounded.

The audience was also stunned.

Levi is so courageous

In front of Porter’s family, I slapped Porter’s family!

Levi looked at the woman coldly and said coldly, “Insulting sisters in arms and legs! Who is used to the problem!”

“Levi, you are so bold! Who made you move my Porter family?”

Bert roared.

“Whoever scolds Sister Regina, I will hit whoever! Who makes your Porter family education so unbearable! What kind of stuff are you taught?”

Levi sneered.

“Levi, you are looking for death!!!”

“How can you allow you to be presumptuous on the Porter family’s turf?”

Everyone in the Porter family was madly angry.

Can’t wait to eat Levi.

“In my opinion, you are just a mob! Who is in charge?”

Levi sneered.

“You are so courageous, don’t you kneel down when you see your grandpa?”

Brandon stood up and roared.

His face is going to be black.

Levi didn’t put him in his eyes at all for being so troubled.

“I don’t have a grandpa!”

“Furthermore, my grandpa won’t let me suffer and die!”

Levi sneered.


Brandon was embarrassed, and was stabbed by Levi.

If this matter is to be spread, the Porter family is indeed embarrassed.

Besides, he still needs Levi to suffer and go to jail.

“I don’t care about you, since you are here, it’s easy to handle! I will bear it!”

Brandon suppressed his anger forcibly.

“What are you running for? Save Regina?”

Mack asked.

“Of course, I said that Sister Regina I will keep it, and whoever touches her, I will do it!”

Levi answered firmly.

“You get out of the way first, and your affairs will be settled with you later! We have to implement the family law now!”

Bert said coldly.

Brandon looked at the black-faced man and said angrily: “Hurry up and execute the family law!!!”

The black-faced man grabbed the abseiling ruler and was about to smoke on Regina.

But Levi came to him and grabbed the ruler.


Levi grabbed the paddle ruler at a point on his wrist.


As soon as Levi came to a break, the ruler broke.


Immediately, the court stopped.

This ruler is a symbol of Porter’s majesty, and it has been passed down for more than three hundred years!

It was broken…

This is equivalent to stepping Porter’s family on the ground…

Chapter 694

At this moment, everyone in the Porter family was dumbfounded.

The ruler, which has been passed down for more than 300 years, has always been the supreme symbol of authority!

In layman’s terms, this ruler is the soul of the Porter family!

The Porter family’s soul is broken!

Everyone in the Porter family looked at the broken ruler in disbelief!


Regina’s brain exploded.

The secret road is over!

Everyone in the Porter family was always in fear and awe when they saw the ruler.

To fight against the ruler is to fight against the authority of the Porter family and to betray the Porter family.

But Levi was so bold that he broke the ruler!

This is provoking Porter’s majesty!

This is declaring war on the Porter family!


Levi threw the ruler on the ground and said with a sneer: “The thought is feudal and conservative. I will innovate for you. The first step is to break the ruler and abolish the family law!”

Levi’s words awakened everyone in the Porter family, and everyone reacted.

“Levi, what did you do??”

“You actually broke the Porter family ancestor ruler?”

“You are looking for death!!!”

Everyone in the Porter family shouted loudly, as if they were about to eat Levi.

“Do you know what you did? The crime you committed today is not enough for you to die ten times!”

Brandon roared with anger.

“To break the Porter family ruler, you are going to fight the entire Porter family!”

“Why? Can’t it? Can’t the Porter family fight? Really regard yourself as king?”

Levi sneered.

The Guo family who claimed to be Wang Fa had been killed by him.

“You are so courageous… You actually provoke the Porter family so much! Kill him for me, kill him!!!”

Brandon couldn’t bear it, and his anger was tumbling.

“Lord, you can’t, we want him to take the place of suffering!”

The butler hurriedly stopped.

Although the others wanted to kill Levi.

But helpless.

Now Levi is the only candidate to replace the suffering!

Even if he made a big mistake, the Porter family couldn’t kill him.

Brandon trembled with anger: “Okay, you are lucky!”

“But wherever you send you a Southeast Asian warlord to jail, you will suffer endless torture!”

Brandon’s eyes are fierce, and the veins are violent!

Levi violated Porter’s majesty, Brandon wanted him to die!

“Since you are here, don’t even think about leaving! A few days later, you will be sent to the prison of Southeast Asian warlords!”


Everyone in the Porter family smirked.

Although Levi interrupted Cao Chi, he took the initiative to send it to the door.


Suddenly, Porter’s Lord blocked the door.

Levi couldn’t leave.

“Aren’t your brothers and sisters feeling very good? Then let’s go on the road together!”

Mack said with a smile.

Regina sighed helplessly.

She was very moved that Levi could come to rescue her.

But because she let Levi come in, she couldn’t bear it.

“Levi, you know what happened, so let me just say, it’s not that Brandon doesn’t talk about family affection! It is true that you, like your parents, were born a victim! You should be honored to be able to contribute to your family!”

“Furthermore, you interrupted the Porter family’s ancestral ruler, severely punished the family rules, punished you to suffer and go to jail, it is reasonable and justified!”

Brandon’s righteous words.

“Punishment for mistakes is justified!”

“Punishment for mistakes is justified!”

Everyone in the Porter family shouted.

Now they will send Levi to jail for justifiable reasons.

Levi smiled: “I want to go, who can stop me?”

Chapter 695

Levi’s arrogant tone shocked everyone in the Porter family.

“Boy, what a big tone? My dignified royal family Porter family can’t stop you? It’s really ridiculous!”

Bert smiled.

Everyone in the Porter family laughed.

Is there no one they can’t stop in Jinling City?

Compared with the Guo family and the Chu family, the Porter family didn’t know how much stronger it was.

There is no one who can compete with them!

Levi ignored the Porter family. He pulled Porter Nan’s flue and said, “Sister, I said to protect you, follow me!”


Regina was stunned.

“No way, Brother Levi, I have to suffer and go to jail!”

Levi sneered, “With me, no one can send you to jail! Why don’t they go?”

“What do you mean, Levi? Who gave you the courage to question the Porter family’s decision?”

“Let Regina go, it was decided by everyone in the family! Let you go, it is you who violated the house rules and get punished accordingly!”

The Porter family’s righteous words.

It’s as if everything is reasonable.

“First, I am not Porter’s family, and your family method is useless to me! Second, I believe Regina is my sister. I will not agree to anyone who wants to hurt her!”

After speaking, Levi took Regina away.

“Stop them!!!”

Bert gave an order.

Seven or eight people stood in front of Levi immediately.


Levi acted immediately and slapped these people away.

The Porter family was stunned.

“He’s still a practicer?”

Everyone was horrified.

Thinking of what happened to him, Mack immediately shouted: “Grandpa, this kid is a little skillful, hurry up, don’t let him run away!”

“Come on, take it!”

Brandon gave an order, and immediately, a lot of violent Lords came out.

The biggest feature of the royal family is that it has raised a large number of Lords, and even there are martial arts Lords in the family.

It is not comparable to families that generally dominate wealth and wealth.

These Lords besieged Levi from several directions.

“Break his limbs for me. Where do I see him running?”

Bert ordered.

“Well, interrupt the limbs, and he will stay honestly!”

Brandon also approved.


At this time, Porter Xiaoling, who was wearing a gold frame with eyes, spoke out.

He is the third uncle of Levi and has a good relationship with Ollie.

“Father, we owe Ollie enough! It would be a bit cruel to her son again!”

Porter Xiaoling persuaded.

“Yes, father, it is enough to let him take the place of suffering. It’s a bit too much to break the limbs!”

Levi’s aunt also persuaded.


Brandon hesitated.

“Father, you should just abolish him, this kind of inexperienced person can’t do without giving a lesson!”

Bert and the crowd threatened to teach Levi a lesson.

The steward whispered: “Lord, if this goes out, it is really not so good! My Porter family is a royal family, and there is no need to imprison them! It’s so majestic!”

“Grandpa, this is true! How can my dignified royal family be afraid that these two people will escape? Wouldn’t it be a joke?”

Ian also said.

Brandon was moved and sneered, “Let them go!”

Several Lords quickly evacuated.

“Levi let you go, not because of your ability, but because my Porter family didn’t put you in the eyes! The Porter family can catch you back anytime!”

Brandon sneered.

After Levi left.

Brandon immediately ordered: “Shadow, you go and stare at them yourself!”

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