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Chapter 696

After Brandon ordered, a figure flashed by.

He is a super Lord in the Porter family, good at hiding and assassinating.

People are as their name, shadow.

He sees the dragon without seeing the end.

When you see him, it is the moment of death.

Not even bullets can hurt him!

He is the strongest Lord of the Porter family.

He looked at Levi.

Brandon rest assured.

“Shadow has always been unknowingly, appearing anywhere, no one can find him!”

“With him staring at Levi, they can’t run away!”

Everyone in the Porter family said confidently.

At this moment, Levi left early with Regina.

In the middle of the journey, Levi sneered: “Humph, send someone to follow me.”

It turned out that he had discovered the people who followed secretly.

The number one Lord of the Porter family, in his eyes nothing but that.

What shadow?

He could see through it at a glance.

Levi arranged Regina in Erick Group, and temporarily she followed Sarah.

Sarah likes this girl called her own sister-in-law very much.

She knew better that this was the only relative that Levi recognized.

“Regina, you will follow my sister-in-law from now on.”

Sarah is better to Regina than his sister.

But Regina couldn’t be happy.

A few days later, she and Levi will still be sent to prison in Southeast Asia.

The other side.

Just as everyone scolded Levi, Brandon called.

Brandon immediately nodded and bowed after receiving this call. He smiled and said, “General Lamar, do you have something to order?”

It turned out to be a call from the warlord Lamar.

“Is the money ready?”

Lamar asked.

“Ready, 50 billion is a lot!”

“Where is the person in jail? It breaks my rules and must be punished! I don’t want you to be clever, you must have two direct descendants!”

Lamar’s tone carried an unquestionable command.

“General Lamar has been selected, I dare not disobey your meaning!”

“Well, three days later, I personally come to Velador to take money and arrest people!”

“Huh? The Porter family awaits the arrival of General Lamar!”


After hanging up, Brandon breathed a long sigh of relief.

“what’s happenin?”

Everyone asked.

“Warlord Lamar wants to come to Velador in person!”

Brandon’s face was extremely ugly.

Lamar came in person, which meant that the conditions were more stringent.

The Porter family is about to bleed again.

And also to ensure that Levi and Regina can’t run, they must be optimistic.

“Huh? Lamar, the devil is coming?”

Everyone in the Porter family’s complexion changed.

The Porter family was very afraid of the warlord Lamar.

Because this is a demon who exterminates humanity.

If you provoke him, it will end badly.

Most of them are slaughtered, and all the women in the family will be sold…

Even if it is as strong as the royal Porter family, you must be afraid, after all, this is a group of lunatics.

For example, this time, doing business in Southeast Asia broke Lamar’s rules.

If the Porter family insists on confronting Lamar, the consequences will be disastrous-Southeast Asia’s hundreds of billions of business will be ruined, and Lamar’s crazy revenge will happen.

At that time, it is estimated that hundreds of assassins will madly assassinate anyone in the Porter family…

There will even be terrorist attacks, such as blowing up the Porter family…

This is a consequence that the Porter family cannot bear.

Therefore, the Porter family feared the warlord Lamar in their bones.

It’s like a mouse meets a cat.

“Then Levi and Regina have to be optimistic, and they must not be allowed to escape!”

The Porter family was still worried, and sent three more groups of Lords to stare in secret.

At that time, the two of Levi were arrested directly.

Chapter 697

The next few days were extremely difficult for Regina.

Levi looked relaxed, as if nothing had happened.

As long as the Porter family doesn’t mess with him, he doesn’t bother to take care of it.

Four days later.

The Warlord Lamar came to Jinling.

There are more than a dozen vehicles in total, and every guard is armed with live ammunition, even heavy weapons.

This is the great warlord of Southeast Asia.

But he didn’t dare to be too public. After all, this was in the land of Velador.

More than a dozen vehicles came to Wuhu Villa.

Brandon led the Porter family to greet them at the door as early as possible.

Seeing Lamar, the executioner, everyone was extremely nervous.

Brandon immediately ordered: “Hurry up and let the shadow bring people back! Tell Regina that if she refuses, I will let her parents replace her!”

Soon, the Warlord Lamar came here.

Lamar appeared surrounded by guards with nearly two hundred guns of live ammunition.

He has a fierce look, with several interlaced scars, and a cigar in his mouth.

There were a group of desperadoes nearby.

As long as they offend them, all kinds of weapons immediately greet them.

The point is that the Warlord Lamar has a full 100,000 troops.

The combat effectiveness is sturdy, the weapons are well equipped, and they are rich.

So Lamar is the overlord in Southeast Asia!

As soon as he appeared, he exuded a strong momentum.

Lamar shook his head and scanned the audience.

“General Lamar Porter’s family welcomes you!”

Brandon stepped forward and said with great diligence.

Next to him, Lamar’s adjutant said, “Report to the general. This is Brandon, the Patriarch of the Porter family.”

“It’s just that you are doing business on my territory, and if you break the rules, you still kill the people who hurt me?”

Lamar’s urn sounded anger.

A word calmed everyone in the Porter family.

“General Lamar, misunderstanding, everything is a misunderstanding…”

Brandon explained in a low voice.

“It seems that you have a good attitude of admitting your mistakes! Add 50 billion more, and this matter will be resolved!”

Lamar said.


Everyone in the Porter family was stunned.

Lamar was really a lion’s mouth open.

Want to add another 50 billion?

One hundred billion!

This will definitely hurt the Porter family’s vitality!

The Porter family expected in advance that it would be okay for Lamar to come in person, but didn’t expect it to be so cruel?

Lamar sneered: “What? Don’t you want to?”

“I have 30,000 subordinates drifting on the high seas not far from the Nelshire Sea. They must know that if you don’t agree, they will be very angry. If you don’t know what they will do…”


Outright threat.

Hearing this, everyone in the Porter family’s complexion changed drastically.

Lamar’s meaning is obvious.

As long as the Porter family does not agree, his 30,000 elite soldiers and strong generals will destroy the Porter family.

“Promise! How could you not agree!”

Brandon’s clothes are soft.

They can’t fight these lunatics.

Welcoming Lamar into the Five Lakes Villa.

The Porter family is hurriedly completing a 100 billion transfer.

“The ten people I mentioned are ready for me and take them away together later!”

Lamar said.

Although he was domineering, he did not dare to stay too much on the land of Velador.

After taking the money, you will leave after you tie someone up.

“Guaranteed no problem!”

Brandon said.

He immediately urged his men to bring Levi and Regina back.


Levi and Regina are together.

They were surrounded by Lords.

“Miss Porter, come back with us! The warlord Lamar has already arrived. If you don’t go back, your parents will replace it!”

At this time, Regina was anxious.

“Brother Levi, I’m going back.”

Levi touched her head: “Okay, I’ll go back with you!”

Chapter 698

Originally, it was impossible for Levi to pay attention to this matter.

Who blocks and kills who!

But he heard that the Warlord Lamar had come to Jinling.

Then he was angry!

How can this kind of warlord be tolerated on the land of Velador?

Don’t you know that Velador is a forbidden place for mercenaries and warlords?

Is it okay to run to Velador (hell)?

court death!

How can he tolerate if he dares to come to Velador to run wild?


Hearing that Levi was going, Regina and the Porter family guards were very surprised.

They thought Levi would not go.

In the Five Lakes Villa.

Lamar looked at the 100 billion in the account and smiled.

In fact, he was very worried.

He also understands that Velador cannot come!

This is the grave of mercenaries!

If the military finds out, he can’t eat it.

But if it comes, it can get 50 billion more.

For 50 billion, Lamar took a huge risk to come to Velador.

“Where is the person? Bring it here!”

Lamar urged.

Soon the eight collateral disciples of the Porter family, Levi and Regina were escorted to Lamar.

Seeing Levi come here obediently, Brandon was amused.

This kid didn’t resist?

It should be a clear recognition of reality.

In the hands of the Porter family, he couldn’t escape either.

Can only compromise.

Lamar’s gaze stayed on Regina, revealing a trace of greed.

After hearing the identities of Levi and Regina, Lamar nodded in satisfaction.

“Okay, take people away!”

Soon, Lamar and his party led Levi to leave with them.


“Although it has spent an extra 50 billion, my Porter family has kept it. This group of lunatics really can’t afford it!”

Brandon and others breathed a sigh of relief.

They only love money.

There was no guilt about what happened to Regina and others.

Or, never cared.

Instead, they think it is right for them to suffer and go to jail!

Regina’s parents had long been crying.

This farewell, I will never see my daughter again.

“Dad, you are so cruel, that is your granddaughter and grandson!”

The two cried.

“Why are you crying? They are contributing to the family! They should be proud to be selected!”

“This is their lifetime glory!”

Brandon said it was high-sounding.

Obviously choosing someone to die, but speaking from his mouth, it seemed to give Levi a great opportunity.

At this time, Lamar’s motorcade was racing wildly.

Only if he leaves Velador completely, he will feel relieved.

Otherwise, in his opinion, this road is full of dangers everywhere.

Lamar came to Levi and said with a sneer: “From today, you will belong to me!”

Regina and other Porter family members bowed their heads in terror, not daring to look at Lamar at all.

This is the great demon that everyone in the Porter family fears.

Only Levi looked calm, and even looked at Lamar with a trace of disdain.


Lamar was very surprised to see Levi like this. |

“You… are you not afraid of me?”

Lamar asked curiously.

Levi was happy: “What am I afraid of you?”

“Impossible. Everyone in the Porter family is afraid of me, just like a mouse seeing a cat! Just look at them and you will know!”

Lamar pointed to Regina and others who were trembling next to him.

He was right.

The Porter family was afraid of him to death!

“You are not afraid of me?”

Lamar looked at Levi.

“Only others are afraid of me in this world! I’m afraid that others don’t exist!”

Levi sneered.

“Others are afraid of you? Do you mean I will be afraid of you?”

Lamar was surprised.

Chapter 699

Levi nodded seriously: “Yes, as long as you know my identity, you will kneel on the ground and kowtow!”

“The kind with a broken head!!!”


Hearing what Levi said, everyone in the field laughed.

Especially Lamar laughed presumptuously!

A small junk who was selected by the Porter family and went to jail, would he scare himself?


It’s ridiculous!

Even Brandon had to bow to himself and pay hundreds of billions of compensation.

Just rely on you?

Regina also pulled the corner of La Levi’s clothes and motioned him not to say anything.

If Lamar is annoyed, it is life-threatening.

“Aren’t you afraid of running so fast?”

Levi asked with a smile.


Lamar was taken aback by this sentence.

This kid can actually see that he is scared?

It’s not easy!

“Afraid? Who said I was afraid?”

Lamar naturally didn’t admit it.

His dignified general of a hundred thousand warlords, would he admit that he was afraid?

“Velador is a forbidden place for your warlords and mercenaries. Did you sneak in? Are you afraid that the Velador military will find it?”

Levi continued to ask.

Every sentence can poke Lamar’s weakness.

He is most afraid of Chinese soldiers!

A few years ago, I almost gave up!

This time he sneaked in, and he was worried to death.

“How is it possible? If I am afraid, I will come with such a big fanfare? The so-called Velador is a forbidden area, that is for others, I Lamar will be afraid? I have a hundred thousand army, if I am afraid, Velador is afraid of me!”

Lamar was still talking big.

Levi smiled and said, “Have you ever thought about a problem-you are being targeted by the Chinese military now…”


When Levi said this question, Lamar’s brain throbbed and went blank.

After he realized this problem, his face turned pale and his body even trembled.

He felt that he underestimated Velador.

So many people come in, it’s strange that they don’t notice!

But no one showed up for a long time.

That means there is a problem.

There is danger everywhere.

“Impossible! My subordinates are all Lords, with first-rate anti-detective skills, impossible to discover!”

Lamar’s mouth was still very hard.

After glaring at Levi, he came to the front of the car and ordered his men to accelerate forward while being alert to the surroundings.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make your mouth hard first! When it comes to Southeast Asia, the cruel criminal law in prison is more for you. I want to try it on you! I’ll see how long you can last!”

Lamar stared at Levi threateningly.

“Then I will wait and see, I hope you really have the ability to bring me back to Southeast Asia!”

Levi looked relaxed.

Flew all the way, without incident for three hours.

Finally came to a deep mountain jungle.

There is a base not far away.

There are dozens of helicopters inside.

This is the tool used by the Warlord Lamar to escape.

Came here without any problems.

Lamar finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“It seems that I was worrying too much. Velador didn’t notice us at all. I was almost shocked by that kid!”

Lamar breathed a long sigh of relief.

At this time, Levi’s voice sounded: “Aren’t you going to kneel down for me? I won’t even have the opportunity to kneel later!”

“What are you talking about? Talking again, I will tear your mouth apart!”

Lamar scolded.

When they were transferred to the helicopter, something unusual happened.


The cry of the wolf spread throughout the forest.

I saw eighteen wolves appear on the opposite mountain, each riding a person…

Heavenly Tribulation and Eighteen Cavaliers

Chapter 700


Lamar’s men were shocked to see this scene.

I have never seen a wolf rider.

Especially the size of this wolf is too big.

The body was white and as big as a cow, exuding an extremely dangerous aura.

Eighteen knights riding on wolves carried crossbows and firearms, and grenades were still hanging in front of them.

The nightmare of countless enemies on the battlefield-Eighteen Cavaliers of Heavenly Tribulation appeared.

Although there were hundreds of people on Lamar’s side, they were all taken down by the 18th.

“Any mercenary warlord who comes to Velador privately-die!!!”

Lamar almost fell to the ground with a loud shout.

On the other side, at the end of the line of sight, five people appeared.

Lamar seemed to think of something, and was so scared that he was sweating.


The Eighteen Tribulation Cavaliers on the top of the mountain launched an attack.

Suddenly, it rushed with the momentum of the thunderbolt.

At a distance of several hundred meters, it almost came in the blink of an eye.




They are like war machines, wherever they go, they bring only slaughter!

Wherever they crossed, they wailed everywhere, and their bones became mountains.

Warlord Lamar’s hundreds of combat-powerful soldiers were instantly broken up and collapsed.

Death to death, injury to injury, escape to escape.

Of course, no one can escape!

The chasing ability of the Eighteenth Cavaliers is unmatched.

This is a unilateral crush.

In less than two minutes, the Warlord Lamar was defeated across the board.

The remaining dozens of people all knelt on the ground and surrendered.

Heavenly Tribulation Eighteen Cavaliers are simply not humans, and they are not a dimensional existence.

They are like demons.

The bullet can’t hit it at all.

How terrible is this?

In the time when the Eighteenth Cavalry of Heavenly Tribulation solved the Warlord Lamar, the five people also happened to be here.

After Lamar saw the faces of the five people clearly, he fell to the ground in fright.

There was a lot of wet underneath.

Was scared to pee!

This this this…

He will never forget these people!

Three years ago, he almost wiped out his warlord organization!

He was not the only warlord who was defeated in Southeast Asia.

All eleven warlords were destroyed overnight!

Because they met the Emperor Iron Brigade, the invincible army of Velador.

The leader of the team is the King of the Five Great Wars under the command of the God of War!

Those faces are the nightmare of Lamar’s life.

I didn’t expect to see it again!

Then these eighteen knights, are they the representatives of disasters-eighteen knights?

“I, I, I…”

Lamar’s mouth trembled, and he couldn’t utter a word for a long time.

“Lamar, you are so courageous, dare to come to Velador to go wild! Are you impatient to live?”

Wesley asked coldly.

Owen smiled even more, “Should I go to Southeast Asia now and kill your warlord?”

“I…I don’t dare…uuuu…misunderstanding…everything is a misunderstanding…”

A generation of great warlord Lamar was scared to tears, just like a child.

“Misunderstandings, misunderstandings, all misunderstandings!”

“Lords, we only came to Velador to resolve some personal grievances, and did not do anything that threatened Velador!”

The adjutant’s thoughts were fairly clear, he said immediately.

“Yes, it’s a misunderstanding. We didn’t make trouble, nor did we dare to make trouble on the land of Velador!”

Lamar cried and said.

Wesley smiled: “Misunderstanding? Is it really a misunderstanding?”

“Do you know who you caught?”

Wesley asked sharply.


Lamar suddenly thought of someone.

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