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Chapter 701


Earlier, Levi had talked a lot with him, saying that only others were afraid of him.

Finally, he said that if he doesn’t kneel, he won’t even have the opportunity to kneel later.

As soon as his identity was revealed, he had to knock his head to bleed?

Wouldn’t it be so coincidental?

Lamar’s head has to be exploded.

If it is really that person, he is completely finished!!!

For 50 billion, I caught myself.

not worth!

Very worthless!

At this moment, Levi jumped out of the car.

Regina has been stopping him just now, don’t go down, saying it’s dangerous.

The moment Levi appeared.

Wesley and other Five Great War kings immediately looked at him.

Even the eighteen snow wolves under the Eighteen Tribulation Seats all crawled on the ground and made a gesture of worship to Levi.

“Meet God of War General!!!”

More than twenty people shouted together.

When this name sounded, Lamar was frightened and fainted.

He guessed it right!

Levi is really that person!

Sure enough, as soon as his identity was revealed, he would be scared to death.

The whole world will be afraid of him!


Wesley slapped his face and Lamar woke up.

“Boom boom…”

He knelt on the ground, kowtow vigorously.

His head was knocked to the ground!

But he never stopped!

“Stop it first!”

“You are so courageous! You dare to come to Velador!”

Levi sneered.

“I, I, I…”

Lamar was trembling all the time and couldn’t say a word.

“Well, I’ll give you a chance! You can spend your own money to buy your life!”

Levi approached.


Hope arose in Lamar’s eyes.

“Well, 300 billion will buy your life! When the money comes, I will let you go back!”

Levi raised his finger.


Lamar was dumbfounded.

Adding the 100 billion that he just got from Porter’s family, he totaled less than 400 billion.

Throw out all 300 billion at this time?

This is equivalent to destroying his foundation!

But no money is a dead end.

If you give money, he is alive, and he can make a comeback when he returns to Southeast Asia.

“I am willing! Thank you General God of War for giving me this opportunity!”

Lamar kowtows to thank you.

Under the operation of Suzaku, the Warlord Lamar Financial Group soon brought over 300 billion.

“Recently, there have been enough charitable donations in Jiangnan Province! The 300 billion will be used to attract investment and development! Let Jiangnan Province develop again!

Levi notified West Teng to set up 300 billion as a special fund for development investment.

“You send the others back to Porter’s house, and then leave!”

Levi ordered.

Where does Lamar dare to neglect.

He took dozens of people who survived and sent Regina nine people to Porter’s house.

Lamar regretted his death.

Velador is indeed forbidden!

I really can’t come!

This will cost a full 300 billion!!!

It hurts too much!

In the Five Lakes Villa.

Just as everyone in the Porter family wanted to pack up and return to Nelshire, several cars appeared at the door.

“It’s not good, the Warlord Lamar is here again!”

I don’t know who shouted, everyone in the Porter family was terrified.

Especially Brandon, almost never passed.

Lamar went and returned, indicating that he had to put forward other conditions.

This greedy guy!

But Porter’s family was helpless.

“Hey, what a crime!”

Brandon had to take the Porter family to greet him at the door.

Everyone was terrified when Lamar got out of the car.


But no one thought that Lamar would kneel down in front of Brandon…

Chapter 702

Not only Lamar, but also his adjutant and dozens of guards all knelt on the ground.

This scene stunned all Porter family members.

They looked at Lamar and other people on the ground in disbelief.

What’s going on here?

Lamar, what’s going on with them?

“General Lamar, don’t do this, the Porter family can’t afford it!”

Brandon was so scared that he almost knelt down to Lamar.

They didn’t understand what Lamar meant.

I thought he was playing tricks!

“Mr. Porter, I was wrong… Lamar was so wrong! Don’t get me wrong, I’m here to give someone an apology!”

Lamar waved his hand, and the adjutant immediately released Regina.

Regina’s nine people are all dumbfounded.

They had been huddled in the car in fright, not knowing what was happening outside.

Now they found out that they were sent back to Porter’s house?

How is this going?

What about Brother Levi?

Where did he go after getting off the car?

Is there any danger?

Regina was very anxious.

What happened?

“General Lamar, what the hell is going on? Why am I confused?”

Brandon was Cross Er’s monk and couldn’t figure it out.

Porter’s family is very puzzled.

In the end what happened?

Can Lamar not say anything but kneel down and apologize.

All this experience is incredible.

“Hey! I’m all to blame for being arrogant, and I was punished by someone who dared to spread wildly on the land of Velador!”

Lamar sighed.

“From now on, the Porter family will do business in my region in Southeast Asia at will. If you have any request or help, I will provide it with all my strength! I only ask you to speak nicely to that person so that Lamar can survive…”

Lamar knelt on the ground and pleaded.

Although Levi let him go.

But if you get it in the future, it will probably be wiped out.

So I pleaded with Grandpa Levi and said something nice.

“Ah? Who? I don’t understand even more?”

Brandon looked surprised.

Others also heard it in the mist.

And who makes Lamar afraid of being like this?

Isn’t it amazing?

“Patriarch Porter doesn’t have to pretend! This time, your country’s God of War is for the Porter family! All the hundreds of people under me have fallen! I almost died!”

“I really didn’t expect the Porter family to have such a close relationship with the dignified God of War! If you know, I wouldn’t dare to fight the Porter family’s idea if I was killed!”

Lamar was about to cry.

Brandon turned out to be the grandfather of God of War.

This is something he didn’t expect!

“God of War? Are you talking about the supreme God of War in Velador?”

Brandon asked.

“Isn’t it! The God of War that all major countries must be afraid of!”

“General Lamar, you mean the God of War is related to our Porter family?”

Brandon asked uncertainly.

“That’s right! Just now we encountered the God of War. His eighteenth knights and the King of the Five Great Wars were all dispatched! It really scared me to death!”

Lamar had lingering fears.

“The God of War is related to my Porter family? Why don’t I know?”

Brandon and the Porter family looked at each other.

They couldn’t think of how they could get involved with the God of War?

“Well, Patriarch Porter, I have already sent the people, I have to evacuate quickly, I will die later!”

Lamar led his men to flee quickly.

“General Lamar, please wait, can you make it clear what is the relationship between the God of War and my Porter family?”

Brandon was eager to know.

“Yes! General Lamar, tell us, right?”

Chapter 703

Lamar was taken aback.

They thought Brandon knew Levi’s identity a long time ago, and they deliberately cooperated with the acting to fix him.

It now appears that the Porter family did not know the identity of Levi.

After all, this is also the highest-level military secret, I don’t know it is normal.

He must not divulge.

“Let’s put it this way, the God of War War God has an inseparable relationship with the Porter family! He will protect the Porter family! As long as you are on his side!”

After speaking, Lamar immediately left Wuhu Villa with someone.

Fleeing Velador non-stop, for fear that Levi would regret it.

“The legendary God of War, who defeated the Eighteen Nations and swept Southeast Asia, has an inseparable relationship with my Porter family? Is this true?”

Brandon still looks unbelievable.

“It must be true, it can scare Lamar like this! It must be the God of War!”

“Yes, some time ago I heard that the God of War retired and returned to the field and was in Case York.”

“But how can God of War have anything to do with my Porter family?”

Brandon couldn’t figure it out.

“Grandpa, you forgot Little Uncle Lloyd!”

Ian reminded.

Brandon has seven sons in total, and the youngest son Rusten joined the army in his early years.

It is now said that in a special force, everything is kept secret.

It has been five full years since I went home.

You can only tell the situation at home every year, mainly to determine if you are still alive.

They had no hope for Rusten.

Did not make much contribution to the family.

But he never expected that he could have a relationship with the God of War!

This is undoubtedly a great surprise for the Porter family!

“Yeah, I just remembered that when I talked about it, the Rusten came to the news last year that he was already a member of the Emperor Iron Brigade.

Out of confidentiality, I did not tell you. The Emperor Iron Brigade was the pro-army of the God of War, and now I am afraid it is the general of the God of War!

God of War must have shot Lamar because of the Rusten! Can God of War take the shot, which shows how high is the status of Lao Lloyd? “

Brandon immediately showed ecstasy.

“God of War is actually the backing of the Porter family? My Porter family has a real dragon, and my Porter family is about to rise!”

Others also looked excited.

It would never have occurred to him that the God of War of the First Kingdom of Velador would have come forward for the Porter family.

“Little Uncle Lloyd (seventh brother) is really the future hope of my Porter family! It is a model for us to learn!”

Everyone began to brag.

Regina, who was in the crowd, didn’t think that was the case.

Everything is abnormal.

In her opinion, it seems to have something to do with Levi.

“By the way, what about Levi? Why didn’t I see him?”

Brandon suddenly thought of a person.

“Levi ran away a long time ago! He should have ran away taking advantage of the chaos!”


Mack glared at Regina and said, “Haha, how about you being your brother? In times of crisis, they ran away first!”

“No…you don’t understand…”

Regina defended.

“Hmph, you don’t need to have any contact with Levi in the future! If you find it once, don’t blame Grandpa for being ruthless!”

Brandon warned.

Brandon said to Bert again: “By the way, second child, you go to warn Xia Levi! From now on he has nothing to do with my Porter family! I Brandon has no such grandson! He must not call me Brandon’s grandson. !”

Bert and the others nodded: “That’s for sure, Lamar’s matter has been resolved! He has no use value for the Porter family! He can’t even think about getting involved with my Porter family anymore!”

Chapter 704

Solved Lamar and got 300 billion.

Levi was in a good mood.

For him, there is a big surprise.

Lamar did put a team of 30,000 people on the high seas overseas to respond.

It wasn’t to scare the Porter family, but there were really 30,000 people.

After locking the target, the King of the Five Great Wars attacked the Warlord Lamar’s team with the camp of beasts.

Just look at the training results of the Beast Camp for nearly a month.

Under the attack of the Hundred Beast Camp, the 30,000 Warlord Lamars were defeated and fled in embarrassment.

This is the power of the camp of beasts!

Take it out alone, everyone is strong enough.

Together, it is simply invincible.

“Well, it worked well.”

Levi smiled satisfied.

At this time, Porter’s family unexpectedly came to the door.


Levi asked with a cold face.

Bert looked at him with a sneer: “Levi came to me to find you, two things. First: You broke the rules of the house and broke the ruler. The Porter family will not be held accountable!

Second, from now on, you have no relationship with the Porter family at all! I hope you don’t bluff and deceive everywhere in the name of Porter’s family! “

“Yes! If it weren’t for you to suffer and go to jail, the Porter family wouldn’t admit your identity! Now that the matter is resolved, you can do it for yourself!”

“A person like you will never be qualified to step into the door of Porter’s house!”

“Don’t mind telling you a piece of news, God of War is the backer of my Porter family! My Porter family will only be stronger, and your waste will only lower the level of the Porter family!”

“Never want to step into Porter’s family in vain! You are not worthy!”

Porter’s juniors all sneered.

“From now on, if you let me know that you are under the banner of the Porter family, I will definitely interrupt your limbs!”

After Bert warned, he took the Porter family and left.

Levi shook his head: “boring!”

Sarah next to him saw everything clearly.

Levi was indeed miserable.

Finally met relatives, but was treated like this.

“Husband, if you don’t recognize your identity, you don’t recognize your identity. What’s so great!”

Sarah comforted.

Levi nodded: “Well, it’s nothing.”

“Husband, don’t worry, I am here. With our joint efforts, one day, the Porter family will look at us with admiration!”

Sarah’s heart is full of enthusiasm, and she has to work hard to make Levi’s identity background extremely good, enough to fight against Porter’s family.

Levi smiled.

The wife still cares about herself.

“Don’t worry, no matter now or in the future, the Porter family is destined to be stepped on by me!”

Levi made bold words.

The Porter Family’s appearance did not have any impact on Levi, everything returned to normal.

A few days later, Levi came to the Jinling Military Region.

Alton asked him for something, and by the way, Levi took a look at the appearance of the Beast Camp.

Although it has been known that a thousand people from the Baiju Camp defeated 30,000 Warlord Lamars.

This is a team of Lords with unique skills. If the training is in place and the tactics are in place, the combat effectiveness of this team will be very, very terrifying.

Levi was very satisfied with the sight of the beast camp in the field.

Kirin is Velador’s top devil instructor.

Coupled with a group of Lords, a chemical reaction started.

The camp of beasts is bound to be a terrifying battle group!

“The bad habits are gone! The advantages are all prominent! I am very satisfied!”

Levi’s words of approval.

“But what’s the matter with me? Isn’t it about letting me see the effect of training?”

Levi asked.

Chapter 705

Alton said helplessly: “I don’t know where Qin learned the news, I know that I am training the camp of the beasts! He is greedy, he has to come and try the camp of the beasts!

Alton is reluctant in every possible way: “The soldiers I have trained, want to try, but I will try it myself! What is he!”

Levi smiled.

These people are so interesting.

It’s all a family, what is yours and mine.

As for how to know?

Probably it was the battle of the Baiju Camp that defeated the Warlord Lamar, but the news was revealed.

“This is your business, I don’t care!”

Levi approached.

“It’s not a question of whether I borrow or not, it’s the kid Qin who wants to come here to borrow someone himself! I can’t do anything if I don’t borrow!”

Levi smiled and said, “At present, the Western Territory Theater is still at the forefront! It is not easy for Qin, I will use him for the Camp of Beasts!”

I don’t know who leaked the fact that Qin, the battlefield tiger, is coming to Jinling.

For a time, there are countless people ready to meet.

The celebrities and wealthy people everywhere are fighting Qin’s ideas.

Since you can’t get a bridge with the God of War, it’s not bad to have a relationship with the top leader of the West.

This is also the existence of an invincible general with great military exploits.

In addition, Levi came to Shun’s 300 billion, and West Teng quickly set a special amount.

Come to invest in the development of the entire Jiangnan Province.

This is a huge sum!

And formulate corresponding policies!

As soon as the news came out, outstanding enterprises or families in Jiangnan Province and the surrounding provinces had a keen interest.

Even Nelshire Porter’s family also got news.

They understand better than others how the 300 billion came from.

One hundred billion of them belonged to their Porter family.

This makes the Porter family very distressed.

“My Porter family must get an investment project and even establish a foothold in Jiangnan Province!”

Brandon ordered.

“The reason is very simple. This one hundred billion belongs to my Porter family. You can take as many projects as possible to make up for some losses!”

“In addition, General God of War is very concerned about the development of Jiangnan, it is good for us to make some achievements.”

Brandon analyzed.

“We understand what you mean!”

In the past, Porter’s family didn’t like the small plate of Jiangnan Province.

But now that they know the God of War, they have to brush up on their sense of existence.

“During this time, I am going to invite the God of War in the name of the Porter family, and personally thank him!”

Brandon already had a plan in his mind.

“Grandpa, can we invite the God of War? I have checked. Before countless celebrity family invitations, the God of War all refused one by one!”

Ian said his confusion.

“Can we be like them? My son is a general in the army, the right-hand man of the God of War! In public and private, the God of War will see us!”

Brandon said proudly.

After the Lamar incident, he felt that his son Rusten was definitely a major general-level military officer.

But how did he know that Rusten was a lieutenant in the army.

If according to the military rank, he would never even want to see Levi in his whole life.

“Haha, this is! God of War is the backer of my Porter family, there is no reason to be missing!”

The Porter family was extremely excited.

Since coming back, they have also been rampant in Nelshire.

No one is concerned.

With the backing of the God of War, who would they be afraid of?

In order to make Porter’s family go further.

So Brandon decided to invite God of War.

“By the way, grandpa, I have an idea!”

Ian said.

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