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Chapter 706

Brandon immediately said, “Ian, please speak up!”

“Grandpa, if we want to thank General God of War. He will definitely refuse these beauties of wealth and power! But I have a good way to thank…”

“Well, let’s build a statue for General God of War in Jinling to express our gratitude!”


After Ian said this, the audience burst into applause.

“The way to build a statue is also good!”

“As expected of my grandson! Great idea!”

Brandon laughed loudly.

Build a statue for the God of War, so that General God of War has no reason to refuse.

And everyone will know that the Porter family has a close relationship with General God of War!

A good thing that kills two birds with one stone!

“Since it has been decided, it must be implemented immediately! Ian, you are in charge of this project!”

Brandon ordered.

Now the Porter family is changing the law and want to thank the God of War.

“By the way, father, according to the gossip, Qin, the No. 1 Chief of the Western Frontier Theater, will come to Jinling himself in a few days!”

Bert said.

“Pick up! Must be picked up in the name of the Porter family! People like Qin are generals of the God of War. We must pick up and drop off them with the highest etiquette, and let the God of War War God know our Porter family’s wishes!”

Brandon made up his mind again.

“Although Lao Lloyd’s current identity is still in secret, I feel that the distance from Qin is not big! In the future, Lao Lloyd will probably be the commander-in-chief of a certain theater in the Ninth World War Zone!”

The Porter family is looking forward to…

But the reality is often cruel, and Qin is a lieutenant general.

And Rusten is just a lieutenant, there is a huge difference between the two.

What happened to Qin was raging.

Even Boyd Xiao knew about it.

Boyd Xiao found Levi and said embarrassingly: “General, I…I want to take a leave of absence!”


This made Levi stunned.

How could a harsh person like Boyd Xiao ask for leave?

“The general listened to me to explain! No, is Chief Qin coming? We have all received the news! Some of our retired comrades all want to see Chief Qin again! So there is a gathering of retired comrades, I can’t push it away. of!”

Boyd Xiao was embarrassed.

“Okay, it’s okay, it’s approved! I’m here, don’t worry!”

Levi approached.

“Thank you Chief!”

Boyd Xiao immediately saluted a military salute.

She is probably the best bodyguard in the world.

Because God of War, the dignified Chinese God of War, personally replaced her…

If this is said, the whole world will have its jaw dropped.

But it did happen, and it happened.

Levi smiled helplessly: “This kid came to borrow someone, but it was full of trouble! It’s bigger than Lao Tzu and mine! You should learn from Duan Tianyang!”

When Levi came back to Case York, a hundred fighters escorted him and a hundred thousand people blocked him. Actually, there was another reason.

It is used to deter other countries.

It proved that Levi did not resign from this position, but returned to his hometown normally.

He is still the Chinese God of War.

After making this kind of scene, other countries or forces that are ready to move will be able to stop honestly, and they dare not have any unreasonable thoughts about Velador.

Naturally, he doesn’t like extravagance, wastefulness, and grand scenes.

In desperation, I did this.

As soon as Boyd Xiao left, Cross Shuo, West Teng’s secretary, came in person.

“Garrison… Mr. Garrison, leader West Teng asked me to come to you, and I want to discuss something with you!”

Cross Shuo said tremblingly.

“Come on, what’s the matter?”

Chapter 707

“Leader West Teng said, Mr. Garrison is still solely responsible for the development of the 300 billion investment!”

Cross Shuo said.


Levi was very curious about the reason.

“Because after the policy was promulgated, no less than ten local business families have looked for West’s leadership. They are all outstanding local entrepreneurs in Jinling, who have made great contributions to the development of Jinling. It is difficult for West Teng to refuse their request!

Therefore, in order to avoid suspicion and achieve absolute fairness and justice, leader West Teng feels that this matter should be handed over to you! “

Cross Shuo said the reason.

Levi thought for a while and said, “Well, I’m fine recently, so let me take care of it!”

“I’m tired of Mr. Garrison, if you have any request, Mr. Garrison can order us!”

Cross Shuo lowered his head and said.

Subsequently, the major media reported that the person in charge of the 300 billion investment and development project has changed, and a leader surnamed Garrison will be solely responsible.

Jinling has launched a number of investment projects, attracting countless companies’ pursuit.

Local companies are also very greedy.

The Mann family is no exception. How can they let go of such a good opportunity?

The Mann family gathered all the members for a meeting.

Including plum dye.

“This time is a good opportunity for the Mann family! The Mann family has been stagnant for many years! If you can get a few projects this time, it will be a great thing for the Mann family!”

Melina scanned the audience and said, “So everyone must work hard! Get more projects!”

“By the way, Sarah, I have great expectations of you!”

Melina smiled.

“Sorry, grandma, our company does not participate in the competition for this project!”

The resources and funds of Erick Group do not need to participate in this project.

“Sarah, your company does not participate, but you have to consider for the Mann family. Grandma’s meaning is to let you get some projects for the Mann family!”

Melina said.

“Grandma, it’s a bit difficult. It’s hard for me to fight for projects in the name of a company. If it’s personal, it’s too difficult.”

Sarah doesn’t want to use public private.

Melina’s face was solemn: “Then I don’t care about it!”

Concubine Mann Jun smiled: “You should set a task for Sarah! Isn’t she going to continue to marry Levi?”

When Princess Mann Jun reminded, Melina immediately said: “Yes! Sarah, I will set a task for you! You must bring back an investment project of no less than 50 billion!”

“Why does grandma have to force me a task?”

Sarah was very puzzled.

“It’s very simple! Don’t you want to marry Levi? No one in our Mann family is willing!”

“Only if you get back a 50 billion project, the Mann family and your parents will not stop you from doing things with Levi, otherwise, if we are here, you don’t want to marry Levi!!!”

Melina’s attitude is extremely hard.


Sarah was stunned.

I thought the Mann family was much better than the Logan family.

But in the end, it’s all the same.

They all use her as a tool.

Especially in the face of huge interest temptation, even put forward such a rude request.

“Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be difficult to use your resources. In addition, I will also help you here. I will contact the person in charge in the near future!”

Cross Wentao smiled.

Sarah looked at everyone and said, “Grandma, I don’t agree! Why?”

“It’s okay if you don’t agree! But one day with Melina, you don’t want to marry Levi! I will stop if I fight for my life!”

Melina said angrily.

The attitude of the Mann family is the same!!!

Chapter 708

The Mann family didn’t want to let go of this opportunity!

But their abilities are limited.

But plum dyeing is different.

There is Erick Group behind her. If she wants to make a move, she will have a high probability of getting a large-sum project.

If plum dyeing is unsuccessful.

They have good reasons to prevent Levi and Sarah from getting together.

Then find a good husband for Sarah, and marry into a wealthy family.

The same is true.

In the end, the Mann family must be the profitable party!

“Sarah, you have to understand us. This is good for you and your parents!”

Mann Jianguo Road.

“As for me, let your father hold a senior management position in the Mann Group. As for your mother, the Mann family has been transferred to Jinling People’s Hospital through a relationship and directly becomes the head of the department! They also agree with this matter.”

Melina also said.

Sarah looked at the Mann family and said: “That is to say-as long as I get a 50 billion investment project, you will not intervene in the affairs of Levi and I?”

“Well, the Mann family does what it says! Even your parents will not care about you!”

Melina promised.

“Okay, then I promised!”

Sarah agreed.

In order for her and Levi to get married, she must give it a try.

After returning to the company, Sarah began to inquire about the relevant information of the investment conference.

The secretary said: “Mr. Logan, although this investment conference was launched by Jinling. The person in charge is not the leader of Jinling. It is said that he is impartial and strives to be fair and just. Whoever has the ability or potential can get it. project!”

“It’s a good thing to have such a person in charge, otherwise some big groups and big families would have already split most of the projects from the hands of Jinling leaders.”

Sarah’s eyes lit up, which was a good opportunity for her.

At least hope is bigger.

At this time, Levi came to see her.

“What’s wrong? Sadness is like this!”

Levi asked.

Sarah could only tell Levi what had happened.

“A 50 billion project? It’s too simple, isn’t it? Why can’t I get a big deal?”

Levi smiled.

He is the person in charge, and everything is up to him.

This is a trivial matter.

He was not afraid of threats from Sarah’s parents and Mann’s family.

Just afraid of trouble.

If Sarah’s relatives keep stopping, he will be very annoying.

It’s good to be able to do it all at once.

“Ah? Easy? That’s a whole 50 billion project? What’s more, I can only fight for it personally. It’s too difficult! Impossible!”

Sarah sighed.

“Why are you worried about my one sentence?”

Levi smiled.

Sarah looked at him in surprise: “Are you going to trouble Erick boss again? I just asked Natalie, this project has nothing to do with Erick boss. Can you still do it?”

Chapter 709

“Don’t worry, the project will fall on you at that time!”

“But, you have to make a suggestion to the Mann family! Although this project will fall to the Mann family, you have to be solely responsible for it!”

Levi said seriously.

Sarah looked at Levi fascinated.

His mouth seemed to have been opened, and every time he said something, things could be solved in a straightforward manner.

It seems that he is controlling it all.

But this time, she didn’t believe it.

Because Erick boss will not make a move.

She wants to see how Levi can solve it?

Seeing Sarah, I didn’t believe it.

Levi didn’t say much.

At that time, the investment conference project can be arranged directly.

Recently, Jinling is about to usher in two major events. The first is the investment conference, and the second is the event that Qin will come to in the Western Theater.

Qin announced in a high-profile manner that he was coming to Jinling, and Levi had probably thought through it all.

Sure enough, Qin specifically called Levi.

“Qin, your kid is so high-profile to expose his whereabouts, is it to paralyze the enemy?”

Levi asked.

“The boss can’t hide anything from you!”

“Recently, my war zone confronted Tiger Country, and it was difficult to break their defenses. I exposed my whereabouts in a high-profile manner, and Tiger Country will definitely pay attention. After borrowing from the Camp of Hundred Beasts, I suddenly killed a carbine and hit them off guard.

Qin smiled embarrassedly.

This is the reason why Qin’s high-profile publicity to return to Jinling’s whereabouts.

“It seems that you have learned all of my skills!”

Levi approached.

“Why, boss, I can only learn a little bit of your fur!”

Qin’s modest way.

“Then I am waiting for your boy!”

Levi also wanted to see Qin.

It was a soldier brought out by himself, but also a brother.

“Hey, boss, I prepared a gift for you, a good thing I seized from Tiger Country!”

Qin said with a smile.

“As long as you don’t give me the tiger country lady, anything will do!”

“Hey, boss, as long as you want to protect the country, I will catch ten for you!”

If Boyd Xiao knew that the supreme leader in her mind would be like this, she would probably drop her chin.

In fact, the bloody fighters like Levi and Qin put aside their coats.

They are ordinary people.

It’s also someone else’s son, and someone else’s father…

But for the sake of Velador and the people, they don’t hesitate to put on military uniforms, rush to the forefront, and protect this land with flesh and blood.

How can the years be quiet, it’s just that someone is carrying the weight for you.

Boyd Xiao went to the party of comrades-in-arms, unexpectedly even Levi received an invitation to the party of comrades-in-arms.

Some of his comrades in arms when he first stepped into the barracks.

After that, Levi was transferred to the secret army and never contacted again.

They didn’t know Levi’s identity either.

Chapter 710

I heard that someone else was in Jinling, and I also sent him an invitation.

For other things, Levi may not go, but he has to go to the gathering of his comrades.

At this moment, Boyd Xiao’s comrade-in-arms gathering is underway.

Most of them were retired from the front line of the Western Theater.

They used to be strong soldiers on the battlefield who fought bravely to kill the enemy.

Of course, there are some bastards among them.

I haven’t achieved any achievements for many years, but I have won a lot of military medals.

Not only from the Western Frontier Theater, but also other people who Boyd Xiao didn’t know would also come.

They are from other war zones.

Most people are discussing today’s work.

Some people change their careers and do other things.

But most people join bodyguard companies or security companies.

The focus of this gathering of comrades-in-arms was on Boyd Xiao.

Although there are many women.

But Boyd Xiao looks outstanding, especially after getting dressed up, he is no worse than a star.

Many male comrades in arms have ideas about Boyd Xiao.

In the army before, no one dared to provoke this female Yama.

It’s different now.

“Boyd Xiao, I heard that you are also a personal bodyguard?”

Everyone asked.

“Yeah, I’m working as a personal bodyguard.”

Boyd Xiao answered.

“What about salary? I guess it should be seven or eight hundred thousand, right?”

Boyd Xiao replied straightforwardly: “Maybe I have better luck. I am paid ten million for a house and a car.”


Everyone has an unbelievable look.

Boyd Xiao’s salary shocked the audience.

Let those who had ideas about Boyd Xiao be discouraged.

“Boyd Xiao, is your boss still short of people? We can all do it!”

Everyone asked.

“Then let me ask!”

Boyd Xiao came outside, called Levi and asked if he wanted someone.

“Yes, I want to form a powerful security team, just short of manpower!”

Levi was going to attend the gathering of comrades-in-arms, but Boyd Xiao unexpectedly proposed this idea, which coincided with him.

After Boyd Xiao finished the phone call, he told everyone that the boss would come and choose by himself.

This excites everyone.

Gradually, more and more people came to the gathering of comrades-in-arms.

There are those in the north, south, and east.

There are more than a hundred people.

Everyone sat around and started to brag as they talked.

Especially a group of people in the north.

Began to brag about military merits.

“At that time, a few of us destroyed the enemy’s command post and all got first-class merit! The whole company also got third-class collective merit because of us!”

“On another occasion, the entire group’s positions were lost, but we were the only one who defended it. We mainly rely on a few of us, and we won first-class merit!”

“Our entire military career is actually very average, only two times of first-class merit, five times of second-class merit, and eight times of third-level merit!”

Several people said, they also put all the medals of military merit on the table.

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