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Chapter 76

“Haha, Lao Jiu is indeed not your opponent!”

Levi has one thing to say.

The spirit of Cross Tianlin alone is not comparable to that of the old nine.

Levi sat down on the sofa and poured himself a glass of red wine. He took a sip and smiled: “It’s impossible for Heiye to have five hundred million! We can discuss the price…”

Cross Tianlin glanced at Levi and said with a sneer: “I, Cross Tianlin, always do things simply and neatly. You can give me a price!”

Levi didn’t speak, but also raised five fingers.

After Cross Tianlin saw it, his face changed drastically, and he smiled: “Brother, are you kidding me? Fifty million? Impossible!!! Four hundred million I have to think about it!

Levi smiled: “Heiye is wrong, not fifty million!”


Cross Tianlin stood up with a bang, and said angrily: “Five million? Levi, don’t go too far! I’ll be honest, I didn’t even look at the old nine! If you irritate me, you won’t end up! “

Levi patted Cross Tianlin on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Hei, don’t be angry, how can it be five million?”

Cross Tianlin’s expression was a little more relaxed, only when Levi was joking just now.

It’s just that Levi’s next sentence almost made him drop his chin.

“I mean five dollars!”

The speech is not surprising, and the whole conference room exploded as soon as Levi said this.


Cross Tianlin slammed the table, and shouted at Levi: “You fucking trick me? I killed you!”

“Crack, click…”

Suddenly, the six bodyguards behind Cross Tianlin pulled out a handful of them and stabbed the gleaming Triangular Army.

“Da da da da…”

At the same time the door of the conference room opened, and more than 30 people rushed in from the outside, a total of forty people killed Levi and Wesley.

These are special bodyguards with super strong combat effectiveness!

Cross Tianlin looked at Levi with a sneer: “You don’t want to inquire about Lao Jiu? Who the hell in the entire Case York city dared to touch me Cross Tianlin? Even the number one Du Yuesheng wants to give me face!”

“You ba5tard, dare you fuck with me? You’re going to die!”

Cross Tianlin was very angry.

Levi smiled and said, “I didn’t fool you! I bought the video sincerely! A small video is almost five!”

Hearing Levi’s words, Cross Tianlin and dozens of bodyguards were so angry.

Want to buy five hundred million videos for five?

Are you afraid that you are dreaming?

Cross Tianlin looked at Levi and said, “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious! Five bucks for the video!”

Levi nodded.

“Then hell, I’m serious too! Either you buy the video for 500 million, or I cut off your hands! You choose it yourself!”

Cross Tianlin was gasping for breath.


But Levi and Wesley laughed after listening.

This makes Cross Tianlin bewildered.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Do you think the two of you can come in and out of me freely?”

Cross Tianlin smiled.

“Do you know? Why can I get a foothold in Case York by relying on these dozens of bodyguards! To tell you the truth, they are all mercenaries and special forces who have retired on the battlefields of the Middle East and Africa! Everyone here has been on the battlefields. Yes, at least they have killed dozens of people! Their combat effectiveness is beyond the imagination of the old nine!”

“Because of them, no one in Case York dared to touch me! Including Du Yuesheng!”

Chapter 77

“Every bodyguard is trained by me by spending millions! I spend at least tens of millions on them every year!”

Speaking of this, Cross Tianlin looked at Levi and roared: “What are you fighting against me? Do you rely on an old nine? Funny!”

Wesley checked, and what Cross Tianlin said was really right.

Don’t look at it as a detective agency.

But no one in Case York dared to move him.

The dozens of bodyguards under him are really too strong.

“Have you finished blowing it?”

Levi said lightly.

“Stop them for me!”

Hearing this, Cross Tianlin angrily ordered.

But he saw Wesley next to Levi slowly taking off his shirt and wearing only a vest.


When Wesley took off his vest, everyone present was dumbfounded.

Everyone clearly saw the scars on Wesley’s shoulders, arms, and back, which were so dense that it was frightening.

There are hundreds of them…

These bodyguards were all retired from the battlefield, and they knew very well what happened to the scars on Wesley’s body.

Many were wounds from bullets, some were wounded by shrapnel, and some were corroded wounds. It is estimated that they were wounded by chemical weapons…

Even people who have been on the battlefield can’t imagine why a person has such dense wounds.

These wounds can only be possessed by those who are respected as “gods” on the battlefield.

They may have gone through thousands of battles before leaving such dense wounds.

They have concluded that Wesley is also a soldier, a super god of war who has been on the battlefield!

Cross Tianlin saw that his high-priced bodyguards showed a look of fear. While he was puzzled, he also roared angrily: “What are you doing? Are you afraid? A few wounds scared you? Take him down! I will reward one million for the first person!”

After an order was given, someone finally couldn’t bear it and rushed up with a saber in his hand.


Only Wesley kicked him out. The man flew more than ten meters and hit the wall. After falling to the ground, he twitched and couldn’t get up.

“Go together!”

All the bodyguards rushed up.

“Boom boom…”


A scream resounded here.

After a while, only Wesley and Cross Tianlin were standing in the conference room. Of course, Levi sat on the sofa and didn’t move.

And forty special bodyguards all fell to the ground and convulsed, and the blood on the ground was shocking.

As for Cross Tianlin was really frightened and stupefied, watching the scene in front of him incredibly.

“The Five Great Wars of the Chinese Army, Wang Wesley…”

“And God of War, the No. 1 God of War in Velador…”

The mercenaries who fell on the ground actually recognized Levi and Wesley.

After all, they have also had intersections.

For a period of time, the battlefields in the Middle East and Africa were the legends of the God of War.

These mercenaries even treated Levi as a military god.

God of War is their military soul!

Now that I saw the God of War with my own eyes, these retired mercenaries actually knelt on the ground and worshiped Levi…

“Kun… God of War… General God of War…”

Hei Garrison specializes in collecting information and black materials.

He knew about General God of War’s visit to Case York.

Even know more than others.

Now that he heard the bodyguard say God of War, he immediately understood that General God of War and Major General Wesley were in front of him.

“Can we talk about the price now?”

Levi shook the red wine.


Cross Tianlin knelt in front of Levi, and said madly: “General God of War, I don’t know Taishan, please spare my life! Please…”

“Boom boom…”

Cross Tianlin kept kowtow in front of Levi, smashing the floor dullly.

Chapter 78

Levi sneered and said, “What’s the use of I want your dog’s life? What I want is a video!”

“General God of War, I will give the video with both hands! I will do what you want me to do!”

Cross Tianlin was really scared.

“That’s it, five is five!”

Levi approached.

Wesley took out five from his pocket and threw it in front of Cross Tianlin.

“General, I don’t need money…”

Cross Tianlin showed a look that was uglier to laugh than cry.

“If you ask you to hold it, you can hold it…”

Levi roared.

Cross Tianlin obediently put the money into his pocket.

Soon Cross Tianlin took the video to Levi.

“Release it!”

Hearing the order, Cross Tianlin put the video on the screen.

Soon the video opened, and the scene was impressively on the rooftop of the building where Garrison Group is located.

There are many people at the scene.

Was divided into three groups.

Erick is a group.

The Garrison family is a group, including Van, Colleen, Garrison Yaoyang, Garrison Yufei, Garrison Qianqian and the younger generation of Garrison family.

The third group is also a few young men and women.

Brown Zilong, Yi Pengfei, Cross Lan and Guo Lingfei.

These people are all good friends of Erick, and Guo Lingfei is the goddess of Erick, and Erick has been pursuing her.

At first, Guo Lingfei promised to Erick that Levi would formally communicate after his wedding.

At Levi’s wedding, Erick was the best man and Guo Lingfei was the bridesmaid.

The content of the next video is very simple.

The Garrison family threatened Erick. If he did not die, Guo Lingfei would die with a few of his friends!

And his parents will suffer too.

For parents, for loved ones, for friends.

Forced and helpless, Erick jumped down.

The moment Erick jumped off the building, Guo Lingfei’s four faces suddenly changed, and they even showed smiles.

It turned out that they had been fighting with Garrison Jiabang a long time ago, just to force Erick to jump off the building.

As soon as Erick jumped off the building, the entire Garrison Group collapsed.

The Garrison Family was easily swallowed.

After seeing the video, Levi’s complexion was extremely gloomy, and the temperature in the room dropped several degrees.

Cross Tianlin couldn’t help but shudder.

The man in front of him was terrible.

As if he was angry, the bones became a mountain…

“This is what happened to General God of War… It was Guo Lingfei’s four and Mr. Graham framed by the Garrison family! After Mr. Graham’s death, Guo Lingfei benefited from the Garrison family and became the president of Xingyu Entertainment. Mr. Graham’s three friends were also promoted. , Each is in charge of a company. It is also that they wantonly smear Mr. Graham in the media and release Mr. Graham’s slurs.”

Cross Tianlin explained.


He watched in horror as Levi crushed the goblet into shards.

“All have to die!!!”

A few words drilled between Levi’s teeth.

Frightened Cross Tianlin to his knees.

“Go, visit Guo Lingfei tomorrow!”

Levi said coldly.

Leaving here with Wesley.

Even if the two left, Cross Tianlin still knelt on the ground.

He had long been wet with cold sweat.

Two days ago, Du Yuesheng called him and asked him to go to Erick’s tomb to suppress Levi and Lao Jiu.

Cross Tianlin agreed at the time.

Now I don’t dare to lend him ten thousand courage.

This is the damn General God of War!

Cross Tianlin now also understands why there was no information about Levi’s being in prison at the beginning, only that he and Lao Jiu had been in a prison.

Now I understand that Levi is no longer in prison.

His information is military secret!

Chapter 79

After that, Levi and Wesley came to a manor, where the Wesley people lived.

“General, the four women have arrived.”

Wesley whispered.

“Well, bring it here!”

Levi said coldly.

Sitting on the sofa, Levi flipped through the information of the four women.

In name, the four of them are employees of large companies, and one of them is still an executive.

But in fact these women are full-time mistresses.

What is a full-time mistress?

It is their profession to seduce corporate executives or some big people to become their mistresses, thereby leaving evidence, causing lace news, and indirectly destroying these people.

For example, the Erick incident.

Before the incident, they had interacted with Erick through various means, such as entering and leaving the hotel together for the paparazzi to take photos.

When the accident happened, this became evidence, and they all became the mistresses that Erick used company funds to raise.

They do this kind of thing professionally and get high rewards.

Soon, the four women arrived.

It’s different from those dusty nightclub girls.

Whether they are dressing up or talking, they all feel like senior white-collar workers.

The four women looked at Levi arrogantly.

Levi took the data and compared them: “Huang Feifei, Xie Manrong, Hart Xuezhu, Wang Xueer.”

“Who are you? What is it to bring us here?”

The four Huang Feifei stared at Levi coldly.

“Maybe you don’t recognize me, introduce yourself, I am Levi.”

“What? Levi?”

After listening, the four were shocked.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to find out something about my brother Erick six years ago…”

Having said that, Levi suddenly raised his tone, shocking the four of them.

“As long as you tell me everything, I will let you go!”

Levi stared at several people.

The four of Huang Feifei glanced at each other and said: “What? Didn’t the media report about Erick’s affairs? That’s it! He takes the blame for everything! What does it have to do with us now? You quickly let us go, otherwise, don’t blame us. polite!”

Levi smiled: “But the information I found is your professional doing this?”

“You spit someone! Where are we? We were just deceived by Erick! What’s more, he is single, and living with us is okay? Everything is Erick’s own waste! What matters to us?”

“Yes! Let us go quickly! Otherwise, Levi has nothing to do with you!”

Huang Feifei threatened several people.

They also have a backstage and are not afraid at all.

“Don’t tell me?”

Levi asked.

“Don’t tell me! What else can I say?”

Huang Feifei said arrogantly.


Levi didn’t speak, just put a gun on the table.

There were also several yellow-orange bullets next to it.

Suddenly, the faces of the four Huang Feifei changed.

“Remember, my patience is very limited!”

Levi looked at Huang Feifei with cold eyes.

Huang Feifei folded her arms around her chest and sneered: “Who are you scaring? Can you still kill me?”

All four of them have a backstage.

What scene hasn’t been seen?

They knew that Levi was threatening them, so they were not afraid at all.

Levi didn’t speak, he silently grabbed a bullet, opened it, poured the gunpowder on the table, and lit it with a match.


The flames suddenly burned to the four people ferociously.


The four Huang Feifei were so scared that they fled back, for fear that the flames would burn themselves.

Chapter 80

At this time, Wesley grabbed Huang Feifei and pushed it to Levi.

Levi took apart another bullet and scattered gunpowder on Huang Feifei’s face.

Huang Feifei was already struggling at this time, but was firmly controlled by Wesley and couldn’t move at all.

Others also realized the danger, their bodies trembling.


Levi lit another match, and the flame rose, only a few centimeters away from Huang Feifei’s face.

As long as Levi is not careful, if there is any contact between the flame and the gunpowder, Huang Feifei’s delicate face will burn immediately, and the end will be disfigured.

“No! No! I said! I said everything!!!”

Huang Feifei looked at the flame of the match, frightened and shouted frantically.


After Wesley let go, Huang Feifei collapsed to the ground.

“what about you?”

Levi looked at the other three people.


One by one fell to his knees: “We all said!”

“In the beginning, Garrison Nanhui of the Garrison family found us and arranged all of this! Including the several properties under Mr. Erick’s name and the sudden increase of one billion, they were all made by Garrison Nanhui! We are telling the truth, we still Part of the evidence is kept! It’s on the phone…”

The four women are also smart people, and some evidence is kept.

The sum of these evidences is definitely what Garrison Nanhui did.

“So it’s him!”

In Levi’s impression, Garrison Nanhui is the most decent figure in the Garrison family-wearing glasses and always full of books, he graduated from a prestigious international school.

In Garrison’s family, the best thing for him is Garrison Nanhui.

Now it seems that Garrison Nanhui is the Garrison Family’s military adviser, and the person with the most insidious and ruthless methods.

If the Garrison family overthrew themselves, they had to make a plan.

I’m afraid it was Garrison Nanhui who made suggestions behind the scenes.

“Hahaha… I see… let them go.”

When Huang Feifei left here, they suddenly saw several people in military uniforms walking around.

Several people were almost scared to death.

There was a curiosity about Levi’s identity now.

“Now Erick’s things are clear before and after, very good! Guo Lingfei is it? Tomorrow I will see if you live a happy life?”

Levi sneered.

The next day, Levi went to Xingyu Media Company early in the morning.

In the lobby of the office building, Levi saw several posters of Guo Lingfei.

Guo Lingfei above is radiant and majestic, like a goddess.

“Before it was just an 18-line model, to be able to get to this step is all relying on Erick’s upper position. Haha…”

Levi looked at the poster and couldn’t help but sneer.

The Wesley next to him whispered: “General, I have made an appointment with Guo Lingfei in advance, we will be here soon!”


Soon after, a receptionist came over: “Mr. Xiao Wesley, please come with me…”

The 36th floor is the office of the president.

There are still several security guards guarding the door.

After some body searches, Levi and the others were allowed to enter.

In the president’s office, Guo Lingfei is working.

Hearing someone coming in, he said without looking up: “Mr. Xiao, please wait a moment! I’ll be fine soon!”

At this moment, Levi said: “Guo Lingfei, you are so majestic!”


Hearing this, Guo Lingfei felt a little familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere.

She slowly raised her head, and when she saw someone, she exclaimed: “Levi?”

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