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Chapter 711

It attracted the envy of others.

Boyd Xiao hates this very much.

Many people didn’t take the medals of military merit at the scene, and no one took them out.

“It’s a pity, there was another special class skill that was snatched away by a kid in our class!”

“Isn’t it, we found the information, but this kid secretly took the credit away!”

“I hate him! If it weren’t for him, I would be better off than now!”

Several people were dissatisfied.

After they brag, everyone knows their names.

They are called Feng Zishuo, Logan Xiang and Wang Genglong.

What Boyd Xiao didn’t expect was that these people turned out to be Levi’s comrades in arms.

At first, Levi was secretly transferred to the Northern War Zone.

In the beginning, I started with a small soldier.

It just so happened that these people were in the same class as Boyd Xiao’s eyes.

And the first-class merit and other merits they said had nothing to do with them.

Levi did it all by himself.

It was Levi who single-handedly destroyed the enemy command post, and these people came to pick up the ready-made credit.

The whole group’s position was lost, only they even held it, relying on Levi, and these people also picked up the ready-made ones.

So many times, Levi did it all by himself. They didn’t do anything, they just came to pick up the bargain.

The three of them were lazy and delicious, and the family sent them to the barracks in order to temper them.

Although they were all dressed in military uniforms, their hearts were not in the barracks.

Not to mention having all kinds of privileges, not training well, often causing troubles, fighting is even more greedy for life and fear of death.

I haven’t been a soldier for a few days, but he has gained a lot of military merit.

Levi didn’t understand at the beginning, how could the honor that belonged to him have been in the hands of these people for no reason.

Fortunately, he doesn’t care about these reputations.

Therefore, he has no objection to the merits given to a class and a dormitory.

But these people are getting worse.

He charged at the front, and the three of them were doing military service in the rear.

Levi didn’t let go of the last special performance, which made several people hold grudges.

If they have special merit, they will have more power in the family after retirement.

Over the years, instead of being grateful, he often insulted Levi.

This time they heard that Levi was also in Jinling. They specially invited Levi to join the comrades-in-arms meeting.

In fact, Levi can fully investigate the matter of military merit being replaced.

But considering that he was his first comrade-in-arms, Levi opened his eyes and closed one eye.

Someone immediately suggested in the field: “I think when I see Chief Qin, I should let the three comrades Feng Zishuo go!”

The others looked at each other and nodded immediately: “Yes, that’s right! The three of them have the most military merits and outstanding military careers. We should let them three as our representatives to meet with Chief Qin!”

Chapter 712

Everyone agreed on this matter. There is no dispute.

Feng Zishuo and the three immediately raised their heads and became proud.

Soon, Levi came to the hotel with the invitation.

Boyd Xiao saw Levi just about to speak.

Unexpectedly, Feng Zishuo’s trio had already greeted him.

“Old Garrison, you are finally here! Brothers have been waiting for you for a long time!”

Feng Zishuo hugged Levi and pretended to be particularly affectionate.

“I want to introduce everyone, this is Levi, we were in the same class at the beginning!”

“It was he who took our special honor medal! Brothers can care about it!”

Feng Zishuo smiled, but Levi caught the dissatisfaction in his eyes.

“Brother heard that you are a security guard?”

Wang Genglong patted Levi’s shoulder fiercely.


“Among so many comrades-in-arms, you are the worst one! Why did you become a security guard? Again, it must be a bodyguard of a security company or something!”

“Yes, we have a female comrade-in-arms here, just her, Boyd Xiao, who is a bodyguard, with an annual salary of 10 million, with a car and a house!”

Logan Xiang pointed to Boyd Xiao.

Boyd Xiao stood up awkwardly and looked at Levi with a smirk.

She didn’t expect that these people were Levi’s comrades in arms.

“Brother, you are ashamed of us in the Northern Territory Theater!”

Feng Zishuo sneered.

Levi did not answer, but his eyes fell on the dozens of military medals on the table.

Seeing Levi watching, Feng Zishuo flashed a touch of embarrassment.

They naturally understand what these military medals are all about.

These should all belong to Levi.

It has nothing to do with them.

But the three of them bit their heads and said: “What? Envy? If you followed us to make meritorious service, you will have a copy of these military medals!”

“There are also secretly taking away our special powers, and I haven’t seen what happened to you, just as security guards!”

“We have so many military medals, it’s perfect with only one special medal. It’s a pity.”

Others also said coldly: “Comrades-in-arms, what you did is wrong! It’s all in the same class. It’s not appropriate for you to take away the special grades from others!”

Levi sneered and said, “I got it by myself. Does it have anything to do with them?”

“You got it for your merits? That’s ridiculous! I don’t believe it!”

“I don’t believe it either!”

Everyone did not believe Levi.

“Since people can get so many medals, it proves that they have the ability to get this special medal!”

“In contrast to you, in addition to the special medal, do you have any other medals?”

Everyone asked.

Feng Zishuo and the three also asked with a sneer: “Yes, except for this military medal, you have nothing else?”

“Why? Do you have to be sure to compare your military merits with me?”

Levi was happy.

Chapter 713

He had forgotten about it a long time ago.

But the other party is aggressive.

It is necessary for him to deal with this old event.

“Haha, dare to compare military merits with us? Are you crazy?”

Feng Zishuo laughed aloud.

If Levi really had so many military medals, he wouldn’t be a security guard here.

Levi was seriously injured and left their company.

They thought that Levi’s military career was over since then.

Unexpectedly, he was just transferred to the secret army.

Levi called Zhuque and said, “It’s me, bring some of my military medals to the Haiyan Restaurant!”


Feng Zishuo laughed immediately.

“How many military medals do you have, and are you sending someone over? It’s ridiculous!”

Wang Genglong sneered again and again.

The other comrades also smiled.

They are just watching a scene.

The key is that Feng Zishuo and the three of them have too many military medals.

The audience dominated the show.

Other outstanding people can’t even reach half of them.

Not to mention the number of military medals compared with them.

This is all looking for abuse!

What’s more, it was Levi who was the worse one among them.

Seeing this scene, Boyd Xiao was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, all in a cold sweat.

She wanted to tell everyone about Levi’s true identity. Seeing that Levi was so serious, she could only sit and wait.

Seeing the trio of Feng Zishuo triumphantly, Levi asked: “Take away the medal of merit that should belong to me, do you have a conscience to go? Don’t you have any guilt?


Feng Zishuo and the three obviously hesitated.

But it quickly returned to normal, and the three of them didn’t change their expressions and said without a heartbeat: “You bullshit!!!”

“These military merit chapters are all in exchange for our lives, everything is archived, and we got it ourselves how to check! What does it have to do with you?

“Levi, are you too shameless? Dare to say yours in our military medal?”

Others are also preconceived, thinking that Levi is shameless and shameless.

“Are you still a soldier of Velador? We are really ashamed of you! We care about a few military medals, not to mention that this is not yours at all!”

The others were angry.

“How can you be so shameless in our North Territory who refuse to accept a fight?”

There was a tall and sturdy man staring at Levi.

Boyd Xiao came out in time to relieve the siege: “Everyone is a comrade-in-arms, so why bother?”

“Okay! Boyd Xiao, I’ll give you a face! Didn’t he just ask someone to send a medal of merit? If he can’t send it! Let’s see how I clean him up!”

The man angered.

Everyone is waiting for Levi’s military medal.

Soon Suzaku, dressed in casual clothes, rushed over, holding a military green code box in his arms.


Chapter 714

Putting it on the table, everyone was stunned.

Suzaku whispered: “There are too many military medals, so I took a box.”

Suzaku has always kept these military medals of Levi.

It’s just too much.

Levi shook his head: “It’s okay, enough!”

The conversation between the two people was shocked.

How many military medals?

Take such a big password box?

This is just one box!

However, Feng Zishuo sneered: “There is a kind of you open it, I don’t believe that there is a military medal in it!!!”

“Yes, frighten anyone with a box?”

Logan Xiang and Wang Genglong naturally didn’t believe them either.

Levi was injured and retired so early, except for the special military medal, nothing else.

Levi glanced at Suzaku and ordered: “Open!!!”

After Suzaku entered the password, the password box opened.

“so much?”

When they saw hundreds of military medals in the password box, the audience was dumbfounded.

Even the three Feng Zishuo panicked.

Isn’t this true?

If you want to tell lies, where can you find so many military medals temporarily?

What’s more, the posture that Levi sent from people seems to be real!

Levi took out a black military medal from it.

“Special Merit Medal?”

Everyone’s expressions were stagnant, and they were surprised.

Levi smiled: “This one is what you said I snatched it!”


Levi put it on the table.

He took out another black medal of merit.

“Wow, it’s another special medal!”

Everyone was taken aback.

“This one was awarded to the first level of the enemy commander in the Tianshan region battle five years ago!”


Everyone’s head exploded.

Four hundred thousand troops participated in the First World War in the Tianshan Mountains.

He beheaded the enemy commander?

Who is this person?

Despite the surprise, Levi took out another black medal of merit.

It’s another special medal!


Everyone took a deep breath.

“This is the first to break into the enemy’s city in the fortified sideline battle of the Northern Theater. This is a reward!”


Levi put it on the table again.

Everyone looked dumbfounded at the three military medals on the table.

Real goods at a fair price!

It’s all true!

Feng Zishuo panicked and looked at Levi incredulously.

Levi took out dozens of black special military medals one after another.

“These are the same as the previous two times, there is nothing to say!”


Everyone is vomiting blood.

There is nothing to say about the seventy or eighty special grades?

Who is this person?

What is his background?

Everyone looked at the three of Feng Zishuo.

Everyone’s eyes seemed to say–

Didn’t you say that he is a security guard? How did you achieve so many special grades?

Feng Zishuo’s trio showed a look that was uglier to laugh than cry.

They said they knew nothing.

Chapter 715

Levi took out a purple military medal without a hassle.


This made everyone stunned.

I have never seen a medal of merit in this color!

What level is this?

Is it possible that the power is even higher?

The purple military medal is engraved with a vivid unicorn pattern.

“This military medal is the Alton military medal rewarded by annihilating 300,000 enemy troops and capturing 100,000 people in the Battle of the East and the Cold Kingdom three years ago!”

Levi said.


After speaking, everyone has already changed colors.

They knew about the battle between the East and the Cold Country.

That battle lasted for three days and three nights, and in one fell swoop, the cold country was leveled and the cold country was reached.

Velador is almost a national celebration!

Levi took out another purple medal and said: “This one is also three years ago, when the Southeast Asian African countries attacked the southern border war zone and caused serious losses. I led the team to defeat the African countries’ aggression! It even flattened the African countries in one fell swoop!”


At this time, the sound of inhaling cold breath was endless.

Hearing Levi’s plain narrative, everyone had roughly guessed Levi’s identity.

These classic battles were all led by that man.

There is no reason why you don’t know.

Feng Zishuo’s expressions were ugly to the extreme, and they were as uncomfortable as eating shit.

Next, Levi took out another medal of military merit.

This military medal turned out to be golden!!! !

Everyone was shocked again!

There is a golden medal?

Simply unheard of!

Look again at this medal is engraved with a lifelike dragon.

As we all know, the dragon is a symbol of Velador.

This medal is afraid that it is a symbol of the country!

The purple unicorn medal is the most important reward for the country.

Then the Golden Dragon Medal is going to reward Velador’s No. 1 God of War.

Levi took the heavy golden medal and said, “This medal is called the Golden Dragon Medal, or Dragon Medal for short! It is the only one in Velador’s history!!!”


When Levi finished speaking, Feng Zishuo fell to the ground.

They almost foamed at the mouth.

Never thought that the man they once joined the army together turned out to be the supreme existence!!!

The others were also shivering.

Including Boyd Xiao who knew Levi’s identity.

In front of such a glorious figure, they only feel passionate.

Levi ignored it, and continued: “This is the Dragon Medal awarded to me by Velador Velador after I defeated the Eighteen Nations Allied Invaders in a pair of iron fists two years ago. After officially establishing Velador’s unique position, Velador has awarded me the dragon medal! General, titled God of War!!!”

“This is the pinnacle of my life! After that war, I was named a wolf as Wood, Le Moran Yanran! I can’t forget the first time I received this medal…”

Levi also fell into the memory, and the moment of glory seemed to be yesterday.

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