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Chapter 716


The audience was full of cold breath sounds.

“Salute to the chief!”

“Salute to the hero!”

Boyd Xiao saluted and shouted.

“Salute to the chief!”

“Salute to the hero!”

After the others reacted, they saluted and shouted.

Everyone’s body is trembling, and tears have filled his eyes long ago.

They were not only moved to meet God of War.

Even more moved the story behind each medal!

This man, like a cloud, swallows the mountains and rivers with anger.

He is guarding Velador’s thousands of miles of mountains and rivers.

Everyone can live a quiet and prosperous life!

At this moment, everyone seemed to be returning to the barracks, full of enthusiasm and excitement.

“If there is a war, it must be recalled!!!”

Boyd Xiao shouted again.

“If there is a war, it must be recalled!!!”

Everyone yelled.

Even Suzaku straightened up, recalling the scene of the battle against the invading army of the Eighteen Nations.

That battle was really dark, and the universe turned backwards.

Under the circumstances that the whole world is not optimistic, it was Levi who led everyone to an extreme comeback and defeated the Eighteen Nations.

In that battle, he slaughtered thousands of god-level Lords in the 18 kingdoms by himself and a pair of iron fists!!!

This established the status of Velador as a superpower!

The three Feng Zishuo who fell to the ground were already thoroughly washed with cold sweat…

The three of them had no blood on their faces, they were frightened.

At this time, they no longer doubt whether Levi’s identity is true or false.

His aura says it all!

Levi’s eyes fell on the three of them: “Are you more than military medals?”

“I, I, I…”

Feng Zishuo’s three people ate the same, and couldn’t say a word at all.

Levi sneered: “I still have dozens of military medals here, do you want me to tell stories one by one?”

“Boom boom…”

The three of them couldn’t speak, so they knelt on the ground and kowtowed their heads severely.

His head was knocked to pieces.

How dare they compete with Levi for military merits!

Levi put the military medals back into the password box one by one.

Then he looked at the military medal of Feng Zishuo on the table.

He said coldly: “I didn’t hold the matter to you! But you forced me!”

“These military merit chapters are all obtained by my life when I joined the army! I did the task, but your military merit was yours!”

“Now you still dare to say that these military medals belong to you?”

Levi asked sharply.

“No no no no…”

Feng Zishuo shook their heads vigorously.

“I don’t look into the past too deeply! But I have to take back the things that belong to me! Even if it is a third-class merit! That is also my glory! It is my affirmation as a soldier!”

“Suzaku, take away all the military merits! In addition, these three people have been deprived of everything they have enjoyed through these achievements in the past few years!”

Levi ordered.

Chapter 717


Suzaku went to do it immediately.

“You are not worthy of being a soldier!!!”

Levi said angrily.

Finally, the three of Feng Zishuo were thrown out!

The others shivered.

Originally, the main purpose of the gathering of comrades-in-arms was to discuss how to welcome Qin.

Unexpectedly, the God of War actually appeared.

They also finally understood why Qin from the Western War Zone came to Jinling City in the Southern War Zone.

Now the answer is there.

Qin came for the God of War.

“Don’t be nervous, everyone! I have one more thing to do! Boyd Xiao tells everyone!”

Levi approached.

Boyd Xiao smiled and said: “In fact, that boss is the chief! I’m a bodyguard for the chief’s wife!”

“I’m also explaining the purpose. Recently, I am going to build an invincible security team for Erick Group! If you can participate, it would be great!”

Levi explained the intention.

“I am willing!!!”

“I am willing too!!!”

Everyone stood up like crazy.

To be able to do things next to the God of War, I cannot ask for it.

“I don’t want a salary!”


“No, you can’t take less salary, according to the group standard! The only requirement is to show your good style and defend the group!”

After solving this matter, Levi was in a good mood.

In this way, the personal safety issues of the employees of Erick Group have been solved.

Levi and Suzaku left together, no longer disturbing everyone’s party.

On the way to the company, Levi unexpectedly met a group of familiar people——

The Porter family led by Ian.

The office buildings of Erick Group and Dongtian Group were originally Sanxing Group.

The location is in the center of Jinling.

Ian led people to inspect the area in the center of Jinling, preparing to build a statue for the God of War.

Levi and Porter’s team collided head-on.

“Hold on, I didn’t tell you to leave!”

Mack said coldly.

Everyone in the Porter family stopped him.

“Something wrong?”

Levi was very upset that this group of people was ruined in a good mood.

“You are very obedient, you really didn’t bluff and cheat in the name of the Porter family?”

“What? Do you look down on Porter’s family?”

Ian asked.

Levi was speechless.

They said they didn’t admit that Porter’s grandson’s status was what they said. If you didn’t admit him and said that they looked down on Porter’s family…

What is going on?

“Well, don’t talk nonsense with you, get out!”

“It’s delayed us building a statue for the God of War!”

Mack scolded.

Levi was surprised when he heard his name, “What are you doing?”

“Listen well, we are choosing the most eye-catching and central location to build a statue for the God of War!”

Ian replied.

“Then you give up, God of War doesn’t like this one!!!”

Levi said coldly.

Chapter 718


As soon as Levi said this, the audience was stunned.

Everyone looked at Levi incredible.

“God of War doesn’t like it? You said it?”

Mack asked.

Levi nodded: “Yes, I said.”

“Are you trying to say that you are the God of War?”

Ian smiled.

“Well, yes. I don’t like it!”

Levi said.


Everyone in the Porter family laughed.

Everyone looked at Levi’s eyes as if they were looking at an idiot.

Bragging is too ridiculous!

You have to say that there are a billion dollars or a certain company boss, everyone may still accept it.

But you boasted that you were the God of War.

This bullshit is too big.

That is the god of war in a country.

Existence under one person, above ten thousand people!

You are a prisoner in jail, how can you get involved with the God of War?

“Get out of here! Whether we build a statue or not has something to do with you?”

“When the statue is built, God of War will definitely like it! I dare to pack a ticket!”

Ian smiled and said, “There is no place in Velador that has built a statue for the God of War of God of War. My Porter family is the first one! It is to commemorate the great achievements of the God of War of God of War for Velador!”

The Porter family looked triumphant.

When the statue is completed, the eyes of all Velador and the whole world will be on Porter’s family.

By then, the benefits of Porter’s family can be immeasurable!

Not to mention making God of War War God like it, this is the main thing.

His Porter family must rise!

“You are just doing some futile work!”

“It’s good if you are happy.”

After speaking, Levi left.

If it is to build a statue for him sincerely, he has nothing to say, and he has to be thanked.

But who doesn’t know the Porter family’s intention to build the statue?

Levi didn’t like it very much.

“Who do you think you are?”

Mack said coldly.

Ian stood with his hands in his hands, with a cold and proud expression.

In his eyes, Levi would never be ranked.

He is an important member of the Nelshire Princely Party.

Let the princelings know that he has such a younger brother, he might be laughed at.

“Levi, you were born just like your slut mother, a low and low slut! You are not worthy to enter the Porter family!”

Ian snorted coldly.

Afterwards, Porter’s family chose the address and the task of building the statue was proceeding immediately.

After Levi returned to Erick Group, he was also busy with the investment conference.

Since West Teng was promised to do this, then do it well.

For this reason, he transferred Nie Xiaoyun, the city’s secretary, to Jinling.

Soon, Nie Xiaoyun brought a bunch of tender documents to Levi.

Levi had a goal one by one in every tender.

At this investment conference, he is more optimistic about the powerful or potential enterprises from other provinces coming to Jinling for development.

This effect will be better!

Chapter 719

He is a business genius, so he can naturally see which companies can make more contributions to the development of Jinling after getting the investment.

Generating healthy competition is what Levi fancy.

“Huh? Nelshire Porter’s family?”

Levi also saw Porter’s family in the bidding document.

The Porter family relied on being a royal family, and they wanted to get the investment as their identity, so the bidding documents were messed up.

Levi hit a big red cross directly!

“Huh? And the company Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei started by themselves?”

Levi smiled.

The two of them were obviously trying to make a fortune.

He also hit a red cross.

He saw Sarah’s bid for the Mann family again.

But Mann Jianguo and Melina were written in the person in charge.

Levi crossed out their names, wrote Sarah, and then ticked them.

Levi was very serious and spent a few days investigating all the companies that came to tender.

I already have a rough list…

At this moment, another place.

Jinling Chamber of Commerce.

This organization has great power.

They can intervene almost in Jinling’s local market.

However, the Jinling Business Association alone is extremely domineering and cut off foreign merchants from entering the market, causing a lot of troubles.

In the Chamber of Commerce office.

The chairman and several directors are in a meeting.

Chairman Shao Yuwen said coldly: “It will be the investment conference soon. I found that many foreign merchants are rushing to grab business?”

“Isn’t it! This time the policy is liberalized, and foreign companies are encouraged to invest in development! Foreign merchants are all crazy!”

Vice President West Youliang looked angry.

“The 300 billion is local to Jinling. It stands to reason that the Jinling General Chamber of Commerce handles the distribution! How could the above be handed over to a young man? Isn’t this nonsense?”

“Yes, how can so much money fall into the hands of foreign merchants? How much less oil and water do we have?”

The council members of the chamber of commerce were dissatisfied.

“I am also worried about this matter! It is said that this young person in charge vigorously advocated the intervention of foreign merchants, and he called it to promote the development of Jiangnan Province! My pooh!”

Shao Yuwen said angrily.

“With our Jinling Chamber of Commerce here, let alone the intervention of merchants from other provinces, don’t even want to come from other cities in Jiangnan Province! Only us can eat this bite of meat!”

West Youliang looked resolute.

The idea of ​​Jinling Chamber of Commerce is very simple, don’t touch 300 billion foreign merchants for a dollar.

Can only be eaten by local businesses.

Otherwise they will lose a lot of oil and water!

“President, what should we do?”

Someone asked.

“Naturally control this person in charge and solve all problems from the source.”

Shao Yuwen said.

West Youliang said: “I have checked it out here. The person in charge this time is Cox Hang Levi! He is not a member of the system. I don’t know why this burden is on him!”

Chapter 720

“We don’t need to worry about this, as long as we know who the person in charge is!”

“After a while, West You forgive you to go to Levi with me!”

Just as Levi left the office building, a few people greeted him.

“Hello, Mr. Garrison, we belong to the Jinling Chamber of Commerce. Would you like to talk about something, is it convenient?”

West Youliang asked.

Levi quickly reacted.

This group is so well informed that they have found themselves.

Probably Nie Xiaoyun was carrying documents and leaking his identity.

“Okay, convenient.”

Following West Youliang and the others, they came to an extended Lincoln.

Levi got into the car.

“Mr. Garrison, introduce myself. I am Shao Yuwen, the president of Jinling Chamber of Commerce! I want to discuss with you about the investment conference.”


“Although the Jinling Chamber of Commerce is not a government department, it is also a legal organization formed by all businessmen in Jinling. We represent the interests of all businessmen in Jinling and maintain market stability.”

“But we heard that Mr. Garrison is vigorously supporting the entry of foreign merchants, which inadvertently harms the interests of Jinling merchants. Our Chamber of Commerce cannot ignore it!”

Levi smiled: “Then what do you say?”

“It is possible to allow foreign merchants to participate in the bidding, but all investment projects fall on local merchants!”

“As long as you agree, this is yours!”

With that, Shao Yuwen handed Levi a check.

Levi glanced at it, a long string of zeros.

One billion!

“And they are also yours!”

Shao Yuwen pointed to the four super beauties sitting in the back row, all of whom were star-level.

“This car can also be yours!”

Shao Yuwen smiled.

West Youliang also said: “Mr. Garrison, I know that the investment decision is in your hands. You can invest whoever you want to invest! In short, you can invest in any local merchant, as long as it is not a foreign company.

This will harm neither your interests nor ours, but you are also good. Wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds? “

Levi smiled and said, “It is true! No matter how you choose, it will not harm my interests at all!”

Seeing hope, Shao Yuwen and West Youliang both smiled.

“In the future, you will be a friend of the Jinling Chamber of Commerce. We can solve any problems for you!”

Shao Yuwen almost laughed out loud.

Such a young man is so easy to solve.

He was already thinking about the oil and water he could get after the 300 billion fell to the local merchants.

For example, the Mann family and Mann Jianguo agreed, as long as the Mann family gets the project, they can get at least one billion in oil and water.

What a substantial income of 300 billion oil and water!

Their worth will increase more than ten times.

Levi glanced at the check, and he smiled.

This laugh made Shao Yuwen and West Youliang stunned.

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