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Chapter 721

Because Levi was mocking.

He was actually laughing!

This puzzled the two of them!

Levi opened the door and got out of the car. Before leaving, he sneered and said, “How can I do things without you teaching me?”


After speaking, Levi closed the door fiercely.

Shao Yuwen and West Youliang were stunned, and they looked at each other.

“Is this rejecting us?”

Shao Yuwen was incredible.

“Don’t eat soft? I think he eats hard?”

West Youliang immediately got out of the car and chased him up, stopping Levi.

“Boy stop! Did I let you go?”

West Youliang said coldly.


Levi smiled.

“You don’t agree, right? Yes! Then you walk carefully! My Jinling Chamber of Commerce has only friends and enemies, so my friends will accept the check obediently, and the enemy we can only send a knife!

West Youliang’s threat is obvious.

If Levi doesn’t agree.

Then his life will be in danger.

“If you have any means, I am really not scared!”

Levi really wanted to laugh.

Not to mention that even Guo Kunxu, the president of the Nelshire General Association, fell into his own hands, and so many big brothers in Jinling had been swept away by him many times.

There is even a snake threatening him?

Really live impatiently.

However, as long as these businessmen violate their interests, their revenge may be more severe than the underground circles.

What’s more, they represent the interests of all businessmen in Jinling.

In the eyes of local businessmen, Levi’s 300 billion belonged to them.

Levi encourages foreign merchants to move their cakes.

If it is serious, businessmen will retaliate.

Levi finally understood why West Teng had to entrust the investment conference to himself.

For these local businesses, after all, they have made a huge contribution to the development of Jinling.

West Teng had to relax in terms of policies, and even let them do it.

Finally, it was handed over to the Jinling Chamber of Commerce in disguised form to coordinate everything.

Just as the Sanxing Group took the Shanler faction’s money, West Teng must be angry, but there is no way.

Sanxing Group has also made a huge contribution, so I am embarrassed to do it directly.

So West Teng handed the problem to Levi and let him solve it.

It just happened to remove all the dirt from the local business community in Jinling.

“Okay, then you wait, toast and not eat fine wine!”

West Youliang said angrily.

Later, someone was sent to follow Levi.

Levi didn’t bother to care about a few ants and let them follow.

Today, Levi still lives in the military district compound.

After the detective figured out the address, he immediately returned to the Jinling Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s easy to know where you live! Don’t use hard things for you, you don’t know the seriousness of the matter!”

Shao Yuwen ordered West Youliang, “Hurry up and make arrangements!”

“Tomorrow I want to see him come to me obediently!”

Chapter 722


Four excavators suddenly appeared on the street where the military district compound was located.

There was a truck behind, and the trunk of the truck was full of people, everyone holding the guy.


Four excavators drove to the military area compound mightily.


Four excavators marched side by side, directly knocking down all the walls of the military district compound.

The army dogs inside began to bark.

The speed of the four excavators did not decrease, and they directly flattened everything in the compound.

Then he rushed towards the building.

They received West Youliang’s order to slay the military district compound where Levi lived.

After hearing the movement, Levi immediately went downstairs.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Levi was annoyed.

He is not afraid of a hundred thousand people like the Warlord Lamar.

I’m afraid of this kind of ordinary people’s insidious tricks.

Never thought that this group of people would even flatten here!!!

The rumble of the excavator came.

Stopped at a position less than half a meter away from Levi.

“Quickly get out of here! We have flattened this place! You are not responsible for hurting you!”

The excavator driver said coldly.

They don’t dare to hurt or die.

But Levi did not give in.

Still standing there.

Everyone’s face was gloomy to the extreme.

Those eyes were terrifying like beasts.

The excavator drivers were all scared…

Hesitating to move forward.


At this moment, dozens of people suddenly came down from the truck behind, carrying iron rods in their hands, and rushed to Levi.

“Quickly get out of the way!!!”

“We have received a task to demolish here! Let me get out of those who don’t want to die!”

This group of people carried iron rods and shouted five and six.

The order they received was to flatten here.

Anyone who blocks must fight!

Suzaku asked with a cold face, “Do you know where the demolition is?”

Everyone is angry.

Even the Velador Guo family didn’t dare to step further into the yard, they actually demolished it?

“Hehe, isn’t it just a broken yard?”

“I care where he is!”

The leader waved an iron rod threateningly: “I repeat, get out of the way immediately, otherwise our stick won’t have eyes!”

“I count down three times-three, two, one…”

After he counted three times, the three of Levi still stood still, and they didn’t move.

“Brothers, call me!”

This person gave an order, and everyone rushed up with their iron rods.


No one thought that Levi’s rare kick, kicked the first person out.


After flying for hundreds of meters, he fell to the ground, his body twitched, and there was no movement.

At this moment, the audience was stunned.

They looked at Levi incredulously.

Even Owen and the others are unbelievable.

Obviously Levi is angry!!! !

Chapter 723

Levi rushed out with a cold face.



In less than 30 seconds, all fifty people fell to the ground, and no one was moving.

Everyone passed out.

Everyone has broken at least ten bones…

Levi wouldn’t make a move easily, or even make a move.

But this time I personally took care of everything myself.

It shows his anger.

Even Owen Battle King looked dumbfounded.

This is the first time the general was so angry after returning to Case York, right?

In fact, it is mainly Levi’s family and country feelings.

He spent six years in the army and fought bloody battles on the front line just to protect the land under his feet.

Although the military area compound was a temporary residence, in Levi’s mind it was equal to home.

Whoever destroys his homeland, he fights hard.



Suddenly Levi kicked the excavator, an incredible scene appeared, and the whole excavator was sunken in.

Such a heavy excavator was dented by a kick.


Then the excavator track broke apart…


He kicked another excavator again.


This excavator was kicked…

This this this…

Everyone present was stunned.

What power is this?

Kick over a tens of tons of excavator?

Is that human being?

Is this a god?

The four excavator drivers fled the scene by rolling and crawling, as if they were crazy.

No one expected this scene to happen.

“General, I will immediately check who did it?”

Wesley Road.

“No, I know who it is!”

Levi said coldly.

By this time the sky was almost bright.

Shao Yuwen, West Youliang and others have gathered at the Jinling Chamber of Commerce.

Everyone is smiling.

“President, now we can wait for the result! I don’t believe I pushed the place where this kid lives. Isn’t he afraid?”

West Youliang smiled.

Shao Yuwen showed a perverted smile: “Playing with us, young people, you are still too tender, we have a lot of means.”

“Yes, there are not hundreds of people who have been killed by us in these years, and there are 80 or 90! A young man dare to fight us?”

West Youliang sneered.

People came from the Mann family early in the morning.

It was Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei.

It turns out that the Mann family is also actively operating for the project.

I heard that Jinling Commerce always has a way out, and they have contacted several times.

This time I made a special trip to ask.

“President Labor and everyone bother about the investment conference!”

With that, Mann Xuecheng handed Shao Yuwen a check.

Looking at the five million on the check, Shao Yuwen smiled.

The Mann family has been here twice, more than ten million.

Be generous.

“Don’t worry, this matter is on us, and some things can be manipulated.”

Chapter 724

Shao Yuwen agreed.

I am afraid that this kind of oil and water will continue to flow in the future!

After all, 300 billion plates!

After sending away the Mann family, Shao Yuwen has begun to imagine.

Soon the oil and water money came.

He wants to use the money to buy a villa in Nelshire and Case York to raise two little lovers.


“Da da da…”

At this moment, there was a mess of footsteps in the corridor.

Several excavator drivers ran in.

“Huh? Why are you? What happened?”

West Youliang was surprised.

All of them slumped on the ground, gasping for breath.

“I… we… we met a monster!”

The four were panting from exhaustion.

“What’s wrong? You guys make it clear!”

This made Shao Yuwen a few people anxious.

“Has the yard been pushed?”

West Youliang asked.

“Push… Push…”

Those few humane.


West Youliang breathed a sigh of relief.

Just tear down the yard.

They thought it was not overthrown!

“But we caused trouble…”

Those few humane.

Without waiting for them to ask, the secretary ran over and asked, “President, there is a person called Levi asking for a meeting!”

“Hahaha, it really worked! People came right away!”

Shao Yuwen laughed.

West Youliang waved his hand: “You guys go down first!”

Some excavator drivers wanted to say something, but they were taken away abruptly.

Soon, Levi came to the meeting room.

When they saw him, Shao Yuwen smiled.

“What? I figured it out. You can take advantage of it honestly, you have to force us to resort to tricks!”

West Youliang smiled.

Shao Yuwen put two legs on the conference table and said with a smile: “As long as you promise to cooperate, the benefits you promised last night are all yours! Give you an additional 50 million!”

Shao Yuwen waved his hand, and the secretary immediately handed over two checks.

A total of 150 million.

This is a commonly used method by Shao Yuwen, both soft and hard.

In this way, a person can be firmly controlled in his hands.

“Well, everyone will be friends in the future. Don’t worry about these little things!”

With that said, West Youliang was about to pat Levi on the shoulder.


Unexpectedly, Levi volleyed and kicked West Youliang away.



West Youliang who flew out directly broke the conference table.


He even let out a screaming scream.

Only he knew how powerful Levi was.

After this scene happened, the others present were stunned.

No one thought that Levi would do it all.

Levi stared at a few people with cold and merciless eyes: “You shouldn’t move where I live!”

The tone of this sentence is plain, but it implies a violent killing intent.

“You…what are you doing? How dare you hit someone?”

Shao Yuwen shouted.

Chapter 725

West Youliang cried out even more painfully: “Dare to move me? Are you fucking looking for death!!!”

West Youliang is completely angry!

Dare to beat him like this?

That is looking for death!

“Come on, come on, surround him!”

Under the yelling of West Youliang.

Soon, a strong man in black rushed in and surrounded Levi to death.

These people are bodyguards hired privately by the Jinling Chamber of Commerce.

In fact, they were specially executed as executioners for Shao Yuwen!

I don’t know how many people have been killed alive.

Seeing Levi’s eyes, Shao Yuwen felt a little scared.

He stepped back subconsciously.

“Boy, I’ll give you another chance, as long as you can kneel down and apologize, and then everything will listen to us obediently! This matter is over!”

“Otherwise, you don’t want to leave here completely today!”

Shao Yuwen threatened.

Thirty bodyguards all stepped forward, staring at Levi.


Levi snorted contemptuously.


He even kicked the chair in front of him.

“You shouldn’t move where I live!”

Levi said this again.

This means he is very angry!

If Owen saw them, they would be frightened.

“Stubborn, give me a fight!”

Shao Yuwen suddenly ordered.



At this moment, there was a burst of noise outside the window.

“Huh? What’s going on outside? What’s the situation outside?”

Shao Yuwen asked.

He and his men immediately went to the French window to see the situation downstairs.

It didn’t matter at all, it almost didn’t scare Shao Yuwen to death.


They sucked in cold air, their faces pale in fright.

The eyes were full of horror.

It seems that something has happened.

“Ah? What’s the situation? Why are you so scared?”

West Youliang, who got up, came to the window and watched.


At this look, West Youliang was directly frightened and sat down on the ground.

“Boom boom boom…”

His mouth was trembling all the time, and he couldn’t say a word.

There is no other reason.

The square in front of the Jinling Chamber of Commerce building was packed with army-green armored vehicles.

There are dozens of military vehicles behind.

In military vehicles and armored vehicles, a soldier with live ammunition was getting out of the vehicle.

They flooded into the Jinling Chamber of Commerce building like a torrent.


Soon, there were waves of uniform footsteps in the corridor.



The next moment, the front and rear doors were all kicked open.

The conference room that accommodates three hundred people for a meeting is soon full of people.

Everyone was holding a loaded standard weapon in his hand, facing Shao Yuwen and others.

All of their 30 bodyguards were so scared that they hid under the table. Several of them were scared to pee, and a big smell came.

“Fuck! Lao Tzu, look at the short-eyed man who dared to demolish the military area compound? Lao Tzu gave you a fucking surprise!

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